Just face the music…and dance

It’s one of those times of life, where actually, I need a happy song in my head to hang onto, to get me through the day (or whichever part of Christmas is trying to emotionally assault me at the time). And sometimes life just gets too hard. And I go all floopy and NoGood.

Okay, not NoGood, but my world and its associated problems press in, and life loses colour. Hope flickers out of existence, and I know things are really bad when I lose my sense of humour. In those moments, the tears come too easy, and life seems unworthwhile and too hard, and too scary. And I (not too fragile, because I’m too stubborn to be that delicate…but) too worn out. Used up. Drained of everything good and lovely and noble and worthwhile.

Grief sucks, yo! But my friends DO NOT! And over time, as they’ve supported me (and listened to my endless outpourings of woe and self-pity and whininess (and occasional drunken-all-of-the-above-ness)) they’ve sent me some absolutely BRILLIANT tunes to help me find my happy place again.

And it (mostly) works like a charm.

This weekend, Sandy (do you know Sandy? She’s such a darling – you should go visit her) posted a vid on her blog, which hit me right between the eyes and pole-axed me in THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. It’s PERFECT. In every way. And I love it. I shared it with lots of people who I thought would benefit. And (most of them) found it every bit as enchanting, entrancing, and full of ‘everything’ as I did.

Then there’s Dyanne, who is so dear, and such a supportive listener, encourager and friend. And silly with it, but in the most wonderful way. She’s listened to me rantingdrunk (maybe more than once – I can’t remember) and is great at saying things which aim to bring me back into my positive aspect. She doesn’t mind combatting great tracts of sorrow with an influx of true positivity (her specialty) and she very firmly draws the line at maudlin.

And just occasionally (in this little world of Hardwired-Heartness) she might just sing me to sleep with the perfect song to banish those blues. It’s the audio version of the nose-Merrrp! And makes me smile, almost every time – because of the spirit in which it was given, and the sheer lightness of idea in the song. It’s also just about my level of singing, so I can join in. Or sing it over the radio when a Christmas song starts.

(Though sometimes the songs my dear friends send can be so damn INDOMITABLY DETERMINED TO BE FREAKIN HAPPY (or something) that they get a little bit much…catchy, catchy, drat! It’s in my head again…)

And then, finally, there’s the one which I’ve brought with me from childhood – the one which holds a VERY strong sense-memory to ice-skating, and the sound of the song reverberating off the ice, and the cold, and the swoosh of people’s skates as they glided around in never-ending circles. And learning to do it too, and feeling the freedom and near-flying of that glide.

A happy memory.

Also, Jen, yaknow how much I like ya – well get this: this is my 400th post! Ever. And it’s all yours 😀


20 thoughts on “Just face the music…and dance

  1. I was listening to Brave (again) when I clicked into your lovely comment – thank you so, SO incredibly much for the gift of that song.

    All Apologies always gets me *right there*, yaknow? I love it hard!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the mix, and yes, I know you love what I write – you tell me so much, and are so incredibly sweet about it. I'm crap at doing that for other people, so HUGE admiration to you for being able to express it so well.

    That's one hell of a 'To Do'! Owp! Some of it's rubbish – I give you permission to skip those bits 😉


  2. First let me just say…post #400? Ah-ma-zing! It is on my to do list to read this blog from post one some day when I have moments, you know? Because I love your writing..that you do know. Or at least you should by now!
    All Apologies, one of the best of the best in my humble music neophyte opinion. Adding Sinatra gives the eclectic flair I know you had to have been aiming for here so, well done!
    A great mix and I really, really love that Brave!! ;D


  3. Lol never mind. That's part of the fun of this hop. Learning new stuff which is out there.

    Hey, talking of hops, Dyanne definitely challenged you (back there on my Friday post) to join in with Finish The Sentence Friday – she'll start if you will, she said 😉 You up for it?


  4. I'll have to keep seeking them out. I think Unplugged must've done SUCH a good job as a 'space' for them to play some epic tunes.

    The Sara is INCREDIBLE. The Ingrid…earwormy.


  5. Nirvana and Sinatra in the same blog post. Never thought I would see the day, but you managed to pull it off and perfectly I might add, but then again if anyone could it would be you! And that video from Sandy, I couldn't help but love, too! 🙂


  6. Thanks Lance 🙂

    Nirvana and Frank are pure wins. And Sara…I am just absolutely blown away by how incredible she is, and just slightly sad that I've come to discover her so late, and have missed the chance of having her music as part of my internal soundtrack for MUCH longer 😀


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