Ten Things of Thankful #38

Right at this second, I’m HUGELY thankful that there’s going to be an Awesome Bloggers VidChat in an hour or so. Because I need it. When I’m chatting and surrounded with people (awesome people, at that – you should check us out some Friday evening) I can zone into the moment without having to think. Without having to be in my brain. Because sometimes (often?) that turns into a rather forbidding place.

My first is in wonder and awesome and wise
I wanted to wend it but stopped in surprise

I was going to update you all on the situation with Husby and his meds and his health. At the moment I can only say I’m as confused as ever. But I’m not as ‘down’ as I usually am. Mostly because I’m choosing to focus on my up-coming (if 18 months(ish) is really a short enough time-period to be deserving of the term ‘up-coming’) Bloggy Tour Of America. And I think trying to juggle a three-week visit to the US would be a real pain with a baby in tow. So there’s that.

My second in war is so ready to rend
But not present in midst and knocked off of the end

But Husby does have another appointment on Thursday, and though the results of the last appointment seem cautiously optimistic, I don’t want to run on ahead and jump back on that rug of hope without first knowing All The Facts. So I won’t. But I am HUGELY thankful that we live in a country where it’s easy to get an appointment to be seen by a specialist, and that this privilege and any treatments don’t cost an arm and a leg.

My third is simply, delightfully ME
But it’s never in ‘team’ where you’d think it would be

It’s been a guest-post-a-rama week for me, with TWO going up across at Kristi’s and Beths, and then TWO more to come next week, at new-person-Jenn’s and Kristi’s (again), and just…WOW! I feel like having a Sally Field moment…

My fourth is too wonderful; trusted and true
It fits to a ‘t’ what you want it to do

I discovered a WONDERFUL article about six things every extrovert has to deal with. And it’s really, really good. And fits me nearly perfectly. Except that y’all know that as well as being a whacky, outrageously over-confident (at times), downright flirt of a person, I’m also a deep, philosophical, quirky unicorn. And you’ve seen me sad. But I THRIVE on interaction. And if you wanted to make me shrivel, taking that from me would do it in no time. Just take away your YOU-ness and your interaction, and watch me wither.

My fifth is enigma, not empty in vain
But a vowel you employ in ergo, gone and wane

I was given the opportunity to practice the Our Land principles I love so much when some stupid fucker unthinking person left a fairly rude comment at the end of Part 1 of the Getting Old set I wrote for Kristi. After a slightly (knee)jerk-y reaction, I was able to find my Zen and remember to treat her with compassion and empathy and not make further inflammatory remarks. Orrrrrrrr maybe I got somehow booted off Facebook (where I was ranting at Kristi about it) and needed to regroup and figure out how to delete cookies so I could get back on, and by the time I’d done all that, I found I’d let it go. The upshot was that I didn’t go back and write something properly nasty to her, which I could have easily done at first. So there’s that.

My sixth is just peachy, and if you move fast
You might get it pinched cos it’s there on your…

So not only did I get thoroughly well received for my words this week, but also as a person (*squeeeeeeeeee*) by an entirely new (to me) and shinyfabulous person, poet and all-round LOVELYNEWFRIEND Laura, with whom I instantly bonded over the correct place to keep a Useful Fork (handbag vs bra…), writing (we both know why it sometimes has a captial ‘W’), how to be a fantasy villainess, and SHOES! And so much more. This evening she popped the cherry on top of the lovely multi-layered with rainbow sprinkles sundae of the week by creating a brand new Friday blog-hop and FEATURING ME IN IT! Wow!

My seventh is hardly hung up on excess
Once in scratch, once in itch but not there in success

Excess, I discovered last night, is a Bad Thing. We went on a date, which was a bit spontaneous and totally lovely, and we had *such* fun talking the night away and spending a Proper Evening Out together. Buuuut I definitely ate too much and felt the worse for wear! However. It was a total marriage win, so there’s that.

My eighth is in feelings which make you go *squeeee*
In whispers in ears and in ‘wonderfully’

Trust. Not ‘new’ trust, but developing, and feeling safe to share (in advance, for feedback and to allay the panic) feelings which do NOT make me go *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*, but rather make me want to run for the hills, and which are going to be published on Monday (Jenn’s – remember?) on the topic of mental health, and child- and teenage- depression. Um,…mine. Watch this space. (Well – watch it on Monday)

My ninth is always the best way to start
When it comes to the alphamabetical part

And MUCH more alphabet is contained in the SECOND Goodreads book I’ve won, which arrived today and I’m VERY excited about.

My tenth is a rolling, rambunctuous sound
“Where r u?” you ask it; “Where can you be found?”

My darlings, it’s the sound of laughter – and it’s in proliferation in the Awesome Bloggers VidChat, to which I now make my way…

My special last letter (we’re done now, you see)
Is the centre of what’s beating inside of me.

(did you get it?)

What’s inside of you this weekend? What’s been making you Thankful? I’d love to know…

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


81 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #38

  1. There have been good things and not-good things about the week, but on the whole I've ended on an 'UP', which is awesome. Don't worry about this week. You have a cast-iron explanation*HUGS*

    YES! So looking forward to part 2 of Our Land. I *loveadore* being there 😀 (and the silly woman can feck off from a heigth)


  2. Love how creative and unique you got with this one, Lizzi! First, thank you again for contributing so wonderfully awesomely to Our Land. I'm glad that you're not still upset about the rude comment. She'll be eating her words come Wednesday with part 2 anyway. Double yay for a date-night with hubby (calories are free when it's a boon to the marriage ya know) and for a new book. Awesome stuff. Going over to read your piece on depression now. You rock. So sorry I missed playing this week.


