7 Quick Takes #58 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

If I had a million dollars then I…

First off would give 10% to my church, cos they do a HECK of a lot in the community, and I’m down with that. This place is going to hell in a handbasket (seriously, my local high street has the nickname ‘Mutant Mile’) – it needs all the help it can get. 

Then I’d give 50% to various charities, both locally and further afield. Cos they do Good. And I’m all about doing Good. And I don’t need that much money.

Then I’d buy a house for my Sis, and set up funds for Niece and Neff for when they’re older. And I’d probably buy our flat.

And then if I had a few thousand left, I’d definitely fund my Bloggy Tour of America (and maybe a little of Canada).

I’m gradually developing plans as to where I need to go. Slowly, slowly, to make sure I get to meet all the important people.  

So far the states I need to hit are (not (yet) an exhaustive* list) Indiana, Virginia, Missouri, Texas, SanFran, Ohio, Rhode Island, Florida.

And I’m starting in Boston, Mass. to pick up my tour bus and Kate, who’s gonna be my chef, and we’re gonna have a BLAST. 

*Let me know if I need to visit you, and I’ll pencil you in.

— 2 —

I got writer’s block (okaaaaay *so* just typed ‘writer’s blog’ back there) and had nothing to say to you for two whole days. It was nasty. But then I ran, and as I ran, the words came pouring back. And then I landed me a guest spot on PenPaperPad for next Thursday, so I’m veryvery happy about that. I wrote about writing, but I didn’t succumb to needing to write about not being able to write. Right?

— 3 —

On a related note: editing is REALLY HARD. I know I tend to go on a bit, and I enjoy getting into the whole descriptive ‘trying to carry you away with my words’ thing, but really? A hundred words off? That stuff’s painful. BUT. I prevailed, partly because Tamara’s so awesome and really nice and didn’t bully me at all, and partly because I knew that on Friday, in the Awesome Bloggers VidChat, I’d get laughed at to my face by Starr, who thinks I run off at the mouth and couldn’t cut anything down to save my life.

Boy, I sure showed her.

Or I will have, next Thursday, when the post goes live and this wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey thing makes sense of all these tenses.

— 4 —

Incidentally, for those not yet in the know, Sir Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine hosts the Awesome Bloggers VidChat (doncherknow), and invites us all to congregate in the wonderfully mysterious world of Google+ Hangouts on Friday evenings from 12pm GMT (the party for those who DEFINITELY know how to party i.e. after the other parties are done and we reel in, still half-cut, for larks and fun times) and Sunday afternoonsish from 1.30pm GMT (the quieter and more contemplative version of the same).

If you’d care to join us, you’re definitely invited – find me on Google+ (somewhere up there on the right is a link) and let me know you want to be part of this brave new bloggy enterprise, and I’ll make sure you’re hooked up with us.

— 5 —

Five. Hmm. Five weeks to go. Ack.

— 6 —

Six Sentence Stories

It seems like only yesterday that you took me under your wing and tried, so hard, in so many ways to show me the way forward. You’d already surged ahead, navigating those stony roads and spike-ridden thickets, and you paused, looking back to call me and beckon me onwards to join you. You told me at great length (and repeatedly, because the lessons never stuck) that things would change; they would be different, and in not being the same, would be more manageable. 
I’ve tried so hard to believe you, I’ve almost convinced myself. Because you’ve done it – you’re there, in that place of *almost* ‘Cool, Calm and Collected’ and you KNOW so much – you inspire me more than you realise, and I long for the day when I, too, assume that mantle of ‘It’s okay’.
But in the meantime, stick with me, even though I drive you mad – remember to keep calling back to tell me to watch my step; let me know where the pot-holes are and keep shining that light from up ahead so I can follow towards where life is alright – because it feels like every time I stop and look around me, I get lost again.
— 7 —
Really, very, HUGELY COOL AWESOME NEWS over at Ten Things, tomorrow. And some slightly sadder news, too. BUT THE AWESOME IS SO GOOD. You definitely want to come back and find out what it is. Wonderful, lovely, TToT-related news.




Ten Things of Thankful

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81 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #58 x FTSF

  1. Awwwh thanks Don. It would be *so* awesome 😀 And yes, I have a strong suspicion that once I'd met my friends and discovered how wonderful 'merica is (not the cold bits – I'd need to live somewhere HOT) then I'd struggle so much to leave, because I'd just love it too, too much.

    And yeah, thanks bud – I'll remember that 😀 (though I feel that, as with Webster and his new speech, the whole 'right side of the road' thing is just to be damn ornery.)

    The other thing which will be weird is driving an automatic thing. Are buses automatic there? I have no idea! But I drive manual – it's all we have here, pretty much.


