7 Quick Takes #67 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

I’m done with school, but…I absolutely and completely refuse to stop learning. I have an insatiable curiosity and I want to know.

Not just ‘what’, because that has never, ever been enough for me. I want to know the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ as well. 

Which trips me up relatively often, because I’m sixteen kinds of Not Academic.

Well. I say that – I’ve been blessed with a brain which soaks up knowledge like a sponge – much to the chagrin of many people who know me, and know how much more I could do if I ever applied myself to something.

But here’s the rub. 

I am not a completer-finisher; I am a Plant.

We took the Belbin Team Roles test once as part of staff training in my old job, and it absolutely and utterly fascinated me, that my character and personality could be so kindasortacoherently corralled into a category. 

I am precisely the type who sits in a meeting; sparks off loads of marvellous, crazy ideas; gets people hooked in and riled up…then goes of half-cocked because research? preparation? ain’t nobody got time for that! and then subsequently gets bored and leaves everyone in the lurch, clearing up the mess, while she moves on to something FAR more interesting and shiny.

Learning, then, tends to be rather a drag. I’m having to Do Learning at the moment as part of my current job. And oh. my. gosh. I am learning much about recipes the other team members like to make. I’m learning lots about the practical matters of the job. I’m an excellent photocopier. I LOVE making tea for everyone. I check my inbox frantically to see if any distractions have arrived. 

And I watch the clock.

Because the qualification is badly written and not designed around any books. Which means research and frustration and banging my head on the keyboard, and too many of those moments where the letters on screen blur into a giant, meaningless squiggle, and I wonder how on earth I’m meant to proceed.

It’s painful. And I’m really not good at knuckling under and getting the job done.

But when it comes to learning something I have a passion for (rather than an obligation), I IMMERSE myself. This blog, for instance, way back in the beginning was intended as a Place For Me To Learn To Write. And now it has taken over my world. I am as plugged-in to the Blogosphere as any other part of life.

However. Come April, I am taking it BACK to the roots, and using it to learn to write. I’ve been canvassing for ideas of writing styles to use in the A-Z in April challenge, and I’ve had SO MANY thrown at me, that I think I could double-post every day and still not use them all. (To clarify, I won’t be doing that. I’m prolific but I don’t want to die doing this). 

This is going to be FUN!

To check out the ideas so far, and maybe contribute, come on over.

— 2 —

I’ve been away, Lovelies, and even though I write this on Tuesday evening (in anticipation of a hugely busy day of Niece-and-Neff’ing tomorrow, starting with breakfast at some shocking o’clock in the morning) I have EVERY confidence that my time away with my soulmate – my PERSON: my bestfriendintheworld, will be perfect.

There will be wine. And good food. And so much laughter. And hugs. And inappropriate kicks aimed at each other in public. And laughter. And shopping (I hope – I need to play ‘Dress Up Lizzi’, because I missed my shopping trip today on account of having finally TimeZoned myself into a douchecanoe moment, and NOT GOT UP IN TIME! *facepalm*). And more food. And those long, delightful moments past midnight where the world slows down and time becomes meaningless, and all that counts any more is our words.

And wine. And a cake shaped like a lion (so I’m told).

— 3 —

The Well Tempered Guest BardsThis week I am absolutely HONOURED to feature one of my darling ‘Mericans – a dear friend who shared my story earlier this week: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you SANDY.

You may not know this about her, but my GOODNESS the woman can ‘po’ a tidy -em.

— 4 —

I had a haircut this week. I got told it makes me look young. I also got told (last week) that I looked 17. I can only assume that I look even younger now.

What do YOU think? How old would you peg me for?

Also I FINALLY made it to see my Grandad.

It has been shameful, really, given my recent posts for Our Land, about how I think we need to (collectively, as a society) treat our elders better, that I haven’t seen him in months. And he lives down the road. And I know he LOVES seeing me, or anyone who pops in.


So I am finally (almost) redeemed.

I took him yellow tulips (for Springtime) and then popped back after my haircut to let him be the first to see it. He liked it. I got a big smile.

— 5 —

After the absolutely SHINING success of the Kickstarter campaign to fund the first round of publication of her wonderful book, Memoirs of a Dilettante, Helena Hann-Basquiat is BACK for a last hurrah, with a delightful piece called “Last Call at Casa de Hann-Basquiat”.

