Singing my world anew (ish)

Oh my word! Sometimes you get an assignment and it just blows your mind. Like today, when I opened up my email hoping for goodies (you know, tweets where people have mentioned me, or delicious emails from wonderful people, or a stack of juicy comments on my latest blog post…that kind of thing which makes you feel warm and glowy inside) and instead I got a notification which I *knew* was gonna turn my day into a quagmire.

So THANKS, Jen, for that.

How in the world am I supposed to choose (just) five songs which are new-to-me in the last year, and which I love enough to share here?

Added to which, the conundrum of my musical tastes – yes I adore many modern pieces, buuuuuut really (I increasingly discover) the music which speaks most to my heart; which makes me come alive and feel like my soul is exploding out of me for sheer joy, is from an era well before mine. Namely the 60’s. Go figure.

Fortunately I’m the luckiest girl in the world, because the most AMAZING local radio station plays old songs. Many from the 60’s. And through this wonderful channel, whilst zooming around in my tiny red car, or the Big Dog Van, I’ve encountered some of the most scrumptious tunes.

And there we hit a snag, chaps, because Sandy (you know Sandy? Mother of Imperfection? New Ten Things Co-Host? Ringing any bells?) is doing a series on past decades of music, and after fielding a few goads from me about “being too young to remember”, I confessed my love of Songs Before My Time, and she quickly snaffled me up for a guest post. Which will be soon, I promise, and you can go and indulge in the songs which really get me going.

BUT. Quandry. Because I can’t possibly share those same golden oldies here and yet I so want to offer SOMETHING, because whilst oxygen keeps my body alive and words keep my soul alive, music makes my heart dance. All three elements are necessary.

So. Whatever. Jen’s not the boss of me, and I’ve spent too long between torturing patients with eye drops professionally and appropriately tending to my patients thinking TOO HARD about this. I’m gonnna post what’s been new (to me) and has had a huge impact in my audio world this year.

From the 60’s
Yeah, yeah, you all know about these guys, and I’m sorry but NOT sorry at all to only be discovering them now. Because I’ve been a die-hard Beach Boys fan since I was a nipper, and now I’m suddenly realising that my new favourite songs have their arch-rivals’ name attached! Be as that may, these songs make me giddy.

From the 70’s
Wait, whaddya mean “1969 doesn’t count as the 70’s”? WHY NOT? It’s as good as there! And this, one I heard for the first time in (probably) the last year and UTTERLY fell for. Because I do that with songs. And then I listen to them on a loop for hours until I feel like I’ve absorbed the tune into every cell in my body. Because I gotta.

From the 80’s
A quirky little ‘who even knows‘ kind of a song. But happy. And boppy. And fun. And I love it.

From the 90’s – no, wait, I was here for those. I remember all the important songs from this decade as they happened.

Let’s skip ahead…

James Arthur…wow. That voice! And such an unlikely person to go with it, but I just adore this HUGE. Funk, funk…and then the drop. I have a thing for bass riffs…

And finally, this – this stunningly, exquisitely beautifully crafted song, which speaks and speaks and speaks to me until it fills me up and makes me want to write my entire world onto sheets of coloured paper, and fling them from rooftops, sharing those words with anyone who’ll stop to read. Which, in a small way, is perhaps what I’m doing here…

So, Jen, you actually landed me into a HUGE positive here, and thanks for that, because I loved listening to all these again, and reconnecting with the Feels I first felt when I heard them for the first time, last year.


33 thoughts on “Singing my world anew (ish)

  1. I've been told that I look like Sara…I wish that I sounded like her but I don't. I know this because every time I sing, my dog runs under the table. He probably thinks that I'm eating someone's soul.
    I love the Beatles: Guilty as charged.
    I am a bit disappointed that Miley wasn't up there. Pshah.


  2. Oh SHUSH! Sheltered musical upbringing. WAY MUCH! I missed out on ALL the good stuff. But I'm making up for it.

    I don't think they were rivals as such, but just the equivalent acts on opposite sides of the Pond.

