Sisterhood of the Bloggy-woggy-timey-wimey-bendy-wendy-mindmeldy-weldy Pants Award

So over the weekend, the wonderful-delightful-super-smashing-awesome Cyndi, of the beautiful blog Pictmilitude, nominated me for really rather a special award – this one:

It’s an award which I really feel I can get on board with, because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there (and sorry Y-Chromes, but you’re totally left out of this one, being thwarted by that one little difference (per every cell in your damn bodies) but know that there are many of you blokey bloggers out there who I also admire and respect and feel a degree of connection to) who I’ve become close to through reading them, through understanding them, and finally (awesomely) through interacting with them, in the comment boxes at first, and then with a special, select few, on social media and email etc.

Thanks to the wonder of the internet, my little hardwired heart doth quite run over, and my online friendship cup is delightfully full.

Cyndi is a person who has become increasingly important to me. There are things about our lives, our outlooks, our ways of thinking, which are immensely paralleled. There are hurts we share, sorrows we both recognise, and beauties we both want to enjoy, and we are bonded together in a rather different kind of sisterhood which neither of us ever wanted. But we’re there for each other. We ‘get’ one another. And in the meantime, she writes beautifully (and comments beautifully here) and we indulge in the tiny time-outs of immersing ourselves in the reading of one anothers’ words and worlds.

I know that I posted a HUGE number of blogs I completely adore in my recent Thanksgiving it Bloggy Style feature, and many of my ten nominees (if not all – let’s see, shall we?) will be lifted from that list. But deal with it. It’s my blog, and these (nominees) are the people who are special to me, for one reason or another. And the nicest thing is that I can really get into the explanation of the ‘why’, rather than just creating a ‘pitch’ for them, to share them with others. This is *my* outlook – I hope you enjoy it.

Ahhh but first the constrictions and constraints of that beautiful award.

Answer the 10 questions. Thank the person who nominated you. Display the award. Nominate ten more bloggers.

The 10 Questions (which I think are just for fun and finding out, rather than holding any cosmic importance)

1. Your favorite color – blue, blue, blue and always blue. The colour of the sky on a perfect summer’s day. The colour of the sea at its most dazzling. The colour of smoke in the air and the frequency of a high ‘C’ note. The colour so often maligned sideways into association with low feelings, but truthfully so pure and bright and happy. The colour of copper-sulphate – the distilled blue of everything blue in the world. The colour of the wings of the morpho butterfly – a blue so stunning and so rarely found in nature. And the colour which, in food dye, makes me high. What’s not to love??

2. Your favorite animal – I asked Husby this, because I came up blank. He said (hesitantly) “Penguins?” It’s NOT penguins. Really not. And I’ve no idea where he got that from, but it’s okay because when I asked him, nor did he. I think he was just trying to shut me up so he could continue his computer game, whilst trying to appear helpful and supportive to me. I appreciate the effort. Buuuuut I’ve no idea about my favourite animal.

It’s not dogs or cats. Or pets, really. Not even spiders (sorry SpideyGirl).

It might be whales. They’re a bit magical. So huge and beautiful and knowing. They have these tiny, liquid eyes which seem like they’ve seen the whole world, and long to tell you. And if you’ve ever heard a humpback singing, and the incredible noise they make – the repeated phrases and variations on themes. The way they know to lower their head near the ocean floor to make the reverberations of their song travel halfway around the world. The way they crash through the ceiling of the sea, leaping into the air with such exuberance and joy – they revel in it – the celebration of that leap, that splash. It’s far more than just instinct, I am utterly convinced. There is sentience there, in the deep, deep connections they show to one another and the grace and forbearance they suffer us to go and look at them and meddle with their watery world. And the abysmal way we sometimes treat them, hunting them to the brink of extinction for, what, soap? No!

3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink – Water. Or tea. That was simple.

4. Facebook or Twitter – I do love Twitter, but it’s gotta be Facebook. Much, much more meaningfulness can be exchanged there.

