TToT 35:2 Dear Kristi and Beth, I L*

One of the things about this internet thing which is *so* fun is the shallow, meaningless SILLY which can occur, in so many ways and across so many platforms. As someone who (when she’s not having an emotional rollercoaster and dealing with Real) totally LOVES a laugh, be it a good comic strip, a bitingly intelligent and hilarious gameshow, a practical joke or just a bit of a muck-around with friends, this medium is sometimes pretty damn perfect.

The other beautiful thing is to ‘follow’ the threads of conversation and meaning between different locations. And by ‘beautiful’ I mean ‘utterly bonkers, and completely ‘in-jokey’ and probably incomprehensible to anyone who wasn’t in on the initial idea.

Like the Seven GuardVirgins. Or the mud wrestling. Or the Book of Secret Rules (Secret Book of Rules). Or the desperation to score ‘FRIST’ comment, which has spilled out across the other days of the week in glorious confusion. Or Subtext. Or the eye-candy board on Pintrest. Or “schnookered”. Or being a Tigger. Or jokes shared and eye contact made across the ether via the magic of VidChat.

The threads can be easily lost and become hidden in cyberspace – a joke in a Facebook group might be continued on Twitter, honed in instant message, referred to on Google+, get referenced in a blog post, and then generate a whole new trend.

You have to be astute to keep up. And involved. And I am nothing if not involved (though sometimes dumber than two short planks stuck together with stupid-glue) so I love that I often get to join in with, perpetrate or proliferate said jokes. My community of people here, which expands so beautifully at weekends to include the Ten Things crowd (hey, you know you’re welcome to visit on weekdays too, right?), have that most glorious attribute of being involved (at some level) in most of the ‘platforms’ I’m plugged into. And we have such FUN – so much it can’t be contained within any one of those frameworks.

And I’m thankful for that.

Because life’s hard, and it’s really nice to be able to come on over to this ol’ internet, plug in and wile away a glorious time pursuing laughter, happiness, things which make the soul glow. And yes there are the sucky things and hard, difficult challenges.

But there’s an awful lot of light. And I’m thankful for that.

So. Moments of lightness and wonder

1. Sarah got to fulfil a desire of her heart and go to see Glennon speak. Except it was all that and FAR more, because she MET GLENNON. OW! Now anyone who knows the silly side of me, might also know the FanGirly side of me. I go nuts (on occasion) for writers who write such wonderful profound or hilarious things. And I go completely to pieces.

(2. Before I drift off-topic (and aren’t tangents a pain in the ass to read sometimes? (and don’t you just hate it when you think that the tangent you’re reading might either be a really SuperCool set of inferences in a beautiful package of parentheses (I *love* nested parentheses more than should be allowed (but you sometimes realise that perhaps the package is a smokescreen and you’re halfway through one of those ‘in-joke’ things before you even know it! (or not…whatevs))))) the photo of Sarah and Glennon which Sarah sent me, specially and specifically, and which ABSOLUTELY made my day.)

3. Fortunately for me, most of the writers I’ve gone all daft and FanGirly for in the past are now friends of mine. Doesn’t mean I don’t still get excited when I read a particularly good post. And the lovely thing is that on the odd occasion, New Writers drop into my life and I get to go all silly over them, too. That’s always fun.

4. So a loooong way back, Glennon (yes, back to her) started following me on Twitter. I remember it making a TToT list back then. (FanGirling – it’s not something I can just switch off when you want me to be sensible and profound). The second part of the email Sarah sent me contained the words

And then, then Ms. Lizzi, I mentioned how I’m friends with Lizzi Rogers (you know, to sort of boost my status), and she and her sister looked sort of blank, and then were like, “Lizzi@Considerings? Yes, Lizzi@Considerings!” and they totally know who you are! So that’s super cool.

And then I died of FanGirling so hard. And might’ve sent poor Sarah back an email with lots of CAPITAL LETTERS OF REAL TRUE EXCITEMENT and a billion exclamation points. And maybe a swear of utter flabberghastedness.

5. So what’s a girl to do – I got on Twitter and Tweeted Glennon to say that I was SO psyched that she’d remembered me when my lovely friend Sarah had mentioned me, and she came back with “Of COURSE I did” And I died of FanGirling all over again.

6. And did you notice Sarah said that she ‘boosted her status’ by name-dropping me…as if I was important! OW! She might get to be my new best friend for that. Because sometimes I’m totally shallow and pointless and this kind of thing MATTERS to my very superficial ego ๐Ÿ˜‰

7. Lightness – imagining your faces trying to reconcile all this very silly silliness about me with the (usually) more beautifully worded and wonderfully written (what, I can be arrogant for once, can’t I?) persona I portray. Editing, see?

8. Words are good. Editing is hard. Talking about words and editing is good. I have two people I know who’re in the process of editing (and they better get to it!) and I’m often self-edited, so I figure I’m in good company. But I rarely edit my words – they just fall out of me and into the screen and I’m done with them. Editing takes dedication.

