Ten Things of Thankful #40

You know that feeling which occurs before a Big Event? That stomach-clenching anticipation, and the slightly tingly, sparkling feeling around the edges of your brain as you look forward to it?

That’s what I was living for the first half of this week.

And you know that crashing disappointment when the thing you’ve been excited about turns out not to be as good as you hoped? When it lets you down, and the reality is way off base from your expectations?

There was NONE of that. Not even a shred.

1. It has been perfect.
It has been a time of slowing down and stepping away from life. It has been a time of switching off from my constant engagement with Online, and just…being.

It has been a time of laughter, of laying around, of good food and (too much? (nah!)) good wine. Of jokes. Of long, protracted games of ‘Would You Rather…?’. Of immersement in The Moment, and Each Moment, as time slowed down and became richer, imbued with meaning and wonder. It has been one long series of Kairos moments, all linked together in a daisychain of beauty and wonder and BestFriendInTheWorld.

It has been a time when I have been able to focus, intently, on one person’s voice, and watch the sparkle in her eyes. Feel the hugs. Hold the arm. Join in with the laughter. A time of slurred conversation and too much cake. A time of boosting our egos with shopping and genuine compliments. A time of caring for one another. A time of just ENJOYING both being there.

A wonderful, magical time.

2. The Cake is a Lie(on)
I instagrammed most much of my visit. I put this one up. And TOTALLY missed an opportunity to use the above line. DUH! Taking full advantage of the re-do provided by the TToT. So there.

3. The Clothes
I can’t possibly show you here, because there are TOO MANY, but I have pretty much an entire new wardrobe. And it’s all GORGEOUS! I have never ever in my life been happier about clothes. Ever. Ever. Ever. They are BEAUTIFUL things. And I am so excited to wear them soon.

4. The Bookshop

It’s called Badger’s Books and it is one of the most magical places I have ever been. There are books, up to the ceiling, in a series of delightfully linked up-and-down-y rooms, and it’s full of quirky, book-filled angles, and NOT ONE SPACE is left unfilled by Book.

Mandi asked me (cos she’s smart like that) whether I was in heaven, I suspect she knew the answer. My reply to her was a fraction of what I felt about this place:

I truly was. It had this incredible atmosphere; so silent you could almost hear the books whispering to one another. And it was still; as though time had stopped to pay respect to the knowledge and literature passed down from the ancestors, contained within those pages. #BookshopAwe

5. The Beach

The wind was wild and the sea was rough; the colour of milky coffee. The seagulls were screaming as they braved the thermals, and I could see a distant kite-surfer making use of the surf. The breakers were rolling in, smashing into the shoreline – thundering our ears with the sound of the earth breathing exuberance at the sunshine and glorious blue, and scudding white clouds. The spray flew across the beach from 30 metres away, coating our faces, and the wind whipped words from our lips as soon as we spoke them, leaving us sat, without conversation – her in contemplation of the scene, hair flying – me in a whipped-up frenzy of energy borrowed from the dynamism of the ocean; whooping and screaming my excitement as the bigger waves crashed in; punching the air and kicking my feet and throwing rocks at the sea…yelling my head off about how perfect it all was, while she smiled indulgently.

And then I told her about an idea I read online – of having a jar to put pieces of beach into – stones, shells, burnished glass pieces – whichever perfect pieces found their way into the hands of the seeker, from each beach they visited. And I scoured the surfline, jumping back to avoid waves; legs coated with spume as I rifled through the drying seaweed and still-shining-wet shells, until I found treasure. A giant, mother-of-pearl coated shell. And a perfect, pink, bisection of a whelk. And a magic stone with a perfect hole drilled impossibly through it by nature.

Then I begged the beach for another treasure, for her – and it gave me one more mother-of-pearl shell. And I thanked it in my heart, and took it to her, and she was pleased.

6. The Wine
Ohhhhh there was wine. And at that point I did break my vow, and checked into Facebook. And now I’m waiting for the blackmail which I think a few people might try to use against me after certain conversations I may have had whilst veryveryvery inebriated.

I totally lost my capability to grammar, lovelies!

7. The Red-Garlic-Breathing, Red Dragon
Okay. This wasn’t time with Bezzie: this is looking back further along the week I’ve had, while I’ve been on holiday from work.

I spent a beautiful day with Niece and Neff (and mum), beginning with breakfast and ending with bed. The evening prior, we’d all gone out after tea, and played in a playpark. For an hour. And I ran around being a red-garlic-breathing, red dragon with Neff. And I shouted and whooped and climbed on stuff and jumped off things and slid on the slide and went down backwards and fell off toys and snuggled them both into me in the big swing as we swang and mum pushed us all.

I felt and acted like I was 7 again. And it was WONDERFUL.

8. The Day Out
Mum took Niece and Neff and I to visit a local place of loveliness and beautiful views. Whilst I peppered my Instagram account with them, I’ll share my favourite here. And yaknow what? Just follow me on Instagram already so I can show you them as they happen. I’m now HUGELY thankful to Kate and Janine for getting me into it, because I LOVE it. It’s like Facebook without the words. Beautiful to see people’s status updates.

9. You like me – you really LIKE ME!
I came back from my mini-break to discover that I’ve been nominated for not one, but TWO Liebster awards! WOW! My thanks to Laura and Mandi. I’m honoured and psyched, and I’ll work on an acceptance soon-soon

10. Spring is HERE
Properly so. The Daffydowndillies told me so.

 What made your week beautiful? What have you been thankful for? Join in and share the wonder…

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


81 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #40

  1. She would-and has-swim in cold and rain. She finds the silence of underwater soothing. GirlyK tells me, “I can think there.”


