Ten Things of Thankful #39

There are times when competitiveness is a really good thing.

I think. Maybe.

All I know is that I suffer from it A LOT (Do I? Do I really suffer? Maybe somewhere deep in my soul it would fall into the stuffed-to-bursting category of Things Which Are Not Good For Me, but I don’t suffer. I embrace. I revel. I wallow in it) and it sometimes often gets me into scrapes.
Take the other week, for instance, when I ran too, too far and too fast and too hard all at once, and have had to take days&days&days off running because I don’t want to turn a small knee injury into a chronic, bad one. Duh!

Take this week, when I (quite arrogantly, in some cases) wrote guest posts for other people, but wrote so much and so hard and so fast, that they turned into double posts and required extra space and time for those generous people. Added to which the efforts to keep momentum, and keep people interested in the in-betweeny-waiting parts…oy!

Annnd I might actually have sore muscles in my hands from typing so much. And the ‘s’ has worn off of my keyboard. And the ‘a’ is on its way out.

Take earlier this evening when I went out to run/throw a ball around/climb all over a playpark with two friends of mine, and a super-cool 8 year old, and I perhaps decided that I’d be able to get a decentish workout in, while I’m not running. And I could so *almost* do a pull up, that I tried too many times. And my shoulder hurts.

Take right now, when I’ve been SO entrenched in playing a game of Facebook Scrabble with Susan (who, by the way, STILL HANDS ME MY ASS EVERY TIME…) that I have NOT written, NOT done the linkie for my co-hosts until a nanosecond ago, and I have NOT managed to un-hook yet. I’m still mulling over what to do with all those vowels…

And then there are the times when I’m NOT winning (at whatever (like, f’rinstance, getting to my own blog-hop on time. Ever.)) and I go the other way, throw my hands up in the air and make it cease to matter to me. I throw every part of that baby out with the bathwater and turn on every ounce of insouciant-couldn’t-give-two-hoots-about-it-ness that I have within me to give.

And other times when I’m not winning, and there are too many distractions (like Husbands, the sudden need to emergency-cook because we goofed at shopping and are hungry enough to eat the bobbings of a horse, and PEOPLETALKINGTOMEOHMIGOSH) I might just have a computer accident and shut down. Entirely. To do updates.

(So sorry. That was a bit crappy of me.)

BUT! Eventually, and in the end, and all kinds of whether-or-not-you’re-still-speaking-to-me, I will pull through. I’ll be there.

I might be late and a bit shamefaced. But I’ll be there.


First Place: Hey, I nearly did a pull up. That counts.

First Place: I chased the sunset the other day, having decided that I simply *must* see sunset over water RIGHTNOW. So I got on my bike and schlepped out on a few new routes until I found it. And it was beautiful. Me, two swans, a duck and some drunk teens, all bound under the same orange skies.

First Place: I have decided that as I am no longer going to be stealing pictures from Google (though I may, on occasion, steal one from Kristi (thanks Kristi)) I am going to empty my pictures folder, let go, and just DELETE THEM ALL. I’m thankful I now have my dear little Considerette to carry the can. And photos. And my phone for the photos.

First Place: Phone.

First Place: Photos.

First Place: I have NEARLY finished all my guest posts. I have one part of one story left to go. No, wait, I signed up for another one. You know what, I’m just glad people want to read me, even if it’s sometimes an effort.

First Place: Thankful that Laura’s gotten me into the A-Z in April challenge. And Kate, cos I think I knew Kate was doing it before I knew Laura was doing it, but then between them they got me psyched. And…er…competitive. Because I have this whole big PLAN, and I’ve totally been making a big deal about it and not telling. Yet.

First Place: Plans. I don’t plan. But sometimes I do. And when I do I’m usually thankful. But (and this is maybe a backwards thankful) I need to PLAN to put a book and a little light by my bed, so I can write down ideas for blog posts. Because last night I had the most GORGEOUS idea for a thing. And I can remember, quite distinctly, thinking to myself “I must remember this – I must take NOTE of this idea in my brain.” And now I can remember alllllllll about the ‘I must remember…’ part, and not what it was I was meant to be remembering. Duh!

First Place: Emergency-cooking is something we can do, because we (just) had enough ingredients. And I rock at cooking. So it was yummy, even though we were both in very snarly moods whilst it cooked. I am thankful for a full tummy and for feeling less snarly when I’m not ravenous.

