Ten Things of Thankful #43 (A-Z April: Kishotenketsu)

Letter K was rather a sticking point for my darling bloggers who tried so hard to help me all the way to 26 alphabetical writing styles. Not one person came up with a single idea, which isn’t all that surprising, as a few hours of research showed me – there is only ONE style of writing beginning with K – Kishotenketsu (try saying that ten times, quickly!)

Having decided (by default) what I’d write today, I had to learn how to pronounce it, and then learn about what on earth it was.

Turns out Japanese is still fairly straightforward to pronounce; just divide the word into its constituent syllables and go nuts with it (to be honest, if you practice hard and learn to say it well enough, I’m pretty sure you can make it sound like the perfect sneeze)



It’s a piece of four parts. Traditionally Japanese or Chinese, the Kishotenketsu tells a story with a twist. And (with stunning simplicity) each part of the word stands for the part of the story as it happens.

Ki – Introduction/topic-toss
Sho – Follows on, and leads into:
Ten – a twist/turn to a new topic
Ketsu – the resulting wrap-up/conclusion.

Simples, right?

No. Really not – they’re harder than they look (as a complex kinda gal, BELIEVE ME, I know ‘complicated’ (except when it comes to maths, and then I need it SO simple, because I can fail at numbers even when I count on my fingers.)), and I don’t know whether they’re supposed to rhyme or not. Mine ended up as couplets, which I hope is alright!

So here’s what I wrote for K, and because it’s KishoTENketsu, and TEN Things of Thankful, well slap my thigh and call me Dorothy if there aren’t TEN OF THEM!

Added to which, my lovelies, the rather exciting (if somewhat unpronounceable (kishotenWHATsu?) circumstance that…well – I’ll let the first poem speak for itself!

The Considerer was so happy when
‘pon grappling with Kishoten
Ketsu, she realised her FIVE HUNDREDTH POST
Would be shared in a hop, with those she liked most

* * *

Up and about as the morn with birdsong rings
Keen to learn and find what the workday brings
Not Van but Boat shall be my chariot today
Excited, I rush, alight and float away.

* * *

Sometimes I would get mired in crippling anxiety
Wondering if I was as Real to you as you were to me
I was told “It is not by flavour or touch or sound that our Truth is defined.”
And so I went forth more at peace, with my views and perspective realigned.

* * *

A life lived seeking gratitude and its findings
Must needs consider all the silver linings
Bad Stuff Happens and all the world looks black
Thankfulness can bring the sunshine back

* * *

Prostrate before the Secret-Rule-Filled Book
The SEVEN consider a vow too hasty took
They write ‘Dorothy’ on her head, and tease relentless
Allowing a mean (but lenient) consensus…

Ten? Of THESE? Are you kidding? This is meant to be the A-Z ‘Challenge’ – not the A-Z Scripted Seppuku!

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


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