Ten Things of Thankful #26

Ahhhhhh the come-down from the absolute HIGH of last week. We had such a super time at our 25th party, and if you were part of it, THANK YOU for making it so, SO good.

And so the week went on, from the wonderfulness of an awesomerockin’ party, straight into Thanksgiving (for many of you) and further excitements, indulgences and excesses (which I hope to goodness you wrote about and are going to share here).

For a notable few, however, there was no turkey, no pecan pie, no Lime Jello Salad (thank GOODNESS), just a day when we tried our hardest to remember to be thankful for the presence in our lives of all those to whom the day mattered so much.

And judging by some of the wonderful I discovered on (and around) the day, there was a LOT to be thankful for.

So I truly hope you’re not all ‘gratituded’ out – there MUST be ten more you can think of…right?

Thankful for being a GownBear
Thankful for winter (okay, I’m not, but I’m trying really hard to be)

There was a *perfect* wintery morning early this week. The cold was biting and as I cycled to work, wind-chill tears were streaming merrily down my face, making icy tracks and dripping off my chin, but the frost had perfectly outlined every leaf and left white feathers swirling across the top of every car. Across the park, the air was still and mist-filled, the grass looked as though it had been drenched in icing-sugar, and the cold muffled the sound of a couple of dogs barking yet allowed the earliest noises of waking birds to ring out. The sun was half-way through shaking off its night-cap of clouds, and the sky was pink, fading to the most delicate hazy blue. It was stunning, and a privilege to be part of.

ย Thankful that I can sit here and feel a bit ‘meh’

Because all the time I’m enjoying the luxury of feeling as though life, the world and everything have gone a bit flat, and the colours somehow gotten leached out, it means that I’m notย 

-desperate with grief
-terrified of the future
-wanting to leave
-wanting to act out on hurts
-overwhelmed with anger
-wondering if I’d be better off drunk
I’m happyish, warmish, calm and have everything I need. I even have more than I care to admit of the things I want. And life is improving. Husby’s job is great – he’s still going strong, still excited, energised, enthused and ABLE to do it. He even went out this evening after a full work day. It’s a 180 turn from how he’s been over the last few years, and it’s more wonderful than I can describe. He acts, looks and sounds like the guy I fell for, rather than The Saboteur. He’s even beginning to get back ‘normal’ perspective, and it just feels like so much healing and change for the better has happened lately…I’ve even sometimes forgotten to continue waiting for the other shoe to drop.
So yes, glum mood – I’m even thankful for you.
ย Thankful for being fitter
Though, on the flipside, I’m now going to have to get some new hobbies, because I think I’m becoming a fitness bore! There’s the running club (they’re awesome – we did cripplingly hard ‘speed training’ this week, which was a whole lot of sprinting incorporated in an overall 8.6 mile course (cos I’m an overachiever and had to run there and back, as well *rolls eyes*)), there’s netball (I scored so many goals tonight that I stopped counting. And everyone else stopped cheering. And there were a few eye rolls (I think)) and now there’s a NEW 24 day challenge – The Washboard Abs Regime – and a bunch of us are going to support each other on Twitter as we kill ourselves trying to keep up, and see whether it makes a blind bit of difference (remember the 30 day squats…the ones which made no visible difference? yeah, those…) BUT the solidarity and the tweeting and the group whinging about how hard it is, will be good fun ๐Ÿ™‚
Join us?
Thankful that the FUN seems to be back in my marriage.
Even if it involved silly redneck voices and swearing at each other (okay, only I swore) at the top of our voices. In public….The Ballad Of The Redneck Two
ย Thankful for bloggy friends
That Clark is finally shrugging off his ‘over-thinking’ side and getting his scott on
That Dyanne will do *almost* anything if dared
That Joy is highly suggestible.
That Chris might just be channeling Tigger, or Hobbes. Or both.ย 
ย Thankful for good eating.
We forgot to get food from the freezer for our meal on Wednesday, so we ate Friday’s meal, deciding that we’d order take-away on Friday. We had money to do this (this is HUGE). And we live in a country where that’s possible (take-away at 12am on Friday, ordered online and paid for with plastic. True indulgence)
ย Thankful for the TToT Secret Book of Rules
Which holds at sub-clause 78c, that “there is no discernible reason to necessitate anything other than sheer thankfulness for the thing itself”
Thankful for my Bezzie
We’ve been friends for nearly half our lives (ohhhh the celebration we’re planning for when it’s MORE than half) and she is absolutely completely wonderful. She’s going to arrive early (I’ve even cleaned a bit – not cleaned cleaned, because she’s not that kind of friend, but enough to not actually be filthydirty) and we’re going to spend the most beautiful day in one another’s company, talking, laughing, hugging, catching up, and just BEING. There may also be cheese. Or biscuits. Or both. Because there usually is ๐Ÿ™‚
She’s one of the people in my life who time slows down for. It coalesces around us, ceasing to run forward in thin stringy bits, ever-moving, but thickens and becomes richer, turning into deep puddles of moments which expand as though forever wouldn’t be enough to hold the meanings present in every layer and nuance.
It’s going to be gorgeous. And hilarious. And very special.
ย Thankful I live in a world where THIS is a place.
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Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
ย Your hosts


