TToT 26:2 Bezzie Things of Thankful

I may or may not have gotten to you for a comment this weekend – I’ve been rather wonderfully busy (more on that later) but I’ll announce NOW that next week there will be a BIG EXCITING CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY as part of Ten Things, so do make sure you come back and sign up for that πŸ™‚ Actual REAL present involved, ‘kay?


Because my weekend has been completely and gloriously filled with my wonderful Bezzie-Friend-In-The-Whole-World, I thought I’d dedicate this post to her, because she’s totally worth it and makes my life AWESOME.

1. In two years’ time, we will have known each other for more than half our lives. Which is totally and utterly wonderful, and we’re going to have a big celebration of some kind or another, just to revel in the sheer delight of having so many years of each other’s company.

2. She is ALWAYS up for a mad idea or a mess or anything zany, and in the photo below (one of my favourites of us, though the best part of ten years old) we’d been eating profiteroles and somehow decided to draw on each other with the sauce, mostly to irritate her then boyfriend, who was a neat-freak and started getting decidedly upset about the mess we were making, before he eventually cracked and pinned us each down and forcibly cleaned our faces because he couldn’t cope with the chocolate-in-the-wrong-place any more. This, whilst we giggled helplessly.

3. She is smart(er than me, probably) and also a wordsmith, so we ADORE doing things like discussing our favourite books or having flash poetry competitions (just because we can) or even just playing with words in conversation. We’re also able to help one another out with words, like today whilst buying lunch, she stopped, irritated to have used ‘inexplicably’ in a context where the nuance was slightly ‘else’, and I was able to supply ‘inexorably’, at which point she grinned a HUGE grin and agreed that THIS was the word she’d been aiming for.

4. She might just be the other half of my brain. We frequently think the same thought or say the same thing at the same time. We can achieve this whether we’re face to face, on the phone, or messaging online. And it’s glorious.

5. We have our own secret code for when that happens. A physical one for when it happens face to face, a noise one for on the phone, and a text one for when it happens online. And I LOVE it. And it’s Ours, so I’ll tell you we have it, but not what it is πŸ˜‰

6. We are each absolutely perfectly comfortable in one another’s space. We come into the home (of whoever’s hosting the meet-up) and put the kettle on and start finding the milk and rifling through the cupboards. When we are together, we are AT home. She’s family.

7. That we can do mad, silly things together like eat too much pizza, drink a million cups of tea, laugh over bodily functions, talk forever, hold hands and skip down the road, play on the swings, and absolutely not care what ANYONE thinks, because we’re enjoying us some Bezzie-Time. And that’s all that matters. I found this image (below) a while ago and it absolutely describes the pair of us.

We are all things together – brash, sarcastic, hilarious, whimsical, devious, helpful, wonderful…the list could go on forever. We are as comfortable in one another’s company when talking as when silent. She is one of the few people I feel safe to show all my feelings to, and I’m pretty sure I am to her, as well.

We go on adventures together. We walk barefoot in the ocean. We talk for hours into the night. We prank one another as often as possible. We both love books more than is healthy (if that’s possible). We’re HILARIOUS drunk (in fact, she provided safe space for me to experience my first ever ‘drunk’, many years ago…and oboy! Suffice to say that I didn’t touch alcohol for many many years after that, because we did the job so properly!)

8. That she realises how very important Nap Time is (and that’s how I’ve got time to write this, towards the end of the afternoon, because we’re shortly going to be baking pumpkin pie and Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark, and having more tea, and then staying up late and watching movies and chatting and drinking and basking in each other’s company).

9. That in spite of the fact we’ve not seen each other face to face for a shamefully long time (like, MONTHS, people! Ohmigosh I’ve missed her!) we always pick up exactly where we left off, and it’s as though mere moments have passed since we last saw one another.

10. That, in being Best Friends for (nearly over) half our lives, we’ve been there for one another through some of (each of) our most harrowing, heartbreaking, challenging times, as well as the awesomely very good ones, and that we’re able to tell one another anything (and we do), and that we share such a long and convoluted history of taking turns to look after one another as the other person’s life has come crashing down around their ears, that we share some of the same battle scars. We have been constant forces for Good in each other’s lives, and have grown closer as a result. We are one another’s secret-keepers and I think I have more shared history with her than anyone else (bar one or two blood relatives). She is an absolute treasure and God-send, and I am truly a million percent blessed to have her friendship.

