Wacky Wednesday – it’s ME!!

Did you ever have those times when you happen across a blogger who’s so many ways ‘-er’ than you (cooler, funnier, wiser…that kind of thing)? That happened to me the first time I came across Marcia, from ‘Menopausal Mom’.

What was I even doing there? Who knows?!

I’m far from menopausal, and as of yesterday look even less likely to ever be a mom…and yet…she SO appealed. She has a nutsy sense of humour and a way of writing which feels as though she’s sitting across the room from you (let’s face it, probably with wine) chatting her way through the humourous situations in her life.

On the other hand, there’s the occasional dead-serious and stunningly, heart-rendingly beautiful post, which strikes deep to the core of you and stays there.

So it came to pass that I got sucked in. And kept going back for more.

One of the longstanding delights at her site has been the Wacky Wednesday feature, where Marcia invites guest posts from other bloggers. These posts have been HILARIOUS to read, showcasing pieces from well-respected humour writers. To my memory they have been, to a post, FUNNY.

So when Marcia suggested I might like to contribute, in addition to being completely gobsmacked and bowled over at the offer, I was also completely terrified because I don’t. write. funny.

Not that I’ve anything against it – I adore humour writing when it’s done well. I just don’t do it well. Whatever gift of comic timing I have in person (and believe me, I’ve got it) doesn’t translate into text. At all. It’s a mess, and I end up trying too hard and coming off as just vaguely pathetic.

So of course I agreed. Because when a cool blogger offers you the chance to write something for them, you say yes, right? RIGHT?

And then because I was anxious about writing humour, and I knew it wasn’t for ages, I immediately set about forgetting I had the deadline coming up. And it was great – I forgot about it all through December, all over Christmas and waaay into the new year. Then last weekend I remembered that it was *sometime* soon, and sent Marcia a very polite note expressing my regret at having forgotten about her, begging forgiveness and asking whether she’d very much mind reminding me when my piece was scheduled for blithely asked her (in the middle of another blogger’s thread in a Facebook group) when it was meant to be, with nary a concern for etiquette.

It was today. I had five days to come up with something funny.


I sat for ages with my mind as blank as the screen in front of me. And as my mind wandered…well. You can judge the results for yourself. It turned out a little funny, and DEFINITELY not a style I’ve ever tried before.

Come on over and see…


13 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday – it’s ME!!

  1. Read your guest post and it was AWESOME…and the first line of this post is my experience daily! Being so new to this, I find myself in awe of bloggers out there who rock it with every post! I have been rifling through your archives and I bow before you! Really good! 🙂


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