Ten Things of Thankful #34

Sooooo I just heard that for the second week in a row, I have been pipped to the post in my own blog hop (and I can’t tell yet, because I haven’t published, but when I do I am certain to see that I’m in second place [Edit: Now third. &%@£!!!!! (Double Edit: Now FOURTH! Crapshitbugger!)].

Which is SO FRUSTRATING on one hand, because I want all the glory I’ve gotten into the habit of being first and I like it it shows that I’ve yet again been lax and unable to get myself together in time to blog my Things in a timely manner.

And on the other hand it’s COMPLETELY FREAKIN’ AWESOME because it demonstrates even more clearly that there are people out there who are really, PROPERLY invested in this. Which is so exciting, because I genuinely think this kind of thing is good for the mind, the soul and the body. There’s scientific research (somewhere else) – gratitude is GOOD for you.

So with no ado or mucking around at all (because goodness knows I’ve written so much this week that when lovely Tamara shared a post on Twitter earlier, I couldn’t work out from her link what I’d written (duh!)), I present Ten Things which made me VERY Thankful this week.

1. In a largely unprecedented act, Husby bought flowers home for me tonight. He knows I kill flowers (his second comment after telling me that they were an ‘I love you’ present was “and I thought they could replace the bunch of very dead daffodils on the mantelpiece.” – said daffodils having been there since my mum gave them to me a fortnight ago.)

2. The card (also in the picture above) which arrived unexpectedly and is a ‘hang on in there’ full of lovely words from someone who understands my situation and is being very supportive. It was SO nice and wonderfully surprising to know that she thought of me enough to actually send me the card. And I really hugely appreciated it.

3. It rained in the morning on Friday and I was annoyed. And then it SUNSHINED ALL DAY most beautifully all over my head. Then it seriously rained down a LOT on my journey back to work, and there was the most utterly beautiful DOUBLE rainbow (which I nearly crashed several times because I was looking at it) to one side of most of my journey, and the shiney sunshine was gorgeous. And the clouds were epic dark and watercoloured as the enormous rain just slid from the sky and over the city in grey swathes.

4. We had people round last night and got a compliment on the painting I have. This painting I fell absolutely head-over-heels in love with in Cornwall one year, and *had* to buy because I tried leaving it in the gallery and my heart broke at the idea of someone else getting to keep it. So I bought it. Biggest ever thing I bought. And now it’s up on my wall at home. And I LOVE it.

5. I worked up the gumption to submit posts to the BlogHer Voice of the Year competition and then variously got told that I’d submitted good ones, that they’d get nowhere because no posts without a bajillion votes ever get noticed (even though this section of the competition is supposedly judged by independent judges) and that I was naieve. And sweet for trying. So I cracked and begged for votes and then worried about whether or not I should’ve just kept completely quiet about it and crossed my fingers and hoped. But you know what? I am who I am, and I’m often pretty insecure and I like to know that people like what I wrote. So yeah, the votes help my panicked writer-ego.

I submitted My Darling Lifeboats and No Cherry-Picking – two posts which were intensely personal and important to me and I love them both. If you have time to spare and inclination to go and read them to see if you like them, then awesome, and thanks.

6. I had a humbling experience this week. Or was humbled or brought to a new thought and a new view of the reality of blogging via the line “the humbling, silent comments of those who thought we were idiots”. SO worth bearing in mind. For me.

7. I finished Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It gave me a big ol’ book hangover and I’m so sad it ended and I want their world back. But I got to keep the book. Which I found in a second-hand shop, and I love. And as a final note on said book (to gross Kate out) I accidentally dropped plum juice on it one lunchtime whilst eating and reading, and licked it off before I thought about what I was doing.

8. I had a teeny tiny baby cold this week, with a slightly achey throat and a swollen gland and three sneezes. I felt kinda rough for one day. And then I was over it. But because I have a susceptible chest (which phrase, by the way, has led to UTTER hilarity over at the Awesome Bloggers VidChat) I ended up with a chest infection and a sexy, sultry voice (also a source of much hilarity at the VidChat). *I* think I sound like someone on the Marks and Spencers adverts, and that I sounded A-MAY-ZING when I was singing in the shower earlier. Clark, on the other hand, thinks I sound like a newsreader from 1983. Which I don’t. He then said something about “women with guy voices” and I figured at that point I should keep my sexy-cold-voice and probably have a face for radio…

Then Dyanne rescued the situation by likening me to Brenda Vaccaro, who is a much closer sound-a-like for me at the moment. So I might take up smoking and drinking whiskey to keep the voice.

