A little more sunshine

At first I thought the New Year was going to be kind. It is being kind in that I’m thankful not to report any snow or awful-horrific minus numbers with regard to the temperature. But it hasn’t been kind. It’s been rainstormy and tornadoish, and say what you will about snow and how much it sucks – it is at least PRETTY.

And rain. Well, rain just stinks. I hate rain. And I refuse to even TRY to be thankful about it because I’m so moody about how very much rain there is.

So I’ll be thankful (hugely, verymuchly) for this instead – my lovely Beth nominated me for a Sunshine Award.

Which I love because it’s Beth and it’s Sunshine and hey, either of those is enough to make my day a whole lot better.

This award is usually done in elevens, yet my nominator did something with sevens, and though I love the idea of picking a prime, I’m gonna stick with my own theme, dance to my own tune, and go with Ten (except for answering Beth’s questions, because there are only seven (dangit!)), because it’s a weekend of Tens and we’re a base-10 species and just because.

And so to the rules. Write Ten awesome/interesting/unusual facts about yourself. Answer the Ten (seven) questions. Nominate Ten other bloggers who bring sunshine into your world. Simples.

Ten *whatever* Facts About Me

1. When I’m cooking, I sometimes taste in colour. Let me explain. This isn’t some kind of weird synaesthesia thing (I don’t think, and I’m bummed about that, because that would be too cool) but just a kind of extrapolation. If the dish is too astringent, I taste reds. Vegetables make things green. Richer flavours are brown, and spices make it yellow. I think in terms of “I need to add more brown to this (when it’s too red)”. It’s laziness or madness or something, but it works for me, and I get frequent, lovely compliments on my cooking. My favourite recently was from Husby, who (after we didn’t bother going shopping and I just ended up foraging a meal together from what we had in cupboards) exclaimed with a big grin “This is DELICIOUS! I mean, I know what you usually cook is really good, but this is something you just made up and this tastes like it was PLANNED.”

2. When I get hooked by a new song, I get really, truly, properly, all-in-utterly-totally-in-love-with-it hooked. And I can listen to it on a loop. One song. For HOURS. I think the longest I’ve gone is nearly five hours. Which tells me that I spend too much time online, and that I love music in a borderline obsessive way. I just have to fill myself up with it.

3. I get book hangovers really badly. If I get immersed in a book, I can find it really difficult to make the transition back to real life. More on that tomorrow.

4. Twitter has become a Big Deal for me. Most of you know this. But you may or may not know that there was a function hanging around on New Year which allows you to make a video of your ‘top bits’ of Twitter for the year. And it shows your top three people you interact with. I was the #1 person for ELEVEN OTHERS! And that’s only 11 who actually made the video. There may be more. I felt like being embarrassed about this at first, but I don’t mind too much, because I just LOVE being friends.

Oh go on then… you can watch it here

5. And on the topic of being friends…I might maybe sometimes perhaps have had dreams which have included people from the Blogosphere. Appropriate dreams, I hasten to add. Nothing R-rated. Just hanging out. I can’t decide if this is kinda cool or (again) a sign that I might just be a little bit obsessive sometimes.

6. I’m still getting through my two-year plan for two different tattoos I might or might not want. One of these has been on and off the two year plan several times. I may never end up tattooed, but I do like the thinks. The two-year plan (as the name suggests) is the length of time I’ll think about a design before getting it inked. If, in that timespan, there are occasions when I think “I’m really glad I don’t have that tattoo right now” it doesn’t make the cut. This scheme has saved my skin from a few bad decisions so far.

7. I’m 5’7″ tall. Which is tallish, but I have height envy because both my parents are tall. My sister is tall. And somehow I’m not(ish). Feeling short stinks.

8. I also do this weird thing with height – if someone I know is in what I’d consider a position of hierarchy over me, I tend to see them as taller than they really are. And am then surprised when I stand near them and discover that they’re shorter than I thought.