5. Your favorite pattern – forever and ever it will be the Fibonacci Sequence. Enter the mostly-hidden math geek (which is ridiculous, as I struggle to count to 20 when wearing something on my feet) but the beauty in numbers and the way they reflect in nature and symmetry particularly from this pattern and the Golden Ratio (1.618, if you didn’t know, and the thing the Fibonacci sequence is closest to) are just incredible. Something about us is deeply programmed for pattern and order and the mathematics shine through into the arrangement of leaves around a stem; the perfect curve of a nautilus shell; the music of Bach…and leave me absolutely breathless with my synapses sparking off, screaming “This is IT…this is IMPORTANT”

And the most beautiful mystery of all – no-one knows why it works so well, or why we respond so deeply to it. But we do. And so in my heart, I know that there exist the numbers, playing out in perfection; 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving. Every. Single. Time. I’m a very poor gift-receiver, and tend to feel unworthy. But to know that I’ve found the perfect thing which has made someone smile and warmed their heart – that brings joy beyond description.

7. Your favorite number – 7. My birth month. And always the one I’ve felt an affinity for. Not for any other reason.

8. Your favorite day of the week – Saturday. The day I was born, and the first and best day of the weekend, when FUN can reign and responsibility is still far enough away not to contemplate.

9. Your favorite flower – Pinks. Dianthus. Those small, sparky leaved, low-growing lovelies of June and summertime, which brighten the lower reaches of the garden and smell just SO spicy sweet that the air is almost edible…

There is a local attraction – an Abbey – with a walled garden which is one of my favourite places in the world. It holds great tracts of beautiful rose bushes. Perfectly trimmed lavenders, thrusting their dry spires of purple-scented-goodness out like hedgehogs…and pinks. Hundreds of pinks, carpeting the flower beds below the roses. And when I can, when there’s no-one around (or sometimes even when there is), I get right down on my hands and knees on that beautifully manicured lawn, and I crawl between varieties, sticking my face right in amongst the flowers and breathing that heavy, delicious fragrance into my body and soul as deeply as I can.

10. What is your passion? People. (You know, I thought that would be harder – I went vaguely through ‘writing’, ‘painting’, ‘friends’, ‘blogging’ and in the end, they all come back to the same place…) Definitely people. I crave positive connection. I want to know people and learn their lives and if I can, in some small way, contribute and make their world a shinier place. I can feel a connection even where there’s no sense in it, or no way for one to have been forged. More to the point, perhaps, I feel connected – we are all humans together under this sky, and injury done to one reflects badly on us all.  Neglect and ignorance and unfeelingness have no place for me, and are anathema. Every. Person. Matters.  And sometimes the weight of this is quite crushing, because if I stop to think too hard about the terrible things which happen in this world, and how each of those atrocities has happened to a PERSON, who lives and loves and knows in ways I never will; who is valuable and important and worthwhile through their very being…it blows my mind and breaks my heart and fixes me and makes me strong all at once.

The 10 Nominees (Some of whom have already been nominated elsewhere and I don’t even care – they’re on MY list too. And all of whom can break the rules of this award if they so please)

I refer relatively often (and only slightly tongue-in-cheek) to Kristi’s incredible writing and the power I find it has to scribe a bridge from the page into my heart and mind and set up camp. It’s the concepts. It’s the turns of phrase she uses. It’s the scrumptious Our Landiness of it. It’s the beauty and the reality and the challenge and the victory all worded out in sumptuous bites. But mostly it’s the her-ness of it. I’m privileged and honoured that Kristi is one of the people who I really feel has become a friend and far, far more than just ‘fellow blogger’. There’s a synchronicity of thought at times, which lets me know that we ‘get’ each other, and makes me wonder whether parts of her brain and mine are wired the same way. The chats we share are treasured because I know that I can say anything, and be understood, and heard and that it’s okay to have said the ‘whatever’, because she is a Person Who Knows. All of which keeps her firmly on the “Who I’d Like To Be Like When I Grow Up” list.

I stumbled by happy accident across Christine’s blog very early into my blogging days. I was hooked from the get-go, and the more I poked around and read, the more I found to love. I shall make no further bones about it, that I rapidly developed a pretty serious blog crush on A Fly On Our Chicken Coop Wall. It is first and foremost family life at its absolute finest (yes, with the gnarly bits included – it’s not one of those “everything’s perfect-perfect” places). It is written with candour and love and humour and lightness of spirit and most of all, with such LIFE…it got under my skin and I had to read the whole thing, which I did, luxuriously, over a series of wonderful evenings. Then gradually, through the comments and Christine’s incredible generosity of spirit, I got to know her, and to my surprise she started turning up at Considerings in the comment box. Eventually those comments led to email and to Facebook (though not yet Twitter, but I have plans for that) and a truly delightful friendship in which I always feel the beneficiary, and the luckiest person for it.  

