7 Quick Takes #50

— 1 —

This Friday’s edition coming to you from the wonderful Isle of Wight, my instant-holiday-in-a-can – the most magical place a mere 23 minute boat journey away (how can it be anything but a proper holiday when you have to travel over the sea to get to it?).

There’s something very relaxing about being at home-away-from-home. I packed up a weekend bag and my laptop (heavy, heavy, heavy, but I’m not strong enough to leave it behind) and set out for the ferry. Five minutes down the road and I realised that I’d vastly misjudged the time, the heaviness of the bags, and the distance which needed to be covered, and that I was going to miss my boat. 

Sometimes this would get me down, but today the sun was shining, I was in a t-shirt, the sky had lots of tiny, puffly white clouds across it, and I was happy to walk, knowing that my exercise for the day had been accomplished. 

— 2 —

Then, unexpectedly, at a crossroads about halfway there, my Mum drove past, screeched to a halt at the side of the road and waited for me to dodge death and traffic cross safely and jump in. Perfect timing, as the bag really *was* starting to feel rather heavy!

And so I got the boat. Not the one I intended – I still missed that one. But the next one was fine, and I arrived safe and sound (wishing that the captain would’ve been a LITTLE more daring with his driving, because speeding in boats is fun). And here I shall stay until Saturday, when I return to get inked (I hope!)

I’ve also talked about the inking business with Dad. He’s going to hate it whatever I get. He’s utterly baffled as to why I’d want to mutilate myself. And has made it inescapably clear that he thinks I’ll look silly when I’m 90. So I’m clear to go ahead, with very little snark, and as close as I’m ever going to get to his blessing.

— 3 —

For real.

So that stinks. And put a SERIOUS blip in my mood and ability to function at the beginning of the week (thanks Lifeboats – once again, an effective rescue). Because, well, crap! They could’ve told us SO LONG AGO that we were never going to have children naturally. It would have spared the best part of a year of a monthly cycle of wavering hopes and crushing disappointment. It would have taken the pressure off and allowed us time to breathe, to absorb, and to prepare for the next step – our one shot at fertility treatment.

But no.

In their infinite dunderheaded, medicentric unthinkingness, they focussed entirely on the medical, leaving the emotional to fend for itself. Which nearly did for us.

So now, three weeks ahead of a schedule which was as empty and pointless as any parody known to man, we are at the end.

One shot at treatment.

And breathe.

— 4 —

It’s nearly 9pm and it feels like midnight. I’ve had two naps in front of the telly so far (we’ve been watching Stephen Fry in America – it’s fascinating) and a lovely dinner of Things I Don’t Get To Eat At Home (Grandma’s burgers (which, allegedly, should really be called ‘beef patties’, after the Victorian version of the same recipe), mashed potato (done with butter, salt, pepper, and a splash of milk, with the skins still on the potatoes at the time of mashing – unutterably delicious and strictly off the menu at home (Husby’s Mashed Potato Childhood Trauma still haunts him (which is what happens when you have a brother with a keen sense of wit, a bowlful of vanilla ice-cream and a scoop of mashed potato…))) and canned marrowfat peas (with aaaaaaaaaaaall the E-numbers (they came out blue, before cooking), all doused with Proper Gravy – bliss).

Perhaps it’s all the late nights I’ve been indulging in on this holiday. But I’m whacked! Still. Totally, completely worth it, though, and I’ve had some marvellous chats.

— 5 —

Talking of Stephen Fry, America (land of the absolutely nuts), and the crazy things they pass off as food (Spray cheese. In a can. For real!), I’ve come across an entirely new (I think – I’ll check Google later) and wonderfully marketable product.


Because lets face it, there are times when it’s just too inconvenient to stand over a stove, stirring, or to pour boiling water onto granules. And gravy’s not very transportable at the best of times!

This will TRANSFORM gravy use, I’m quite certain. A good shake and a quick spritz, and your dinner will be immediately betterified.

Look for it on shelves soon.

You’re welcome.

— 6 —

I learned this morning that Facebook is going to change the algorithms for its pages. Again. And as of soon, text-based updates will NOT enjoy the (already truncated) reach they currently do. Allegedly, user feedback suggests that images are the way forward, and that they will reach more of the pool of people who’ve ‘liked’ the page.

Well I tested it. I made an image. I posted said image as an update from the Considerings Facebook Page. And 12 people saw it. Which Facebook then tagged as the ‘update which has done better than 95% of other updates on that page (many of which have 30+ people having seen them (which is still crap, considering 320 people have ‘liked’ it so far))).

I can only conclude that not only are the Facebook techies stupid; they’re also stupid at mathematics.

Le Sigh!

— 7 —
This weekend’s Ten Things of Thankful holds (as far as I know) no surprises at all. But then, it wouldn’t would it – if they were Known, they wouldn’t be surprises (undeniable logic there – let it not be said that we’re anything less than straightforward – just ask the Seven GuardVirgins…)

Come back on Saturday or Sunday and link up your list of Ten Things which have made you Thankful this week. Join our community of wonderful, determined, rejoicing, enthused people, who collect from around the globe to celebrate the Good in one anothers’ lives.