9. Cake is good. Especially when it has apples and pink cream and a meal out with mum as part of the bargain. AND she bought me a cherry tree for my garden, which I adore, and have been waiting for several Eastersworth of presents to find the right one – the perfect, white, single-bloomed cherry – Prunus nipponica. Bliss!

The goop is mango coulis – it’s very good

ย 10. Teasing (gently, nicely…sillily (WHAT?! Sillily is a WORD)) is fun. And I *never* take it too far (waiting to hear the collective complete rebuttal from anyone who’s known me longer than five minutes IRL) but I do enjoy it. Whether it’s snarking back, acting the innocent whilst misleading the conversation down a whole other path, interjecting the outrageously inappropriate or just *doing whatever this is in stars that denote actions*. It feels like the intellectual version of a dance-off, with humour, and I LOVE joining in.

ย *Silly fun is silly. Keep doing it.
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Ten Things of Thankful
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72 thoughts on “TToT 35:2 Dear Kristi and Beth, I L*

  1. My community is *wonderful* and I'm glad you're part of it. BIG glad about that.

    Parentheses, I LOVE (especially when they nest (and I get to do this delightful kind of flourish at the end (which pleases the heart and the mind FAR more than really it ought (and even baby sets are beautiful)))) but I'm rarely funny in them. I tend to amp my swears into capitals and my actions into stars *like this*

    I hate editing. I hate Microsoft and will not trust it. It tries to make me American. Or stupid. And I can make my own mistakes, thankyouverymuch.

    But I never write just for me – because, hel-LO, CONNECTION! And that's what it's all about.

    The cake will never make it over, but you have my permission to go out RIGHTNOW and buy yourself a slice.


  2. Oh the internets is an amazingly awkward world. You are one of the most involved blogger I know. Your community is freaking awesome. My parentheses are usually full of random funny and a great opportunity to plug in the word fuck or thunder punch.
    Editing sucks. Whatever Microsoft points out, I may or may not fix it. Actually, I don't use Microsoft so there is no “Kim, this reads like garbage”…meh…write for you and you alone right? No? Shut up.
    Just send me the cake.


  3. I don't know what to reference. Your tangents get me all over the place. I think that's your goal! LOL. I love how you call it fangirling hehe.


  4. Is it a real cherry tree? That will grow real cherries? Because I would like to have a real lemon tree that I could pick lemons off of whenever I needed one, like I did in California. But if it were in a pot, I would kill it. It only stands a chance if it's actually planted in the ground, and even then, it's survival is iffy,

    Am I the only one who doesn't know who Glennon is? I keep thinking of Cardinal Glennon when I hear the name.


  5. Duuuuuuuuh I know what one IS! I just don't understand 'em – they'm foreign!

    I have a sense of humour thankyouverymuch…why is there a dwarf? Is it Wee Man? Can it be Wee Man? He rocks!


  6. wEDNEdAY… IS already there. an au pair is a nanny –I was joking. boy I hope YOU have a sense of humour when you see this insane drawing. I will put a dwarf in now but it,,may not be a tree


  7. Pinning is so important to me i save all my repins in a file on my computer to prove what a “vip” I am! hahahahahahahahaahahahha
    when I am hungry, I pin food, when I am wanting to be popular, I pin CHANNING TATUM, when I wish to please my ardent fans, I pin BLYTHE DOLLS. i have it down to a science. It is really fun. I found a fairy cake, I now need to check your tree variety exactly and then probably change it for fun


  8. You love me and your crush knows who you are. I'd say that's a most party-on excellent thankful list for the week! And I know sortof what you mean. When I met Jill and introduced myself, she remembered what I wrote for her and I was all like SQUEEEE too. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  9. That was very diplomatic ๐Ÿ™‚

    I never had posters on my walls. I tried it once, because all my friends did, and went out, bought a magazine (I think I was about 11) and tacked all the posters around my room. Then that self-same night, I was lying there trying to sleep, and they were all just *watching* me, and it was totally creepy, so I got up (in the middle of the night) and took them down again. And threw them away. And that was the end of that.

    Nested parentheses are particularly shivery delightful (though tangents, well, meh (and quite frankly I could go on about that kind of thing all day (so many things to complain about (I should probably stop before I start (I hate being in trouble for having said something too close to the bone, and someone notices)))))

    The cake really was delicious, though I suspect you'd prefer chocolate to apple victoria. I have a terrorist tea pot – it's not cute and dinky like that, but it's pretty cool. And uh, dude, if you were at an English tea party, what *would* you drink, if not tea? I feel slightly flummoxed not to know that!


  10. I am very happy for you and Sarah! While I never understood the whole fangirl thing, (Even as a teen, I didn't understand my friends who had posters on their walls.) I'm happy meeting Glennon and being known by Glennon made you both so happy. (I once told my MIL who wanted to stand in line for autographs at Disney that the only autograph I'd stand in line for was Jesus himself. (Yes, tangents can sometimes be tiresome. (However, parentheses never are.)))
    The cake looks delightful, but I'm especially intrigued by the teapot. Someday, if I ever visit England, I look forward to meals where cute little teapots are put on the table, even if I've never liked tea.


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