Ten Things of Thankful #29


Are you keeping up?

I’m not, because by rights it should be #31, because so many of WONDERFUL YOU joined in with the Renegade Edition and the Twelve Things review…and you’re SO awesome.

The most delightful, inspiring and completely humbling thing was how (when I realised that I was having a completely shitty week and needed those Ten Things to get me through) I discovered that so, so many of you had already prepared to link up. Not because you were having a bad week, but because you wanted it. You missed it not being there. And you’d taken the spirit of TToT and absorbed it, letting it sink deep into your skin and into your soul until it was almost reflexive to find your Thankfuls and write them up.

You have no idea at all how much that means to me.

Not because I made this happen. Not because of the hop, even, and all the fun and happiness and community it brings – but because when I started this, I had a feeling like I should take my shoes off and be very, very still, because it felt like it was entering into the presence of something Big and Good and Vital.

And because in taking part anyway, even though I’d told you there was a two-week break, it felt kind of like you felt the same way…

Thankfulness is powerful magic.

And magic is what I’m going to go with today.

My first utterly magical moment of Christmas was when I realised that the Downton Abbey Christmas Special was longer than I thought (sumptuous) and that I was DONE freaking out about Christmas. And I relaxed. I even managed to come home (briefly) on Christmas day, and it was alright. I was okay. Huge sighs of relief.ย 

Mechicka Boola
On Boxing Day (what we call the day after Christmas in the UK, or St Stephen’s Day (if I’m channeling Irish Husby)) I had absolutely the most magical time. My bestfriend in the world came over and we packed up Niece and Neff into the car and hit the beach. The sun shone (even a little bit warmly) and the skies were blue and it was all utterly, utterly beautiful. And this happened. A picnic. On the beach. For real.

It was a transcendent time of light and fresh air and other-worldliness as we sat, absolutely content in one another’s company, just all enjoying BEING. Niece and Neff were well behaved (and no-one threw any sand, did they…DID THEY, NEFF!) and we talked about all manner of things under the sun and absorbed the peacefulness of the distant sea as we stuffed ourselves on a simple feast of (mostly) honey and sunflower-seed bread and butter (spread with a store card, as we bought the picnic en route and no-one had a knife) and pate (spread with my bezzie’s bank card, as we didn’t want to cross-contaminate the everything).

Until you’ve sat on a picnic blanket on Boxing Day in the sunshine, with your Person, licking the butter off a plastic store card, you truly haven’t lived.

(or at least, you’ve not lived in my kind of world…)

Christine and her magical ways managed to sneakily arrange me a bona fide ‘Merrrp!’ on the nose.

It was amazing. And I did my best baby-dolphin-grin, partly because Merrrp! and partly because Christine and mostly because it was a beautiful wonderful moment.

Years ago there was a Very Special Shop in the UK, called Woolworths.

It was a chain shop, and contained within it every single thing you could nearly ever want, need or desire for your house. It was where I first discovered that I could buy music on tape or CD and bring it home and play it. It was cheap and cheerful and an absolute British Institution, of the very best kind and highest order.

And one day a few years ago, a day which genuinely had the nation reeling in shock and sorrow, it went bust. And closed. All of it!

Prior to its closing, I’d bought a mug. A bone china one, with Peter Rabbit pictures on it. It was my Special Woolworths Cup Of Tea mug. And I used it daily.

And over Christmas, clumsy being that I am, I dropped it into the dishwasher on top of another cup, and it broke.

Not just a little bit, glue-back-togetherable broke. But BROKE broke.

And I was sad.

So on the morning after Christmas, when Husby gave me the “Silly, little, not really a Christmas present, just a present present” that he’d gotten for me, and it was a brand new, not the same but completely lovely Peter Rabbit China Mug, my heart grew about ten sizes. And I realised just how hugely much I love this man, and how very wonderful he is to me.

And then MORE magic happened a few days later, when I received the most exciting and hugely wonderful parcel in the post.

Put ’em together
And it was from KRISTI

And what have you got?
It contained some of the most absolutely beautiful-wonderful-lovely-meaningful-SUPERSMASHINGGORGEOUS presents. And tiger gloves. So I can be a Tigger PROPERLY, with stripey hands.

Two sides to every story, and to every Christmas

Tiger spirit. And a tiny, very happy Owl

Bibbidy Bobbidy (Bibbidy Bobbidy)
Dancing the ritual dance and sultrily making my way past my Seven GuardVirgins (they’re all still faintly hungover from New Year) I was able to get to the Secret Rulebook and hereby invoke THE FOURTEENTH, which states, unequivocally, that if it’s five minutes past midnight and I’m late for my own hop, I can finish with a picture and a video. So there.

