TToT 27:2 A sleepy walkthrough

So it’s 2 and a half hours into Sunday, and I’ve sat staring numbly at a blank box for about an hour (okay, not completely blank – it has the TToT banner in it, which is at least enjoyable, because those flowers remind me of the holiday I had in Ireland with Husby, where we wandered off on a photo-walk to a lake near his home, and found these banks of anemones in the woods by the lake, all lit up perfectly by the sun, and I managed to get a couple of beautiful shots) and have periodically flicked into Buzzfeed (did you know there’s a man there who wears naked white women as scarves, whilst taking selfies. He pays them. His wife tolerates it. I’ve now seen everything,,,there is nothing ridiculous left in the world which can trump that) and Facebook, where I’ve chatted and avoided writing this.

Because I’m coming up very blank, which sucks, especially as some really nice/good/funny things have happened today. There’s a distinct possibility I’m over-tired (more on that in a moment) but I’ve fallen headlong into a case of the ‘maudlins’ throughout the course of the evening, and even a blue lollipop and a large dose of internet crazies (thanks Buzzfeed) couldn’t take the edge off.

So the done thing (I think) is to go to bed, hopefully to wake up cheerier in the morning, then dig deep and recount the Good Things.


That worked like a charm – you know, it’s almost as though being over-tired affects my mood…

Onwards and upwards then, hmm?

1. The TToT Christmas Giveaway Quiz is going stunningly well – come and see it and enter (if you haven’t already). The answers are ALL guesses (even for the co-hosts) and so far we’ve had official challenges to other bloggers, a text entry and an awesome number of high-scorers (NO I’m not telling you whom!). So make sure you get on and get into the game – you’ve gotta be in it to win it.

2. Friday night’s Wakefield Doctrine Video Post-Midnight-Snackette was a thing of absolute JOY AND WONDER. The usual suspects for this endeavour (Clark, Michelle, me) were there, and were joined by Denise (who makes it in as often as she can) and new ‘regular’ (who I thus far had not managed to catch) Zoe, then later we were joined by the ever-lovely and oft-elusive Kristi. And for a brief but lovely half-hour, by Christine.

In all I was part of the glorious melee of chatter (variously meaningful and mundane) for about four hours (including an incredibly painful 50 minutes of trying to baby-step a certain person through the technological set-up required to get her into the vid chat, which nearly made me weep with frustration (and certainly made me grumpy-faced-sweary, to the amusement of the onlookers) whilst she grinned smugly (I could tell) and told me to suck it up, because I had invited her) and it felt as though we covered most every topic under the sun.

I discovered that the ‘Mericans could barely hear one anothers’ accents, whilst mine was distinct, whereas to my ears, theirs were very different. I also found out that Christine giggles a lot more in real life than in her typing, and that Zoe can say “schnookered” in a way which I can’t even begin to pronounce, but which (to my English ears) is sounded in the cutest accent EVER. My little hardwired heart did quite runneth over, and I can’t wait til next time.

3. So yeah, did you figure out the timeline? I went to bed afterwards at half 5 in the morning. And I’d already told y’all I was doing the Parkrun and gonna try to beat my previous time…and I couldn’t bear to come back here and lose face, so I got up after two hours’ sleep and went. And I *think* I even did it! I’m still awaiting the results to pop into my inbox, but I’m fairly confident because I know that another couple of runners from the Running Sisters finished after me, and they reckoned they were on 28 minutes somethingish.

4. SO thankful for the time and space to get home, shower, put a load of laundry on and go right back to bed for another couple of hours.

5. And that Husby and I finally (no, really, VERY finally) got our acts together and cleaned the house, a bit at a time, through the day. It is now a place of (mostly) cleanness and beauty to live in. Which means that the floors don’t crunch and the clutter is largely dust-free and organised (don’t judge!).

6. Neff came round after lunch to spend some long-clamoured for time with his favourite Uncle. The geeky, annoying, naff (can you tell I don’t like ’em?) toy soldiers which have taken over my home suddenly take on a new meaning, as my viewpoint turns from “Ohmigosh, why don’t you get a grown-upΒ  hobby?” to “Ohmigosh, you’re such a good Uncle, and so good at showing Neff how to play, and such a dear man for letting him join in with a game he clearly idolises you for playing”.

