Ten Things of Thankful #33

I’ve become lackadaisical in my ways.

Once again, this week, the hop nearly didn’t happen here. But this time not for any heart-rending, worthy reason I can take solace in. Purely and simply because I dropped the ball. In fact, I not only dropped the ball, I dropped it, watched it roll into the corner of the room, get covered all over with lint and goodness-knows-what, then I picked it up, looked at it, and dropped it again. And then forgot about it.

It took no less than THREE of your dear co-hosts and one participant to get my ass moving on creating a linkie tool for this weekend’s version of the TToT and get this posted. And whilst I’m tempted to blame it on insomnia (nope, I slept last night, for the full four hours, and LOVED it) or the weather (raining like Noah fancied another go at having a float-around) or that I haven’t had my evening cup of tea yet, I really don’t think I’ll get away with it.

Follow me down the rabbit-hole for a second or six…

If I were the White Rabbit (whom I reasonably *could* be, because in spite of my best intentions and my insistence that it’s VERY rude and disrespectful to be late, and in spite of MANY tantrums on my part when Husby makes us late…I’m late an awful lot of the time for things) I would definitely want to borrow the top hat and monocle off the Mad Hatter, because I’m a little bit bonkers and suave and…well, I suit a monocle (and a mustache, and horns if you must know…but I’m not growing my own). So there’s that.

There’s also THIS, in which that Insomaniac I told you about did a squinchy bit of crowd-sourced research and asked a bunch of writers what their biggest struggle about writing was. Let me give you the abridged version:

Awesome Writer #1: “I have so much to do – there’s not enough TIME.”

Awesome Writer #2: “I feel like I’m being pulled in ten directions at once – there’s not enough TIME.”

Awesome Writer #3: “I’m constantly playing catch-up between this and other things – there’s not enough TIME.”

Me: “I only ever write about myself. And people have heard it all by now. I think I’ve gotten boring”

Boring. And also kind of a total narcissist! Excuse me while I lose myself in a mirror…

So while I try desperately to  think of my Ten and pretend I’m not over four hours late to my own blog hop, I want you to think for a while on the following things, cos I’m the CONSIDERER, yo!

  • The disingenuity of Twitter, of Tweeting, and of ‘favouriting’ All The Important People at once. In groups.
  • The panic you get when you realise you forgot an Important Person, and have to make it seem like you didn’t.
  • The larks when someone calls you on your BS
  • The almost impossible question of whether, if you were to look out of your window rightnow, and see two ducks in the park (cos you live opposite a park, in my supposition) right there in the middle of the pond, going at it, it would be more interesting than this list (yaknow, because of all the feathers and distracting happy-quacking etc). D’ya think you’d stop reading?
  • The lengths some people (me) will go to to impress
  • At what point this all becomes less about community and more about self-validation

I’m done. Did you think?

Did you think any NEW thoughts? (I love that feeling when I realise that I’ve just thought an entirely new thought, and that ne’er before fired synapses have just exploded and connected for the first time, with others. It’s awesome, and once I start thinking about synapses and the amazing nebulas and starbursts of light they might make as they connect (cos electricity, yo!) and the patterns and fractals which might at this very moment be going on inside my brain as I write this, and which might be echoed in yours, almost precisely, as you read it…you could get lost in those thoughts for HOURS. Or I could, anyway!)

5 hours late to my own blog hop! Pathetic!

‘Nuff wittering.


One Thing – THE CLEANING SWAP IS COMPLETE. And it was glorious.

Two Thing – Setting up Niece and Neff with pen pals in ‘Merica has proven to be absolutely THE most cutest, gorgeousest thing ever.

Red Thing – Husby and I had an argument cos he was unwrapping things which sounded like sweets but were actually playing cards. So I looked at him like I wanted sweets (it’s a particular kind of look, that) and he threw me the unwrapped pack and said “You can eat them if you want…” so I did what any sensible person would do, and bit them. Then threw them back. Then he got all pissy cos apparently they’re SPECIAL cards, and now they’re “mutilated” with tooth marks. And they’re the only ones in existence (or something). So after I said he shouldn’t have said I could eat them (and he said I shouldn’t have eaten them) and I checked whether he still loved me, he said no. 