So, my dear friend – here’s to the next two years, and then the rest of our lives xXx

P.S. Dear friends of TToT – just so’s you know, once she’d read this, she got all soppy and teary-eyed and stuck pumpkin down my neck (from love, obv) and then laughed because she realised how close I’d come to chopping my fingers off with the VERYSHARP knife I was using to dismember the pumpkin at the time…she promised that if I HAD lost a finger, she would’ve driven me to the hospital and laughed (only a little bit) as she told the doctors HOW I came to lose said finger…

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Ten Things of Thankful
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44 thoughts on “TToT 26:2 Bezzie Things of Thankful

  1. what an amazing friendship! i have a handful of friends that are all like my best friends. that said, some of them don't have the big, wild personalities that you and your friend do! some of the guys just aren't as giggly and fun.


  2. YES!!!!! Anyone can jump in – that's the whole idea, and I'd SO LOVE if you joined us πŸ˜€ please do! I hope your finals are quickly out the way πŸ˜€

    The Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark is INCREDIBLE and all Kris' recipe – you can find it here –

    I love that you have your own codes with your besties, too. It's such a lovely, bonding thing to have that special something together that no-one else in the world has πŸ˜€ Love it.


  3. Aaaah, Lizzi, I love love love love love this post! The entire thing gave me warm fuzzies, but number ten was my favorite. And the secret code thing made me laugh because I have “secret codes” with my besties from home and my bestie from college! We joke that we could basically make up our own language, but that we don't necessarily need to because we understand each other without words.

    And the chocolate part made me smile too..OMG. just so much of this post made me smile, and I needed that today, so thank you. Also: Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark?! Where can I get some? πŸ˜‰ That sounds incredibbble.

    And I was just wondering — can anybody participate in Ten Things of Thankful? This seems like such an awesome thing and I'd love to join in once my finals are over with, but I wasn't sure if just anybody can jump in!

    xoxo Thanks for your words, as always!


  4. Definitely Bubble these. Yes!

    Marcia will have been a good person to speak to about this.

    And I agree with what you say (and also that I TOTALLY understand the women who prefer platonic friendship with men – they're far more straightforward – I confess, I often don't feel I understand girls very well…and yet…)

    1. Tom feels upset about something which happened at work. He doesn't ring Harry, because he doesn't feel that Harry will understand, instead he gets angry at his wife and nothing she can do is right for the evening. He'd like to tell Harry, but is afraid he will appear diminished or weak.

    2. Sue calls Ann because she's had a horrible day with her difficult boss. Ann drops everything, picks up wine and take-away en-route and looks after Sue for the evening, joining in cussing out the boss and sympathising, offering hugs, strategies to move things forward and dastardly suggestions for getting even.

    I don't think it's a Lancashire thing – it feels pretty universal.


  5. My chat was with Marcia Kester Doyle.

    An interesting difference in perspectives. Of course, I've not conducted any rigorous scientific experiment on this issue. My impression has formed from observations of my son (now 23) and daughter (now 19), from discussions with my good lady wife (who has a similar view to me), and from my 15 year involvement with a girls/ladies football team. I see what you mean about men having more on/off relationships; male-male relationships do tend to be less intense and I guess it is an open question as to whether or not that is a good thing. My impression, as way of illustration, is as follows:
    1. Male friendship.
    Tom rings Harry and asks whether he fancies going to the pub for a drink. Harry replies no, he 'can't be arsed.' Tom says ok, no problem, and the friendship is just as strong the next day.
    2. Female friendship
    Sue calls Ann and suggests going down the pub. Ann says she's too tired and doesn't fancy it. Sue's offended, ruminates about how Ann went out with Mary the week before, and is cold (even dismissive) to Ann when they next meet. Sue puts on Facebook how she no longer has any reliable friends.

    I've also heard several women say that they prefer platonic friendships with males as they are less complicated and less work.

    Maybe what I'm describing is a Lancashire thing! The way I've waffled on I could have got a couple of bubble pieces out of this! Now there's an idea!


  6. YESS! DO it! Call her. You'll love it. You'll have a gorgeous catch-up and remember why she's so special and wonder how on earth you ever left it so long. I'll totally be bugging you about this πŸ˜€ You should definitely do it.

    And yes – it's pretty damn perfect when someone 'gets' us. And she's an absolute treasure, and I love her very dearly.


  7. She's such a star. And believe me, I'd always rather have pumpkin down my neck than a kick in the butt (which is the other thing we tend to do…). I didn't lose my fingers, so we're cool!

    She's so, SO awesome. And yes, I've written about her before – you probably did read her, cos I linked to her aaages back. Must really do that here but whizzing out!

    Thanks πŸ™‚


  8. Awwwwh that's SO CUTE! Since Kindergarten! Wow! That's a really, really strong friendship full of wonderful.

    And yes – the other half of each other's friend-hearts πŸ˜€ I love that thought.