Which is irritating, because now I have to tolerate the soldiers. But I did get a big ol’ ‘Leap Into Your Arms’ hug from Neff.

7. While Neff was being dropped off, I quickly arranged to borrow Niece for the afternoon. Which was lovely as it freed Mum up to go and spend some ‘her’ time, and because I always enjoy spending time with Niece – she’s pretty hilarious. We planned to go and ‘Help Santa’ by getting some toys for one of the organisations who take donations and redistribute them to local children who otherwise would go without. Niece was delighted at the idea of helping Santa and after a…

8. …short interlude in which everything was put on hold because my Dad turned up unexpectedly, bearing a very well-organised Christmas card and gift for Husby and I, and one of his famous homemade Christmas puddings, and stopped for a while until he needed to go and catch the ferry home…

9. …we left and went shopping. Great success, and quite apart from the joy of wandering through the city, holding her tiny hand, hearing her excited chatter and laughing at her bizarreness (she decided that today was a day to smell all the leaves on the bushes we passed. Most smelled like leaves, but one smelled like bird poop (apparently) so we had to then have a five minute conversation about bird poop, and then laugh out loud at our silliness as we started singing the word ‘poop’ and came to the sudden realisation of just how ridiculous this was), I was thrilled to pieces that I got to witness two of the absolutely most CUTEST things I think she’s said for a while.

i – (after noticing that I’d not paid due care and attention to the tying of her new shoes, with the long, pink, sparkly laces) “Heyyy – I need DOUBLE what-knots!”

ii – (in the midst of a conversation about lions, and I had asked her what kind of lion she liked best) Niece: “A pink, not-fluffy lion with no claws that eats grass all day.”
Me: “What kind of lion is that?”
Niece: “A pig…”

10. I built my book fort. It has only 38 books (I honestly thought there were more) and turned out more like a book-Eiffel Tower, but still – it was a thing of beauty and great fun.

Β So there you have it. A second, genuine Ten *dances*
Now go and enter that competition πŸ™‚

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
Β Your hosts


45 thoughts on “TToT 27:2 A sleepy walkthrough

  1. Yeah, but WOW! You're DOING IT! You've gone back and got those updates you didn't want to miss! Owzer! That's dedication πŸ˜€

    (house still vaguely tidy. Cleaner cleaned it though – it's a bit sparklier now)


  2. Smell the leaves by all means, but do NOT open the can that is toy soldiers. Honestly – they get EVERYWHERE!

    Mine's dusty and cluttery too, but we're in the process of engaging a house-boy πŸ™‚


  3. I'm glad I talked you into it. It was the most fun to have that chat with so many wonderful people.

    I definitely think you got altogether too much enjoyment out of driving me completely nuts with the tech stuff though…

    Do come back to another one. I think we should organise a big ol' New Years one, for after the madness of Christmas has all died down.

    Thanks. He's my li'l pet. He hides places around the house.


  4. I don't know which was funnier, making you crazy with the tech stuff to get on the chat, or talking with everyone. I'm glad you talked me into it, though. It was all fun. Hopefully I'll be able to get in on one again.
    Nice monkey touch with the book tower. πŸ™‚


  5. Awww sounds sweet. Niece just had to stand and approve whatever I chose, but she did make some really good suggestions, too.

    The time in the end was 27:48 – nearly a minute off my last time, which is AWESOME πŸ™‚


  6. Ha! I'm not sorry at all! I *could* have just stayed in bed – it was my own competitiveness which drove me to not bear the idea of saying “Yaknow, after I said I was going for a run, I just didn't…”. And anyway, the vid chat with you all was SO AWESOME AND I LOVED IT. So neener neener.