9. And because I’m having such beautiful fun IN the VidChat (rightnow – and where are y’all? Add me on Google+ and let me know you want to join us next Friday so I can invite you) I have completely mucked up my list and really don’t know what I wrote.

10. I danced the dance and sung the Seven GuardVirgins to sleep with my awesome voice and now I have in my possession THE ENTIRE BOOK OF SECRET RULES* and have selected (almost but not quite at random) the rule which happens when you press the magical button at the side, connected to the speaker, and it sings a crappy tinny song and lets me off the last Thing without prejudice.

I’m thankful, ‘kay? (VidChat now utterly co-opted by the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and Linda’s running commentary)


Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
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90 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #34

  1. High? Not in the rain, darling – rain brings me LOW! It was a for-real doubler. You never seen one? They're incredible.

    Glad you got in. Now I have to be careful not to offend you – it seems like you're not a 'ranker in comments' but you are a damn good writer. So maybe they make the exception now and again.

    WHATEVER…I submitted. The judges shall decide. That;s fine.


  2. BlogHer is a bitch to crack. For realz. I think that they like to roll with the “popular at the moment”. You know…the ones who lack talent but rank in the most comments. Am I the only one who thinks that? Yes? Damn. But I try. I got in once. So there's that.
    But I'm glad that you submitted your pieces. You're a phenomenal writer. Really.
    Double rainbow eh?
    Were you high?


  3. We have a real mix which makes it fun. Some serious readers; some not so serious and then there's me…do I like the picture on the cover and size of the book. Haha! But yes, some read other books in the month. I think I did that once. 😉


  4. Some left; other friends joined. There's 8 of us at the moment. We read 1 book a month. I used to feel a bit of pressure in the beginning but now…everybody can have a busy month or two…no big deal. 🙂 We've all mellowed with age…like fine wine. Haha!


  5. Further research from (hopefully) more knowledgeable sources suggests that my naieve thought was correct – votes from people count towards People's Choice. Otherwise the judges judge. Done. BOOM! We're alright. Even playing field.

    (and thanks – you're very sweet)


  6. Good for you for still submitting to Blogher. I applied to the publishing network and didn't get in so don't worry. That painting is kinda cool and I can only imagine how beautiful that rainbow was that you saw when you were driving home from work 🙂


  7. Ditto. Beautiful painting. I loved the Devine Secrets of the Ya-Yas. I read the book and watched the movie. You have to see it you haven't. It is definitely as good as the book. I am late again. But I made it. Love Ya, everyone. :*


  8. I love love love your painting!!

    Divine Secrets is such a great book. I've been thinking about it since your fb post about your book hangover the other day. And I put myself on the library list so I can reread it soon. Yay.


  9. It's beautiful, right? I'm so happy to show (it) off! What were the hats like? Wait til you see my hats in my next post 😀


    Yeahhhh I guess 🙂

    Thank you. only vote if you truly like them, but I do HUGELY appreciate you taking the time to read. And it's not bravery, it's narcissim and ego :/

    HEY! That's AWESOME that the book helped you so much 😀 *hugs*


  10. Love the painting. I was shopping yesterday at an accessories shop and came across a display of hats: of course I thought of you.

    What a perfect rainy day!! Those are my favorite. Perfect soul food.

    I will read and vote for you this week. I am proud of your bravery in marketing yourself.


  11. Love the painting subject matter and colors! The bouquet even coordinates :)! Surprise flowers are always the best in my opinion…not the ones most people expect them for – anniversary, V-day, birthday, etc. Sounds like you had a great week :)!


  12. We first started as a social thing. More wine than discussion. 🙂 I was a little leary because I'm not much of a reader and wasn't sure I could handle the pressure. Haha! Exactly what you said…I've read books that I would've never thought to pick and am happy about it. We even discuss them now. 😉


  13. Wow! Well there ya go! I've never joined one, though I hear lots of people enjoy them IMMENSELY. Which is awesome, and hey – it gets people reading new things, which I'm all in favour of 🙂


  14. That book was one of the first ones my book club read and we loved it too! We have been together for 15 years. I'm thinking we should read it again because surely I'm won't be the only one who has forgotten most of it. Eeep!

    Flowers for “I love you” presents are the best. He should've stopped there. Haahaa!


  15. It really was. Gorgeous. I loved it (but not the rain).

    Definitely precious and thoughtful and wonderful. I have Good People around me here 🙂

    The chest isn't too painful, thanks – more tickly and it gave me an AWESOME voice (see the vids in my next post). But now the voice is gone completely so MEH.

