If you could sleep with anyone in the world…

I was just nodding off to sleep the other night, when an amazing idea for a blog post hit me right in the middle of my thinkbox.

[Allow me to qualify that ‘amazing’ – I thought it was amazing. But I was half-asleep at the time, so bear with me. If I can convince you from the offset that it’s amazing, perhaps my enthusiasm for the idea will paper over any obvious defects it contains.]

As the title suggests, my thought was to wonder who you’d sleep with, if you could sleep with anyone in the world.

Not that kind of ‘sleep with’ (this isn’t that kind of blog… *rolls eyes*).

The proper, actual, sleeping kind.

Because it struck me that to actually feel comfortable enough to spend the night in a room with someone else (who you’re not already partnered off with) would be quite a testament to the level of friendship you have.

Not only do they get to see you in your jammies, but also what you look like when you’re bleary-eyed and BedHeaded in the morning. They might hear if you snore or talk or fart in your sleep. And you might hear and see them.

On the face of it, not an attractive thought.

But then there’s the other side. The side where you get to be silly and giggly and talk about all things under the sun. The side where maybe there was wine (or maybe not) and the hour gets later and later, and time deepens and enriches until it’s irrelevant. And the world contracts in importance until there’s only the two of you, and your conversation and the time you share.

That part is transcendent, and so worth doing.

When everything you say feels profound and important, and the layers of inhibition fall away and you just talk.

Eventually the conversation slows: you stop turning to make eye contact, and start snuggling into your pillows, still chatting. The gaps in between sentences become longer, and the thoughts expressed take on a haze, leaving you wondering ‘Did I really just say that?’ or ‘Is that even a real word?’ and all at once, you’re into that incredible Peter-Pan-World between sleep and awake, when the possibilities are all ‘Second Star to the Right and Straight On Til Morning’.

You know that in the morning there’ll be a measure of giggliness (somewhat muted by the levels of Tired you’ll both be struggling against) and an awkward moment when you both want to use the bathroom at the same time. And an influx of the mundane over tea (or coffee) and breakfast and the slow, unfurling emergence into the day, as you adjust to negotiating the presence of an unfamiliar Other.

But there are recollections. Flashbacks. And the whole encounter is still tinged with the memories of the easy intimacy of the night before – those magical, time-slowed-down moments.

And that perfect stillness, right before you slept, when the room was filled with velvet darkness, wonder and the sound of the two of you just…breathing.

Who would you pick?

(And because I’d hate for you to miss out, if you don’t already follow me on Instagram – here’s what I look like post-nap, with bleary eyes and BedHead…)

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80 thoughts on “If you could sleep with anyone in the world…

  1. The.Worst. Been an issue on and off in my life, and I can regale you with some
    serious horror stories from my teens. But now I am have done something about it. Thank the Good Lord.


  2. what makes you think I couldn't make a rapist laugh? It could happen….
    Yes, I want to make this happen too. That one evening we hung out went by wayyy to fast. And OF COURSE I like you for your boobs. Obvs.


  3. I've slept in a ruined building in the same sleeping bag as a boy I'd known for mere hours, huddled together to keep warm (didn't work).

    Opening your eyes to someone else's eyes is only unnerving if they're inches away. Otherwise it's alright.


  4. Okay. I still pick John Cusack even more since that was exactly what I said to you! I feel like a jerk now because I didn't read the post before I said all I wanted to do was talk all night long with him! We must have been on the same wavelength 🙂


  5. OMG, Beth! You just want to sleep with me cuz I have nice boobs, or is it because I'm a perv, too? Kidding! I'd pick you, too. We are never at a loss for conversation that I fear we'd lie awake late into the night giggling and imagining different scenarios of Baron's stubble rubbing various parts of us. I'm sure we'd stroll through our camera rolls and make googly eyes at all of the naked boys that we like to keep for our personal entertainment. Then we'd talk about the bazillion things we always run out of time to talk about when we actually DO get to see each other face to face. I kinda want to make this happen. It would be so much friggin fun!!! And Beth, I'm pretty sure if you put yourself in any room with any sane (non rapist) person on Earth, you'd laug because you're funny, and laughter is contagious.


  6. Ohhhh.. I would so love to sleep with Samson. That's a huge, fuzzy bear at the German version of Sesame Street… And yes, I also hoped for some juicy revelations there 😉


  7. Boom! *grins* I figured it would pique a few people's interests this way, just for being out of character, if nothing else.

    Who's to say what I was thinking *inscrutable face* but suffice it to say, I think you're a braver person than I, and I'm impressed at your willingness to go backpacking. That has never been on my any kind of 'To Do' list, and I have huge respect for those who go out there and make it work and have that kind of adventure.

    You're savvy enough not to let those boundaries drop too low, so yeah – sounds like a good thing 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the opportunity and appreciated its outcomes.


  8. YES! I know what you mean. FB has been a brilliant way for me to stay in touch with my Bezzie. YAY! for your plans though – wishing you every success with them, because ow! so important to reconnect with those people who make life SO great, just by being in it.


  9. It sucks! Both of us are waiting for the teleport to be invented. I hope I can see her soon, too… I have plans for later this year, and hope they materialize… and THANK GOD for text messaging and social media, that alone has probably saved our friendship!


  10. So funny. I opened this in a tab to come back to earlier and was like “Wow, this seems unlike Lizzi!” Voila, you hoodwinked me.
    So, not gonna lie, I've slept with a LOT of strangers. While backpacking! What were you thinking??? Sometimes it's a huge room, which doesn't really count, but I've also paired off with one other guy or girl and shared a single room with them for several nights– so it's all the whispers in the dark and bed giggling and messy-hair sharing that you speak of. I quite like it… I've always had crazy high boundaries so traveling sort of toppled those. I think it was a good thing.


  11. I would rather just pick my pillow cause I tend to slur quite a bit (realize it in the morning) and atleast someone was silently absorbing me while I snoozed off…lol

    loved your silly expression above 😉


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