Not Ten, but TWELVE Things of Thankful

It hadn’t even got to the end of the week before I received several emails and Facebook messages from an assortment of people (the tones of the various pieces ranging from the vaguely interested to the pleasingly urgent) enquiring as to whether or not there’d be a link-up again this weekend for Ten Things of Thankful.

I was deliberately opaque, enjoying the few times when I checked back later to find that the person with whom I’d been interacting had sent me back a long, near-incoherent and frankly quite desperate message, nigh on demanding that I get my act together and hook them up…

So rather than rest on my laurels and assume that you’d all be back on January the whateverth, I thought I’d go right ahead and create another ‘renegade’ style Thankful hop – no co-hosts, very few rules and a gorgeous dollop of happy happy fun blogtime – but as I was halfway through smiling smugly at the idea and preening, I realised that (quite frankly) the renegade edition was a one-trick pony, and was probably all used up by now – after all, who wants to jump back on a hop after the novelty’s worn off?

At that moment, the self-satisfied swagger and the stroking of my non-existent, roguish goatee shuddered to a screaming halt, and I stood (metaphorically) in the middle of an empty room, wondering what on earth to do to entertain the folks who were just outside, trying to bang the door down and get their Thankful on.

Fortunately, Kerri came straight to the rescue (quite unintentionally) by announcing to the world that she hadn’t played with me in a while and had decided that now was the time…so I took her idea and snuggled it into a beautiful new outfit (new, fancy, one-off button, anyone?) and offer it up to you in a bed of rose petals and unicorns…I even gave the co-hosts the option to join in this week, just in case they want to grab a piece of the action and make this whole thing go that much further.

Oh okay, FINE! That wasn’t *quite* how it happened. But close enough ‘kay?

And there might be co-hosts, but I promise you nothing on that front.

However, to the point.


Everyone’s year will have been very different, but I can safely assume that we’ve all experienced ups and downs. I want you to look back over that time and pick one thing from each month that you were thankful for. If you blog, this will be SUPER easy because you’ll have it all written down already (feel free to link your own posts, where pertinent, but bear in mind that these are optional extras which people can read (or not) at their own behest – guess it depends how interesting/funny/awesome you are, and how much free time your readers have). If you want to respond with your 12 Things in the comments here, feel free, and we’ll all leap on you and cover you with conversations, as we do on each other’s blogs – you’ve been here before – you know the drill.

Onwards, lovelies! Read mine, and link yours.

January – I got my hopes up. Medication was finally decided for Husby, and we got our first six months of reprieve from the treatment which will render him permanently infertile (this is now set to take place in Feb 2014 *sigh*). I was on an optimistic high and figured that very rapidly, all would be well. Thank goodness no-one disillusioned me at the time. THIS is why crystal balls aren’t allowed to work for real, and I’m thankful for that, otherwise I may not have gotten out of bed for the rest of the year. Or ever again.

FebruaryI spent four days living with Sis, Niece and Neff, and discovered the madness, wonder and constant full-on-ness of Life With Kids. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the silver linings I then (and still) enjoy, but it didn’t deter me in the slightest – I’m beyond thankful that I got the chance to see how it really works, in an immersed sense, and know that yes, I still want this. I still want it HUGE.

March – March was tough. I had my second miscarriage the day before Mother’s Day and also, no small amount of added stress; we moved house! But I’m *so* thankful for that – our new home is bigger, beautifuller, has more room for books, and we were so happy to be there with SPACE that Husby and I danced together in every room on moving day because we could and there was space to. 

April – Nah. April was kind of a write-off. I got an article published and thought I knew what I wanted to do with my career. But whatever. I think the best parts of April were when Fun Happened With Friends. I’m always thankful for that – they are the icing on my cake, the cream in my coffee and the…*runs out of metaphors*…they’re awesome, okay?

May – Now I look back at May and I think that April was actually rather tame by comparison. I was in the throes of huge overwhelmings of grief and pain and was no small amount of un-helped by Husby’s physical/mental state of health at the time…and the upshot is that I’m thankful I can look back on this and know that I’m no longer in that place. Yes, I’ve been in places which have felt every bit as bad, and a few quite recently, but they’ve been shorter in duration.

June – It was the FIRST EVER Ten Things of Thankful. And looking back, it’s a true joy to see that of the 21 people who were in on the first one, well over half of the lovely people there are still regular or semi-regular participants (apart from my dear co-hosts, who (I can assure you) are always quite irregular). What’s MORE joyful is seeing how the hop has changed and grown and taken on its own life and its own place in the hearts of this community of Thankful People we’ve built together. Thank YOU for that.

