…or you can start speaking up

“I wonder what would happen if you say what you wanna say – and let the words fall out? Honestly – I wanna see you be Brave…” – Sara Bareilles ‘Brave’

It was never intended as a challenge, this lyric, and when Sandy sent it to me (or near me (or at me)) a few months ago, it immediately plucked at chords deep within my soul. Truth is what I’m about. And writing those Truths to break down barriers, start conversations and begin undermining Taboos.

Because Taboos can hold people captive.

They can stunt and stifle and emprison. They can render a person powerless from shame or guilt or anxiety. They can haunt, rattling their bones in the closet; unheard except by the person who’s living in the knowledge that they exist, threatening to appear one day, unannounced, and ruin everything (or, that’s the lie the Taboo would like you to believe).

So here’s my theory for getting the drop on them:

A pre-emptive strike.

For a good cause. Not just because it means that it’s ‘Out There’ and that you have a little more to add into your picture of who I am (if that’s your *thing* – it’s something I love; getting to know the writer), but because mental health issues are increasingly prevalent in our society (whether by incidence or diagnosis) and they still hold such stigma.

With that in mind, let me breathe slowly, count to ten, and invite you to come back in time with me, over at My Daily Jenn-ism, where I’ve contributed to Mental Health March.

This is me: showing you my Brave, and hoping you don’t run screaming for the hills, never to return.


28 thoughts on “…or you can start speaking up

  1. Yeah – there was far too much to do it any other way. And I didn't want to immerse too deeply in any of those Feels. Some of them still have echoes. But most of them don't AT ALL. Thank goodness!

    And thank you. If sharing helps even one person…it makes it all worthwhile.


  2. Wow. Just read this one and what a powerful post about depression. I love the way you wrote it in a series of flashbacks. Clever and beautifully written. I'm sorry you were in that place but so glad to know that you found your way out. So very brave to share and thank you for doing so. ((Hugs))


  3. Perfect song for you, Natalie.

    Also, I feel I should thank you – you've been a bit of a trailblazer in the Honesty stakes. And if you can do it…well, SO CAN I! 🙂

    Brave US 🙂


  4. Yes – it's really tough to manage sometimes, but I always get suckered in by a Good Cause, and spreading awareness, breaking taboos, shedding light – that kind of thing. Perhaps I should be less honest. I know there are some who find my levels of Truth Telling a bit uncomfortable (or worse) but I think it's worth it. And I don't think I could stop. I'm glad you're a Truth Teller, too 🙂


  5. Ahhh apart from my little forays into fiction, my dear. Which I WISH this was. But hey…

    And thank you for letting me know that I've somehow encouraged you to once again take up your keyboard and begin writing the Stuff of Life. Thank you SO much for that feedback – that's incredible 😀


  6. I read this the post sitting in the bank parking lot in my car, on my phone. I don't comment from my phone, as you know, but I had to read it. Now I am home, I will tell you that I am going over to read it again, properly. That said, I am proud of you. You are my friend and I L word you very much. This is YOUR day to be brave and you did very, very well.


  7. This post!! That song!! I have been saying that if I had a motivational theme song, this would be it. I approach my writing with honesty as well. Sharing my truths in the hopes that even just one person finds comfort in them. I am heading over to your other post now. Thank you for being Brave. XOXO


  8. Heading over! And I'm glad you encourage people to keep it real, this is everything. With your encouragement, and it has little to do with your bigger cause here, but you've helped me write about REAL things again. Not just wackyfunnycrazy things, but everyday things. It's very therapeutic and I needed to get that going. So THANK YOU!


  9. It's SUCH a good song. I love it a LOT, and gosh, only found it this year, thanks to Sandy. I am indebted to her.

    THANK YOU. Yes, I think I do know that, which is awesome. 🙂


  10. One of my FAVORITE songs ever!!!! Heading over now… and you KNOW I'm here always- no matter what 'secrets' or 'haunted horrors' you have about you, around you, inside you, behind you, and in front of you. You know that, though… right? Yeah. I'm here. You're stuck with me… 🙂


  11. *exhales* THANK YOU SO MUCH Dana.

    What would I do without you. Paper-bag moment, publishing this. Twice (cos of the eff-up on Monday…). EEK!

    Thank you.

    Again, I seem to be redeeming myself in two-parters lately – there's another to come, and it's better, SO much better.


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