How do we measure our worth?

Lovelies, it is my absolute pleasure and delight to introduce you to my guest writer today.

When she’s not busy rugby-tackling people to the ground in giant hugs, or throwing snowballs, Christine blogs over at The Mom Cafe, where she writes beautifully and with HUGE enthusiasm for encouraging  others, for sharing of her own gorgeous heart, and in hopes of shining the light of a Love bigger than any we could comprehend. 

I am honoured to call this wonderful lady my friend, and am *so* touched and blessed by her post, written after she read A Body of Disappointment, which I wrote about my struggles with body image. She said that something like this had been on her heart to write for a while, and that my post was the straw which broke the camel’s back I had inspired her to get on with it. 

I hope you adore her words as much as I do…

There are countless women out there scrutinizing the dimples on their thighs and standing on scales to measure their worth.  They are desperately longing for the perfect size and shape, while burning fat and counting calories, in hopes to love themselves more and in turn be loved.  They are seeing ads that scream “thin = happiness/success/love”.  They are searching high and low for that equation that leads them to a distorted definition of beautiful.

Oh, how my heart aches for them.  Why?  Because they are on the wrong path to happiness/success/love.  It will drive them through turns and hills and speed bumps that jolt them into a distracted life of striving  for the perfect ‘storage space’.

Yes, our bodies are just that:  storage space.

You see, somewhere along the journey of seeking those very same things… 

I figured it out.

Those miles clocked, and sizes dropped don’t bring you joy.  Oh yes, you may feel better, be more fit and look better- and there is most definitely something to be said for that.  But the richness of who you are will never ever, ever be measured by your weight or size.  Your worth my friends, is measured by your heart, and what you do with it.

The body is a temple.  A temple of what?  Of the greatest creation that is unique and beautiful all in itself.


God’s design may have outer layers that when dressed up and slimmed down may look gorgeous to the naked eye…

But I wonder…

Do you think your Creator measures your beauty and your own distinguished worth through counting the hours you spend at the gym?
Do you believe that He sees those stretch marks or bulges, rolls or sagging skin and looks down on you in disdain?

Oh, my friends!  What on earth are we searching for? Will looking good bring us the deepest most profound joy in living?  Have we missed the mark entirely?  Do you believe that angels see the shape of our bodies?  That Heaven weighs you in when you enter?  That God, in all His Might and Glory will say to you when your life here is over…

“You could have lost a few pounds.”

At the end of your life, while you reflect on the days and years gone by, will you wish…

You ran harder?
Spent more time at the gym?
Fit into those size 6 jeans?
Spent more attention on your figure?

I suppose it depends on your perspective.  When you look at the ‘big picture’ of your life, what is most important in the end? Perhaps your shape will matter.  But, maybe- just maybe you will realize that HOW you lived will matter more.  What were your priorities in your life and where did you invest your time and energy?  Was your time here on earth well spent?  If you believe you were put here on this earth to look perfect and thin and beautiful, then maybe that was your goal.

Is that your life goal?  To be lying in the casket with a perfect size 6 body?  Would that make your life complete?

Who are your heroes?  Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr…. Did they leave their mark on this earth by having a gorgeous figure?

Or did they fulfill their mission, their purpose, and their uniquely designed potential?

What’s your mission, your purpose, and your uniquely designed potential?

3/4ths of this world consists of precious people who have never once thought of toning their abs or tightening their glutes.  Are those people missing something significant?  I believe not.

We all have our temples… and yet, I am saddened by the constant focus on the house with which our precious hearts dwell, instead of what dwells within our walls.

I want for those women who long for a better body to realize their worth and to see the value of what’s inside rather than the accessories that ultimately die.  I want them to see the emptiness of their coffin now, before the years go by wishing and wondering how much happier they would be if they were thinner/prettier/curvier.  I want every woman to see their potential in numbers of people they touch, and moments they embrace… not numbers on a scale or in their food.

I honor my temple.  I am surely not proposing to neglect our bodies.  And I believe that taking good care of them is important.  My storage space holds a valuable treasure God designed in me.  BUT, it’s just that- *Storage space*

My hope is that when I come to the end of my life, I will look back and see the lives I touched, the tears I cried, the blessings I both gave and received, the good I did, and most of all –

That the time I spent here on earth was used on things that mattered most.

If I used up all my attention and energy on the cargo with which God housed my heart, then the heart God gave me would have gone to waste.

I believe God wants me to work on and with the interior of my ‘temple’.  I believe that is much more important than fitting back into my cute jeans.

*Rearrange, organize, clean up, sort through, decorate, grow, give, use, share, shine, heal, restore, replenish, redeem.*
Now THAT’S where the beauty lives, sweet friends.  That’s uniquely, and wonderfully ours to work with, improve, empower and embrace.