    Ohhh it was AMAZING. In real life it was even better. I made her stop in the middle of the street while I giggled and found a piece of paper and a pen so I could write it down word for word, and then, bless her, she talked me through it, word for word, again, as I wrote πŸ˜€


  7. You got up after 2 hours!?!? eeeeeeppppp!!!! ouch, Loves. So sorry!!! “What kind of lion is that?” “A pig!” has to be the best blog written line, ever. Sorry that I missed today 😦


  8. It truly was a thing of beauty πŸ™‚ And it was fun to build.

    But at the moment my real reading is very slow because I'm enjoying blog-reading so much. Which is fine.

    And thanks but I wish I hadn't've busted my ankle. I think I now can't run tomorrow because of it.

    And I'll certainly let her know πŸ™‚


  9. Very nice book fort you have there! I'm so glad you got around to building it. Now to get to reading! Very proud of you for your get up and go regarding the run. And on top of all that ab work…you, my friend, are a rock star!
    Tell Niece that I think that pink not-fluffy lions with no claws are the best kind of all πŸ™‚


  10. But once they're read, they can go and populate my bookSHELVES, you see, which are a thing of beauty πŸ™‚

    She's adorable. So's Maggie though πŸ˜€ Still chuckling about the MmmmPrincess thing


  11. She's completely adorable πŸ™‚

    Thank you πŸ™‚ I'm glad you have many books. I can't bring myself to get into the e-versions though. I have a strong a-version to the idea (much to many people's hilarity…)


  12. Oh, your niece sounds like the cutest little thing – I love her lion/pig!!!
    And, your book fort/tower is pretty impressive – I can't do that with the books I'm planning to read because they are just in the que on my Nook!


  13. You've not scraped in at all – there are over 8 hours left!

    Yes though – quite the weekend, but I do like your other blog, and I love what you did with your TToT this weekend. Come back tomorrow for the comp πŸ™‚ I'll consider this to be your official deferment πŸ˜‰


  14. Looks like you've been having quite weekend. That post-midnight thingy sounds fun.

    My TToT has a new venue this week and I've scraped in by the skin of my teeth and haven't even had time to look at the competition yet. That will have to wait now till tomorrow. I am intrigued by the comments about it…


  15. Well mine will be noticeable to YOU, as yours will be to me. We will each sound perfectly normal to ourselves, yaknow?

    Glad you enjoyed this. It was definitely better written when I was less tired.


  16. Will you come to the next one? They're all SO different and very awesome.

    The book fort is disappointingly less big than I fort it would be (see what I did there?)

    And yes. SO cute. Heart-meltingly so.


  17. Ah…. I just love reading your days and thoughts and joys and adorable fun that you have with niece and/or nephew! What a glorious day you ended up having and I can only imagine how TIRED you were after running the next morning on TOP of no sleep!!!

    Lovely sharing post… just lovely.

    (I wonder what my accent will sound like to you when we FINALLY get to chat!! I'm SURE yours will be so much more noticeable. πŸ˜‰ )


  18. Yes…it was quite a surprise! We did at least get a phonecall announcement about half an hour beforehand. And an email earlier in the week. But a pleasant surprise nonetheless. I also got to learn that by virtue of my blog this week, my Dad has learned what a 'Onesie' is, which is good – I'm nothing if not an education to him, though he admitted that a lot of the time he has no idea what I'm on about and is left wondering if his eldest daughter is a little bit strange in the head (he's right – I am),

    So glad you've had a loooooong relax. All you need is that onesie now…

    Hope your cleaning and organising goes well. It really is deathly boring and I hate it. But I have a plan. Roll on The Plan of Getting A Cleaner!


  19. Oh I wondered who'd pick up on the cat (Simon) πŸ™‚ There's a story to go with him…for another time.

    And you don't need to hire me, I promise – the thing you need to do to absolutely COMPEL you into cleaning (as it did us, and does every time) is Invite Company Round. Then you MUST clean πŸ™‚

    I've never tried writing in the morning. Except this morning. Because I'm usually asleep. I love writing in the evenings though – it seems to be when my thoughts have had time to mull over and turn into something halfway decent.

    But beginning the day with TToT posts is truly a beautiful thing.


