7 Quick Takes #61 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

A funny thing happened on the way to…*somewhere*, because it could be somewhere or anywhere, but this is always funny – well, for the people who are in on the joke. For one person, it’s terrifyingly awful.

So here’s the trick. Wait until you and a group of friends are driving in a car, preferably late at night – coming home from a sumptuous dinner at a fancy-schmancy restaurant or somesuch loveliness – and one person (the unwitting and now self-appointed victim) begins to fall asleep, their eyes gently drooping as slumber overtakes them. Watch them snuggle back into their seat, and hang on: you want them *onlyjust* asleep.

In the meantime you quietly communicate your wicked plans to the other occupants of the car, and you all try to stifle your giggles at just HOW funny this is going to be. Because trust me – it’s going to be AWESOME.

The driver now ensures that they’re on an empty road (very important, this part – because no prank most pranks aren’t worth risking death to pull off. This one isn’t…) and you count down, quietly, then on your cue, the driver does his/her very best emergency stop, as everyone screams at the top of their lungs.

Your victim will be dragged, quite literally SCREAMING from their repose, may or may not lose control of their bladder, and will almost certainly turn the air blue as they vent their fury about the prank on their so-called friends. Meanwhile, you plotters will be busy busting your guts laughing and high-fiving each other on having pulled the joke off so slickly.

Your victim-friend may be put-out and pouty at first, but just keep making fun of how scared they looked/the scream they let out/the mess they made until they give up and agree that it was a damn funny prank and they’re just upset they didn’t orchestrate it first.

There’s one drawback to this prank (and I speak from personal experience) – if ever you’re in the car with this same group of friends, and it’s been a long, hard day and the road is winding away, mesmerising you, making your eyes heavy and sending you off into that happy, safe dreamland in the back of the car, BE WARNED: They will get you back…

— 2 —

Today I FINALLY made good on my end of the Cleaning Swap bargain – at LAST! I was beginning to feel bad about how long it had gone on, and I still hadn’t made it over to Helen’s to help her clean. Meantime my flat’s messy again.

I happened to be borrowing SatNav from WonderAunty, so it seemed like the perfick opportunity. I took cake (because that’s polite, right?) and nipped off to the next city to go and help clean. I arrived to a smiling, happy, excited friend, and we rolled up our sleeves and got straight to work we put the kettle on for a cup of tea and a slice of cake before starting.

We spent a wonderful evening *squee*ing in delight at how much cleaning was happening. I played ‘Best Supporting’ role, and Helen took the lead, meting out tasks and telling me what to do (I don’t mean to imply that she’s bossy – she just knows what and how she wants done in her house (though she did rather know what and how she wanted done in my house, so perhaps…nah!)).

It was AWESOME. We cleaned our little hearts out, had lovely chats, danced around the vacuum cleaner to ‘cleaning music’ and had more cake at the end, just to round things off.


— 3 —

Insomnia. Sucks. If that’s what it is. But I’m still not sleeping right and it’s bugging the heck outta me.

— 4 —

I’m widely recognised to be one of the least green-fingered people most of my friends-and-relations know. I’ve been called “Less nurturing than the desert” to my face.

But I think I’m perhaps not so bad as all that at nurture – not of plants, but of people. I like talking, I like encouraging, I like connecting and being nosy keeping in touch to know that my friends are alright.

Maybe that’s my ‘thing’ – what I get to do – I could be a caretaker.

— 5 —

Blogging is one thing, but writing for proper is harder. I’ve fallen waaaay behind on my New Year’s Resolution ‘A Year of Thankfulness’ journal after I didn’t take it away on my mini-break last week (and somehow haven’t picked it up since). And my novel is about 200 words further on than it was a month ago.


— 6 —

Six Sentence Stories
A wet string of spittle flies across the short distance between us and lands on my shoulder, decorating me with his anger. His rage-filled yelling is nearly incoherent, his eyes are bugging out and his face is an awful, livid red.

“I can’t believe you DID this to me! I’m gonna make you pay for this, you stupid bitch – once is one time too many, and I will NOT FORGET IT!”

I meet his gaze with my own – steely and defiant (how could I ever have found him charming?), and smirk slightly.

“Not once…” I tell him, enjoying it, “…twice.”

