7 Quick Takes 57 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

My blogging goals for this year are…

Double my views to 200k
Make a post which goes viral
Add a Pintrest button and learn how to Pin (anything)
Get 1000 Likes on my Facebook Page
Get published on HuffPo, BlogHer or one of those BIG sites
Get 2000 followers on Twitter
Tweak all the different parts of my blog until the design, the scheme, the everything is *perfect*
Do a bazillion awesome guest posts for grateful recipients
Write my 750th post (cos 500 is inevitable)
Get more followers

— 2 —

Not in a million years, right? 

And if you so much as for a millisecond bought into any of that, come back here at least twice a day for remedial Considerings, until you truly learn ‘where I’m at’, and in the meantime shame on you!

I’m a dumbass about statistics and pageviews and analytics. I don’t count followers or ‘likes’ (though they’re nice) or try to ‘make it big’.

I’m smart about community and good writing and relationships. I count friends and although I love the validation that getting ‘likes’ gives, I’d rather make it Good than make it Big.

I’m just gonna keep writing, keep responding, keep up the few hops I’m involved in (especially the wonderful Ten Things of Thankful, and my first love; Finish the Sentence Friday) and keep building up the community which seems to emerge here and across certain, treasured areas of the Blogosphere, where the magic happens in the comment box and the people are glorious. 

What could be better?

— 3 —

Six Sentence Stories
A cloud of sparkling silver hair encircled the old woman’s head like a corona, wafting slightly as her head shook with palsy and age. Wrinkles on her downy cheeks mapped a lifetime of a million stories, and the milky eyes held secrets which could no longer be discerned. Trapped in her wheelchair now, she relied on the visits of her family (and today, one very special person) to make life worth living through.

“Great-Grandma, we named her after you” the young man beamed proudly, placing the tiny, mewling bundle onto her sunken lap. Reaching through the soft, finely-knitted blankets, the old woman’s gnarled fingertips touched the baby’s cheek, tentatively at first, then with more confidence, as a grin transfigured her ancient face.

Tears fell unbidden down her smiling cheeks as her gnarled voice whispered the baby’s name; “Nova”.

— 4 —

Two days in and I’ve stuck to my resolution. I found a thing to be thankful for, and I wrote it down in my magical book. YAY ME!

Er, bring on the other 362 days…

— 5 —

I’m 98 and 3/4% certain that Twitter is one of the funnest things on the internet…

— 6 —

So. I was challenged to produce a Dr. Seuss-style *something* by the most lovely and awesome Katia (from Iamthemilk – do you know her? You should – she’s incredible) and I thought that it sounded like a reasonablish sort of challenge, and one I might well enjoy rising to. So I riz.

The Wups

When your life’s full of downs
With not too many ‘ups’
There are things that you need
And those things are called Wups

They come in a number
Of different kinds
And they’re sent between friends
By the power of their minds

When you’re feeling blue
With a frown on your face
The sweet Pickyou Wup
To your rescue will race

When you’re feeling all shivery
Full of freezing cold fug
The Snuggleyou Wup
Wraps you up in warm hugs

For those who feel empty
Deep down in their soul
The dear Fillyou Wup
Leaves you ‘plenished and whole

And lastly the one
Who’s my favourite thing
The great Cheeryou Wup
Makes you giggle and grin

So if ever you want your life
Fuller of ‘Ups’
Let me know and I’ll send you

I hereby deploy my first two Wups – the Snuggleyou Wups – for warmth, to Christine and Kristen, for whom it doth snow…

— 7 —
So yeah – Ten Things of Thankful. Back here. Tomorrow. Be there. Or be here. Be SOMEWHERE where it’s going on, ‘kay?? 😀

Ten Things of Thankful

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67 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes 57 x FTSF

  1. I NOTICED! Thank you for following me. So sweet of you 😀

    I think the strike-throughs are things which are lofty and narcissistic and okay, perhaps a little of me hopes that some of them happen. Perhaps.

    But yes. I'd rather make it Good. For sure 🙂


  2. I just got my #12 on the Twitter #1's – SO COOL, DUDE!

    Not *every* person on Twitter. Just all the awesome bloggers. And if it increases traffic, so be it. I don't think it does. I'm #1 with some peeps who rarely show up here, but I LOVE being friends. 😀


  3. #1 and #2 – you are so full of crap. You know what your blogging goal is…to become the #1 person that every person on Twitter interacts with (oh, wait, you've already done that!), therefore increasing your blog traffic. 😉


  4. Sorry I missed the Wakefield Doctrine the other night. I am completely intrigued and intimidated by the idea of a video chat, but I love to try new things;).


  5. I did exactly that this morning. I stood for a moment, caught in my own gaze, wondering…

    Glad you liked the cartoon. She comes in all guises, that little Considerer 😀

    And thanks. Because to be honest, it's really the people and the friendships I enjoy more than anything. The writing's important, for sure, but I'm not here to teach or to sell or to promote. It's just me, stepping out in words and being visible. And I love that I can make such lovely friends that way.

    And it's easy to make friends when there is such an abundance of wonderful people here in the Blogosphere, too, you know?? It's fun and I love doing it 😀


  6. LOL – I had a big chuckle at the 'my precioussssss' cartoon … I have been thinking EXACTLY the same thing to myself the last couple of weeks. Like I look in the mirror every now and then and think “who's that??” haha I love your perspective on blogging goals. I really don't know anyone else in the blogosphere who's quite as incredible at building friendships as you are, Lizzi. You have a real gift for it.


  7. (I usually complete in the first take, so I extended the FTSF across two, just to be a bit of a bastard and trip up the FTSFers who come here and read one take and ignore the rest of my self-evident genius…)


  8. I saw the cross outs but I still was waiting for the end to see why they were crossed out. I thought perhaps you were trying not to overwhelm yourself and were going to leave a few. Plus, you know I don't process logic that quickly. *points to blonde hair*


  9. *grins* for real? I had you with the not-the-goals? Cuz I crossed them out and everything 😉

    I wouldn't change me. I wouldn't change the wonderfulness that happens here because of the people who visit. That stays (and hopefully improves) because it counts so much more than whatever statistic or numeric goal.

    You gonna try your hand at the six sentence stories sometime? I reckon you'd be good…

    And yup. Totes hilair XD


  10. Thanks Stephanie 🙂 I'm gonna try to keep some of the not goals. But the goals of community and enjoyment are much more straightforward and wonderful to keep.

    Glad you've figured out what you need to do for your blogging goals 🙂 Hope your year goes really well with them in place 🙂


  11. WUPS ARE THE CUTEST!! You did an amazing Suess style poem!

    Okay you had me at the beginning and I was all, wow, Lizzi is getting really ambitious with blogging! Lol. Happy to see you're staying “you” and building better, not bigger, blogging. That's why you and your blog are so amazing. It's REAL.

    That six sentence story was brilliant. I could picture the old lady's face and posture. You're such a word architect. Love it.

    You're right. Twitter is hilarious!


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