Ten Things of Thankful

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27 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #50

  1. Stephen Fry is a HERO. I love the man. He's amazing.
    Not seen the docu though, but I reckon if anyone was gonna do it well, it'd be him. GOOD FOR HIM.

    CHICKEN IN A CAN?! WTactualF?!?!??!

    (I did – keep reading)


  2. Thank the good lawd that we do not have cheese in a can here. Also an entire chicken in a can. Shudder…Stephen Frye did an amazing documentary of bipolar disorder. I've seen it many times. I hate that it happens but I'm glad that someone famous is using their voice to help so many.
    Get. The. Tattoo.


  3. Nice to see you here, Mike. I've seen Beth talk about you LOTS. Glad to make your acquaintance 🙂

    Facebook can be a bit of a pig at times. And sorry to hear that my boat-catching fail was a good analogy for you – that must've been something quite irritating!

    I hope you don't step away too much from FB, because you just joined Bloppies, and that's SUCH a good platform for interacting with other bloggers and learning from them and getting to know them. It's worth the hassle, in my opinion 🙂


  4. I don't cook mine crispy… I cook it firm but not crispy! What do you call bacon? The stuff we call canadian bacon… that shit is just regular ham!


  5. Redneck.

    Shame about no island. The sea is beautiful, and the IoW is so small you only have to go a few miles before hitting the sea. Dad says he gets to see the sea almost every day, which is beautiful. I'd LOVE that.

    Good gravy is AMAZING. Sprayvy's not meant to be GOOD, it's meant to make me RICH!


  6. My parents live on Wight Street. In rural Missouri. No island in sight.
    Gravy, correction, GOOD gravy, is da bomb. I don't think gravy in a spray can would pass my definition of “good.”
    That being said, spray cheese is delicious under the right circumstances.


  7. Sprayvy?!?!?!? That is most certainly worse than spray cheese. Not that I'm trying to defend spray cheese. 😉 But honestly, it sounds better than “canned marrowfat peas (with aaaaaaaaaaaall the E-numbers (they came out blue, before cooking), all doused withProper Gravy – bliss)” What the hell is this???

    Good grief, I'm going to have to extend my stay to 2 weeks, as it sounds like I need to visit this little island get-a-way. I pray you find what you need while you are there.


  8. Sprayvy…hahaha. Gross. OR genius.
    An island getaway that close is just about heaven. Sounds like it's been an interesting week of ups and downs. Glad you are breathing. *HUGS*


  9. I hope you have a wonderful time at your home away from home. Sometimes it's nice to be away, but still in a comfortable place. I laughed as you described your heavy belongings. My first trip out of the country, I dragged several really heavy suitcases up and down steep streets as we searched for our B & B. I'm glad your mom was there to give you a ride.


  10. My hubby and I have been singing that Beatles song for years and we're only in our 40s and by we I mean he belts it out with his amazing voice. I lean into the mic and whisper sing. It's quite the rush! 🙂

    My Fridays have gotten a bit hectic with my son starting football, but I hope to join the vidchat soon!

    Lizzy enjoy your holiday! Hugs!


  11. I'm VERY lucky to live so close to an island 😀

    THANK YOU! I'm glad you like my silly little stick figures. I do have fun with them. 🙂

    Facebook sucks.

    I've not tried Netflix, ever, or heard of the programme you mention. But I've seen Man Vs Food, and that's AWESOME.


  12. I am jealous that you have an island to retreat to….closest island to me is…um…Cuba. Actually there is a town in Nebraska by the name of Grand Island, I really don't know why though. Nebraska could not get any more inland. Ah, but I digress…

    I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I enjoy your drawings….just a simple stick figure, but they have expression and motion and humor & emotion. Eh. Anyway, just thought I would tell you so.

    Booooooo Faceboook!! 😡

    That Stephen Fry series looks interesting…I wonder if I can find it to watch (I don't think I get BBC in our package…but I'll look for it on Netflix). Have you ever seen/heard of”Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” ? That's a little peek into the way Americans eat …


  13. Nearly, nearly but SO not quite. And I don't know that song. I'll have to find it.

    Holiday is good. I'm enjoying but still plugged in and LOVING it.

    Hope you have a lovely vidchat – I'm gonna miss you guys. No phone coverage here, so I won't make it in on the cell,


  14. Nearly First Comment!
    (“…if it's not too dear.” I don't think anyone of an age to hear new Beatles albums can hear the Isle of Wight mentioned without the lyrics to 'When I'm 64' run throughout their heads. and, being a nearly professional writer, I can write them here…)

    Sounds splendid, to not only take some time off, but to get away from the routine (both physical and workical and psychological…) a break that will allow yourself to recharge and such.

    I promise to take care of our Friday Night vid chat as best I can…we will miss you and, as the only anodyne to such a feeling, will no doubt talk about you.

    have fun!


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