Shamefully, I’ve forgotten how I came across Dyanne’s blog, but I’m ever-so grateful it happened. Because Dyanne is simply quite marvellous. She is the indomitable optimist everyone should know, and always has time for fun, and this shows through so strongly in her words, in spite of the niche of her blog – she’s a warrior survivor of breast cancer, and her blog is primarily to raise awareness and provide solidarity for anyone going through the horror of it. And it’s written so well that when I went back to the beginning, I read the whole thing in one sitting. And it took me on such an incredible journey from the devastation of that initial diagnosis, through the harrowing treatments and the fear of the future, to the release and relief of knowing that for now, at least, it had been beaten back. Yet it lurks in the background like an ever-present and unwelcome shadow, tainting so much with its blackness, and warping the lives of all it touches (and Dyanne is careful to document some of these times, and the things she has seen of others less fortunate than her) and it is utterly, utterly compelling, and led me into taking action against it, by fundraising with a run, so that in my own tiny way, I could kick back at the monster which had so blighted the life of a lady I am proud to know.

I remember the first time I came across Beth’s blog. I don’t remember the article, but I remember that the humour, the ease of writing, the cleverness of the language and the sheer joy and exuberance of it had me hooked from the beginning. There are precious few blogs I follow immediately upon ‘meeting’ them, and hers ranks amongst that number.  She is just so. much. fun. And I am hugely, immensely happy to have met her on the internet and made her my friend (I’m not sure how much choice she had, because by the time I found her, I’d developed the characteristic of having sufficient online audacity to bounce up to someone and essentially inform them that we were going to be friends. That said, it speaks volumes that she has such an approachable manner I felt able to do that). Did I mention she’s fun? And smart. And wordy. And hilarious. And often, absolutely, deliciously, unapologetically filthy-rude. And another on the list of “People I’d Like To Be Like When I Grow Up”

The original Tigger, and a wonderful, beautiful soul who decided one day, somehow (after a few small interactions at her gorgeous, inspiring, faith-and-exuberance-filled blog) that she and I should be friends, and proceeded to bounce into my life with the force of a small (but very loving) tornado, and rip past my customary English defenses against over-enthusiasm and displays of affection of any kind, and straight into a place in my heart. Her beautiful writing, her example, her spirit and sheer unmitigated excitement at EVERYTHING (tempered only by the beauty and sadness and stillness she can write when facing Really Tough Challenges (like tumours and surgery – things like that)) just buoy me up and bring back the wonder and sparkle and I would not be without them.

The more I get to know Kate, the more I really, really like and admire her. Each time we chat, we discover new parallels between our lives, we can have a fun whinge about our other halves (no, wait, we don’t do that?!) She’s so brave, and is quite happy to go to another country, by herself, and have FUN. With no panicking, no crippling fears of others – she just goes. She does it. She fits in. She makes it work. And I’m in awe of that. She’s also self-deprecating, gentle, compassionate, very caring and very truthful, all of which shows in her lovely writing, though I confess that in spite of the awe at her escapades, I feel I treasure the friendship far more than the writing, these days.

 Of all my nominees, K is probably the person I am least like. She’s very much younger than me, very much more the beautiful writer, and absolutely transports me when I read her posts. I am absolutely there with her, seeing through her eyes, feeling through her senses and being swamped by the emotions she writes. And she’s simply wonderful. She conveys with tenderness, beauty, elegance and wonder, the world she lives in – one which is absolutely beyond the realms of my understanding (her having CP and me not) but she really, truly makes me understand (in a small way), and it’s mind-blowingly awesome. I am delighted to have gotten to know her a little through the magic of the comment boxes, and though I wouldn’t consider us ‘friends’, nor do I know her on social media (either of which I’m so happy to do, but I’ll leave it to you, if you read this and want to, K) but she is a delight and a joy to know in a bloggy capacity. And she most definitely warrants her place on this list.