July – I turned 30, I didn’t freak (completely) out, I got to drive a steam train, and all kinds of other wonderfulness happened. At various points there were water fights. And oh yes – I  had an interview and got accepted for a job.WHOOT! July was AWESOME.

August – this month also had its beautiful moments, like when I had my first Blogaversary and celebrated the delicious tandemness of Considerings turning 1 year old and having its 300th post in the space of the same week. To properly mark the occasion, I picked sidekicks. I still have them. They rock. (I’m thankful they still sometimes talk to me…)

September – I got to make the bittersweet announcement that my story of double miscarriage and infertility was being published in a Real, Live Book, aimed at providing hope and solidarity to other grieving women. SO thankful that I was chosen to contribute to this, because my desire to leave behind me a few signposts for anyone at the beginning of either of these awful journeys is what has inspired and demanded much of the honesty on this blog, and a great deal of the direction in which it has developed. And in real life, I started that job.

October – I had a crisis of body confidence, I wound everyone up with a few fiction pieces. I pissed everyone off ROYALLY with one in particular (in aid of a good cause, though I still question my reasoning in justifying it, but hey, it’s done now) and I realised that I’d have to learn to take the rough with the smooth, and that actually, in spite of my whining and my challenges, there are some very, incredibly sweet and wonderful things (and people) in my life.

November – Bad things happened in November. The first two weeks were a write-off, but I did at least get to put on my party frock and be beautiful. I’m thankful for that. We also had a MASSIVE party for the Ten Things of Thankful’s 25th Weekaversary (special button there, too – they’re collectible – did you get one?) and some (but not all – that’s next time (according to Christine)) were NakedWithCake. I also celebrated my best friend in the whole world, because she’s a wonderful human being and also I got to see her again yesterday and she’s STILL a wonderful human being.

December – I received a beautiful bloggy award. I created an equally beautiful bloggy award. And in true spirit of the season, I realised what was most important to me – the wonderful, precious, amazing, lovely friends, whom I treasure so dearly, and who go to such lengths to support and encourage me, and in so many ways enrich my life HUGELY. And I will never stop being thankful for each and every one.

I shall round off with a spellbinding new song I discovered this week. Enjoy, take care, and see you for the return of the true Ten Things of Thankful in the New Year.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful


37 thoughts on “Not Ten, but TWELVE Things of Thankful

  1. #SorryNotSorry – I like to make my people learn 😉
    Thanks for all the best wishes, Donetta, and HEY LOOK! You're my first person to get to use the new comments system! Everything else is now UTTERLY MESSED UP! WHOOT! But hereonout it will be beautiful 😀

    You didn't begin blogging long after me – I began in August last year. I'm glad you found us, though, and that you've been a consistent TToT-er since you did 😀

    Have a gorgeous New Year x


  2. Bahahaha. Yes, Lizzi, don't alienate us dumb asses from this hop. 😉 Your year in review has had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. I'm wishing you and your Hubby lots of luck and peace in the coming year. I had just started my blog on Blogger, with My Constant Thoughts,which I still play around on with my take of poetry, around November of 2012. So, I began my blog on WordPress either shortly into December of 2012 or the beginning of January 2013. I'm very happy with how much it's progressed in a year. Seems like I've been blogging longer. I'm so happy I found TTofT and I'm almost sure I picked up at #12. I'd have to recheck that. Thank you and your co-host for keeping this alive for all of us. Have a wonderful New Year's!!!


  3. Roll on 2014, is all I have to say about 2013!

    Actually, no, that's a total lie. Perhaps my IRL circumstances haven't been the most wonderful, even though SO MUCH good has happened – it's felt clouded and miserable a lot of the time. BUT here – here in this magical, glittery world of the Blogosphere – I've made some beautiful new friends, started a Thing which is bigger than I am, which speaks deeply, and I've had an absolute BLAST doing it.

    So no. I wouldn't erase.

    This place has been the LightSide so many times, and has provided such refuge, HopeSpace and equilibrium… it has been a sanctuary, an entertainer, a connector, a vital and functioning part of hardwiring my heart and mainlining some loveliness.

    Enjoy your reading – I look forward to reading yours 🙂

    I'm glad I got to meet you, too, and that you end the year as part of this Thankful Thing, which is SO much MoreThan…


  4. Yeah! I know, right! I always had them down for those two – they will forever be the songs which accompanied one of my first jobs over summer – those hot, baking days listening to them on the radio over and over and over ad nauseum. They've improved, and the vid is STUNNING.