Pop on over, find out how you can indulge in a LIVE Q&A chat with Helena HERSELF, and pre-order her book. Because it’s going to be so completely awesome, you’ll probably want to send me flowers and gifts just for recommending it.

(I promise I’m not getting paid to write these – I just *loveadore* Helena’s writing style. And she does call me ‘darling’, so there’s that…)

— 6 —


Oh yes – there was a competition on Wednesday, for an Actual, In Fact gift-in-the-mail of *sparklytwinklygorgeousness*

The person whose story made me laugh most was: CHRIS! Whose toe is rapidly becoming something of a legend.

— 7 —
And so to Thankfulness. The weekend. That high-point which kicks off with the Awesome Bloggers VideoChat, and gracefully wends its shining way through those two, glorious days of celebration after a long week.

Please join us there.

Ten Things of Thankful

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41 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #67 x FTSF

  1. Yay for ClarkPlants 😀 And yeah you're REALLY relieved, believe me. It was SO GROSS. Totally the most disgusting thing I've seen this year. I'm just so relieved that facebook isn't scratch'n'sniff…


  2. No idea, my dear! I don't think you can've done, or we'd remember! Thanks though, even for the Phooey 😉 I feel a lot LOT better having made it over to see my Grandad. Less of a steaming hypocrite, yaknow?

    It would suprise me NOT ONE JOT if you were a plant 😉

    Chris posted a REALLYGROSS pic of her toe on Fb. Then deleted it cos the wrong person saw….it was HILARIOUS


  3. Did I not comment on this? Gah. I LOVE your new haircut, so much. And I'm not saying how young you look because whatever you look great and all that. Phooey. You really do though. I am so so glad that you made it in to see your granddad – and even went back to show him your sparkly new haircut. I love the plant analogy – I'm much the same. I get all excited and then bored. And what's this about Chris' toe? I'm so behind.


  4. Ooooooh let me know what you are! I'd be interested to know.

    I really want a degree someday. I'm such an academic snob. I know I wouldn't do anything differently than I am now, but I just want one.


  5. Okay, I've got to go find out what type of person I am. I am DEFINITELY an insatiable learner. Had I the chance, I'd go get my PhD because I miss school so much. Sigh. In the meantime, I learn as much as I can in other ways…


  6. “sits in a meeting; sparks off loads of marvellous, crazy ideas; gets people hooked in and riled up…then goes of half-cocked because research? preparation? ain't nobody got time for that! “

    That is SO me. In fact – I did just that this week with the school. Went to a meeting, told them what they needed to do to raise funds, came up with loads of ideas – and wandered off cos I so don't have time for that boring stuff.

    I am – check this – half way through the TTOT post for the week!!! In advance. Wow.


  7. dude(ette)!! you're doing more in the week that you are taking half of off, than I am in the last 10 days… what the hell! lol
    trust you will regale us with tales of outrageous conduct and (both) scintillating and titillating conversations recounted and feasts and snacks remembered for the benefit of those of is who stayed by the home fires.

    see you at the Jetson's house later


  8. No it also have had made this mistake myself, too in the past. And by the way, the girls finally drew something and I have card all ready to go out to your niece now. I will try to mail out either tomorrow or Monday when I get to the post Office here 😉


  9. I didn't decide yet – that's why – I only just got back to see them all!

    I dunno if I want to look younger or not. Got GORRRRGEOUS new clothes while I was away, so I look less young than before. Maybe.

    Show you soon 😀


  10. I absolutely love your hair cut. I, honestly, would say late 20ish, or more like 25. I always hope I don't offend anyone when they ask how old they look. I try to be honest, then squirm just a little. Very sweet about your grandfather. I want to participate in the A-Z blogging, but I loved the story of your character, I'm afraid I am a plant also. Though, I've not taken the quiz. I know how excited I can get, get others involved, and then move along to another fascinating idea, with the best of intentions. I have missed your TTofT, but my post is up and ready. Actually came here to grab the linky. I will link up ASAP.


  11. Oh – I don't think I've ever seen your hair down – so very cute!!
    Have a super time away – that sounds like heaven about now!!


  12. Teens, early twenties and you'll look young forever. So jealous. You have great peaches n' cream skin. 🙂 Love the hair.


  13. Ok, you gave me a heart attack thinking I skipped a night here and then I realized you are a night early and I still have time. But seriously love that you never stop learning and think as my mom always told me that we strive to learn something new everyday and definitely do agree with you both on this. 🙂


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