9. I’m a moley person. We’ve always called them moles (which is a horrible word, but I can’t get out of the habit and call them naevi, which is a far prettier word and sounds a bit like it belongs in space) and I can be identified by the following (if ever I’m murdered and my teeth get smashed in and my hands cut off, yaknow…). Front of right ankle. Left leg above the knee. Back of right thigh. Just below left shoulderblade. An arrangement on my right forearm near the wrist, which looks a little like Cassiopeia. And one just above my lips on the left-hand side, which looks like I’ve perpetually not wiped my mouth *sigh*.

Okay, in direct contrast, only a TINY bit like it.

10. I have bigger muscles than any girl I know. If I can’t (and never was going to be) petite/slender, I will at least take inordinate pride in being hench. Allegedly I always have been. My mum likes to tell this story about some kind of test which new babies were meant to pass at a few months old, where they got put on their fronts to see if they could lift their heads up to look around. I did this on the day I was born. And I’m kinda pleased about that, too.

Ouf! Are you still with me?

Onward to Beth’s questions. Only seven this time, so we might be a bit quicker. Apparently I am a complete narcissist have plenty to say about myself.

1. If you could go back in time ten years and tell yourself one thing, what would it be? 
Honestly, I wouldn’t tell myself anything at all. Maybe to smell the roses along the way, but I have no advice for that girl. None which is sensible to give. And I definitely, definitely wouldn’t tip her the wink about what happens over the next decade. No way. Let her enjoy her ignorant bliss.

2. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? 
Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet. Swiftly followed by Ben&Jerrys Phish Food.

And yes, I maintain that I’m not an ‘ice-cream person’. Because I’d never choose it, but if I’m there anyway…

3. Beth asked: If you were to take me on a date, where would we go and why? 
Uhm. Well. For starters I’d show up with flowers, because that’s polite and kind of expected. And I’d be nervous about making a good first impression.

Then I’d take you to my beach (not *my* beach, but my appropriated one – the one I visit most) and we could walk for miles, paddle in the sea, watch the boats and the clouds and talk and talk and talk. There would be a picnic (even though there’s a cafe there, but it’s noisy and overpriced and anyway, picnics are much better) with a stringently-researched hamper full of vegan goodness (I’ll even pretend to enjoy it (actually, I’ll make a big show of pretending to enjoy it, and probably secretly actually will.)) and then later I’d probably suggest that we climb a few trees or gatecrash the kids playpark, because that’s ALWAYS fun. And that way I’d have the perfect opportunity to do something silly like challenge you to an obstacle course around the whole park (they’ve got this awesome one built of wood and ropes and climbing-on things) and show off/tease you/fall off something spectacularly.

Then right at the end of the date, before we leave, I’d give you a necklace of one of the beach shells on a cord, which I hope you didn’t notice me finding earlier.

I don’t do soppy (very well), but I DO do fun. And I think you’d enjoy it.

4. Above all else, what are you afraid of?
Losing the people I love. That strikes terror to my very core.

5. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
I’d fly…

6. What has been your favorite age to be and why?
I don’t think I’m there yet. I’ve got about 10 years to go.

7. Coffee or tea? 
Tea. Every time. Except when it’s coffee. And then it has to be GOOD coffee. Preferably LavAzza, made in my ‘proper ‘talian coffee pot’ on the stove. With a pinch of salt in the grounds to take the edge off the bitterness, and leave it creamysmoothdelicious.

RIGHT! The final push now. The shorter, easier bit. My ten questions.

1. Someone’s at your door. Who would you like it to be, and why?
2. What do you think you’ll be like when you’re really old?
3. What was your favourite day out as a little kid?
4. Describe a time when you realised you were thinking an entirely new thought.
5. Have you ever had a moment where you’ve felt like ‘the ancestors’ were looking over your shoulder?
6. Did you rebel as a teenager? How?
7. What’s your favourite sandwich?
8. Which cartoon character do you most relate to?
9. What are your favourite shoes like?
10. If you could be someone else for the day, who would you be?

Aaaaand lastly, my ten nominations*

*stepping outside my norms and not nominating the ‘usual suspects’ for this, because they know who they are, and they don’t need an award to know just how many gallons of sunshine they bring into my world, and how important they are to me, and how much they matter. Christine, Kristi, Chris, Dyanne…you know this, right? And Beth, I can’t give it back to ya.