  9. Your best friend is lucky to have you, and you her. I love when somebody “gets” us like that. I had one like that once, but we've not done a good job visiting or chatting recently, since I moved far away. This makes me wamt to call her πŸ™‚


  10. Ah, what a wonderful tribute to your friend. Of course she was getting teary after reading it. (Can't say the pumpkin down the shirt would be a normal reaction I'd have, but that's why she's your best friend.) πŸ™‚
    Your friend sounds fabulous. Have you written about her before and linked to her blog? I seem to remember such a thing a long time ago. I read some of her posts, but she didn't post very often.
    Glad you were able to have such a fun-filled weekend with your friend.


  11. I love this post. My BFF and I have known each other since kindergarten – and it's exactly the same. You pick up where you left off. You are the other half of a friend's heart and she yours.


  12. Awww I'm so glad you have that, too. You know exactly what I mean by all that up there πŸ˜€

    Yes, I got called 'soulmate' this weekend, and tbh, I wonder if that's right – she and I are SO nearly opposite halves of the same person…

    (Poor Husby! Luckily he understands (kindasorta) and bears with us…as she says – she's known me longest)

    Gotta love those times of laughter (and near-injury). It was a beautiful, soul-filling weekend πŸ™‚


  13. Oh Lizzi, I adore you and this post. It had ME a little teary cuz I'm lucky enough to have a bestie like this in my life and it is the biggest gift ever. Don't know what I'd do without her. I always joke that Jim is my husband, but Robyn is my wife. I absolutely must have both of them to get along in life. Lol.

    I'm over the moon that you had this soul-filling time with your BFF this weekend. I can hear the laughter echoing across the ocean still…..


  14. *grins* You'd get along just fine, I reckon πŸ˜‰

    And honestly, NO-ONE can do Tigger like you do…

    I love that I got my Bezzie time, and all those other things, too. We had SUCH fun.

    She has her own blog (which I neglected to link! – I should ask her about that). She's a cracking good writer.



    Awwwh Good πŸ™‚ We had a really wonderful time, and it was long overdue. It's completely special to have her as such an important person in my life πŸ™‚ I'm very blessed.


  16. Okay- I like her. I think we would get along just fine, so I accept her in our 'gang'. LOL πŸ˜‰ I really do think she would make a GREAT addition to our snowball fight and hot cocoa and peanut butter crackers. But she can't do TIGGER like I do. Just sayin'.


    You should have her do some guest posts here! I bet she could write some good stuff here!!??


  17. “You and I are more than friends. We're like a really small gang.” SO Awesome!!!

    This gave me the warm and fuzzies all over. Sounds like you had a super fantastic weekend and so special to have a “Bezzie-Friend-In-The-Whole-World”! ❀


  18. Ooooo who were you chatting with?

    I would completely disagree, and suggest that women are more likely to be able to form strong and lasting friendships than men, only for the fact that our brains multi-task, and we can constantly keep different circles of friends, relationships and contexts all whizzing around at once, and work with each person to the boundaries of their relationship. With men (as I understand it (which admittedly, is in a fairly limited capacity)) it seems to be more an on/off thing, and a bit more 'in the moment' and then once the moment has changed, the relationship is not considered until the next interaction.

    Did any of that make sense at all, or am I just waffling?


  19. *grins* We're both bowled over by how lucky we got to find one another (when we stop to think about it, that is) and yes – it took a while for us to figure out we should stick together, because in the beginning, we took a pretty instant and strong dislike to one another…

    I'm thankful for her, and for my other friends also. I don't think it's possible to have too many friends, yaknow?

    And ack. It came out well(ish). I was a bit chicken and didn't let the caramel cook for as long as I think it really needed, so it's come out a bit grainy, which is irritating, because it would have taken mere moments longer to make it PERFECT. However, the tubful is now in the freezer (did I tell you it's better from the freezer?) and I keep going back! I'll have to make this my last panful before Christmas, I think – it's dangerous for the waistline!


  20. We're both completely blessed by one another, and very aware of how incredibly different life would have been without the other person in it. I wish everyone did get to have that one friend who means so much to them. Or an assortment of friends who together check all those boxes. Truly one of the great joys of life, to have the security of such a friendship.

    She's COMPLETELY fantastic πŸ˜€


  21. Great to hear that you have such a bond with this lady. We (i.e. humans) are social animals and friendships are so important to well-being. I recently discussed this issue – close female to female friendships – with another blogger. My suggestion was that females find it harder to make friendships with each other as compared to male-male friendships, but when they do make them they are deeper and more fulfilling. What do you think?


  22. Love this! So sweet! And you are both so blessed and lucky and fortunate and all that good stuff to have a) found one another and b) realized that you should probably stick together. God is so good to even give us one friend like this…I am thankful that you have not only her as a bestie but so many other great friends as well. πŸ™‚


  23. How blessed the two of you are!! We should all get to have one friend in our lives who we are so connected with! I am so glad that you are having such a wonderful time and I am sure she is as fantastic as you are!