I don’t know Kimberly well, though we’ve swapped comments and tweets, but she gets a place here because she writes so eloquently and so brutifully on a subject which is taboo and oft-hidden, and usually one which people find scary to engage with: Mental Health. And not the good kind, where everything’s ticketty-boo and sunshine and unicorns, but the gnarly, messed-up, panicking, struggling, painful-in-so-many-ways kind. The kind which has you at its mercy. The kind I know a little of (historically, though lately, shades of it seem to reappear on the edges of my mind when I’m struck particularly hard by grief…), and the kind I hate and abhor that anyone should have to deal with…and yet which The World At Large needs to know more about, to understand, to have it demystified – to know that we’re not dealing with ‘crazies’, but tender, broken, beautiful, hurting souls who need help and support and respect and compassion as much as a person with flu or a broken leg.

Courtney is not a person I’ve had much time to get to know. I had barely discovered the beauty of her blog and her writing and her photographs before she lost her husband, quite suddenly, to cancer, and everything became inverted and so full of pain, and I didn’t want to trespass where I had no place. But her writing and spirit and person are utterly incredible, and a source of so much inspiration to just keep going and know that there is still, somewhere, Good to be found.

She’s a self-professed hot mess, and quite the force majeure. She writes in a style which leaps up off the page and shouts at you, forcing your eyes to the words and your mind to the point. And yet, this incredible lady also wrote in Sunshine After The Storm, and her essay there utterly blew my mind with the tenderness, pain, vulnerability and utter wreckedness therein…and yet, amazingly, she was still able to offer hope to others who might be reading whilst grieving the loss of their own child. Definitely one of my epitomes of cool, she’s utterly unapologetic and is as likely to say something unbelievably rude or offensive as she is to come out with something heartbreaking or really very sweet. With Starr, I never know what I’m going to get, am constantly wrong-footed, and perfectly happy with that.

And because I refuse to be bound by rules when I don’t want to be – an eleventh.

There are experiences we share, there are those which are utterly alien to me, and yet somehow Katia writes with such tenderness and clarity that I feel I’m there with her. Again, she’s a writer who can absolutely suck me in and compel me to the very last word, writing that bridge to my heart and setting up camp. We barely share anything beyond comment box responses and mutual appreciation on Twitter, but her writing, her spirit…just gets me, hooks me in, and makes me drink of her words.

Thank you again, Cyndi, for including me in your nominations, you wonder, and for providing me with the opportunity to pass on such a slice of awesomeness to a few of the bloggers I really rate. You’re awesomerockin’.


34 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Bloggy-woggy-timey-wimey-bendy-wendy-mindmeldy-weldy Pants Award

  1. Sequences! Higher math! The stuff and very codes which organise the building bricks of the universe – what's not to love? Even if I'm constantly WAY out of my depth with it.

    But yes…I like the pretty spiral-y things too 😉

    Awwwwwwwwwh see now YOU'VE made me go all soppy, too! Really? It shows that much to everyone but I only just twigged NOW?!? And there was me, priding myself on my self-awareness and just being completely THICK about this 😀

    Do tell me if there are any more completely obvious things about me that I seem not to have copped onto…

    I do love people though 🙂

    And thank you so much, and bless your boots for wanting to write it for so long but not having time. I hope that life chills out for you soon and you're able to come back and immerse yourself in the Blogosphere and all the goodness it holds. I've missed you *HUGGLES*


  2. Ok…first of all… you nearly lost me with #5., whatever it would be called…and all that “math stuff” — it eludes me. But, I enjoy the picture..pretty spiral-y things. 🙂

    And… ok… #10. Lizzi. THAT is exactly why I love you so much! Do you know that it shows? It shows that people are your passion….I've never met you in 'real life', but your passion for people oozes from you. Even when you are talking about your job … dropping eye drops into people's eyes, I can tell you love the people. Your heart is so huge, I don't even know how it even fits inside your chest!

    Anyway… I have been wanting to write a response to this post since you posted it (I have been insanely busy/stressed–and miss my bloggy friends dearly right now) anyway, I wanted to take a minute to finally reply. Massive huggsies to you!


  3. Thank you so much, Laurie, and pleased to meet you 🙂 I'm so glad that a) you know what pinks are, and b) you think they're awesome. It's also lovely that you have that connection with your grandma through them 🙂


  4. To be fair, Yvonne, I tipped them the wink by notifying them all through FB and Twitter that they'd received an award, as otherwise I might've been throwing them like confetti down an abyss.

