This List Kicks AZZ

I’m totally lying – it only kicks AZ, as in A-Z in April, for which I’ve finally narrowed down the (oh so many, and THANK YOU for helping – I asked, and you guys responded in DROVES) suggestions, and settled my options.

Am I meant to let you know? I have no idea, but I said that I’d reward my helpers, and what better way than to publicly acknowledge their contribution and link their lovely blogs, so you can go over to see them if you so wish?

(Whaddya mean I don’t have the bloggy clout to make that worthwhile? I *totally* have the credentials for this!)

Additionally, I have a sneaking suspicion that my list (physical, real, on paper – I sometimes do that) will be lost/tattered/forgotten about in some dark corner of my world before the end of April, and then I wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing. You’d end up with a very pretty A-H, and then a completely discombobulated mess for I-Z, and don’t nobody got time for that.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand because so many people missed my original point (or thought it was too stupid for words and proceeded to ignore it (they might have had a point…)) I am going to do an A-Z of writing styles. And believe me, that’s gonna be TOUGH! Especially as I still plan to fit the Ten Things of Thankful and Finish The Sentence Friday hops around it. Ouf!

So. Buckle your seatbelts and hang on tight. Because not only am I going to be writing all these (whoa!): I might need help with a couple of them – f’r’instance, an interview, or a heart-to-heart (I can hardly talk to myself, now can I?) or a book review. So I’ll be looking for unsuspecting victims to lure in kind, friendly Blogosphere types to perhaps join in a little bit. Exciting, non?

Stand back and prepare to be amazed, awed (and in my case, a little *tiny* bit terrified) by THE LIST OF THINGS I’M GONNA WRITE:

AĀ  – Advice Column (Suzanne Lucas – Times Squared)

B – Book Review (me)

C – Cliffhanger (Piper – Talk About Cheesecake)

D – Diary (me)

E – Editorial (Zoe – Rewritten)

F – Fable (me)


H – Heart-to-Heart (K – Transcending CP)

I – Interview (Piper – Talk About Cheesecake)

J – Jingles (Cyn – That Cynking Feeling)

K – Kishotenketsu (me)

L – Love Letter (Kate – Another Clean Slate)

M – Mystery (Lisa – The Golden Spoons)

N – Noir (Jny – Snap Out of it Jean, there’s beading to be done)

O – Opinion (Zoe – Rewritten)

P – Press Release (Piper – Talk About Cheesecake)

Q – Quiz (Dana – Kiss My List)Ā 

R – Review (Zoe – Rewritten)

S – Stream of Consciousness (Clark – The Wakefield Doctrine)

T – Telegram (Jen – Driftwood Gardens)

U – Urban Fantasy (Jana – Stop Me If I Told You This…)

V – Villanelle (Laurie – Come Up Higher)

W – Wordle (Dana – Kiss My List)

X – Xpository (Lisa – The Golden Spoons)
[Not keen, but SERIOUSLY – YOU try finding a writing style beginning with X]

Y – Yard Sale Ad (Laura – History of a Woman)

Z – Zany (Phil – The Regular Guy NYC)

It’s gonna be FUN!

Enormous, heart-felt thanks to those who joined in and thought of gorgeous ideas. And KUDOS to those whose ideas made the cut. I couldn’t have done it without you…

…and by the look of some of these, I’m definitely going to need a few more people to make this work.

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