63 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #26

  1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ It's amazing for both of us, and just such a HUGE relief! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good ๐Ÿ™‚ That's precisely what a Bezzie is for, at the best of times.

    LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one who really hates bad weather. But I discovered a possible Thing Of Awesome – they've been taking money out of my wages, and it's marked 'parking'. Now, adunno about you, but it sounds to me like they owe me a permit…

    Gonna go sort it out tomorrow when I have a half day in the office ๐Ÿ˜€ I SO hope they give me a permit!

    Caveat? I see no caveat….


  2. So happy that Husby is enjoying his job and it's going well! That's good for BOTH of you.

    Bezzies rock. I can be with mine and we do absolutely nothing but enjoy each other's company.

    If I had to ride a bicycle in the cold (or the heat or the rain or the wind or…) to get to work, well, I wouldn't work. Yes, I'm that big of a sissy.

    Remember the caveat “almost.” ALMOST anything.


  3. Thanks lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ It's so wonderful to be able to WRITE such positive things as these, and know they're about MY life. I feel very blessed and lucky.

    Thank GOODNESS not all Americans are quite that…er…*ahem*…creative with their cooking ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And winter would be SO much better if I could be a GownBear full-time *wistful*


  4. Beautiful and perfect list. I'm so so happy for you that hubs is digging his job and that it's making him fun again so that you can swear at him and laugh and be wild and giggly!! Happy!!
    Also, nobody in my family makes lime jello for Thanksgiving. Don't tell Marcia, but ew, gross!!
    Sleeping the winter away sounds glorious!


  5. Cool! Is there a prize? That would be SO AWESOME! I should totally offer a prize for every time someone gets 55th comment ๐Ÿ˜€ (does it count that probably half the previous comments are mine?)

    Glad your Christmas ducks are in a row – I hope none of them escape through any nets and need putting back into their…wait…no, wrong Indianan ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Glad it helps you to maintain a positive attitude. I really love hearing that the wonderful people in this community we've built find it *actually* useful as an exercise, so thank you for that ๐Ÿ™‚

    You're TOTALLY welcome. Are you coming on Twitter so we can include you in the encouragement tweets? So far Sandy, Natalie and I are having a blast with it…

    Also K2 joined Twitter. She's kicking ASS at it and totally showing people (who shall remain unnamed) up, who think that they can't cope with it… ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Hey guess what?!?! I got 55th comment! There's got to be a prize for that, right? Too busy getting all my Christmas ducks in a row to read and comment. Glad I am finding a few minutes now.

    Thanks again for continuing this…it helps me maintain a positive attitude all the time. OK, not ALL the time…but it is much improved so thank you!

    Also, thanks for the Brazen Fit schedule…I downloaded and will try to do. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. He's adoring it, and I think it was just what he needed. A dose of purpose, usefulness and contributariness. I'm seriously hoping that our cycle is set to 'alright' now, because we started off three years ago on a pretty shaky foot and have been way stuck in the 'down' section…*sigh*. Onwards and Upwards!

    YES! I definitely am…partly because I seem to suffer completely agonising cramps down the front of my body if I run too hard, and tensing everything as hard as I can seems to relieve them so that I can continue. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, OWWWWW!

    Haven't noticed the 'during the day' bit yet, but core strength tends to be pretty good – I've been doing crunches, and press-ups on a routine since the end of the squats challenge, so I'm good for this one until it amps up a bit…

    We got into SUCH antics already! It's been the most fun (I posted just before you – I wrote some of it up earlier, while she napped)


  8. I'm so glad to hear The Hubs is enjoying the job as much as he thought he would. As I've said before, marriage is cyclical. You've made it through a down, to find it better on the other side. Glad to see you are enjoying the up.

    Go you, getting more and more fit, doing more and more challenges. The abs one is probably the most important. Core strength is so important. Curious, do you notice yourself tensing/tightening your stomach muscles when you run? Pay attention to it. You should be. It really helps with your core, and will get those abs in tip-top shape. (And eventually, if you really work them during runs, you'll notice that you are doing it even when just walking around throughout your day.)
    Can't wait to read about the antics you and your best friend got into.


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