7 Quick Takes #58 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

If I had a million dollars then I…

First off would give 10% to my church, cos they do a HECK of a lot in the community, and I’m down with that. This place is going to hell in a handbasket (seriously, my local high street has the nickname ‘Mutant Mile’) – it needs all the help it can get. 

Then I’d give 50% to various charities, both locally and further afield. Cos they do Good. And I’m all about doing Good. And I don’t need that much money.

Then I’d buy a house for my Sis, and set up funds for Niece and Neff for when they’re older. And I’d probably buy our flat.

And then if I had a few thousand left, I’d definitely fund my Bloggy Tour of America (and maybe a little of Canada).

I’m gradually developing plans as to where I need to go. Slowly, slowly, to make sure I get to meet all the important people.  

So far the states I need to hit are (not (yet) an exhaustive* list) Indiana, Virginia, Missouri, Texas, SanFran, Ohio, Rhode Island, Florida.

And I’m starting in Boston, Mass. to pick up my tour bus and Kate, who’s gonna be my chef, and we’re gonna have a BLAST. 

*Let me know if I need to visit you, and I’ll pencil you in.

— 2 —

I got writer’s block (okaaaaay *so* just typed ‘writer’s blog’ back there) and had nothing to say to you for two whole days. It was nasty. But then I ran, and as I ran, the words came pouring back. And then I landed me a guest spot on PenPaperPad for next Thursday, so I’m veryvery happy about that. I wrote about writing, but I didn’t succumb to needing to write about not being able to write. Right?

— 3 —

On a related note: editing is REALLY HARD. I know I tend to go on a bit, and I enjoy getting into the whole descriptive ‘trying to carry you away with my words’ thing, but really? A hundred words off? That stuff’s painful. BUT. I prevailed, partly because Tamara’s so awesome and really nice and didn’t bully me at all, and partly because I knew that on Friday, in the Awesome Bloggers VidChat, I’d get laughed at to my face by Starr, who thinks I run off at the mouth and couldn’t cut anything down to save my life.

Boy, I sure showed her.

Or I will have, next Thursday, when the post goes live and this wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey thing makes sense of all these tenses.

— 4 —

Incidentally, for those not yet in the know, Sir Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine hosts the Awesome Bloggers VidChat (doncherknow), and invites us all to congregate in the wonderfully mysterious world of Google+ Hangouts on Friday evenings from 12pm GMT (the party for those who DEFINITELY know how to party i.e. after the other parties are done and we reel in, still half-cut, for larks and fun times) and Sunday afternoonsish from 1.30pm GMT (the quieter and more contemplative version of the same).

If you’d care to join us, you’re definitely invited – find me on Google+ (somewhere up there on the right is a link) and let me know you want to be part of this brave new bloggy enterprise, and I’ll make sure you’re hooked up with us.

— 5 —

Five. Hmm. Five weeks to go. Ack.

— 6 —

Six Sentence Stories

It seems like only yesterday that you took me under your wing and tried, so hard, in so many ways to show me the way forward. You’d already surged ahead, navigating those stony roads and spike-ridden thickets, and you paused, looking back to call me and beckon me onwards to join you. You told me at great length (and repeatedly, because the lessons never stuck) that things would change; they would be different, and in not being the same, would be more manageable. 
I’ve tried so hard to believe you, I’ve almost convinced myself. Because you’ve done it – you’re there, in that place of *almost* ‘Cool, Calm and Collected’ and you KNOW so much – you inspire me more than you realise, and I long for the day when I, too, assume that mantle of ‘It’s okay’.
But in the meantime, stick with me, even though I drive you mad – remember to keep calling back to tell me to watch my step; let me know where the pot-holes are and keep shining that light from up ahead so I can follow towards where life is alright – because it feels like every time I stop and look around me, I get lost again.
— 7 —
Really, very, HUGELY COOL AWESOME NEWS over at Ten Things, tomorrow. And some slightly sadder news, too. BUT THE AWESOME IS SO GOOD. You definitely want to come back and find out what it is. Wonderful, lovely, TToT-related news.