  20. Did I say how much I loved the 'SCHNOOKERED'? Because I do. Here and at yours and everywhere and thank you πŸ™‚

    (complicated – our way of life, right? And if it's not complicated (to quote Picard), Make it So)


  21. I think its so great that your family just pops by- I want to have a home like that someday where all feel welcome. Congrats on doing well in your race despite the lack of sleep- I'm still in bed myself although I have my own flurry of cleaning and organizing to do.


  22. Hey…. I did everything as far as code to link goes, but I don't have the other posts displayed on today's Doctrine Post…any thought? should I delete and try again?


  23. yours! my first comment has 'tester' instead of 'Lister'… 'course I have to take some of the blame with my insistence on making up words to fit the sentence and all


  24. Love your book fort! Cats would have to climb that of course! πŸ™‚ I think I need to hire you and your hubby to come take charge of my clutter and crunchy floors. We always find something that sounds “more fun” to do than attend to domestic tedium. Unfortunately, it shows. πŸ™‚ I agree about moods being compounded by weariness. My morning writings always have a much lighter, more positive tone than the things I write at night. I spent some time early this morning reading some of the other TTOT posts, now that was a nice way to start the day! Wish I could do that, and had time to do it, every day! πŸ™‚


  25. I am nothing if not absolutely stubborn and pig-headed and hyper-competitive, and on the very odd occasion, this stands me in good stead. I tend to just get a bit loopy when I'm over-tired though, and that buzziness can also be channelled.

    But thanks πŸ™‚ I'm so pleased to hear such lovely things about my writing, and I love that you find my writing inspiring – thank you πŸ™‚ Play with words and have fun with them – I know you have it in you πŸ™‚


  26. Oh, and I forgot to say I am so impressed with the fact you ran so well (or at all, honestly) on so little sleep! My brain, body, everything, shuts down if I am not well-rested. Even your “I don't have anything to say” paragraph was well-written. Your writing inspires me to write better! (I do know words that contain more than one syllable, but most of them seem to have been lost in the recesses of my mind over time.)


  27. You should try, you should TRY! You gotta be in it to win it, and EVERYONE's guessing – no-one has a clue!

    Glad you liked my list. Love the big smile πŸ™‚ Hope your Sunday is gorgeous.


  28. The lion/pig comment reminds me of a song by Jim Valley called “Penguins.” The chorus includes the line, “Penguins are my favorite sort of frogs!” It made my kids laugh every time.


  29. HAHA! I looked at those questions on yesterday's post there and I thought, oh boy, there's no WAY! LOL.
    Loved your list as always. You just make me smile so BIIIIIIG. See? Biiiiiiiiig smile. πŸ˜€
    HuGs! HAPpY sUnDaY!


  30. wow rule 6 is freaking complicated!

    a pig! hahahahahaa

    love the tower….


    What's Dad's pudding like? I am always intrigued cuz pudding can be just about any dessert.. I make this steamed current and rum pudding… man …great stuff! Havent made it in a few years… I should try to locate the recipe … hmmmmm…. maybe…


  31. (and, and… seeing how a certain scottian female* from a flat state with roads that change direction through 90 degree turns *only* mentioned that I did not invoke any of the Secret Rules contained in the TToT Secret Book of Rules…I will now do so)

    I invoke Secret Rule 6, which states: when you write a Comment and submit it and *then* see a glaring typo that makes you look like: a) you had not yet depleted your stash of 'purple Owsley' or 2) your clarklike aspect is excited and the errors were simply not there when you finished typing the first time then as long as you type a follow-up Comment that: 2) makes the recipient smile and 1) corrects the error, the fault lies with the person on whose post you made the original mistake.


  32. says 'No Comments'

    and I'm thinking, 'yeah, right!'

    am slow today. (2) certain co-hostinae were expressing ….concern as to my 'normal sounding list
    from tester.. Not to worry, my scottian cupcakes today's TToT List will be here among the Comments of the Co-host

    This week I am grateful for:
    a) having the clarklike worldview that makes something like this (today's Post) seem like a normal, reasonable thing to do. (as in “hey, it's not weird, other people would do it, but they have a normal worldview)

    (find #2 out there)


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