I don’t believe there is anyone who remembers the size of a person after they have passed…

But many who will remember the size of their heart.

89 thoughts on “How do we measure our worth?

  1. Perfect, Chris! So many wonderful questions to ask ourselves. I have been caught up in the untrue equation: “thin = happiness/success/love” for most of my life. Every time I get “thin” and realize it didn’t bring any of the things I thought it would, I gain the weight back. I’ve been up and down 80 pounds at least 5 times in the past 10 years. And that is a big chunk of weight, my friend. You are so right though. It does not define me in any way. Thank you for this beautiful reminder! XO


    • YOU are beautiful. I am praying for you Candace!! Praying that you can unchain yourself from this ‘weight’ of a life enduring that struggle and break free from that captive perspective and realize all that- God sees in you, angels see in you, people see in you. IN you. IN you. IN you…

      Oh friend. You are a mighty light! Bask in the glow…


  2. Heck yes. I love the image of our bodies being storage space. Just a space to hold something until we move on. If we all put as much emphasis on our hearts as we did our bodies we'd be a much nicer people, wouldn't we?


  3. I am late in responding to this, Lisa- please forgive me!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it spoke to your precious heart! Believe it, dear sister. I do pray it continues to speak to your heart on those 'fat days'- your worth is NOT measured in weight my friend. No one will ever comment about it after you leave this earth, they will remember the IMPORTANT things instead.


  4. I AM so GLAD you came over to read it Marcia… It's such a significant issue to really dig deep and get to that place of peace. I pray this helps women who need it…


  5. Incredible, powerful, moving…and all so true. You really got me with that last line. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us, Christine!


  6. Better yet- believe with all your heart that it's truth. You are not only loved by your Heavenly Father but by every significant soul that walks into your life… JUST how you are. Skinny… or not. THAT'S most important, sweet WPB. Remind yourself that when you go to 'that place' of self defeat.


  7. I LOVE THAT SONG!!! I used to listen to it over and over again a long time ago- gosh, I can't remember who sang it. This wasn't the version I used to listen to. I actually liked the one I listened to better…

    If I can find it, I will share it with you!! PERFECT song. Oh so beautiful. *Tears*


  8. My dear, sweet SSSF! I LOVE you inside and out! You know my head is a constant boombox, there's a song, by Maxwell, called “This woman's work” & it was written for a woman fighting breast cancer and her body was changing but I think that song goes perfectly with this post. They used it on So you think you can dance… Here's the video, grab your tissues…. My fave dance of all times! OK, XO, ladies! ~A~


  9. AW Christina!! Your kind words just light me UP!!! Thank you friend. SO much.
    Lets make our lives about a much deeper perspective than how we look, oh I want that so badly for all!!


  10. It's all truth, isn't it? Oh how I pray women who struggle with this issue (and oh, who am I kidding, we all do!) really understand it deep deep down inside.


  11. How do you do it week after week? Beautiful posts one after another!
    And right on the mark, too!

    No, I will not spend my last days worrying about how I could have looked differently… You are so right — it is what is in our hearts, how we live our lives, that counts.

    Bless you!


  12. And He will definitely say RIGHT when you enter- “Ya could have lost a few pounds”. AMEN!??? LOL

    I love your insightful and always wise words dear sister!! He LIZZI!! THIS IS MY SISTER!!! (She's every bit of lovely!!! Candice- meet one of my closest blogging friends from England!!! Oh, she's incredibly LOVELY!!)

    I love that you included an important and critical facet to this issue- and that in itself, can be an entire book. Oh WAIT- there IS a book about it! I wish for every soul who really struggles with their relationship with food to read that amazing book my bestie wrote! (She still isn't responding to my emails and calls and never answers the door when I knock. Pff.)

    It can be a really significant issue for people- and you are digging in deep to share much more than the vanity issue. I think many would understand exactly where you are coming from with this subject.

    And oh, how I wish I had this revelation in MY teens and early adulthood too sis… I guess it comes with age- or something. I'm just SO glad I don't have to fight that fight now, and I realize what matters most.

    I love you for taking the time to read and comment dear dear sister. I am SO grateful!!!


  13. It saddens me to NO end how much we as a culture focus so so much on appearance… that's one reason why I love blogging so much. It's all about the writer's heart and vision- behind the screen. People connect in a different venue, and NONE of it is related to their looks. I wish 'real life' was more that way really.

    I hate to see so many beautiful souls constantly striving for something that – I believe is such a waste. I do hope my message helps people realize this truth. Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts, Jennifer!


  14. Thanks Dana!! Oh girl, i shrug inj dismay about my flappin' arms and bulging tummy too- and yet, I get over it quickly. I have too much else to do with my life and my purpose and my mission…. 🙂


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