On Fantasy Villainesses and getting (blog)Married

You might not know that in the course of the last week, I’ve gotten blogmarried (I know! I was as surprised as you, but somehow, when these things happen and appear to be a done deal before you even show up at the conversation (and it’s to a totally fabulous writer, who’s a load of fun and a good friend, to boot), it seems rather ungracious to offer anything but a hugely enthusiastic “YES PLEASE!”), and accepted my role in a group of fantasy villainesses as Cruella DeVil (probably because I’m English and wear furs).

So whilst there’s fun and frolics afoot, the wonderfullest (it’s a word, and don’t you dare underwiggly-red-line it!) thing in the Blogosphere is still the writing. Both creating and consuming it.

And consume it I do. I have an absolutely voracious appetite, and the corner of the Blogosphere I’ve found myself in is rather less like panning for gold than it is raking your hands through piles and piles of sparkling, glittering jewels, and picking out the most weighty, beautiful, perfect-carat-lovely gems and keeping them.

I’m so lucky, because the world I step into when the screen dissolves and my neurons start sparkling, is FILLED with gems, and when I hit the mother-load of delicious writing-y goodness, it’s like the world slows down to a stop, and nothing else matters except those words; those awesome, captivating, transforming words…and I am undone.

In fact, the writing can be so good, it…well. No. I can’t possibly tell you here! This isn’t that sort of blog!

But you know whose is ‘that’ sort of blog? Why, none other than my brand new BlogWife’s – that’s whose! And, well, you know how couples start to write like each other (No? You’ll know after you read this…)

My Very Cruella-est. With fur. Imagine the MUA-HA-HA!

Aaaaaaaaaaand my own theme song? Don’t mind if I do…


50 thoughts on “On Fantasy Villainesses and getting (blog)Married

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  3. Ok, I'm late but I'm here. And darnit that should count for something lol! Still miffed I wasn't invited to the nuptials. Let's see…what do we have here? And no I haven't and won't be reading what comments that are below. No time!

    Ok, she's got both her hands up so this can't be considered a true selfie. Demerit courtesy of Mandi I hope.

    She's not grasping above or below. Demerit courtesy of my Vlogger Queen ala toolbox Kristi I hope.

    Cleavage! Cancel all demerits!

    One question – since I had the pleasure of introducing it. Was there mud wrestling involved on your first night together?

    Ok two questions. With your husbands permission. I will blogger marry either of you. It will be a Mormon nuptial. No, I'm not Mormon.

    Onto your next post! 😀


  4. Ahhh did you not catch the part about harem? This is why the WriterHeart is such fun to play with – you don't really have to commit. Well, not on every level…I guess it'd be like swinging. And in the Blogosphere you really can swing any which way and strike gold.

    Aussa is TOTALLY awesome. Gonna have to find out if she even noticed all this yet – I've been teasing her about it all week…


  5. Ohhhh I can't WAIT to get back over to yours and see what's been going on! I suddenly got a rush on at work and totally missed the afternoon (delight) of being part of the action.

    And if you're basking and *afterglowy* then I shall consider the blogpost thoroughly notched, and will be quite content to return and give you Word another time 😀


  6. Ohhh thank you *grins huge* And no. I won't be getting her any fur – I'm the one PETA hates in this thing. She's a vegan, hippie, tree-hugging type – rescues baby bunnies, the LOT! I may have to weave her a cloak from hemp (or something)


  7. My dear friend, my blogwife, my wonderbloggerbuddy, you done good. REAL good. Thanks for giving good word on my blog. I'm still basking in the afterglow, sex hair and all.


  8. You never fail to leave me in awe each time. That was a wonderful guest post. I fall in Writerlove every single day. But I think I will stay unbloggymarried so I'm free to fall in Writerlove with every bloggy person who can tug my heart and mind. And Aussa is awesome!


  9. Fabulous! And in GERMANY! Brilliant. That means you're not so far from me (I think I knew this…didn't you say before; your soulmate's over in *scratches head* Las Vegas? That was a conversation, right?)

    And I SO know what you mean. I have a verb for it – being TimeZoned. And it SUCKS! I totally get you there, because it happens to me all the time and I feel SO much like I'm missing out!

    I stay up (too) late to keep running with my 'mericans.

    And nope. Enlighten me – FOMO syndrome?


  10. Haha! Yes, I am THE Deanna. I live in Germany and while it's so fun waking up to so many comments and messages, it's also a little sad because I'm sleeping while everyone else is awake! I definitely have FOMO syndrome. Heard of it? 🙂


  11. Oh, thank you!

    I'm so glad you liked it. I had such fun writing it, and the 'feels' within it made such sense within the context…I often find that I'm overwhelmed by the power of someone else's words, and just…swept off my feet with wonder.

    I'm glad I was able to express a feeling you've felt but not had the words for. That's pretty cool 🙂 Thanks for letting me know.

    So you're the Deanna we almost-probably-maybe-not-quite just scared off with a pretty intense welcome thread (over on FB), are you? 😉


  12. *doffs cap and falls into a low bow* Thank you so much Jackie.

    And THANK YOU for letting me know your reactions to my writing. That's really special feedback, and I'm glad you loved what you read, in spite of the frowns.

    You'll see me soon (okay, TOTALLY typo'd that as 'spoon'! Must be that post chez Beth's getting on the brain!) – I write a LOT 🙂


  13. Holy hotness! Your post on Your blogwife's page was lovely and put into words for me what I've been unable to describe. The power of someone else's words can be so overwhelming. Just as yours have now been for me. xx


  14. I've poked around some, read and smiled and frowned and loved every bit. Good writers are to be honored. So I am following you. Hope to see you soon!


  15. *grinsHUGE* MARLENE! 😀 Oh thank you. Lol I'm so glad you understand about the Writer's heart thing. It takes a writer to 'get' that 😀 And I LOVE that you felt that about my writing! Wow! Thanks so much for telling me *glee*


  16. My bubble has burst!! The last time I posted anything on that site was announcing I had started a blog! I have not posted anything there since then!! Too busy sailing around plundering the blogosphere!!


  17. Oh, I love how you describe finding a good writer, you know, it's not just gold, it's raking your hands through precious jewels….I love that!!! And it's true and you know what else, that's how I felt when I found your blog. Oh, I also love “the Writer's heart is a bit of a whore”, so true.


  18. Why thank you so much 😀 *twinkles a bit* And nope, I can't tell, because I'm totally no good at numbers and statistics and followers and the like, but what I am good at, is conversation. And if you keep coming back, keep commenting, keep READING…then I'll know I've done well 🙂


  19. HEYYYYYYY! We're LADIES! *I'm* even a supervillainess!

    To be fair, this was something which kindasorta just *happened*…it wasn't a planned thing! I wouldn't even say we eloped, cos I turned up to the conversation (hers, with someone else) after the deal was done!

    *hugs* You'll find your BlogSpouse one day soon, Kim, I'm sure!


  20. I feel so left out. No one writes about my awesomeness or how I'm their bloggy wife. I'm going to go into a corner and cry now.

    Okay, no. I'll just say you two are kick ass uhhh, ladies? That ain't right. LOL Kick ass, yes. Ladies? Hmmm. Nevermind. Love ya both!


  21. ****when I hit the mother-load of delicious writing-y goodness, it's like the world slows down to a stop, and nothing else matters except those words***
    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx


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