  2. OOOH that Lie(on) cake! Too adorable. I want to see the clothes, though. And am so glad you had such a nice visit with your BFF. I'm with Louise in not seeing the point of instagram. But huh. Maybe. Lovely list!


  3. I don't think it gives much more other than the capability to play with the photos a bit more and snazz them up with different filters (if you so wish) before you publish them. And it's interesting to see what other people are up to, pictorally.

    It's been a BEAUTIFUL week, thanks 😀 I loved it. Hope it warms up for you soon


  4. I'm gonna have to go back to yours and find out more – I'm still trying to figure out whether this is a book you make incrementally, one weekend at a time, or whether you finished the whole thing in one weekend…


  5. Oh – Lizzi, such a beautiful week. I really really love that bookstore and hope to one day retire in one just like that, or maybe that will just be what heaven looks like for me.

    And to spend a week with your *person* and get to do all of those fun things with your family…you just seem so refreshed! What a great TToT.


  6. Adored so much about this post: Beaches! I love beaches and cannot wait for it to be warm enough spend time at beaches here! Flowers, pretend play, and that book store! Sounds like a wonderful week.
    As for Instagram – perhaps I'll take another look. I got an account after Christmas with the idea of “figuring it out”. Have to say, I don't really “get” it yet – ie: what it gives me that my other social media tools and smart phone camera don't…. Maybe when I have a moment I'll revisit that.


  7. Gosh, it was so small – there would be no room for writing, BUT – what a gorgeous idea – a bookstore and writer's cafe or something! Wow! I wonder if such a thing exists?


  8. Oh I have been having a LOT of fun on Instagram. I shall try not to be too jealous of your one with the POOL OUTDOORS IN THE SUN 😉

    Glad your week was lovely and normal 😀


  9. Normal made my week lovely. Laughter. Lipsync battles in a crowded market. Learning more about Divine Grace and of course-YOUR instagram! Loved all the pictures-bookshop, haircut, flowers and the sea…


  10. Well it really doesn't get much better than this, does it? This was such a fantastic thankful post and it made me happy to see that face with that smile (drunk or not!). Your days this week have been magical and I am very, very happy for you.
    That bookstore is somewhere I could get lost. Honestly. I wish to go there. Now.


  11. You had me at #1 – “It has been a time of slowing down and stepping away from life. It has been a time of switching off from my constant engagement with Online, and just … being.”

    I had my most favorite holiday of all time this past summer. All I did was turn a daycare-toy-room within our home into an office/oasis for my holiday. I tuned out the phone, Internet, email, Facebook, I shut the door and wrapped myself up in the book project that I have been working on. It was heaven-on-earth. I can't wait to go back!!

    The rest just sounds like icing on a cake (that was already sweet enough). Great stuff!


  12. Hubby loves Portal 2…otherwise I would not have gotten that! Very lovely cake and your entire visit sounds fabulous. I hope it was energizing and revitalizing. I'm heading for the beach soon and vacation and can't wait!
    Facebook without the words! Couldn't agree more.


  13. Oh gosh, every single WALL was books. And no dusting, because NO ROOM FOR DUST. Because books. So, so, so many books.

    I think I want to get more into thrifty clothes. They were certainly less stressful to find and enjoy than the bits and pieces at the actual shops. Apart from the Beautiful Dress. But even that pales next to the jacket. *happy sigh*

    The wine was awesome right up until I felt a bit ill 😉

    But the laughs and the beach and the fun were PERFICK.

    The Niece and Neff, also – more of them tomorrow. Scrumptious 😀

    I hope you get a vacation soon. And that your cold heals and leaves you in peace.


  14. This list is beautifully wonderful, and sounds like my perfect vacation also! I get MORE excited about thrifty clothes than new clothes, and that book shop, OH MY! Too cool. It would be a great idea to make an office a ENTIRE room of books. Probably a pain to dust, but let's not ruin a good mental image! Glad to hear you had lots of laughs, and love and WINE, good for you! Your dragon game sounds fun! Your niece & nephew are so lucky.


  15. Why thank you 😀 I now have to figure out how to accept them and find people to nominate who haven't already BEEN nominated. I see you got one from Mandi – congrats back atcha.

    We should celebrate with cake, forsure 😀


  16. Once upon a time, I would've sucked it up and kept on going just so as not to disappoint anyone. I'm better at letting go of that sort of thing as I get older (and I hope, wiser). My great hope is that in a few months life will be insanely different. I also hope you lose no one, of course, but yes, consider me a wing-waiter.
    Going to post in like five minutes. Finally.


  17. Congratulations, your Liebsterness, on your two nominations. So very deserved, Lizzi. Now send me a piece of that cake, please…


  18. Ach that's fine. I'm glad you have your priorities straight, as I said 😀 It's been so much fun having you as a co-host, and though I don't hope to lose anyone, EVER, it's good to know that if life lets up and we have need of you, you might be waiting in the wings…

    Looking forward to reading you soon


  19. How awesome that vacation sounds. Lizzi! Beach, good food, great wine, and most of all wonderful company sure sounds like heaven 🙂


  20. My week was INCREDIBLE, thanks 😀 And alas, I can but recount my adventures and allow you the vicarious pleasure of enjoying them in retrospect.

    I'm sure you could create your own adventures though, and share them…perhaps in a list of Ten Things…?


  21. Lizzi, you had a blast of a week! I know I would have adored the beach, and the bookstore, and the wine, and the… well, next time just take me with you, okay? LOL!


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