It *could* be the start of something BOOKISH

Let us see, my lovelies, for here is my challenge, as a writer, right this second – to convince you, to beckon you with my words and hook you in – to call you over here and demand that you engage with what I have to say.

Because I’m telling you it’s worth it…

Because what I’m telling you is that NOT ONLY am I bringing you part three of this most wonderful, glorious fiction (which, by the way, is still my favourite thing I’ve ever written), but also that it has been suggested strongly recommended to me that I take these pieces and turn them into chapters of a BOOK.

Let me know what you think:

Start at the beginning, if you’ve not already been there, with my first encounter with an unexpected talent, the like of which I have never seen before, nor been so surprised by since, as I weave you a tale of memory in Shadows and Stardust.

Then follow the threads of the story to their next, horrifying, gut-wrenching step, as I meet up again with that wonderful woman, in such changed circumstances, and lose her – my dear Wasted Minstrel


Come with me, quick! QUICK! Because something awful happened, and oh! I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it was to cope with the outcome of that loss of contact – and yet, could it possibly be that there’s room for redemption for this lost soul? Find out, over at Laura’s in Anitra’s Chance.

(and purely for vanity’s sake – let me know if you like the idea of this as a book. I promise nothing, but I’d appreciate the feedback)


13 thoughts on “It *could* be the start of something BOOKISH

  1. I just finished it, and pasting my response to it here as well:

    This is lovely, Lizzi. Yeah, there is certainly enough possibility and material for a book. A sort of Gatsby-esque narration where Anitra is the Gatsby, and the first-person character, Nick Carraway. A book would give you the opportunity to open up all those paragraphs of summary and turn them into scenes, draw in the reader with “real-time” immediacy — get them to experience what’s happening as it’s happening, as opposed to later being told about it. We could get into the first-person character’s background and psychology, her personal life. The material is endless. And she could have her own side stories as well.

    I’m a big fan of your descriptive, evocative paragraphs, like about the beach here, and the teeming sidewalk in the second installment. Give us more! The more I can see, hear and taste, the more I am engaged as a reader.

    Finally, the fact that these installments are your favorite pieces is reason enough to pursue them as a novel!

    Congratulations on creating a world that both you and your readers are devoutly interested in; please don’t stop.


  2. I love everything you write, so I think you should go for the book.

    And – that's before I even read your stories, which I shall go do in a bit. Cos I have that much faith in you!


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