    Talk radio I've never gotten into. Glad you enjoyed the last two πŸ˜€


  3. I am shocked that you haven't heard that Stones song before! Makes me feel better about including the Allman Brothers on my list! Love your choices, I haven't heard of James but I plan to check him out and the video for Brave is mesmerizing. I don't listen to the radio too much so I hadn't paid attention to this song but I like it, I like it a lot!


  4. Why thank you πŸ˜€ I'm glad that Gwen has such a wholly sensible favourite as Brave πŸ˜€ and that she enjoyed her study break – you're totally welcome for the inadvertent nice moments *mwah*


  5. Excellent mix tape, Lizzi. Gwen is studying in the other room and she heard Brave – it's one of her favorites. She enjoyed the little study break, so thank you!


  6. The Beatles are probably still considered to be more influential. But I do love the Stones.

    As I say, though – die-hard Beach Boys fan here. Wilson's a GENIUS.

    I do like Pompeii – not as much as I love those up there, but yes – stunningly beautiful song πŸ˜€


  7. So funny – the first thing I thought when I saw this prompt was you and Brave! Love that song and I love that you love it πŸ™‚ I have to say – I thought of you with my first pick for this week too: Bastille's Pompeii – I thought: “Hey! How would Lizzi see beauty there?” Because that's – I think – what you do.
    I liked the James Arthur song – hadn't heard it before. As for the Beatles – I like the White Album version of Revolution better, but won't judge – and am curious where you stand on Stones vs. Beatles because it's a fun dinner point with my parents. My dad is die-hard Beatles. And my mum is British, but doesn't like the Beatles, and likes to poke the bear. So every now and then I like to offer a “hey! Here's why the Stones were WAY more influential point…” or a “seriously? like they were totally the 1960s NKOTB rib….[full disclosure? I'm die hard team Beatles and totally biased – so I'd love to bolster that view.. just sayin' – educate me motherland!]


  8. Dude. Sara Bareilles is friggin awesome. She had me at her first single. Which was written in response to the producer that was all, “We'll sign you, but you need a love song.” LOVE. Also, adding Brave to my Florida mix tape! Thanks for the reminder that this song exists.


  9. Okay, let's see, gonna have to get you up to date with the Easybeats, the Zombies, The Who, and a host of others, I can see. Jen's ready to strip you of your British heritage if you don't get crackin' and expand your music knowldege, sis! Liked most of yours, but James Arthur sounds like a Robin Thicke wannabe to me, not that I like Robin Thicke at all. Get with me sometime and I'll get you a list of some albums you need to get for your British Collection! πŸ™‚


  10. Oi! Shurrup! You know I love my 'mericans!

    I had a very sheltered upbringing, musically speaking. It's a shame, but I'm LOVING exploring now.

    Sara's INCREDIBLE.

    Once I know who Rick Astley is, I'll get back to you on that πŸ˜‰


  11. DUDE. You are British! And you don't know every Beatles and Rolling Stones card? I think they might revoke your Brit card for that! Well at least you know them now!
    Love the popiness of China Crisis, it is so typically 80's happy music πŸ™‚ James Arthur is like Rick Astley, the baby face with the big voice! And man Sara Bareilles in a class of her own isn't she?


  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE The Beatles song… I talked about it a post some time…ago… not sure how far back.

    And I have that 80's song going right now… how fun!! I have never heard it…. adding it to my playlist! How 'bout that? I gave you a “new song” and you gave me one too! πŸ™‚


  13. “…number nine…number nine….number nine….”* Honky Tonk Women was (and is one of my favorite Stones' songs (along with Sympathy for the Devil, of course). It was a tough list today, may have to simply go to everyone's Posts and listen.

    * old person's fairly obvious Beatles reference


  14. Really great list. Revolution and Honky Tonk Women are always on my oldies favorites list, Loved the Sara and very happy to be introduced to James Arthur!


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