7 Quick Takes #49 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

I once saw the biggest…

…nothing. I never saw the biggest anything in my life. Or the best. Or the most. Or the greatest.

I never got the furthest or highest or deepest. I never succeeded at the hardest or the academic-est. I didn’t go the longest. I’ve never been the best.
There are so many superlatives I can’t relate to or don’t (or should try not to) engage with – all those things which can be suffixed by ‘-est’: 

Successful. Intelligent. Accomplished. Pretty. Rich. Cool. 

And never mind those things which I should stay away from trying to internalise – I can’t even believe that I’ve *seen* them. Anything I’ve ever encountered will doubtless be trumped by someone else’s experience, and in a way (perhaps) it’s all subjective anyway – my best or biggest or brightest might in fact BE the greatest or biggest or brightest, because the sum of its relevance is whatever it means to me, in that moment.

But I don’t think so.

Superlatives are there for a reason (as well as for motivation and inspiration). We cling to the idea that they exist – that somewhere, somehow, there truly is a pinnacle of whatever-it-is, and that when we encounter it, we can stare, transfixed, and know deep down in our souls that we’ve come across something which can be objectively labelled as the first and foremost of its kind.

And yet…

…each morning I wake up to a world which is jam-packed of absolutely incredible things. 

There are cycles for water and carbon and people; the scent of a rose or tomato’s green sepal; skyscrapers, ice-scrapers, boats cars and trains; waterfalls, forests and wide open plains; all the machines that we humans have made; the heavens each day where the sunset’s displayed; land-snails or sea-snails or sails on turbines; sails on the boats crossing oceans’ confines; from ants to plants to elephants; the world keeps spinning its living dance; and each day though I oft digress; I should pay heed to its wonderfulness.

Yes, there are things about this world which suck. Bigtime. I’ve heard much about worst, cruellest, nastiest, wickedest. And we only have to open our eyes and look around to see poorest. Sickest. Saddest. Least.

But at the same time (and I can say this with confidence, because I feel like I know you a little – if you’ve read this far, I suspect you’ll understand) I’ve got a sneaking feeling that if we stop for a second, consider the beautiful around us and weigh it up against the brutal, we’ll be able to wrap our heads around the brutiful of our everyday, though we might not like it, and resolve to do something about it.

Beautiful – we can share, celebrate, create, engage, involve, immerse. 

Brutal – we can sympathise, commiserate, help, contribute, protect, fight against.

And perhaps in the end, the thing I should be more aware of seeing each day when I wake up, is the biggest opportunity – for me, and you, and us – to make our world better, one small, vital thing at a time.

And I think that’s the wonderfullest.

— 2 —

I have to thank Kari, from Miss Bloggypants, for putting me onto this song. Another that I only just discovered (I somehow miss out continually, and am SO grateful when someone hooks me up with them and makes my world instantly better) and I LOVE IT SO HARD!

— 3 —

I had some FABULOUS moments with guest posts this week.

Chris from The Mom Cafe wrote a *stunningly* beautiful piece to share here, all about how we should measure our worth – whether we weigh ourselves against scales which are forever set to fail, or whether the size of our heart is more important than the size of our dress (here’s a clue – it should be, though it’s all too easy to forget).

And I got the opportunity to share something WONDERFUL over at PenPaperPad (thanks Tamara) about the awesome power of words, and how they can affect us *so* much. And I think it might be the favouritest thing I’ve written recently. Go on – check it out 🙂

— 4 —

Oh. And just to make it *that* bit even more superfantasticallyunbelievablypainful, I got hit between the eyes with the realisation that the appointment at which Husby’s meds will be changed and that milestone signifying the crash and burn of our hopes and dreams* is THE DAY BEFORE VALENTINE’S DAY.

HowZAT for fucking awful timing. I know it’s ‘just another day’, in the same way that Christmas was ‘just another day’…but really? I could SO have done without that.

*probably. Or definitely, because even if I happen to be pregnant by then, there are no guarantees, and it will still be The End. A better and more manageable End if we can come out of it parents to at least one live child, forsure, but still awful.

— 5 —

Beth’s Sunshine award has proliferated! She sent me one (yay!), and sent them also to Inion N. Mathair over at Two Voices One Thought, and to the lovely Sarah, over at Amycake and The Dude. Then these wonderful human beings SENT THEM TO ME AS WELL!

I tellya – I was *that* excited! And I need some sunshine (and to know that I bring some to others – that’s ALWAYS awesome), so I’ll be responding to these properly next week. But I can’t let more time pass without at least a tip of the hat in grateful acknowledgement of these wonderful bloggers.

— 6 —

Tonight, as is our wont these days, a group of quite simply TERRIFIC bloggers will be congregating on Google+ Hangouts for live, face-to-face VidChat. We talk about writing, forsure, but also ALL THINGS UNDER THE SUN. And if you’re awesome, and fancy joining us, add me on Google+ and let me know.

We’d love to see you there.

It’s the Next Big Thing – You heard it here first!

— 7 —
Something AMAZING is happening at the Ten Things of Thankful tomorrow – ANOTHER awesome announcement for our little blog hop of loveliness! Come on over this weekend and discover what it is…

Ten Things of Thankful

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51 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #49 x FTSF

  1. Hence the original meaning behind the Ten Things of Thankful. There was a time, way back, when finding those things to be thankful of was all that got me through the day.

    It's super tough.


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