    Ohhh the BOOKS! I am so in love with that end wall and our custom shelves. I really feel for you, having to give books away! That's so harsh. I wish you many wishes for a big home and a book-lined study – that's the dream, right?

    Mine's polished darkwood floor-to-ceiling shelves; brass fittings; bracket and table lamps with red lampshades; green velvet winged armchairs; a large mantel over an open fire; huge windows looking out on a vista of some kind (pref English countryside…); sumptuous carpets; sliding ladders alongside the book cases….

    I've overthunk this more than the once – can you tell?

    I really hope it levels out, but we shall see! A nice upswing would be awesome 😀 Looking forward to reading about your year *hugs*


  5. Where there's a will, there's a way – and in this case, I can do nothing but acquiesce (with uncharacteristic humility, awe and silent wonder) to the will of those who want this, who've been peturbed by the idea of it NotBeing, and make it happen!

    I am blown. away. is how I feel! Totally awestruck.

    I had a feeling, when I started this, that it was tapping into something really deep-down, because I felt like it did that for me. And to know I'm not the only one – to know that this blog hop – the concept of those Ten Things of Thankfulness – has crept under the skin and into the souls of so many…


    Looking forward to yours 🙂 I shall enjoy getting to know pre-blog you 😀 And hey, you know the TToT (even the special version) – you can always distract the seven GuardVirgins somehow and try to get to the Secret Rulebook, or else just break the rules and bend them to your will…


  6. Oh sod off you two 😀 It's a word.

    I'mma have to buy you 'word of the day' toilet paper or something to try to edumacate you and put some new thoughts in while you're busy dropping the others off…



    It's awesome, and always wonderful that you're part of it, Janine. Did you know you're one of the people who's been here since the very tiny beginnings? How it's changed! Wow! So pleased you've stuck with us for the whole time 😀


  8. Most of this year has been a blur to me and I'm actually so happy that its almost over. I must come back and listen to your video here as I'm running out the door right now. I also want to read everyone's posts and will save this for tomorrow morning when I wake up at 4:30. Great time to catch up on reading.
    I see you've had quite the year too and I'm so glad that I got to meet you this year.


  9. Okay – first off – I didn't know Travis was still coming out with new stuff. “Why Does it Always Rain on Me” and “Turn” came out when I was living in London for a school term – so I forever associate them with that time. But – hey – 13 years later and there they still are!

    I love your new apartment – and all the room for BOOKS. I had to pack some of mine up and give some away last year to make space here and it was tough. In my next home I want a book-lined study. Such a great feeling (I would imagine, anyway).

    Certainly a lot of ups and downs this year for you. May your next year level out a bit – starting with a nice upswing!

    Wishing you nothing but good things – Louise


  10. too late!! I already committed to a Samuel Jackson response… sorry, you're all stuck with the delight 'Brad's apartment scene' from this traditional holiday favorite, 'Pulp Fiction'


  11. I knew you would be back this week…some how, some way 🙂 How does it feel to know you started something that people want and, at times, need so fervently? I am working on mine. I have to work a tad harder since I have only been blogging since August and have to depend on a very tired brain and a scribbly calendar for half the year, but I'll get there! AND, I get a new button! 😉 The recap list was great and really diggin' that Travis song! See you in a bit…


  12. I totally just linked and I saw Joy's review on Sandy's page and looked like fun, but have to see what time I am playing with now with the weekend now and then New Year's with my family next week. But you know I love you and TToT, so I was so happy to try to join again as always this weekend!! 🙂


  13. Awesome. Well feel free to link any reviews you feel are particularly thankful 😀

    Looking forward to seeing you back here again, if you decide not to.

    And I'm glad you enjoyed my review 🙂


  14. If you blogged any or all of it, you can scan back through your blog posts for the month and pick the one which brought you most happiness. That works well 🙂 But I appreciate any kind of college try…

    Glad you enjoyed the dose of retrospect 😀


  15. WHUT! Cyn's intelligent!

    And there are always online dictionaries for those who want to learn a new word…if they're not smart enough to know it in the first place :p

    *rolls eyes* No I'm NOT purposefully alienating the dumbasses from the hop – they're still perfectly welcome to partici-HEY! Who you calling an elitist snob?


  16. I love this. Not sure if I can recall particulars from each month, but I'll give it the ol' college try.

    And I agree with Kristi – it was good to see the parts of “you” that happened before I stumbled upon the TToT.

