Your Considerer Needs YOU

I learned of this hop last year, when it yielded some incredibly funny results over at A Fly On Our Chicken Coop Wall, one of the first blogs I fell hard in bloglove with. What I didn’t realise, as I chortled away over Christine’s entries for each day, was that this A-Z in April thing is an annual occurrence.

I had still less idea that I’d be roped into this year’s challenge. But I was: I had my arm twisted by Laura and Kate to join this, and now I’m signed up! Owp!

So the challenge goes (in case you can’t guess (and I spell it out anyway because it’s definitely the kind of thing I’d miss (sometimes))) from A-Z with a post related to each, on each day, excepting Sundays.

And you need a THEME, cos…well, what’s the point of having a challenge which tries to kill you by making you write Every. Single. Day.


Wait…don’t I already…


…without making it all the more ridonkulous by adding in the requirement for a theme, around which your posts will be written.

Yeah. That.

Now you know me – I’m never one to bend the rules, nor break them. I have a Book of Secret Rules (and Seven GuardVirgins) who can legitimately get me out of any of them. But for this I’m going to try my best not to cheat.

My theme for this challenge is going to be STYLES. As in ‘different writing styles’. Because, dammit, I want to be a WRITER when I grow up, so I need to learn a bit more and try a bit more, and push myself a bit harder to experiment and see what I’m capable of.


I want your help.

Because there are 26 letters (around which I will build my posts, using the style – but not that the style has necessarily to correlate with the letter of the alphabet (e.g. for A, I might write a poem about Aardvarks (I won’t, but I could)) and I’m not sure I can come up with 26 styles. Which is where YOU come in.

Here’s what I got so far:

Diary * Letter * Poem * Recipe * Story * List * Business letter * Dialogue * Interview * Monologue *  Advert * Screenplay * Fable * Uhhhhhhhhh

Oh dear. Not even halfway!

PLEASE help me out! If I pick your style, I will add a credit to the post I write when I use it. I reserve the right to pick my favourites if I get more than 26 styles, but I’ll pimp you in my list of Helpful Suggesters. And if you need more incentive than that to help me, well, maybe I could be persuaded to offer some kind of unique prize to the absolutely the most helpfullest person…


Helpful Suggesters SO FAR

Cynking Feeling – Jingle

Laura – Scrap note, grocery list, second-person

Kate – Love letter, Postcard, Daydream, Angry tantrum

Suzanne – Advice column, Breaking news, Infomercial

Sarah – Sonnet, Free verse, Haiku

Jen –  Telegram, Tweet, Biography, Limerick

Laurie – Sestina, Villanelle, Rondelle. Allegory (?)

Wonderful K (cos just ‘K’ is too small to be seen properly) –  Fairytale, Game instructions (for Life?), Heart-to-heart, Stream-of-consciousness, Persuasive writing

The Jean JNY –  Play, Noir-style

Smack of Ham – Noir style (but with props for explaining it to me *clueless* )

Joy, the cosiest ComfyTown – Quiet Stories from Very Small Creatures, Police Reports, Wacky Fiction

Roshni – Couplet, Epiphany, Hysterical outpouring, Gobbledigook

Sarah Honey – Drinking game, Driving instructions

Dana – Flashback, Personals ad, Resume, Job application, Song, One-Act Play, Satire, Sermon, Campaign speech, Quiz, Wordle, Roast

Lisa – Lamentation, Conversation, Letter, Mystery, Expository, Review

Bryan – Academic piece

Kat – ‘A Day in the Life Of’

Charli – Letter to the editor, press release, restaurant review, podcast script (3 minutes), memoir essay, op ed, book synopsis, a short story in three paragraphs or a nature column.

Afshan – 55 fiction or scrabble – 100 letter story it is I guess and you can also go for Leave letters (Fun ones)

Jana – Urban Fantasy (picture black leather, boots, swords, and a bit of magic), Memoir, Textbook (perhaps w/ graphs and tables)?

Zoe –  News…zietgeist…opinion…essay…haiku…review…limerick…photos…cartoon….editorial

Phil – Elfin, Sexcapades, Craptacular, Erotica, Dark, Drunkish, Playful, Zany

Piper –  Myth. Parable. Superstition. Legend. Reality. Cliffhanger. Report. Tragedy. Press release. Interview.

Pooja – Animate


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