Happy New Year, my lovelies ๐Ÿ™‚

Bibbidy Bobbidy BOO!

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
ย Your hosts

93 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #29

  1. I know, right? He's so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad you made it here in the end, and enjoyed this. You're right. Boxing day was perfect ๐Ÿ˜€

    You would ADORE Downton Abbey. I hugely recommend it.


  2. Ah, at last..I made it! And how glad am I? Terribly. This was lovely from start to finish, most especially the bit about your sweet husband and the Peter Rabbit mug! Oh, that made me smile from ear to ear! I am so glad you were blessed with so much magic. I have heard so many good things about Downton Abbey and one of these days I will manage to watch it….I imagine I have some catching up to do. Your Boxing Day sounds amazing and I cannot imagine you could have found a better way to spend it.


  3. Wow! You joined us from Mexico in the end! Thank you Linda – truly honoured. I hope the rain's left you alone…

    This was a particularly 'soary' recap, and it was wonderful. I had lots of very gorgeous moments over Christmas break in the end, and I'm MASSIVELY thankful for that. Huge.

    YES! The same Woolworths (it transpires). And I do so love his thinking behind the new mug, and how sweet he is. Definitely a Keeper.

    I'm glad you feel lucky by me. I feel lucky by you all, and this hop, and this amazing, thankful, communitything we have going on here ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Oh I know! It was *almost* embarrassing. But it's aaaallll about the people. So I don't mind being known for being friends. At all. Even if it was so very much *grins*

    I'm glad you keep writing no matter what. And thank you for calling me inspirational! Wow! You're welcome for anything here which helps ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Oh did you? Seems like it was a Western institution then, and I STILL MISS IT ๐Ÿ˜€ I got *my* first CDs there…OW!

    There was BIG magic on that beach. And Tiny Owl is a wonderful Happy, and the whole box is a HUGE Thankful, but not as big a Thankful (or Happy) as you, and your particular brand of Wonderful, my friend.

    (and yes, important because Bees. They know which direction the sun is, and they dance to show the others – that's HUGE).

    Made/Makes/WillMake me smile *MASSIVEHUGS*

    I'm glad you're happy too ๐Ÿ˜€ โค


  6. Awwwww. I smiled all the way through. Your spirits sure seem to have soared and of course, that makes me extremely happy. I was jealous of the picnic on the beach on boxing day. I'll take a picnic on the beach anyway. But your husband replacing your mug from Woolworths (was that the same company we had here in the states when I was a teenager and into adulthood???). I wish all husbands treated their wives like that. Thoughtful, sweet, a true keeper– that's for sure. We are all lucky to have you. And I'm writing this from Mexico! That's how important it was for me. Happy New Year young lady. You deserve an incredible 2014!


  7. congrats on your reign of comments. I enjoyed reading your 10 list this week. soo inspirational. Thank you for everything and inspiring me to keep writing no matter what.


  8. We had a Woolworths, too!V And I rode my bike there. And bought my parent's anniversary gift there! My first two records there (BeeGees and Star Wars sound Track and Urban Cowboy and that's three but they were all from there!!!). EEEP to butter on a card, the beach, and the magic that that equals. And bigger EEEP to the tiny owl, who is meant to bless you (he's 100% bees wax and that seems Important), and the Other Stuff that made my special awesome you smile with an “S.”


  9. The mug was such a sweet, sweet gift.

    We NEVER had a diner in any of ours. Or a lunch counter. I don't think they even sold sandwiches, though I seem to remember you could buy chocolate bars and crisps and things…and of course, the pick'n'mix sweets were legendary.

    I don't watch Cinderella *nearly* enough, but I do remember seeing a local pantomime of it when I was a kid, and I LOVED their rendition of this song. That was where I first heard it, before I ever watched the film.


  10. First of all, I love how you incorporated my most favorite song from Cinderella into this post. We used to have a Woolworths here too. They had practically anything in that store AND a diner. I just remember eating the most delicious tuna melts with my aunt & grandma while taking a break from shopping. The mug sounds super thoughtful. Hooray for Hubsy! :)Bianca @ Track Pants and a Tot


  11. Oh, sometimes, if I need some me-time I invite other kids so the girls are busy for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm sure all the kids would have a blast, even though I would put my money down that throwing sand would happen ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. They both sound incredible. We don't have beaches like that here (sadly). They tend to be stony and less awesome, but still with the sea. Probably the best beach I've ever been to here was in Cornwall – sand dunes, surf, cliffs, bright flowers, rocks sculpted into beauty by the most incredible waves… http://pix.ie/parax/1517834/size/800

    Cornwall holds the beaches of my heart. They're the ones I dream of. But hey, if I'm ever privileged enough to travel, I'd love to visit warmer beaches.


