TToT 30:2 Let the Games begin

With yesterday’s post of Trials and Thankfuls in mind, I went right ahead and spat in the face of the one about getting more sleep by staying up late-late and chatting to some truly FABULOUS bloggers on the VidChat.

I don’t even care, because it was so wonderful and totally nourishing[!]. The more I go through life, the more I discover that I really, truly am an extrovert, and I get my energy from interacting with and being around other people. Texting/phonecalls and instant messaging is all very well, but there’s something incredibly ‘next best thing to real life’ about being in a virtual ‘room’ with people, seeing their reactions, hearing their voices and enjoying sharing the laughs (and oboy! are there some good laughs [“]).

So, huge and many thanks to Clark for starting this, with me and Michelle. And then for those (ir)regulars, Denise and Zoe, who bring such frequent sunshine. And Starr, who looks set to be a stalwart (and dynamite (by which I mean she explodes new ideas or snorts of laughter)) part of this thing. And Kristi, who (when she’s able to drop in) can be relied upon to bring a certain…shall we say…piquancy to the mix.

And then there are our less frequent (but still incredibly wonderful and muchly-enjoyed-when-they-can-spare-the-time) visitors like Christine and Beth and Jak and Dyanne.

And then *deep breaths* NEW PEOPLE, who wonderfully, delightfully, JOINED RIGHT ON IN! So here’s to Tamara and Linda and Jen, and YAY! for the fun we all had [£].

As for the rest of my Thankfuls from Saturday, well they’re much more silver-lined and golden tinted than the trials I still face.

And a couple of them have made progress.

I got up luxuriously late* and by 1pm was enjoying the blue sky and sparkling sunshine from within the ensconcement of my bed, where I was snuggled with a cup of tea and a good book. I read and I read and I read, undisturbed, in beautiful silence. And then later, when I was ready, I got myself together, rang my Dad for a chat and a recipe [$], and pottered off to the shops.

And walking along in the goldenness, with no demands, a wonderful home, money enough to spend and a list full of goodness which would shortly be fulfilled, I thought “If my life is to end up without the joy and frustration of a child demanding of me; requiring that I sleep sensible hours; get up with it; feed and tend to it; entertain it and be THERE for it, at least the life I have now is a GOOD one.”

That’s a pretty damn big silver lining [%].

I managed to buy and send two cards I needed to, before the post-office shut [^]. At first I didn’t have the right words for one of them, but I think it will have come out okay. I’ll find out when it’s received!

The veg man was still open and I got cheap, good veggies and fruits without having to pay supermarket prices [&]. I love the veg man (I say man; there’s about four people who run the stall, and they’re not even all men, but they DO sell highly competitively priced fresh things) and I love supporting a local endeavour.

I found some awesome greeting cards for various people. And I managed to pick up a squeegee, which I read is the BEST thing for getting dog hair off carpets. I don’t have a dog, but *I* shed an awful lot, and I don’t know how I’m not bald yet! I also found a bunch of ‘Thank You’ cards which were discounted, so I now have REALLY no excuse for not saying thanks for my Christmas presents (crap of me, I know, seeing as I host a thing about Thankfulness each weekend here on the blog, and neglect it IRL – now you see how I edit myself to come across so well! *sigh*). Success on the connectivity (or intended connectivity) front, though [*].

When I got home, I borrowed that word again from Sarah, and I frog-hopped my way into cleaning the flat a little. The squeegee worked like a charm, and in the end I was able to hoover without too much clogging (seriously, a HUGE amount of hair…). Husby came home and found me whinging about cleaning, so he pitched in and did the kitchen. And now we’re both a bit happier [(], because shortly after that, we had an argument about cleaning, and then turned it into actual communication, rather than just sniping, and I think we’ve got a way forward now.

I then spent an indulgent time in my clean kitchen, chopping the market-stall vegetables for dinner, and figuring out the instructions on a totally-cheating-and-probably-battery-farmed-but-very-delicious-if-unethical box of pre-marinaded piri-piri chicken. And once it was all roasted, it was DELICIOUS, and we sat down to eat in front of an episode of Bewitched, as is our wont [)].

Gotta love Endora, and do you know WHY?

But because it’s been a day of beauty and wonderfulness, there are extras:

I got two new books from a charity shop. I keep meaning not to buy books, and to tackle the book mountain. But these books called to me (as books so often do) and at just £1 each, how could I resist?

I got a sherbet dib-dab. Because they’re awesome. And I enjoyed every fizzy, sticky mouthful. And yes I got it down me (because you always do) and I’m perfectly at peace with wearing a little sugar every now and then. Because retro sweets, yo!

I got cheap, beautiful spring-coloured wrapping papers so that we can wrap our should-have-been-Christmas presents, and send them to people. Because we definitely didn’t do it. But I can handle the thought of sending Happy New Year presents. So I’ll get on that soon.

I accepted some compliments. Graciously (and with no small amount of awe that they happened) and blushingly. But nicely. And I saw that they were genuinely meant and I didn’t question whether or not I ‘deserved’ them, I just felt hugely grateful to the people who paid them, and blessed with such good friends who think so highly of me.

So. The Trials have begun. And for today I’m feeling pretty good about them.

*BUT – from my pillow I heard (and was too muzzy-headed to bother with) a knock at the door. When I surfaced later, there was a card from the postman saying he had a parcel FOR ME but that it was too big for the letterbox and has been returned to the depot. If I can get away from work early on Monday evening I might *just* make it there before they close. Otherwise I have to wait until they open late on Wednesday and I’m SO DAMN CURIOUS to see what that parcel is!

So. Who else is joining the Thankful party this weekend?

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
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55 thoughts on “TToT 30:2 Let the Games begin

  1. A squeegee gets pet hair off carpets?! Must. Try. Three cats and two females with long hair. Enough said.
    Sherbet dib dab? Please define.


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