And then told me that he hadn’t stopped loving me. He just didn’t want me to have eaten his cards.

Blue Thing – it only rained on me for HALF the day. And I had my hat. Which everyone seems to find inexplicably amusing. I don’t know why. I even asked one of my colleagues (when I got back to the office, and she burst into giggles and said “Ohhh you’ve got your HAT!”) whether or not there was something inherently ridiculous about the hat. She wasn’t sure…

Old Thing – ALWAYS thankful for my friends

New Thing – I got called a ‘Green-Thumb Friend’ yesterday. Twice. By two different (and very wonderful) people. Cos they think that I’m good at nurturing friendships. Which is AWESOME and a lovely thought to have in my head (nebulae, fractals, synapses…beautiful)

SomeThing – Finding parallels. And talking them through at length. Because they exist and they’re important and they matter, and even though they might be sometimes not that lovely in and of themselves, the connection and layers of understanding they provide is AWESOME.

NoThing – I’ve *nearly* finished The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. And I LOVE IT. But am sad it’s nearly over. And want it not to be nearly over. And I think I’m gonna get a book hangover from it.

EveryThing – Right now, at the moment, I am happy. And about to hop onto the Awesome Bloggers VidChat. Which should be SO MUCH FUN. Cos it always is.

DoneThing – Original Secret Rule from the Secret Book of Rules (or, Book of Secret Rules)

Show us yer Things 😀

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


77 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #33

  1. Oh I'm not worried about it being new in the universe, but new in my brain and the way that feels. That's incredible 😀 I love it.

    Don't be sad about new thinks 😉

    (Me too – LOVE that hat)


  2. UG I don't even want to comment on the New Thought Theory as YES, I have had that and thought I was brilliant and unique only to realize that it's a thought that has been thunk before and ugh. Blah. I'm glad you had your funny hat on the rainy blue day though.


  3. Ohhh it sounds tough! I don't like the sound of that at all! Sounds as bad as the qualification I'm slogging through at work (they write it SO dryly I keep thinking the computer's just going to pouf into dust with my answers! it's all I can do to stay awake!)

    I forgot that the Sound of Music might be a more accessible reference. Mostly cos I don't like it much!

    Keep that visualisation going to get you through! Hope the rest of the editing goes well and you can get back to more pleasant things soon.


  4. LOL. Heidi isn't that well known here, which is kind of sad because I looked it up and it says that it's one of the best selling books ever written! The Sound of Music is probably a more commonly used reference. Lovin' the image in your head, though it's kind of depressing in the sense that I'm not actually up an Alp and definitely not living in a quaint chalet. Perhaps if I visualize and concentrate hard enough, I can poof myself there… with a hot Swiss guy. *Sigh* Editing is a drag and without a doubt one of the most boring things tagged with this life of writing. I'm a pretty active person and it requires way too much sitting and repetition. By the time Mathair and I are a few hours in, I'm climbing the walls and ready to throw my laptop through a window.


  5. BRILLIANT! And I love that you won!

    I think there was a phase in the 70's of having pink flamingo lawn ornaments. I dunno about playing croquet with them. But people did used to play croquet here.

    Queen of Hearts FTW


  6. Haha! When I was 11 for school we had a speech assignment where the theme was “If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be.” While all the other girls chose various pop stars and the boys chose hockey players, I decided I wanted to be the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland so I chould play croquet with happy birthday pink flamingo lawn ornaments (do they do that in the UK – it was a “thing” here in the 80s and 90s) and lob the heads off anyone who annoyed me. It actually won the contest 🙂
    All that to say – Queen of Hearts ALL THE WAY.


  7. the only drawback to having 66 Comments is it takes as long to read the Comments as it does the damn Post (I will admit to scanning the Comments, but since I know most of the people writing Comments, that's fun in and of itself)… wait a minute!
    (not sure how to do this, technically, but… but! I think there needs to be a Post that is simply of and for Comments… hmm metaphorically refreshments, the comedic musings of Rich Life, the musical stylings of Miss Kristi Campbell and the the exotic dancing of the Manchester Minx…!

    (yeah, I think I will stop now… hopefully the idea will get covered up in the over-crowded attic that passes for a cerebrum in my damn haid!)