    And the painting…ohhhhhh I love it so SO very much. I could look at it for hours.


  16. Awwwh thank you – you're so kind 🙂 I'm glad you loved No Cherry Picking 🙂 Thank you HUGE for joining and voting. I hope it helps! It helps ME, anyway, even if it doesn't sway the judges or get me to the top of the Big Blogger Minion-Voting pile.

    Your picture sounds perfect for your home. You gonna show us one of these days? I now want to know what the Canadian Parliament Buildings look like…

    You should drop hints about getting flowers 😉


  17. Ohhh is Sandra Bullock in it? I like her. She's funny. Wellllll maybe I'll have to find it and watch it then.

    Sweet, but he needed to 😉 And YES absolutely that's what I was doing. COMPLETELY had no idea what I was doing. Because of chatting. Or trying to.


  18. First of all- I ADORE THAT PAINTING!!! OHMYGOSH it is so so sooooooo alive with beauty!!! I can absolutely see why you got it! And i am sorry for your chest infection Lizzi! It sounds perhaps that it isn't too painful or anything, so that's a good thing!!

    I LOVE the flowers AND the card…. precious and thoughtful and wonderful.

    The double rainbow…. sigh. Heavenly.


  19. First off: I love that you got flowers! I love flowers! Lucky! Next – your painting is beautiful. I think every home needs something unique like that. We have a beautiful painting of the Canadian Parliament Buildings in our living room that we were given as a wedding present by the father of our best man. It's perfect for us (we met working there); and this painting looks perfect for you! Next up – so I joined Blogher and voted for you. No idea how that process works but good luck!


  20. So that's what you were doing. It's so sweet that hubby brought you flowers. I love the YaYa Sisterhood. It is an incredible book of love and friendship. I also love the movie with Sandra Bullock.


  21. Now, you see I know there's a movie but I'm a bit scared of ruining the book if I watch it! Funny how that works sometimes.

    The painting is GORGEOUS. The husband did well to buy me the flowers. And YAY to being here, in whatever capacity 😀 I shall whisk myself off to read yours.


  22. I never ever will. And Klimt is GORGEOUS but sometimes muted. This is an explosion of joyfulness.

    My FTSF post wouldn't let Christine comment (Disqus was being an a-hole) so she emailed me, and her response included that amazing line.

    AWESOME ladies.


  23. I have to write quick or I'll forget all the things I want to say. Congrats on having a husband who brings you flowers. Love it. And the piece of art. I'm so glad you bought it. I believe in surrounding ourselves (our homes) with things we love and it is a gorgeous piece. You will remember–every time you look at it–the memory of getting it. So glad it brings you joy. I hate a good book to end. I think I just saw this movie (again) and enjoyed it (again). I don't believe though I've ever read the book and since you've left such an awesome comment about it, I'm thinking I should buy a copy and read it myself.

    Your posts always make me smile. Sorry you weren't first to the party this week. But at least you are at the party and we are so very, very glad.


  24. That is a truly beautiful painting, and I don't believe you will ever regret splurging on it. Very Klimt-y.
    I would love a bit more info on #6.
    Glad you liked the Ya-Yas. Lovely ladies, those.


  25. They're gorrrgeous. And yeah ME TOO! I am SO over winter. Totally. Over. It.

    Sometimes snow brings other cool effects – look for sun dogs, diamond dust (unlikely but you never know, and I'd love to see it one day), coronas and if you have any mountains; glories.

    The painting is stunning. Always. It makes my heart so happy.

    I won't *really* take up smoking and drinking, but I do like the voice 😀

    Hope your week goes well ❤


  26. Rainbows are wonderful, and I had such a gorgeous time looking at the ones I saw yesterday. The flowers are STILL ALIVE (for now) which is awesome.

    Hope you find new, wonderful books soon 🙂


  27. The flowers are bea-utiful and my favorite color. Just so springy! I am READY for spring.

    Jealous about your rainbow…that doesn't usually happen with the snow…

    I do so love that painting…and I am glad for you that it brings you such joy. I don't blame you one bit for that!

    Sorry about your cold but please don't take up smoking and drinking to keep the voice… 😉

    Have a fabulous week! ~ Hugs! ~


  28. Rainbows are the best. Oh, and those flowers are beautiful! Glad you finished a book you loved, even though you don't want it to finish. I finished the books hubby has given me for the holidays, and it's so hard to find something interesting to read now.. Neil Gaiman is just incomparable.


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