First Place: More gardening tomorrow. And the cherry tree is nearly in blossom…

YOUR TURN! Take first place…

(The irony will be if I *am* late to my own hop, and I don’t get first place. Cos I really hate when that happens. But apparently not enough to motivate me to be on time, or turn into a better person.)

(It’s fine. I’m first. I’m sure you all feel a bajillion times better knowing that I’m such a good person…)

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


64 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #39

  1. I shall give you a medal for it. I enjoy cooking, so it was really no bother. I just didn't appreciate the fight which went around it. Still…whatevs. We survived.

    And I cannot STAND a sandwich for tea. (also we had no sandwich fillings, ironically).

    Good luck deciding what to do about the guest posts. And let me know where you write so I can read 😀


  2. Emergency cooking is the awesomest so first for that. When my hubs and I get that hungry, we usually just have a sandwich or something boring. And you totally get first place for all the guest posts recently – I've got a few requests for them and have not even come remotely close to starting any of them. Also, I think I deserve a prize for being last to TToT.


  3. I did indeed. And I *still* haven't found a pad of paper for my bedside! I dunno!

    Thanks, aaaaaand I write because I do little else. And I stay up too late to make time for it 😀


  4. It sounds like you had a busy week. I hate going to bed without my pen and paper. It never fails…I have my best ideas then. What a beautiful picture of the sunrise. I don't know how you found the time to do all that writing….great job!


  5. Ohhhhhhh Waves on Sand outside YOUR VILLA?! That sounds INCREDIBLE. Wow! I have beach envy. Enjoy ALL OF IT 😀

    And how I do it? Just keep writing, writing, writing – what do we do? we wriiiiiiiiite 😀


  6. So cool on all the guest posts; I don't know how you do it missy! Your picture of the sunset over water–priceless. I too am having sunset over water pics–at least for the next 18 days and I'm giddy about it. Definitely a FIRST PLACE. And right now the waves are crashing against the sand right outside our little villa. I think I'm in heaven. And I think emergency cooking is the best!


  7. That's a kind offer, Mary. Thank you. I should be fine though. It's just those moments when there's an idea or concept I want to illustrate, and no photo could ever capture it – like…deep space or under the sea or something. And then I need to draw, or work it a different way. But it seems to be going alright, I'd say?

    I'm waiting with bated breath to see the cherry open out. I managed to get a good one of a cherry tree at my Mum's, which was rather lovely, so I've been well pleased with that.


  8. Hi, you can borrow my pictures too if you want. I take a lot. I could send you some too if you want. I loved that picture of the sun over the water. You should make it bigger and do a wordless wednesday with it. Please take a picture of the cherry tree. I so love their blossoms. I think I am going to take blossom pictures this week for Wordless Wednesday if I feel well. I am going to join the A to Z challenge too. Can't wait to read your posts. 🙂


  9. “I need to PLAN to put a book and a little light by my bed, so I can write down ideas for blog posts. Because last night I had the most GORGEOUS idea for a thing. And I can remember, quite distinctly, thinking to myself “I must remember this – I must take NOTE of this idea in my brain.” And now I can remember alllllllll about the 'I must remember…' part, and not what it was I was meant to beremembering. Duh!”

    This so-o resonates with me. I can' tell you how many times I've said those words to my self. More often than not, it is when I'm driving when words and or ideas start typing on my brain pad but there's nothing I can do! Can't pull over and even if I could I'd be searching for paper to write ideas on. lol


  10. Nuts. You noticed I use that a lot, huh? I just love ass. (wait, that's gonna come up wonky in your phone again, isn't it *le sigh*)

    The camera phone thing is AWESOME but I do tend to (still) take too many selfies, just cos of how utterly amazing I clearly am…and yeah, I do now have a 'blog fodder' filter to life, which sometimes sucks cos I think “Oh, I should just ENJOY THE MOMENT!” but I want to WRITE these things…

    Is yours an iThing? I know you told me but I forgot. That's a good idea. I'd just have to remember to take the phone to bed. That could be done.


  11. I guess in the end as long as you don't lose friends or damage yourself (or anyone else) then it's alright. And that means we're probably both okay. Perhaps 'just about', in my case, but there ya go. I shall make this the new line for competitiveness – NO DAMAGE!


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