  8. I could if I were *that* bothered about Alice. Truth is, she annoyed me a lot and I much preferred the Queen of Hearts. Her particular brand of crazy was much more appealing.

    We showed up. All's well that ends well 😀 This week, we win! WHOOP!


  9. Love the colour bit; and the Alice references. If you ever really want to go down the Internet Rabbit hole Wonderland style – you should try looking for Alice stuff on either Pinterest or Etsy – you could spend hours on that! It's amazing what people collect ad create.
    But I digress – no worries about being late. There are evenings I fully intend to blog and then just go “Nah! I don't feel like it tonight.” And so I don't. I can imagine the pressure of that feeling up against the fact of hosting a hop (which you do marvellously). So don't worry about it! We still showed up, right?
    Glad to hear this week was of the good for you.


  10. Ahhhhh didn't we have so much fun 🙂 LOVED meeting you and nattering away into the wee hours (and right through the wee hours and into the next day, in fact!)

    Bad case of Old! Pffft! Whatevs dude – two late nights in a row will also take out the younger amongst us. You got the stamina – you just need the sleep.

    Ohhh ol' ThorFingers is HYSTERICAL, right? One of the funniest side-effects of the VidChat so far…


  11. LOL! You've got me dizzy with colors now! Don't know whether to grab them and knock them over the head or just laugh, isn't it? Humor in reflection, as always.


  12. This is beauty. I had fun bearding and smoking with you and the others and Dons dog! I will try to get a post finished tomorrow. I can hardly keep my eyes opened. I think I have a bad case of Old or something ;).it was worth it staying up late to hear your loverly voice and Star's Hulk fingers!


  13. The SomeThing is awesome. There are a couple of bloggers very dear to me, who I've lately discovered MASSIVE parallels with, and it's so wonderful and oh…the feeling of solidarity, of being understood, of someone having been through the same thing, of sharing feelings and mutual support…it's IMMENSE, and amazing and marvellous and I'm so SO thankful for it.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the hop, and finding out more about your fellow bloggers – will you consider joining us? We're open tomorrow if you fancy it 🙂


  14. I liked the SomeThing part and I did like all of them. Just in my brief time with this awesome group I've been blessed with joining. Already learning layers about others and more about myself has been enlightening and exciting! Love ya folks and thank you 🙂


  15. I'm gonna do the Hat of Consternation tomorrow, and then I'll aim for the full Ten hats next week. I LOVE that you made me think that! I felt the nebula!

    I'll certainly look forward to telling you all about it. But I look more forward to the next time you're there and not completely knackered out and unable to join in 🙂

    Yup. Totes.


  16. So far so good. The friendships aren't hugely established yet, but they're getting there, especially with Neff. I think Niece is still a little young to appreciate it all. I never had a pen pal from another country, to my recollection. But I think I always wanted one. Now I have the internet and my heart is happy.


  17. 🙂 You make me smile Miss Lizzi.
    I'm sorry to have missed you last night but honestly I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open! You'll have to fill me in on all the fabulous celebrities who stopped by.

    Thank you! Good hug.
    I know, right? LOL


  18. You live on a MOUNTAIN! That's so cool! I now have an image of you in a chalet halfway up an Alp, which I know is ridiculous because you're nowhere NEAR an Alp, but I'm foreign and those are the mountains we know about first. Maybe it was a little bit the goats, as well – Heidi, yaknow… (actually, do you know? Or is that just a classic story here?) Anyways. Mountains and goat-herds and schnitzels and noodles and all that merry jazz…they go together in a cultural kind of sense. Here.

    I've gone running on two hours, but I did then go back to bed right after. I don't mind not much sleep, but too little really does knock me for six, and I tend to get dizzy and start hallucinating rather than become unbearable company, so I guess I should be thankful for that. I can't *imagine* eight hours sleep a night! Goodness, so much TIME wasted!

    Glad the editing's going well. Or, I assume it's going well – you're showing remarkable stickability if you're managing to stay out of the Blogosphere and keep on task! I hope it gets done quick. I hear that editing can be a drag.

    Glad you liked this so much. And if you like the monocle and mustache, come back tomorrow and see The Hat which caused so much consternation!


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