A-Z April: Diary (7 Quick Takes (#69) by any other name)

— 1 —

Dear Diary,

I had to let ‘Finish the Sentence Friday’ go because A-Z April is kicking my ass a demanding sort of creature, even when we’re only four days in. Perhaps a result of somehow ending up in demand useful, and ‘Admin’ing another Facebook Group (which I love, because there are new people to chat to, and you know how much I thrive off interaction.

— 2 —

Dear Diary

The beginning of the week held the BIGGEST AND GORGEOUSEST surprise. You know I’ve been on at Chris FUH EVAR to do a vlog since she mentioned something about it (or maybe I did – who knows by now, right?). Anyway – she finally DID, and Ohmigosh, it was AMAZING. She wrote a stunning post about friendship, and the ways in which the Blogosphere connects us to others we’d never usually have the privilege to meet, and she included the VLOG I asked her to do (because I knew I’d…well, you’ll see what I did) but to see as it happened the excitement and wonder and happiness inspired by a little bit of good Old Fashioned SnailMail, was INCREDIBLE.

Oh Diary, there are so many wonderful people out there in the Blogosphere, and I feel hugely, wonderfully blessed by the friendships I share with some of them. Properly so. And this – the realtime stuff, and the vidchats at the weekends, all team up to make it so much more ACTUAL than just words through a page, which is marvellous.

I just keep going back to this and watching it again and again and again. If I could hook up to it intravenously, I would. This. Is. EPIC. This one I love 😀

— 3 —

My Diary, you know those days when you take your trembling sense of self in your hands and walk up to someone, tentatively, because you’re a bit hugely awed by them, and you ask them a favour, and they say YES? Oh Diary, that FEELING! Not to mention the laughs we had afterwards, because she couldn’t work out why I was so intimidated by her incredible talent! But DIARY – oh the REWARD for having had the courage.

I am beyond thrilled to have Hasty – yes, she, the poet of HastyWords fame- over at Bards today, and not only that, but her poem came rippling out of an Actual, In Fact conversation we had! WOW!

The Well Tempered Guest Bards

Trust me (and I include the title because I was TOLD (and who am I to argue with genius?) you do NOT want to miss Slippery Nipples and Starry Nights

— 4 —

Dear Diary

I went on a picnic with Husby. It was beautiful. Apart from the swan, who wanted ALL THE FOOD! But we figured out how to make him go ‘way – we gave him LETTUCE and he got so upset he left in a huff to swim away around the lake, and only came back in time for dessert. But then he was so pushy I had to get up and chase him. A number of times. But we did have a lovely hissy conversation (I won, by the way – I can totally out-swan a swan, and I will NOT be bullied by a bird – even if he’s big enough to break my arm) and he was rather sweet.

— 5 —

Dear Diary,

Seriously. For reals? When you write a thing with a CLIFFHANGER ENDING, you do rather expect that people will understand that they’ve been left on the ledge! But apparently keeping this to ONE PART was unacceptable. And I got snarked at for it. I even had virtual cushions thrown at me.

And you know what? I’m nice to my readers, so I wrote…not PART TWO, but PART SIDEWAYS.

It’ll make sense – keep a weather eye!

— 6 —

Dear Diary – I LOVED going on the boat for work this week. What fun to have an Island so close, where I might sometimes need to go, and where I got to meet my Dad for lunch and sit watching the sea, nattering about nothing in particular. This is a GOOD JOB I have here.

— 7 —
Dear Diary – tomorrow is my Editorial, and I am SO EXCITED! I wrote it Earlier this week, and Even if I do say so myself, I think it’s EXCELLENT.

I just hope everyone else on the hop is EXTRA-NICE to me and my EXCESSIVE EGO about this one…

Ten Things of Thankful

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