  13. We haven't been to a “good” beach in a loooong time. We were lucky enough to go to Hawaii with Jim's company many moons ago….maybe 8 years ago? Gawd, has it been that long? Yes. It has. Wow. Anyway, it was MAGIC AMAZING. I never in my life thought I'd be able to go to Hawaii. In my head, that's was privileged (better, worthy) people got to do. I'm so grateful for that experience! But the most fun I've ever had (and most amazing vistas) was in Mexico. Ahhh, Mexico. Love that place. It holds a special place in my heart.
    The beach. The salt on my tongue. The sound of the waves. The warmth of the sand. *swoon*


  14. Happy New Year to you, too.

    I have fun with how I TToT – I try to keep it fresh by doing something a little different each time (if I can think of anything). It seems to work, and I've not run out of ideas yet.

    You're very welcome – I'm glad you've joined us ๐Ÿ˜€


  15. Oh WOW! Really? Because that's high, high praise I'm VERY happy with – thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yes. It matters more (almost) when it's over something so trivial which just went and became important. It really made my day.

    YAY! for you being here ๐Ÿ˜€ That makes me happy.


  16. *grins huge* Good to know that I'm able to BE that sunshiney, yaknow? That was always an aspiration of mine.

    I know. He's a really, really, really good man. And very lovely. And thoughtful in ways which surprise me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kristi and Christine are awesome.

    Yeah I don't think anyone ever actually *knows* why it's called boxing day. Perhaps something about giving boxes of food to the poor, as my (bad) memory serves…but it's an institution, so we don't really question it.

    I'm HUGELY lucky to live so close to the beach. It's a place which feeds my soul, no matter the weather. Something about the absolute immensity of the sea, and how this part, here, is connected to everything else of it, and it breathes and I feel peace.


  17. Hahahaha! I'm still in awe of how you tied in the fact that you said that TTOT was like magic and then you made all of your lists surrounded around Cinderella's fairy god mother's song! So cute and awesome! Have a happiest of new years! Thank you thank you thank you for keeping this going long enough for me to finally catch on and join the party! xo


  18. I just found you at the Bloppy Bloggers and now I'm following. Love you blog and I'll be linking up soon!
    Happy New Year


  19. You sound so much like AA Milne to me when you write, I just love it when you spin a tale. I am so happy you got your mug, it is a most amazing thing for someone to notice something so important and actually do something about it. Your day sounded beautiful. I am really happy to be here, thank you.


  20. This post ooooozed Lizzi happiness. No wonder I had to give you a sunshine award! My heart squeezed a little when I read about your husby replacing your mug. SO sweet. What a lovely man. And the Kristi package and Christine merp….wow! Wonderful, beautiful. OH the Boxing Day at the beach (always wondered what boxing day was…now I know!) I'm jealous you live so close to a beach, you're so fortunate. The beach does something magical to me.


  21. YOW! I'm *so* glad your mug was okay! *phew*

    I hope the rest of the kitchen's alright. I mean, none of that really matters too much compared to the mug, but I hope no damage was done.


  22. Okay – so funny thing? AFTER posting this about my mug love, I was enjoying my coffee in my Smurf mug which I've had since I was, like, five, and was cleaning the kitchen – putting away dishes from the drying rack – when my daughter calls about something – I get distracted – cutting boards previously braced by full dish rack fall down; push dish rack out and everything in front of the rack – including said cup – go flying.
    Best part of the story? While there was coffee (and other food stuff) everywhere, the mug – which seriously crashed to the ground – was totally fine.
    This might make my TTOT next week…


  23. *grins* I tore off the doodle and I've kept it. It's stuck on my fridge, making me smile when I see it. SO MUCH HAPPY ๐Ÿ˜€

    And thank you. It's an older pic, that one. I can't remember where I used it first, but it seemed fitting to use again ๐Ÿ™‚


  24. When the clouds and the monsters go away, the sun will shine. Until then, nothing is okay or can it be okay. You know what I'm saying in between all of those lines.

    You could have wound up tearing off hunks of bread and “dipping” into the butter, all else failed.


  25. That was such a happy-inducing, lovely post. I loved seeing the Kristi package with the little doodle and the best part of this the illustration of the Considerer with Kristi. That was brilliant.


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