TToT 32:2 INKED!

I went to bed EARLY on Friday night, the sketchiness of connection from the Isle of Wight precluding my usual indulgence in the Awesome Bloggers VidChat (sponsored by the Wakefield Doctrine). I managed to skip in for half a second on my phone, before everything froze and made peculiar noises, and I knew it was no good. So Dad and I stayed up, watched a movie (1), then he summarily dismissed me at the remarkably early (for me) hour of half past two in the morning.

And I slept (2).

Ohhh I slept.

Upon waking, I felt refreshed and relaxed and all the good things a mini-holiday is meant to make you feel. So I lay in bed and immediately jumped onto my phone to check Facebook and Twitter and see how much I’d missed whilst I was wasting time sleeping reveled in it. Then went to have breakfast whilst reading a book, NOT my laptop (3).

And then, yes, after that I caved and plugged in (4), just to see how y’all were doing over at the TToT (beautifully, by the way) and have a last squizz at Facebook before packing up to leave for home.

Home, by way of the tattoo studio!

My journey was beautiful (5). I positioned myself so I could gaze out of the window and drink in the sea, the blue sky and the sun sparkling on the tip of each wave, and I thought of my friends, my family, my Husby and my life, and in spite of the challenges, the wonderful GOOD things just kept pouring into my mind until I felt as though I might burst from happiness.

Nothin’ like a boat ride thinkin’ pretty pink and blue thoughts – quite the mellifluous moment.

Away then, on a crowded bus, plugged into headphones and boogieing away discreetly (6) as the people packed in and in and in, and we all took the journey dinging off one anothers’ elbows and handbags. Alight at the station and take marching orders for the high street (why pay for a bus when I can take the exercise and the goodness of a sunshine day?), boots in time to the beat, to find the green shop with the needles and ink, and catch my breath when I discovered they could see me almost as soon as I’d sourced the cash (7) (the work of moments, thanks to a nearby ATM).

And into the studio proper. Along from me a sweet, lairy grandmother having her son’s name etched into the top of her foot. She twinkled when she heard it was my first time (8), and talked me through the process as the Artist set up his stall in front of me and explained about needles and sterilisation and aftercare.

The Chair had as many movable parts as a follower of the Kama Sutra, and with the headrest removed, I took the instruction to straddle it, wrapped my arms around the back-rest, braced my feet against the floor and held the other woman’s gaze as the buzzing filled my ears, pressure was applied to my back, and the marking began.

And you know what? It wasn’t as bad as I thought (9). I mean, it wasn’t pleasant, and yes, it was sore. But not unmanageably so. It took possibly as little as 40 minutes. Or maybe an hour. I forgot to check in amongst all the anxexcitementiety.

Then they got bandaged up and I marched home, skin smarting, reminding me of the permanence and joy of my decision.

I waited. Two hours. With bated breath and burning desire to DO IT NOW, to take the dressings off and reveal the designs in all their glory and SEE them. And photograph them. And TELL people.

They’re beautiful* (10).

The numbers are the Fibonacci sequence. They link into the Golden Ratio, which is the proportion which creates that spiral, and is found VASTLY throughout nature, symmetry and the deep connection we humans have to the aesthetics. It resonates deeply with us as a species, and much of the world fits to the design of 1.61 (or 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13…)
This done, I plugged back into the internet to discover that the Green-Eyed Gang has swelled its ranks. In addition to the originals, Sarah, Lisa and me, there’s also Beth and Dyanne and K2 and Rebecca and Yvonne and Kari and Angela.

So what I need to know now, is:

  • Are we having a gang name?
  • Is a photo of said Green Eyes a membership requirement? (I feel like it should be)
  •  What superpowers do we get?

I feel like if we had a point, other than celebrating our complete awesomeness at choosing the right genetic switches to flip to end up this way, we could probably change the world. Who’s up for it?

*I fully acknowledge and accept that both of my parents hate my tattoos (and any future tattoos) on principle, are Distinctly Unimpressed, and will both give me side-eye, make snarky comments, or sigh and shake their heads. That’s a given.

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Ten Things of Thankful
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62 thoughts on “TToT 32:2 INKED!

  1. *snorks* 😀 Bless yer boots

    Ya gonna send your entry-requirement pic of your eyes then? We're not sure yet whether the clubhouse is gonna be here or at Sarah's blog – keep a weather eye for updates.


  2. Thank you.

    And yes – the trip was good and needed. I just wish the after-effects had lasted! I seem to have developed a difficulty getting to sleep, even when I go at a reasonable hour, this week, which is *SO* fun…


  3. Such cool ink! You go girl!
    And I'm psyched to be in the green eyed gang! I feel so bad ass. Maybe I should get a tat too (Ha. Tat too…tat-too…tattoo. I'm easily amused…).


  4. In general, I'm not a big fan of a tattoo. The fact you put so much thought into this, over such a long period of time, makes me OK with them. And you did the Fibonocci, which I know is one of your favorite things in the world. And the location of them is nice.
    I'm so glad you were able to have a relaxing little trip. It was just what you needed.


  5. You know I ADORE your tats! They are simply perfect and stunning, and I have tattoo envy. haha! I'm so happy you had such a lovely night and morning at your little isle getaway.
    Green eyed gang, eh? I tried, TRIED to get a photo of my eyes and they all sucked! I must have deleted 15 photos from my phone. GAH. Oh well, I'll try some more.


  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new tattoos. Oh and I had to laugh at the note about your parents. A couple of years ago when I got my second tattoo, my step mom was driving me nuts. I finally told her that it was henna. I'm not sure if she's noticed that it never went away or not.


  7. That tune's funkadelic! I can safely say I've never heard anything quite like it in my life. But I like it. Really we should ask Sarah – I think she started the gang…

    It shouldn't cost *too* much – mine were £45 the pair.


  8. Hmmm, well, I have pics (albeit somewhat grainy/pixly) on my post “Eye Forget” (Full disclosure: my left eye is more 'blue'ish. Hope that doesn't disqualify me!) 😉 I can send another pic later today if needed.

    I've been debating about getting a tattoo for the past 15+ years. Maybe someday yet I will. My husband isn't *against* the idea and he isn't the type to 'tell me what & what not to do', but he doesn't exactly show much enthusiasm whenever I bring the topic up either, soooo… that might be one of the reasons I'm dragging my feet so much.


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