1. Kiss My List
Dana, you’ve done so much to cheer me up. You are my hope-holder, my cheerer-onner and my friend. And you’re lovely. Thank you.

2. Another Clean Slate
Kate, I love finding our parallels. Even the sucky ones, because it helps more than you know to have someone out there who KNOWS. And cos you sent me that beautiful card and just about made my WEEK for that. And because you’re so incredibly sweet 🙂

3. The Insomniac’s Dream
Starr, when you’re not running off at the mouth and shooting piss and vitriol all over the place, the things you write really ‘get to’ me. And then you come over here and write beautiful poems and such lovely words that it fills my heart with happies. Not to mention the delight of real-time chats, courtesy of the Wakefield Doctrine VidChat Initiative.

4. The Wakefield Doctrine
Personality guru, maybe sometime-channeller of Yoda-like wisdom, and friend. Clark I can’t begin to say how much help your thoughts and theories have been to me. Nor how much I genuinely enjoy your friendship and input. And I know this brings you front-and-centre, and you’ll kick your feet in the dirt and say “shucks” a lot* but it merits saying that you make it shiney round here.

5. Life’s Like That Sometimes
Rich – my brother from another timezone/generation/set of parents – you get me. I (usually) get you. And the writing is good with us. Your support and input is always appreciated.

6. Mother of Imperfection
Sandy, you’ve gone from being someone who pitched up here (I still don’t know how you found me, but am SO glad you did) brimful of enthusiasm and loveliness, to being someone I am hugely pleased to call my friend. You bring me many moments of glorious bright-and-sunny-ness, and thank you for them, and for you.

7. The Meaning of Me
Lisa, we have such lovely chats and I love reading your blog and…and…and…yes, you deserve this. And I’m pleased and honoured to offer it to you 😀

8. Talk About Cheesecake
Ahhh Piper. So, SO MUCH sunshine, my friend. And rides into space. And good chats. And Tweeting through the day. All so very, very good and full of brightness. Thank you.

9. Rewritten
Zoe. My Bard. My friend. My pronouncer of the most wonderful pronunciation in the world of SCHNOOKERED…you bring a LOT of light. And you’re hilarious with it. Thank you for so much awesomeness.

10. Forever Five
Lisa, I don’t even care that this is out of the blue and I barely know you (yet – it’ll happen) because you brought me GOOD sunshine this week, and you made me laugh a LOT with your FSTF post, and you don’t know it yet, but we’re gonna be friends. If you don’t run for the hills 🙂

Secret #11 – The Insane Asylum, because Mike, you make me LAUGH. A lot. And you’re a most excellent co-conspirator and just LOVE getting me into trouble. And it’s so much fun.

Secret #12 – Girlie on the Edge. Denise. Always.

Secret #13 – Muddle-Headed Mama, Lizzy, you live in the LAND of sunshine, and your blog is so delightful and just chock-full of that light. The more I read of it, the more I really like you and hope to make friends. You don’t know just how much you made me smile today. It was awesome.

Super-secret #14 – Helen A. You’re not a blogger, I know, but you bring huge, massive, gorgeous, dollops of lovely sunshine. So you get this as well, because our chats are sustaining and wonderful and fun and lovely. And you’re awesome. And it bears saying. It matters. Thank you, my friend.

*actual phrasing optional**
**and only applicable if you aren’t in scottian mode at the time of acceptance

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


46 thoughts on “A little more sunshine

  1. Awwwh thanks 😀 I'm glad you feel sunny. Your videos and selfies and writing are SO full of fun and happiness, I really enjoy reading you and learning more about you. You definitely deserve the sunshine award, and I am totally pleased to include you.

    Thank you for saying such lovely things about my writing 🙂 Now I feel sunny too 😀


  2. I am amazed at how giving you are, Lizzi! I am completely humbled to be included here and now feel all sunny inside:). You have the gift of friendship and it shows. I very easily felt akin to you even before we had any personal contact. Your writing draws people in and you give yourself freely. Thank you so much for including me on this list of awesome bloggers!:)


  3. I am all upside down and catching up this morning and although I sent love on Twitter (working on this years Top Tweep!) I have to stop and thank you for the Sunshine. I have lots of posting to now between awards and the 80's series catching up….
    Thank you very, very much, my friend!
    P.S. Working on my music post, are you?