  3. Oh, I'm not saying I didn't respond impulsively. I just didn't go back and make it worse. BELIEVE me, I snarked back. With icy just-this-side-of-polite-ness.

    It was some kind of win.

    And thanks 🙂


  4. Oh how precious and creative and witty and beautiful all at once… kinda like you, my sweet. I am most glad about your date with hubs!!! BIG win indeed. And all your amazing posts have been powerful and worth every single person's time… I am tempted to go back and read what nasty comment you are talking about though! Good for YOU for not impulsively responding… so SO hard to do, but looking back now, I bet you are RELIEVED you handled yourself well. 🙂


  5. Well, my dear – get yourself over to Google Hangouts this Friday, 8pm EST, and I shall make sure I invite you.

    Alternatively, the next time Laura and I are there, zommed out of our minds, talking about Nutella and tattoos and touching our chests to see if we can make our jaws clamp (Yes, that happened. And no, we weren't successful), I'll send you an invite and see if you're around.


  6. Celebrity? Who the hell are you kidding? I'd be HONOURED to write for you, Mizz Mandi. That would be awesome. Let me know if you want anything particular, or just ramblings or…whatever, really 😀 HOW COOL!

    And if you can think of a collaboration we can do with @Beth Teliho – I still DEFINITELY think that's a good idea somehow, but haven't hit on an idea yet – maybe a progressive post, where one of us has the beginning, one of us has the middle, and one of us has the end of *something*…?


    Back on topic!

    Thank you for the cyberpunches, sweet thing! I appreciate it. Nerts to them and their stinky, miserable opinions. Part two totally redeems any tough feelings left over from the first bit. I sincerely hope. We'll see. It does end on a good note.


  7. Ah that's alright. There are weeks like that, Susan, and this is meant to be fun, not an obligation. It's fine 🙂

    I will let you know more as I figure out the details 😀 It would be amazing to meet you in person.


  8. You'll have to let us all know where your starts and ends …. Hopefully I'll be able to meet you if you're somewhere not too far for me to come. Would love to meet you in person. For my 10 this week … sorry have not even started 😦


  9. Ah, OK, I think I got your riddle.
    I'm not sorry I have stuff going on – not at all. It's just all part of life. But some days it's much to think about and there just isn't a whole lot of room for other things. This bunch is big – some things that just need to be addressed seriously and swiftly and just kind of eclipse everything. But it's not a bad thing; it's living.


  10. Sorry to hear you have so much going on. That stinks. I hope the load lifts for you very soon *sigh* Life's no fun when it's like that.

    THANK YOU for loving my unicorn pic. And Laura will be pleased to know that you think forks can go in bras 😀

    The news. Such as it is. I think will be small news. AH well.

    The guest posts are great fun.


  11. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time and glad you're so happy with your guest posts here there and everywhere. Looking forward to hearing about your husby's news.
    My brain is far too full of heavy real-life stuff this week to play the riddle – normally I would love to engage, but I've got much weighing heavily right now. I am certain it would be fun on a different day.
    Love the unicorn horn and spare forks always go in bras. Just in case anyone asks.
    Have a great week.


  12. I had a (mostly) fabulous week (with hidden shitty bits, but hey – Real Life, right?) this is a good 'Highlights' thing, this TToT 🙂

    I could have added more, though, so there's that.

    YES! I really hope I am! I need to figure it out properly and save up.

    Where abouts are you? I need to figure out a few 'meets' where lots of people come and find me in a place…


  13. I'm so glad you had a fabulous week, Lizzi. Sounds like you could have added even more. So you are coming to the US next year? I'd love to meet up with you and some of our other friendly bloggers.


  14. Sorry you've had a rough week, Phil. That stinks. Glad you had your family around you, and that those relationships are strong and sustaining ones for you.

    If I come to NYC, I shall definitely bear you in mind to ask. And I could take that dump in Tiffany's, just so I could say I had…


  15. Terrific list of thankfuls. I guess my big one right now is that I got to be with my family this week during a rough time for us. Also, if you come to NYC I have a bunch of spots I can recommend!


  16. I'm sure if I really wanted to, I could come up with something.

    But no, this is just BIG, raw, nasty, brutal honesty. And it's not pleasant. But the second part redeems it.


  17. Skip Pennsylvania in winter. NYC never shuts down in winter. Sure, this year sucked but everything was still open and you don't need a car and aren't snowed in like Insomnia was! 😉


  18. YES! You definitely should, Tracie – they're so much fun!

    The date night was good at the beginning and bad at the end. But I'm over the bad bit now, so only good remains.

    OH they're somewhere up in the tabs on the top right of the menu. Confession – I don't track my reading – I just enter giveaways! How bad is that! And YAY! Beginning to learn to love Instagram


  19. *grins* Let's say yes, regardless. And book me in for vlogging chez toi, plus de vin, when I'm over.

    PLEASE don't be in PA when I come over…be back South…I can't cope with winter! Maybe “fall”, but not winter…


  20. How big is winter? *Laughs!* I always say that in Pennsylvania Winter is about 10 months of the year. . . when i was in Arizona, it lasted a few weeks at most. 😀

    Um . . . Yes? We'll say yes.


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