— 7 —
Come on over this weekend and share your Ten Things of Thankful. And check out what the Green-Eyed Gang, the Blue-Eyed Wonders and the Brown-Eyed Lovelies are up to, as well πŸ™‚

Ten Things of Thankful

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69 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #61 x FTSF

  1. The Cleaning Swap was awesome, and I'd recommend it to ANYONE as a few hours of gainful embusyment. Definitely. And with cake it becomes even more brilliant.

    You're quite right – reading other women's stories of friendship is wonderful – I think in part because we're all kin, in a way, and that kind of thing resonates with all of us. We're built to be social – we're built to be in relationship – we're MADE for this. And knowing it happens to other people, in other ways, is affirming and beautiful.


  2. I love your number 2 and can can so relate to 4. I always notice how there's something so uplifting about reading other women's friendship stories, no matter how short, or far removed from your own current experience it's still so wonderful and heartwarming and always always resonates with you. I loved the tea and cake and cleaning and squee πŸ˜€


  3. Oh no, I would have FAR more dastardly things to do to you.

    Let's just say that at a BBQ last summer, I spent an HOUR with a friend's children (8 and 6) teaching them EVERYTHING I KNEW* and they were rapt. They LOVED it.

    Soap on toothbrushes and hidden shoes for WEEKS in that household *grins*

    *not EVERYTHING. Everything it wasn't *too* heinous to teach such little kids. Nothing inappropriate, or which would put them in danger. And I did tell them each time “If you do this, there WILL be trouble, BIG trouble, because it's a bad, mean, prank. Proper, actual HUGE trouble.” And there was. But the kids loved me. (my friends less so…kinda – they saw the fun side, and hey, I kept both kids entertained for an hour while they chillaxed)


  4. Sounds AMAZING! Count me in (we'll really have to get you over to the Blogger VidChat one of these days! Some HILARIOUS things go on there)

    You KILL THAT PLANT! (I looked at a bunch of desert plants mouldering on my windowsill earlier and thought “Shall I water them? Nah – I'd have to move the blinds” then tried to water a lily and spilled water on my laptop. Plants hate me)


  5. HAHAHA…love it.
    Let's have an insomniac party. I can just imagine what weird conversations us sleep deprived vampires will come up with.
    I'm actively killing a plant as we speak.
    Plant killer.


  6. It's AMAZING, right? So funny.

    There *is* no more…6 sentences is all you get. Glad you like it though πŸ™‚

    I'm glad too – I was beginning to worry I'd never get to go and help her!


  7. Oh that video cracks me up!!! And I hate that you aren't sleeping right still…. ugh.

    The story is amazing… I always ALWAYS want to read more. So stop teasing us with these six sentences!!! I can't TAKE IT!!!

    I am glad you got to cleaning and had a fabulous time with cake and tea to boot!! Love that. πŸ™‚


  8. I am a HUGE fan of pranks, so I really appreciated that. πŸ™‚
    On another note, good luck getting some sleep. When I don't get sleep I become a raging harpy.


  9. Oooooh well done on the running shoes! I've not forgotten, but I did wimp out tonight because it was SO raining.

    I still haven't updated mine. Maybe we should both hold each other accountable for THAT, too…

    *grins* Thank you πŸ™‚ And yes – millions of times better than plants <3

    If you offer cake, it's AMAZING what volunteers will put up with.

    And is it okay that I really REALLY want the opportunity someday to see what 1) and 2) would be like….?


  10. LOL fine! I don't mind being pranked. It's funny as anything once you get over the shock.

    Oh she sounds like a sweetheart. And you should probably ring her for MORE than just cos you want her to come and clean πŸ˜‰


  11. Aha! Finally!
    Very funny video but I can guarantee if someone did that to me 1) I would pee my pants and 2) the payback would be epic!
    I love that your cleaning party went well. I love the idea and wonder who I can find to get on board with me. I think my particular ways would probably have already scared everyone off. I'd be hard pressed to find volunteers!
    You, my darling girl, are an amazing caretaker. I know this…walking, talking proof here. As are many of the others leaving you love here, I would guess. That's better than plants any day.
    I have failed my gratitude journal, too. I just put it off a day, then another, and so on….
    But I did buy new running shoes today πŸ™‚


  12. Ok so I'm NEVER travelling anywhere with you in the car – unless I'm driving.
    The cleaning with Helen reminds me of cleaning with Mary – she's my dear British pal. She popped over a few years back and spent two days – yes two – helping me clean out the “storage room ” in my basement. Bless her. She was starting a new job and had a few days off. Who does that? Mary. Which reminds me, perhaps I should give her another jingle. That room is as messy as ever …


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