    But Kristi and Christine totally definitely deserve BOTH awards – you just gotta let them know that you gave them one, too 😉

    If you're only gonna check out one of them…oh gosh!! I can't choose! For you and your mindset and how you like things, I would recommend Katia and “K” as places to start with this list.

    You don't know PINKS?!?! Ohmigosh! You must immediately go to your nearest garden centre in June and pick some up and smell them – they are utterly, utterly divine! And the Fibonacci Sequence is just absolute beauty in numbers 🙂 I'm glad I can (sometimes) do 'learning' here 🙂


  5. Ha! So you did use some of the same bloggers I did after all! I don't think either of them have been to my blog yet so at least they know they are nominated, even if they don't know they've been nominated twice!
    There are several bloggers on your list I don't know, so I'll need to take a look some day … when I get more of that elusive thing we call time.
    I love those flowers you've posted – don't know them, and I'd never heard of Fibonacci Sequence, though I thought I'd learned all about the golden ratio at art school. So come to Lizzi's blog for lots of learning.


  6. Awwwwwh thanks Marcia. There are many more people who I could've put here, but it wasn't quite right, because in spite of the blogging and the blog factor being a 'thing', there are many people who I feel I've connected with, though I may not have connected with their blog quite so deeply. I'm working on something for that….I got plans 🙂

    Thanks for the congrats, and for liking my #10. I really literally only just twigged as I sat to write it, so I learned something about myself, too 🙂

    And chinchillas are cute. I'd give them a try – but don't try to feed me any lime jello salad while I'm there!


  7. Dana…

    I can't actually write anything because I'm just sat here with stars in my eyes and a big soppy grin on my face at your words…and the Merrp!

    I just…

    I think you're…

    *speechless with awe*


  8. Hell yes! 😀

    And yup. I exactly was talking about you. I mean, that's only my experience of you… and I'm biased cuz I like ya. I'm sure we can find someone with a conflicting opinion if you *really* want to have things balanced up 😉

    Thanks 🙂


  9. Oh terribly cold-hearted and unfeeling, we are. We barely even smile. You've heard of a 'stiff upper lip', right? It's our expression to face the world with – absolute inscrutability. We don't 'do' hugging or kissing or anything like that – it's just utterly unheard of.

    Ohmigosh, you SO have something to be proud of! Look at your beautiful blog and your lovely writing and how much (and how MANY) people enjoy what you put out there! It's absolutely smashing, and I am grateful for whatever serendipity it was which let me stumble across your blog however long ago it was…

    And you're welcome. Completely 100%worth.

    Yeah – I think you answer the same questions on this one. I answered the same ones as were given to Cyndi. I think it's the recognition rather than the amazing questions which is the perfectly wonderful bit about this award.


  10. *all smiles* reading this reply. English are standoffish? Lol. Okay…I'm learning, I'm learning. I guess I clump everyone across the ocean together because I've never travelled overseas and don't know any better. Good to know. 🙂

    I am proud, and thank YOU for helping me feel I have something to be proud of in the blogosphere and for making my online world TONS of fun every day!

    So do we answer the same questions you had to answer or will you come up with new ones for us?


  11. Congrats on your award–this is a special one because it's all about the bonds we make here in the blogosphere. I always say my best friends live in my laptop, and I'm not kidding! Love #10–it fits you to a tee. You are so good with people and so giving. Happy to see you recognized for your talent. P.S. You need to come visit me and feed my chinchillas–bet THEY become your favorite animals!


  12. Congratulations on your Sisterhood award, Lizzi. I can't think of a more worthy recipient. You say you tend to feel unworthy, and that makes me want to take your face in my hands, look you in the eyes, and say “Lizzi – you deserve any and every kindness that you receive, and much more.” I love the way you bestow these awards; it is obvious that you put a lot of thought into it. I know most of your nominees, and you highlight what makes them awesome just perfectly. Huge hugs to you! And a little twerk of your nose, just because 🙂


  13. Oh fuck, you words make me sound so awesome. When I'm published, I may have to hire you to write all my synopses, bios, and reviews. Looking for a PR job?

    I read that and I'm all, “Surely she's not talking about me?”

    I loved your answers, too.