  4. Oh COOL! Definitely do that, and I shall enjoy.

    WHOOT! I have explained to Husby about tasting the colours. I think his response was of the 'humouring me' type.

    Ohhhhh you have an ENGLISH DEGREE! Man I SO want one of those. I'm a total academic snob and in utter awe of anyone with a degree in one of the cool subjects (pretty much English or Science) and I reallyreallyreally want one. But would need some serious fundage and concerted effort. So it never happened.

    But I make up words all the time. And use them. In fact, there are several words knocking around my family which are 'our' words and we all understand them, and no-one else has a clue, Which I love.


  5. Pippin is a rather old musical. I shall find a video and post it for you on Wednesday. For Wordless Wednesday.
    Welcome. Glad someone else understands the color thing because the Fab Hub does nt.
    And you said funner? I say that ALL THE TIME (me and my English degree, yes we make up words and use them at will). If you are a user of words like funner then I just love you even more.


  6. Real Life has to take priority, but GOOD to being friends 😀 And I *love* that you're my 12th where I'm #1 for Twitter. That's SO awesome 😀 Thank you for telling me that.

    Glad to have made your week 🙂 And YAY!

    Yes. Definitely a deep thinker. Hope you don't find the questions too arduous. As with the TToT – feel free to change/bend/break any of the rules. No questions asked 😉

    (Also, totally glad to know you get book hangovers and song obsessions – THANK YOU for sharing that 😀 )


  7. I just followed the link and made a twitter video and you were my number one too!! I definitely know what you mean about getting book hangovers and I also get obsessed with a single song and play it over and over and over again. For days. Weeks even! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your nominations – that well and truly made my week and the week's only just started, but it's going to take a lot to top that! I really like the questions you've posed … you definitely are a deep thinker, aren't you! I already consider us to be friends 🙂 I wish I had more time and opportunities to be more active on social media to cultivate blogging friendships more successfully, but right now the way things currently are for me, I just don't. Hopefully that will change in a year or two. Hope you have a super duper week. xx


  8. I guess I didn't realize you were so tall… You are y'know? That's not all I took from this but Im getting sleeeeeepy… so I will say thank you! THANK YOU!


  9. Tasting in color (or colour) sounds cool–regardless of whether it is true synaesthesia or not. (The word is in blue because I copied and pasted from your post–I really didn't trust my spelling on that one!)


  10. Girl thanks for sharing your secrets with us…and for the shoutout…you are freaking awesome and I can't wait to cause more trouble with you in 2014!


  11. Oh gimme two moments – let me just publish it already, then you can read it first and email me if I come off as a nutter, and then I'll take it down. Or cry and leave it there.


  12. The sunshine song sounds awesome – can you find it on Youtube from the lyrics and link it here? I don't know what Pippin is…

    YOU TASTE IN COLOUR! *punches the air* YESSS! I'm so, so, so glad that a) someone else does and b) you admitted to it. THANK YOU 😀

    And I don't mind not being able to *exactly* reproduce things. I figure they taste funner when they're variations on a theme.

    I don't like vanilla ice cream, as a rule. It's boring. And dessert. Would have to be special to tempt me. Oftenest I'll just go for Apple pie and custard because it's pretty plain, and hey, custard 😀


  13. This was the book hangover to end all book hangovers! (well. ish – they're not normally quite so bizarre, but this one..whoa!) I usually/sometimes/often feel loss when the book ends, and the world is closed to me from there on. Is that weird?? I hope not *too* outlandish. I think there enough around here who'll get me, so I don't feel like a complete nutter.

    (hey, you could just smile and nod your head, for me, even if you don't have a clue what I'm on about tomorrow – just so I don't feel like a complete lunatic…)


  14. Glad my new comment system works for you now. How irritating that it didn't before!

    Thank you 😀 I was very happy to receive it.