  24. Lifelong friends are definitely the best. Or even half-life-long ones. I have *thinks* very, very few friends from childhood still around.

    Sorry to hear that making friends as an adult has been tough for you. It can certainly be a scary thing to attempt in a new situation. Glad you've got old friends to give you support and to buoy you on as you face life NOT alone πŸ˜€

    And hey – there's always online. I know it's not the same, but you're part of TToT – we ALL your friends now πŸ˜€


  25. I do like Skype for that (though I admit to using the Google+ hangouts more), and the connectivity of the internet is a HUGE help for when friends live at distance. Hope you get to meet with your friend again soonish though, because face-to-face can't really be beaten, even by video πŸ™‚

    The rest of the weekend was lovely, too – thank you. I hope yours has been πŸ™‚

    (YAY! to next week's post having such a good start)


  26. It is lovely to have friends you've known so long and so well that when you meet up it's as if you've never been apart. One of my friends like that now lives in Australia, so the last time I was with her was 3 years ago. Thankfully, because of Skype we see each other often! (And perhaps that's the beginning of next week's post for me! )
    Hope the rest of your weekend has gone well.


  27. We're so SO lucky. And I'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one who has a secret code with her best friend πŸ˜€ Thanks for letting me know…you know me – I don't MIND everyone thinking I'm whackadoodle, but it sure helps to be able to point at someone else and say “But SHE does it too…it's DEFINITELY a 'thing'.”


  28. …I always do two! I think there's only been a couple of weeks when I haven't πŸ˜‰

    But yes – very blessed indeed. And you're welcome for the hop – I love it, and the community which has built up around it πŸ˜€


  29. Awww it's lovely that your sisters are your besties. That's really special. My sister and I get on extremely well now, but grew up hating one another.

    And even if you don't have one single person who fulfils all the criteria in one fell swoop, having people who are very close, who fulfil different aspects is really just as good – as long as you have PEOPLE, yaknow? That's what makes the difference – how and whom and what boxes they tick comes second to that.

    I LOVED the small gang sign – I found it on another friend's Facebook post and immediately fell in love with it.

    Our adventures in two years time are going to be SO GOOD! I have no idea what we'll do πŸ™‚


  30. Unfortunately you only have three out of four letters correct – C A R X – so no win this time, but thank you for playing – you've been a MARVELLOUS contestant, and do tune in next week to see more of the same!

    [We regret to inform you that austerity measures have necessitated changing sponsor from Mercedes (who suddenly stopped being interested) to HotWheels…]


  31. Ohhh my best friend and I are the same way! We are so lucky to have these special people in our lives. We don't have a secret code for reading each other's minds (which we can do too) but we have a secret code from high school to be careful what we talk about because someone else is around.


  32. Two lists of thankful? You are indeed a really blessed lady indeed and thank you from me for this wonderful hop. I am so glad to participate in it each week and am grateful to all my bloggy friends that I have made as a result of my participation.


  33. that is the sweetest post ever. I dont have a best friend like that and probably because I have 2 sisters that are my besties. I have extremely close friends but nit one single one that fulfills all those needs. I think your small gang sign is hysterical and perfect! I can't wait to read about your adventures in 2 years!!!


  34. “…we always pick up exactly where we left off, and it's as though mere moments have passed since we last saw one another.”

    right there, that's what makes a friend different from regular people.

    can I win a car? can I… you know it's only right that I get to win a car!!..after all you're from England so it's only right that I get to win a car!

    …the winner is



  35. Kindred spirit. That's it PRECISELY πŸ˜€

    Awww sorry to hear you didn't make those things! I made a very bad pumpkin pie (the filling is GORGEOUS but the crust is…okay, frankly, it's atrocious. I used store-bought, pre-rolled pastry and put it into the tin so badly it needed patching up with bits chopped off from elsewhere (also, a rectangle of pastry does NOT go well into a circular, deep-sided tin. Then one side was too low, so to use all the filling, I had to balance it at an angle in the oven, propping one side up with a tray.

    BUT I made pumpkin soup, which is DELICIOUS, and the Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark, which is as lovely as ever.

    The weekend will continue to be AWESOME. I hope yours is, too.


  36. Aw man, I didn't get a chance to make those wonderful things I was hoping to make today, lol. But, I hoe you continue to have A WONDERFUL weekend. Besties (or Bezzies, haha) are just so much fun and there's nothing in the world like a kindred spirit. HUGS to you.


  37. Oh I expect she would've bunged me a towel or something to mop up with.

    She's also made me scream in shock at least three times today, and every time found it utterly hilarious. She's awesome πŸ˜€

    And yep – that kind of friend is truly the BEST πŸ˜€


  38. hopefully she would have been able to stop the bleeding while laughing hysterically! friends like this are the best in the world! Its great when you could drop off with someone and then pick up right where you stopped


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