Ten Things of Thankful #37

Oh, my friends, what a WEEK!

After my little tantrum about writing vs not-writing, and tying myself up in knots about whether I was any good at it anyway (as well as trying to field the proliferation of comments saying I was amazing, juxtaposed alongside my own negative opinions and the simple fact that there’s no way I can be as consistently incredible as people seem to say, which then (possibly) renders some comments to smoke-blowing (which sucks)), I got my mojo back, and this week I WROTE.

Not here. And not yet, but two pieces were crafted which I thoroughly enjoyed, and the delivery of them to the person who’ll be playing host was accompanied by words like “BOOM!” and “*punches the air*”, and the feedback was incredible, and apart from a miniature tweak to the ending, to get the right ‘feel’, nothing needed editing, and these two pieces, wrought in truth and fine words, will be available for your reading consumption very soon.

In the meantime, my creativity was kick-started, ootzed and boosted not only with this but drawing; I was delighted that Beth’s poem over at The Well Tempered Bards suddenly elicited a burst of ink in a way I’d never tried before (and it worked rather beautifully, if I do say so myself, but you have to go THERE to see it, cos I want you to see Beth’s awesome poem as well).

And then there was a little bit of wonderful on Finish the Sentence Friday yesterday, which I really enjoyed writing, and which seemed to elicit a lot of engagement (which was scrumptious and also rather enlightening) and now there’s this – a free evening in which I am *meant* to be writing some more of my book* – and in which, instead, I wrote something wonderfully silly which I’m in the process of finding a home for, I discovered ANOTHER poet who’s willing to have her absolutely mind-blowingly gorgeous words over at Bards, and I did NOT write this in time, because Kate has already written hers. And shared it somewhere online. So I can only hope to play catch-up with this one!

With no further ado, then – my TEN (in the rapidest and most straightforward fashion I can muster)

1. I received the most BEAUTIFUL and utterly-covered-in-stamps parcel in the post this week, and to my absolute delight and so much joy my heart spilled over into a silly grin all over my face, there was within it THE DRAWING, done by the amazing Jny, and sent all the way from her to me.

It. Is. STUNNING. And I love it.

2. And the DETAILS! Ohhhh let me show you the details, because they’re delightful and so, so lovely…
3. I GOT MY TEN MILES! Oh I was so excited, especially as last time I tried, I failed and it sent me into a (fairly) ridiculous tailspin and this time I *did* it, oh and I’m so happy! I finally planned it properly and succeeded (which happenstance the hopeful amongst you might think would be a clear lesson to me, to PLAN. Let me assure you now – it isn’t. And it won’t be. I shall continue determinedly through life NotPlanning, falling on my face, crying about failure and then bucking my ideas up and trying it your way, then finding it works)
4. Having plenty of time (with some well-placed annual leave at this end of the week) to indulge, stay up late, sleep in, and immerse myself in the Blogosphere and the fun, frolics which go with it, and to have the honour to read the occasional absolutely stunning piece, like Katia’s entry for FTSF, about her Babooshka, which left me (and still leaves me) breathless.

5. That I was thought well-connected enough to be entrusted with the sharing of a plea for a bone marrow match. The request isn’t for someone I know, but the email asking that I share was from Zoe (who you know) and please, please, get this link out there and perhaps the match can be found and a life can be saved.

It really doesn’t take much effort to share. And if your share could save this guy’s life…

Last week, my stepson Steven was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia).  His chance for survival is finding a bone marrow match.  My family has joined Be The Match (a transplant organization) to help Steven and other patients in need of marrow or cord blood transplants.  We are looking for help to get the word out so his chance of finding a match are increased.  Thank you for the strength of your prayers through this. 
Love, Melissa
If you are open to supporting him, there are two different ways:

1.  In Ithaca: by registering at a donor drive-
  • March 11 at Cornell, Willard Straight Hall Rm 4, 11-2pm.
  • April 2 at Ithaca College, Phillips Hall 10-3pm.  
2. Contributing to add potential marrow donors-
  • Mail to ‘Be The Match Foundation’  510 Willowgate Drive Webster, NY 14580
Please forward this URL to friends & family: http://www.bethematchfoundation.org/goto/kolberg
TRANSPLANT DESCRIPTION (technology has come a long way!)  Donors sought are 18-44yrs, since Steven in Korean we are hoping for help to reach Asian populations.
Peripheral blood cell (PBSC) donation for a transplant merely involves removing a donor’s blood through a needle in one arm. The blood is passed through a machine that separates out the cells used in transplants. The remaining blood is returned through the other arm. More than 80% of donors give through this method. 
Bone marrow donation is a surgical procedure in which liquid marrow is withdrawn from the back of the donor’s pelvic bone using a needle.  Anesthesia is always used for this procedure, so donors feel no pain during marrow donation. Most donors feel some pain in their lower back for a few days afterwards.  Today, less than 20% is taken this way.

6. I discovered that there are people online just as silly as I am, and just as willing to immediately jump into the realms of the utterly ridiculous. It is, therefore, that I owe Aussa a huge debt of gratitude for introducing me to Laura, with whom I bonded over the placement in bras of a ‘useful fork’ (as opposed to the convenience of having said piece of cutlery in a (f’r’instance) handbag) and who writes beautiful poetry, a wonderful blog, and enters into the delight of an impromptu dowry bidding war, with increasingly more wonderful bids (including crowns, dragons, 800 rubber ducks, unicorn shoes, a giant sloth, an ever-filling coffee-pot, a medieval castle and a pink-and-purple bracelet) being elicited from both of us. I’m pleased to announce that we both won in the end 🙂

7. I’m very grateful for other friends, such as Michelle, who fixed the irritating coding on the TToT links, because two of them were formerly in a different colour and I know most people don’t care, but that’s the kind of thing which drives me ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN’ NUTS!!!

8. …such as Tamara, who was there for me RIGHT WHEN I NEEDED, because I was in a panic about the whole Guest Bard thing, I was woefully unprepared, and I was really worried I was about to let Beth down horribly by making a total mess of it. And Tamara talked me through, let me bounce ideas off her, gave me super feedback and generally behaved like an absolute brick 🙂

9.Thankful I can come back later (or maybe tomorrow) and tell you all about the latest news of Husby’s ongoing health battles, and what it means for our chances at children.

10. Invoking Secret Rule 1.3 (or is it 3.1) and dancing past those Seven wonderful GuardVirgins to be pleased that I’ve finished the list. I’m not going to say how I danced, but I danced to this, and it was perfection:

*I just don’t have the confidence to call it a novel. A novel sounds far too Proper for what I’m doing (not that what I’m writing is improper…but, oh whatevs. I shall hope that you just ‘get’ this one. Or let it slide.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful

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