Ten Things of Thankful

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81 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #58 x FTSF

  1. Life will be different. I will change slowly (for the better). And thanks for (probably) not letting me fall. Unless I need to. Thank you millions and forever <3

    I'll try better not to drive you mad in worse ways 😀


  2. WOW. You never drive me mad. I mean you do, but only in the very best of ways, and the only perfect of ways…and you are brilliant and amazing and wonderful and please never tell yourself or anybody that you or they or life will be different. It will, and I'm a hypocrite for saying to not say that because it's so true, but I guess it's dangerous expecting OTHER PEOPLE to be different. I guess that's the difference. LIFE will be different, but mostly you won't. I won't. Nobody will. Life will. And that's the way it's supposed to be and OMG you are wise and amazing.
    I'll always call out the potholes for you. Except when I think you need to trip. But then I'll be there to help you up. I promise. xoxoxo


  3. LOL. You know the Big Reveal now – must be fun doing that one backwards and not getting caught in the hype!

    I really want to come to Canada – there are bloggers there (you included) who I'd love to meet. But you'll have to tell me what a poutine is first so I don't feel like an idiot ;D


  4. Canada is far better than Merica.
    You do know that you have to buy a gun as a souvenir?
    My husband is a half breed and I thoroughly enjoy teasing him. Not that being American is a bad thing. It's a great thing. I have a lot of Merican friends that I'd love to meet.
    It's just not as great as Canada and we have real maple syrup and poutines. So we win.
    And I live here. So if you're going to Michigan, you can swing over into my territory.
    Since I am behind in visiting, I don't have to wait in suspense to read what you're excited to share. Muwhahahah.
    I don't know why that needed a Dr.Evil laugh.


  5. I'd be tempted to send you the original just to see what you'd do with it (if you weren't so busy) 😉 I suck at editing.

    Kate. She offered once, and I accepted. And that was that. Like how Christine's now my driver.

    I could still use a PA to arrange who I'll be meeting and at what time and for how long…fancy coming along for the ride?

    It's gonna be AMAZING. And real. If not *quite* how I envisage here.


  6. OMG I'd offer to edit because I actually kick ass at editing other people's stuff (not my own though) but well…I already know the news as I'm on the inside loop (WHEEE)
    Also how did you get Kate as a personal chef and how did I miss this part of it all? I know your bloggy tour will become reality and I'm so very much looking forward to it! Booya!


  7. I sent some test blogs to Kate to critique. Overall she liked them. She gave me some good pointers( like hey butthead get a dickshunerry, and learn how to read before you try to write!). I do intend to start a blog at some point but right now is not the greatest time. I am, however; saving ideas and even writing some so that when I do start I will have somewhat of a backlog to use when I am lazy or otherwise unable to write.


  8. they are about the same distance for me. But my kid lives in Rhode Island so I'm more apt to meet you up there. We could go get tattoos at his parlor….a little ttot tatt!


  9. It's GOREGOUS blog-hoppy news, and it's made me happy all week.

    And thanks. It's either a wonderful heart, or another instance of not being able to put myself first. Whichever it is, Good would happen for people who need it, so it remains valid 😀


  10. Can't wait for the news, SOOOO excited!!! You have such a wonderful heart, Lizzi, thinking about everyone else before yourself. Hugs to you!!


  11. I KNOW AND I'm STILL totally jealous that you and Kristi got to meet up. And Kristi and Dana and Angela got to meet up. In fact….Kristi gets around a bit, doesn't she?!?!

    And no, peeking in will *surely* not violate any rules. Besides which, perhaps there's a 'something' with rules (as there is with metabolism) that makes them stronger after they get messed with a little bit…?


  12. Oh, that teaser at the end! I may have to actually come back, and at least peek. That doesn't really violate my “No Blogging on the Weekend” rule, right? Also, a Bloggy World Tour would be supercool. Meeting blog friends in person is the best.


  13. Sure, I'll split the costs with you. But we have to agree on a route that goes nowhere near old US nuclear testing grounds or deserted roads – I've seen 'The Hills have Eyes'.


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