    Going to start thinking…


  17. Great idea! I don't know if I'll be able to do a year in review one, but I will do a thankful one. I already had it planned before I saw this.
    You have had a roller coaster of a year. Here is to much more goodness and joy in 2014.


  18. Wow! You really did get going quickly. Looking forward to reading yours tomorrow.

    If you want another way to review (and have time/inclination) I know that Joy's doing an alternate, interview-style review of the year hop thing this week 😀

    And you're welcome for the hop, always. Thanks for being such a seriously stalwart part of it. ❤


  19. I just wanted to say that as soon as I saw Kerri's post today, I got to working before my kids got up and have my post now all ready to go for tomorrow morning. I seriously have no other posts scheduled yet for the next week (trying to take it easy and light blogging while my kids are home one more week), but will be posting a video recap hopefully of the year if I can get it uploaded to YouTube at some point this weekend. So thank you for doing this hop and you know I will totally link tomorrow for sure 🙂


  20. This is it – I figured all the co-hosts had so much going on over Christmas that the added pressure of trying to keep up with TToT would turn it into a chore rather than something enjoyable. I don't ever want this hop to seem like a chore.

    But yes – having two sneaky editions has been a wonderful thing – mostly because of the (okay, I exaggerated a bit on the post, there) clamour for them. Hugely affirming and also quite marvellous that the community here have made it so much a part of their lives.

    Glad you got caught up a bit 🙂 I was still relatively new to blogging then, so my style has changed a lot, and evolved into what you now see. I think I have a (non)system which works 🙂

    Thank you. May your 2014 be full of blessings and joy x


  21. When you first announced a short hiatus for TToT, I was caught up in the busy holiday season, and a bit relieved that I didn't need to “worry” about getting together a post or reading lots of other posts (though I really enjoy reading them). However, I'm so glad you decided to have both the renegade version and now the year-in-review edition!

    I particularly appreciated reading the first half of your list, as I didn't know you before the first TToT post, and January-May gave me a chance to “catch up” a bit.

    I hope that 2014 brings more peace your way!


  22. I know, right? We've all had a 'year' – most people I've come across have faced some truly immense challenges, and those I've had the privilege to know through this hop have faced them with such courage and bravery, and have provided such wonderful sources of inspiration to all who've read their stories…it's a wonderful place to be, the TToT. And I'm hugely glad that you're going to join us this week – that's awesome 😀

    I shall hope for time for you to read – there is so much to delight in 🙂


  23. Annual! Gosh, I've only just gotten over the idea that we're 6 months into it and STILL going strong! Stronger than ever, in fact 🙂 *glee*

    Looking forward to your post, and I'm sure it will be wonderful – this is the great thing – because we're all sharing our own stories, they're all as beautiful as each other.

    And yes – learned, but learned the hard way. This tool has been SO important to me, and no reason it can't span a wider time than a day or a week, and still inspire. The whole point is to change the filter through which we look back, and make sure we're focussing carefully on the Goodness and blessings we encounter – it's too easy to get bogged down in the negatives, when in fact there are wonderful things all around us, and even the act of purposefully noticing them can be a total gamechanger.

    I have learned from the wisdom of others before me, and am only too pleased to put my particular twist on it and send it out into the world, where it has received the most gorgeously warm welcome 😀


  24. What a year indeed! And one thing of thankful for each month? That sounds like a wonderful exercise! I'm going to try this one. I love your thankful lists and all the blogs linked up. Found some great ones. Not a heck of a lot of time to actually, you know, READ them but hey! Here's hoping that 2014 brings some of that. Hahaha I'm so cute.


  25. This was such a cool list, Lizzi, and a great wrap-up idea for the year! I think we all tend to look back and think about how things went. One of the things I love most about your blog is your honesty, it's refreshing, and it helps the rest of us not feel so defeated if we have a bad day, or week, or month. What you've learned is exactly right, no matter how hard life hits us, we come around again, get back up, and carry on. For many of us it's day by day, because life just works better that way. Sometimes the things we long for most don't happen, and sometimes the things we want, and receive, aren't exactly what we expected them to be. Then again, sometimes things, like TTOT turn out to be the most awesome stuff ever! Life is full of surprises like that, the secret is in learning to be at peace with what comes… in the end it all works out! I'll be back later with my own 12TOT, though I doubt I can do it as well as you. I'm thinking this might prove to be an awesome end of year annual event! THANK YOU, LIZZI!!


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