  2. I think so. I haven't really had them often. Nachos are great though. The more jalapenos the better.

    Two homemade dinners? You promised me cheffiness, my dear – at this rate I'll end up cooking for you. I LOVE cooking 😀


  3. THREE HUNDRED WORDS?!?!?!?! How do you BREATHE?

    Ohhhh I could never ever ever ever do that! This was down from 1008 to 923, and every. single. one. hurt.

    But it *is* better. Perhaps. You'll have to wait and see next Thursday – I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited, because I love it so much.


  4. Well, I for one hope you come into that money so you can help people as well as get to see 'merica. You'll love it and probably never want to leave. PS, if you get a go on that bus, we drive on the right side of the road because, you know…normal.


  5. I'd use the million dollars for medical expenses…..gosh, those are heavy. Then again, that's the Rogerian me! And I so love take no. 6!!


  6. I definitely would want to buy a condo with a million dollars. And once I paid off my debts I wouldn't have much left over. A million bucks doesn't go as far as it used to 😦

    I've been practicing my chef skills- made two homemade dinners this week! Do you like tacos?


  7. Bloggers Tour sounds awesome, Lizzi! And I agree, editing is hard. My husband can't STAND if I write something longer than 300 words and he keeps me on my toes. His sigh of disappointment when he scrolls to the bottom to see how long he'll have to sit before he is released from his spousal duty makes me cut wherever possible;).


  8. Pay it forward, that's the ticket. And yes, Florida for you and one other. Disney is unneeded – I'll be having too much fun.

    You should definitely try the six sentences. Really makes you think carefully about it.

    Ooooooh if you could come to the VidChat tonight, that would be awesome 😀

    And no. I can't wait for TToT either…it's gonna be EPIC.


  9. the Vid is the 'place' to be on Friday nights and Sunday mornings (for any non-Continental types out there) that'll be 7:00 pm EST and 8:30 am EST … I believe yeah I have had a slight case of Writers Blank…Writers Blues Writes! Block!! I think that's what it' and the tour and the rest of the stuff that's in my head…whatever
    the World Tour is simply the best idea, question is…surprise visits or planned visits?
    Editning really i a pain in the heck. (I make that obvious joke, but I am detecting a disturbing tendency on my part while writing where I'l let the spelheck realise that I meant to spell realize and just 'space' my way through the word. And even worse is that it is starting to insert subordinate clauses for me! (I would give an example, except I don't real y know what a subordinate clause looks like)… you know what I mean?
    see you tonight, Jane


  10. Look at all the stuff that is going on while I'm sleeping!
    Charities are on my list too. But, of course. Blessings must be paid forward!
    I'm going to vainly assume that the tour bus will be stopping in Florida for me and not Mickey Mouse. Very smart to end here, by the way. We are warm and I think warm is good.
    Once again, I am in awe of your six sentences and although you set the bar pretty high, I may have to give that a go.
    I am ever hopeful that I will be able to grab a moment to join everyone tonight at the chat. Let's see what the family has in store for me today!
    As for TToT…can't wait!


  11. I have never heard anyone say you run off at the mouth.

    I didn't say old, I said older. Surely I won't get whacked with a flashlight for stating a fact!


  12. Even without the million your plan to help others is part of the love we all need to have how ever much actual cash we have. Helping loved ones is important but to reach out and color the lives of people you don't know is so worthwhile too.


  13. YES! Definitely. 100,000% yes. Tour-guide, driver, friend. You're IN. I hope I get a turn at driving the Big Dog Bus, though…it sounds like fun 😀 Right. If Dana funds this, Kate's gonna have to cook for four. She'll manage – she's a good cook.

    Thank you. And I'm not *quite* trying to 'take over the internet' but it is fun to write for friends 🙂

    So THAT'S your secret. You're very consistently good, so what you do works. And now I spy an inkling into my fluctuation. I rarely, rarely edit *anything*. I just pour out the words, correct any typos or punctuation and hit publish. No wonder I have this reputation for running off at the mouth.

    And secretly, between us, I think the editing did help a little.

    Careful just how much you fling 'older' around…you might get clobbered by a flashlight *grins*

    But you ALSO have helped me a lot. And I'm grateful and thankful, you know that 😀


  14. I've done it before. I like doing it because it provides a really straightforward structure and concept to work around. I just don't think I can get away with doing it too often.

    I would DEFINITELY meet you in Mexico. I have a friend in Belize, who I'd want to come and see as well, if that were possible. BIG Bloggy tour, this.

    The news is TToT-wonderful.


  15. Isn't…I thought…okay, so I thought that you were in the same state as Kristi because you guys are close togetherish. Clearly I was wrong but I AM VISITING YOU FORSURE!