  14. Omigosh, you truly are a tornado 🙂 And yes, way too loud in here, but I don't even care 🙂 Carry right on – it's that enthusiasm and VERYMUCHTHEBOUNCIESTEVER-ness which endeared you to me in the first place. I can quite safely say I have never met anyone quite like you 🙂

    You do get to keep the button. You can take it, or I can email it to you for safekeeping, and then you can deal with it if/when you're ready 🙂



  15. No, no, it's FRANCE where that happens. Continental Europe, anyway, where they're a bit more hysterical and apt to public displays of affection…here we only show affection to dogs and horses and are otherwise cold, closed, stand-offish type beings.

    Whaddya mean do it anyway…?!?!

    I just completely absolutely love that you've written the entire scene down for me – that is so, SO awesome – see, again, I am transported and I feel like I can see it happening, and wow! Your writing is so good ('cept those rare times when I get to #CopyEdit you) and your YOU-ness is so lovely 🙂

    And I hope you're proud of all of it 🙂 All of those reasons had purpose. And thank you for being my friend 🙂 My online world is definitely a heap more fun with you around the place *grins HUGE*


  16. Oh, because I name-drop you so often, but I try to do it tongue-in-cheek so that I come across as cool and flippant about it, yaknow? Course you do…

    My friends went swimming with dolphins on their honeymoon. They said it was wonderful and amazing and inspiring and lovely. I'm in two minds. On the one hand, captivity (done well) can protect and extend and engage and support. On the other hand (done badly), it can use and abuse and strip the dignity of the animals…I still am not sure where I lie on this.

    If I had to pick a favourite big cat, it would be a cheetah. With their gorgeous Horus eyes and their innate domesticableness…they would be AMAZING to get to know.

    I like snakes but they're not very relatable.

    *grins* I'm glad you caught that. It made utter sense to me. Still does. Other people should understand if they get you…


  17. I often feel transported by your writing. You have a gift, truly. I learn from you – your world is in many, many ways so different to mine, and although there are commonalities, I feel I get a glimpse into the differences through what you have to say, and it's incredible.

    More people should read you and learn and be amazed 🙂


  18. I hit publish and left for bed – it was “Oops, really, did I just…? Ohcrap!” late. BUT know that I am so happy to have received this award from you, and that I COMPLETELY loved writing this. It was a pleasure to do, and the perfect antidote to my day. Thank you.

    And words – this – very much like painting. The idea is to provoke – beauty, happiness, sadness, wonder…all of the things which paintings do without words, and can do so easily, we weave WITH words, and need so much the more skill for doing so, I think, in order to take someone along with us.

    Ramble away dear, you're always welcome to 🙂

    And the new bloggers you don't know are AWESOME. I promise you that.


  19. Oh sure. I *LIKE* FB better, but Twitter I get to do through the day, whereas FB is not so easy to get in snippets from my phone and see what's going on…

    Dolphins are more exuberant, sure, but they can be mean…! Amazing creatures though, the lot of them. Ceteceans generally, yaknow?

    Oh! Now there's a good idea. They also do rose-flavoured ice-cream and give VERY good river, manor house and mosaic angel…

    I might well have done, now you mention it. In which case, thank you so much for the introduction. She's definitely someone you want to be friends with straight away 🙂

    Who said that?


  20. I am TOTALLY gonna intercept that twirl with you and Beth!!! I am going to bombard you with HUGE HUGS AND SLOPPY KISSES AND KNOCK YOU BOTH OVER BECAUSE I AM THE BOUNCIEST ONE OF ALL!!!
    Oh you! Oh YOU oh YOU oh YOU!!!!!! I LOVE you Lizzi. Just SO much I can't STAND IT!!! (I must stop using ALL capitol letters… I am shouting waaaay TOO LOUD!!!!!)

    Thank you a hundred times over… seriously- so freaking HONORED. (Oh man, there I go again…)

    So do we get to keep that pretty little button? Or do we have to then do the blog nomination dance and answer all the questions to get it? Can I just take it? Please? I need a push to put it on my sidebar with the other two I seemed to have “misplaced” and not responded to correctly!! I SUCK at accepting awards/nominations. Truly. It's kinda like giving presents vs receiving them, ya know?
    Well tell me what to do- and I will do it for YOU! (Probably in January… Lord knows it's crazy time now!)
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you…… MWUAH! (Had to.)