    And hey, didn't we talk once, many moons ago, about trying to organise something like UK BlogHer? Or an equiv. Or (the alternative) you, me and Piper meeting up at some point? I promise not to arm-wrestle you 😉

    Congrats on your TToT – last-minute is fine – you're here and I'm happy about that :D. Sleep well.


  15. OK, I so taste in color! Look at that freaky little common thing we have there. And the Hub often loves the made up out of my head and whatever's in the cabinets meals which, of course, I can't exactly reproduce. I love that he loves those, but I get so frustrated when I can't make them happen a second time.
    I am also not an ice cream person. Like I would skip dessert if the flavor doesn't interest me enough. But I have always always always loved rainbow sherbet. And vanilla.
    And I just love the #7 – I think it was 7. Always tea except when it's coffee. Sounds about right. I think I love them equally well, but they have specific places and purposes in my day. Coffee is for morning…or morning into afternoon if it's a long day at home. Tea is for afternoon and evening. Except out to dinner at a restaurant – then it's coffee. But it should be decaf then because of bedtime. But I rarely order decaf because of it's coffee.
    Working on my Sunshine post…how am I ever going to pick ten people without making other people sad? Sigh.
    Oh,, yes, and add to the list of sunshine songs this one…name unknown…”And if we all would spread a little sunshine…all would something else I forget.” I believe it's from Pippin. But I could be wrong. But that's playing in the Sunshine Song rotation in my head, too.


  16. Congrats on your award!
    Interesting facts about you. I'll remember about your muscles and won't suggest arm-wrestling if we ever meet at the UK version of Blogher – if they ever have one! 🙂 I can relate to your number 3, and wrote about something similar in my post. (Told you it would be at the last minute. It's past my bedtime now.
    Oops I was having problems with this new commenting system of yours, but it seems to recognise me now, so maybe it will post this time.


  17. Beth sure passed on some fun questions, huh? I reckon I'd be a pretty good date, all said and done, long as I had the whole day to play with.

    Let me know how you find the salt. What spices do you use? I could see cinnamon or nutmeg going down well.


  18. Love the date thing 🙂 Actually, vegan food is much better than its reputation! I'll definitely try the tip with the salt in the coffee grounds! I sometimes put spices in them, delicious!! Have a wonderful new week, Lizzi!


  19. Cornwall. It's a county on the Westernmost coast, where we get Atlantic sea and large, wide-open beauty. I love it. It's about 5 hours from me, but hugely worth the trip.

    And WOW! A for real bucket list? Impressive. I don't have one but YES you should post about it so I can see what's on there (cos I'm nosey and also want to see how high up the list the 'coming to England' thing is)

    Also, race you – see if you make it over here before I save enough for my Bloggy Tour of America 😀


  20. ALSO, if I ever visit England you're totally taking me to the Cromwell beach. Is that what it's called? Sorry if I have the wrong, it's on the other post's comment from you and I can't look it up right now. But you know which I'm talking about. Sounds AMAZING! And I soooo want to visit England someday. Totally on my bucket list. Which I JUST started! A real one! I might post about it cuz I'm excited. Never had a serious one before.


  21. seashell necklace…..AW I LOVE THAT ADDITION!! That would REALLY seal the deal, if you know what I mean and I think that you do. lol


  22. Thank you Lizzi. Always:)

    I can't believe you posted Johnny Nash! I'm telling my age now (but wtf cares) – I have the most vivid memories of hearing this song playing on the school bus radio in the morning. Back then, I hated it! As an old woman, I can appreciate it more:)


  23. Congrats on the Sunshine award, Lizzi. Oh, and I can relate to the feeling small bit! But hey, it's who the person is who has to be big! Chat with ya later1


  24. They are indeed tulips (that was clever of me, wasn't it;) ) and now I know you're freakishly strong with big guns, I would also have to challenge you to an arm-wrestle. And I'll buy you a coffee at the nasty cafe if you beat me 😀

    I dispute no specialness of the seven, nor cast aspersions on the non-elevens, I'm just trying to stay true to the Ten in honour of the TToT. Kinda feel I'd run out of things before the 100.