    Awwwwwh you're so sweet 😀 And you know, if you won a million bucks and offered, I'd even (maybe) let you, because that would be the most amazing, awesome thing EVER 🙂 You'd have to come round with me, though, if you were funding it. I'm sure Kate could chef for three of us…right?

    Yes. Five weeks and (hopefully) two chances. It's still enough…it's still enough… (but still Ack.)



    How many states are there? (no, no, I do know the answer to this one)

    Come and see the good news – it's SUCH a lovely thing to have good Blog Hop news 😀


  17. I've done that – the writing about not being able to write. I may even have done it here. It's good as a structure but not something I want to indulge in too much. So I forged forwards with restraint, and just let the two days happen.

    Thanks – I'm glad you know this, too. I know that I've needed my shining light quite a lot, and am so, so blessed to have that person to give me input and support and encouragement.

    It's going to be exciting – a wonderful day of lovely Blog Hop news 😀


  18. Southern cooking? *pricks up ears*

    And I have NO idea where North Carolina even is! I'll have to get me a map for this trip…

    Big Blog Hop News is SO exciting – I hope you like it as much as I do.


  19. Owww! What HAPPENED? You know I made this comment system (supposedly) easier and more effective, right? I guess I can give you points for trying…

    I tellya what, I am LOVING thinking about the Bloggy Tour, and all the places I want to get to. I might really need that $million at this rate though 😀 I want to see EVERYONE. And actually there are a few bloggers in TX I need to see (Yes – you're one) – it seems to be a state full of talented writers. And warmth. Never forgetting that all-important sunshine.

    And YES – you're gonna LOVE this news, as it involves a mutual friend.

    p.s. Thanks 🙂 A not-quite fiction from me, this time.


  20. Colder than Mars? Not somewhere I'm gonna be anywhere close to 😀 And I'll try to come in summer because I'd LOVE to try out some of the amazing high temperatures y'all get.

    REALLY? In LONDON? it's a little less like that than you think – I went up to London recently, for the afternoon, to have coffee with a Canadian blogger (Karyn Pickles from Pickles Inc – very cool lady)…if you want to meet up, LET ME KNOW 😀

    Blog-hop-news is the most fun 😀


  21. Well, I can't wait to hear the news and don't forget Idaho on your tour! Give a jingle and we'll roll out the red carpet! 😀


  22. If Kate is your chef, may I be your tour guide?? I've been to almost all of those states, I know how to drive a really big vehicle, I looooove a good road trip, and I am a scott. A scott would be very handy in this type of trip.

    Glad to hear you got over the writer's block and have continued your quest to take over the internet by guest-posting on every site available. Congrats!

    Editing is a really, really difficult thing to do. Every time I write a post, I make myself go through and take out any and all words that don't contribute to the post. Most of the time, by saying less, I'm saying so much more. Of course, there are also times when I say “screw it” and write with abandon just to get it down.

    I love your 6SS! I have certainly found comfort and wisdom in befriending women who are older than me. Who have lived through the things I have yet to live. I hope I can be that person for others. You know…when I'm older. 🙂


  23. Hey Lizzi, remember when I succumbed to writing about not being able to write, lol!!! You would have to extend your tour way south to see me so maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle….say Mexico?
    Can't wait for the news 🙂


  24. Um, Maryland is not on your blog tour. What's up with that? I'm an hour north of Kristi, so you can pick me up on the bus on your way to Virginia. I didn't write this in my post, but if I won a million bucks I would fund your US Bloggy tour for you – how awesome would that be!

    Five weeks is still five weeks.


  25. I loved all of this, Lizzi! I got a kick out of not writing about being not able to write, and I especially related to your “remembering” piece. The feeling is familiar to me. If we race too far ahead and forget to turn back and extend a hand, we can leave those who are trying to follow the path back there in the dust. This was a timely reminder! We all move forward at our own pace, but we watch for shining lights to follow! I was out of town last weekend, but will be back to check out the news on TToT tomorrow, can't wait!


    Woop for your American bloggy tour including TEXAS!!! Even if that's not for me, I'll hunt you down and crash your party!
    Also, awesome about the guest post! I'm doing several this month for the first time ever. Very fun!
    Whaaaa? Good news? Exciting good news? I'll be there to find out!
    p.s. love the 6 sentence story. 🙂


  27. Did the uber-low temperatures scare you away from Minnesota? Because it sometimes gets above freezing… Just make sure you come in the summer. Actually, make it July just to be safe.
    {And I'll be in London this summer…. which I know is like someone from Germany telling me they will be in New York City, but hey, just letting you know…}
    Eager to hear the news…


  28. Love what you would do with the million and knew you would totally take care of your niece and nephew, because you seriously are the best aunt possible. And cannot wait now for the news tomorrow! 🙂


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