  21. so I'm sound asleep, ass-early on the couch, drooling on myself in front of the fire, and the hubs says, hey, Bethie, your phone is buzzing like mad. I think you need to see wassup. I slur, nah – it's just emails. Fast forward 10 – 15 mins and he repeats, hey – deal with your phone, it's driving me nuts. So I reach for it and see a bunch of notifications that a tweet I've been mentioned in has been “favorited” and “retweeted” by so 'n so and so 'n so and I'm all huh? It's not FF Friday? HOW LONG DID I SLEEP? So I go to twitter and I see Lizzi is hollering at me that I need to visit her website for a shout out for several bloggers…including ME? Hmmmm. I run to your blog!

    Your answers are luxurious. Evocative. Delicious. No one writes answers to award questions like you do. I could smell the pink flowers at the Abbey. I could see the whale like I was watching a documentary on the discovery channel. I could feel your connection to people. Your enthusiasm is tangible. A living breathing thing that crawls off the page to dance, sing, and yes, throw glitter. I love love LOVE learning things about you!

    So I'm reading what you wrote about everyone else, and it's all so beautiful and complimentary, and I know mine's coming up and my palms are literally sweating cuz I'm thinking, what can she say about me? I'm here with these amazing bloggers whom I admire so much and I'm just a big ole newby goofball!! And then I get to mine and I hold my breathe as I read it, and then I literally exclaim “oh my god!” and the hubs says, huh? And I tell him Lizzi has nominated me for an award, and he knows it's awesome-cool and tells me congrats, but I say no wait, you have to hear what she said about me, so I read it to him and we both were just smiling so big. And you know my favorite part, don't you? No, well yes of course I love that you think I write gud and I'm scmart and all (har har), but I'm most proud of my filthy-rudeness. HA!

    Congrats on YOUR award, missy, because you are the epitome of a sister blogger, and thank you for including me on your list of nominees. I'm beyond proud and honored to be your friend – more than anything. *Massive hugs, twirling you around, big sloppy kiss on both cheeks cuz it's England and I think you're supposed to but even if you're not I'd do it anyway*


  22. OMG thank you so much, my amazing friend! But um…what's the tongue-in0cheek thing??? Hm?? I was going to say that I love dolphins but Christine beat me to it. I have gone swimming with them twice though, and way amazing. I'm fond of wolves and lions, too, but don't need to meet them unexpectedly. And polar bears are awesome. All spiders and snakes can just go away though. Shudder.
    I love that you used her-ness in describing me. We really do get one another. Thanks again for the gorgeous shout-out.


  23. Thank you so much Lizzi for the honour. Not just the honour of the nomination but the honour of knowing that something I wrote that might have felt very personal and insignificant in the grand scheme of things took you somewhere and made you feel and identify. Thank you for your openness. Not too many people who feel that the experiences they read about are utterly alien to them are willing to open up their hearts. Thank you.


  24. Of course, of course I had to include you in the nominations. You're becoming increasingly important to me, too. 🙂
    Not only that, your words always touch my heart in a way that other writers can't: there are SO many awesome bloggers…it's just that sisterhood we share that bonds us across oceans or electrical internet impulses…there's already a connection – an important one. Your blog helped me today. Every so often my hormones surge and I just have a rough day. It's odd that it's really been in the last few months…I must be going through some weird healing process or something. 🙂
    But anyways, all the bloggers on your list are phenomenal and I'll have to check the ones out that I'm not already familiar with.
    Oh and for the record, I feel like since I've been writing SO much more lately (though not necessarily blogging) I feel like my words are becoming more like extension of a paintbrush – it is a bit like painting onto a blank canvas, isn't it? You know…you write and you fill the blank canvas of the mind and imprint upon the reader an image…that's painted with words.
    And now I'm rambling so I'll just say hugs from across the pond. It's late here, too…are you sleeping? 😉


  25. AHA!! I don't need to be on Twitter, you like FB better!! I'm on FB! Bam! 🙂
    My favorite animal is a dolphin. While I do love a whale, dolphins seem to be more fun and engaging. When I've seen a whale, it just came up to breathe and go back under. Every time I've seen a dolphin, it seems like it wants to play.
    I must see that Abbey when I am in England. Someday.
    You may have come across Dyanne through my blog. I found her very early in her blogging days, and I got on her case for not putting that GFC follow button on her sidebar. She is someone you just want to be friends with from first meeting.
    Looks like I've got some new blogs to visit, once I'm back from my hiatus. (Pretend I wasn't here.)


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