    I often get HUGE Feels from songs. And there are some I have to avoid when I'm in certain moods.

    I see you as taller than me. So there's that.

    Come back tomorrow for more on the book. It was a doozy.

    Thank you, my friend, for the beautiful award and all the lovely things you said and say, and who you B. 🙂 :*


  25. Oh my GAH this is so amazing I don't know where to start! OH who am I kidding, I have to start with our date! Our wonderful, glorious, perrrrrfect date! I love LOVE walks on the beach and talking. You could have stopped there. But no. We get CLIMB TREES, and to go to the park and I get to surprise you with my agility and strength, because I have always had good arm muscles and am freakishly strong. I remember in my boot camp once hearing this other girl say, “where'd she get those guns?” Now I can't squat or dead lift anything admirable, but I always surprise people with my benching and presses. ANYway, you even thought of a vegan picnic, you dear, sweet human. Wow. How thoughtful. and I love the flowers….are those tulips? My favorite. **you most certainly would be buying me breakfast
    I'm sorry I didn't do 11's, my dear. I was feeling weary, and worried I was boring people with my facts and such. And seven has special meaning, as well. You handled it awesome, though. I love your 10's, and you could do 100 and never bore me! I'm fascinated you cook with color! Oddly (or not) I hear emotion in musical tones. I've actually never told a soul that before this second. Maybe that's why some music is so hard to me to listen to. It gets me on a physiological level or something.
    I am SO surprised you are taller than me….by an inch! I would have guessed you two inches shorter. Maybe because of that vlog you did with your friend at the race. He was so much taller so maybe I pictured you short (er than me).
    Dying to know which book gave you such a hangover!
    Love your answer that you'd fly if you couldn't fail. Of course you would.
    You nominated AMAZING bloggers. One or two I need to go check out, but most I know. And your questions are fabulous. As always.
    Oh gosh, I'm sureI've forgotten something, but as usual you've outdone yourself and I love this post!! Big love to you, my friend! xoxoxo


  26. YES! That's YOU there on the page, my sunshiney friend. And I'm grinning SOMUCH because you got to spend a day doing wonderful things and not being responsible and because, because, because 😀 And because you *might* (oh please do!) write your first Twosie. And because I'm so happy you're happy.

    And I'll catch you tomorrow. But for a not-for-real comment, that was pretty damn awesome 😀


  27. So I checked e-mail before this…didn't get it, so I clicked and came here. And I'm reading and all and…WWWHHHHAAAAAAA???? That's me right there on the page. Woot! Thank you, dear Lizzi! That is awesome and I love it. And after I just had an awesome day with Kidzilla (TToT part two coming after that) this made my day even more awesome.
    And now I'm gushing because I fabulous days with Kidzilla are indeed exhausting and I need to ignore the fact that I did zero responsible grown-up work today and go to bed. But I'll come back tomorrow and comment for real because there are awesome things up there that must not go without reply.


  28. Pffffbbbbtttt. Shooting off at the mouth is what I do best. One of these days, I'm going to write something really beautiful, some gorgeous poem, then go back through in editing and throw in a bunch of swears. And dedicate the whole mess TO YOU.

    Both of your height “things” had me laughing so hard I nearly pissed myself. You see, I'm barely 5 foot even. On a good day with shoes on. I see the ENTIRE WORLD taller than they are, just looming over me. I'm everyone's favorite Hobbit.


  29. You shine very well, Dana, and always cheer me up. I'm glad I'm able to bring sunshine to you, too 😀

    Wow! You are! I wouldn't have guessed that. You write tall. But I'm glad that you feel on a par, height-wise. And I'm giggling, imagining your surprise at finding people taller than you XD


  30. Thank you Lizzi! I'm honored to be your sunshine. And no matter how you are feeling, you always bring sunshine to the lives of all of us too. I know you do for me. Oh, and I AM short – barely 5'2″ but I walk tall. I'm often surprised that people are so much taller than me; I must have an inflated sense of self importance – from a height standpoint anyway!


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