A-Z April: Guest Post

I must thank my dear, lovely (mysterious) K, from Transcending CP, for my prompt today.

A guest post. WONDERFUL – I get a free pass into writer heaven, because I can do precisely whatEVER I want, as long as it’s written on someone else’s blog…right? That’s how it works, I’m sure.

It just so happened that I had something exciting to write…

I recieved an email recently – it went something like this:

“Lizzi, I had this most INCREDIBLE DREAM, and it was really involved and there was this cool plot and everything, and it was SO EXCITING and I remember [various details] but then I WOKE UP! And now I don’t know how it ended. And I’m GUTTED about that, so if I write you the dream here, can you write me the rest of it PLEEEEEEEAAAAASE – so I know how it turned out?”

“Is it cuz I is a writah?”

Well, yes, apparently. And my friend Joy did me the most immense honour of deciding that my capability to wend a fiction was worth her sending me something as precious as her DREAM to finish.

It began in an elevator, with high heels and a sense of HUGE excitement. Then a nemesis showed up, and as for the rest…well:

Go over to her blog for my GUEST POST: When Dreams Walk Among Us


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