ThanksGiving it Bloggy Style

[Imagine, if you would, my terribly posh English accent as you read this post. It’ll help. Ten of my very best Awesome Points will be awarded to you if you manage to sustain it for the entire post (nil points if you just lost it thinking ‘Awesome’)]

Unfortunately (I say that tongue in cheek, I am, after all, perfectly(ish) happy with my location in the Throne of the Empire) we don’t have ‘Thanksgiving’ over here in Merrye Englande, which means that while I get to vicariously enjoy the excesses of my American friends as they write and tweet and update about pumpkin pies, caramel corn, sugar biscuits, roast turkeys, (roast twerkeys) and Lime Jello Salad (for real!) – not to mention the family traditions, shopping trips, arguments and stress headaches along the way…

However, the upshot, lovelies, is that I have nothing to post (at least, nothing which will either top the (unexpected) runaway success of Deus in machina, or which will convince anyone to roll off their sofa long enough to log into the internet and read it on Thursday (unless you’re not American at home, in which case it’s a standard working day and you BETTER be reading this…)) but it is meant to be a day of thankfulness, so I thought I’d have a Thankful Out Loud session, for some of my bloggy friends. I’ve not done one for a while, and I feel we’re due*. What better timing?

So, in true gameshow style (i.e. a non-exhaustive, in-no-particular-order), my BLOGS OF THANKSGIVING

The Goodness: Tales from the glorious mad-house that is an Indiana Hobby Farm, complete with pig-wrangling, chicken-catching, child-rearing and all the assorted slips, trips and spills which come with those. All that wonderfulness mixed up with a jolly good dose of hilarity, a pinch of seriousness and every so often, a cupful of sweet loveliness. Sporadic funny videos are a MUST WATCH.
The Thankful: Christine truly shows family life at its best. The good, the bad and the ugly are all there, but the LOVE and the support, encouragement, sacrifice and deep bonds between the family all shine through in a gorgeous melee of exactly what I always imagined it Should Be Like. Here, you can see that it IS. And it’s totally beautiful. But that’s only one of the reasons I think she’s the bees knees – she’s also a thoroughly wonderful friend.

The Blog: Finding Ninee
The Goodness: A warrior-mama writing to understand, educate and explain her special needs son, whilst making connections with other parents of similar children, offering a beautiful look behind the curtains of ‘not-diagnosed’. Additionally, there’s Our Land – the land of Compassion, Empathy and Wonder, which is the most wonderful place imaginable, and the best thing is, we’re all invited. And then there’s the silly, funny, dorky-drawing side of the blog, which is just incredibly good fun.
The Thankful: Kristi’s writing is the kind which, nine times out of ten, (even if she tries to convince you she just ‘threw it together’) will stun you, bring you to your knees, blow your mind and throw bridges past all your defenses and set up camp right in your heart. I recently tagged her as a ‘Purveyor of Brain-Candy’, but she’s better than that. Promise. I also have a sneaking suspicion that parts of our brains might be the same. Spookily often, in fact. Definitely one of the (very) few people who just ‘gets’ me, and I’m shouting-from-the-rooftops happy about that.
The Blog: I Want Backsies

The Goodness: Writing as a survivor of breast cancer, to educate, demystify and offer support and encouragement to those going through it (as well as providing an outlet to document and offload the horror and challenge this disease brings). As the intensity has lessened, there seem to be more kittens about the place, and a whole lot more fun and family, but underpinning it all is the genuine desire that if her story helps just ONE person, the meaning of the blog has been fulfilled.
The Thankful: Dyanne is an incredible optimist and it is a privilege to follow her story through from diagnosis to surgery, to treatment, to recovery. She brings laughs and tears, as you are taken from side-achingly funny to heart-achingly sad – it’s all part of the journey, folks. And it’s damn well written – I was hooked from the first post to the last. And she keeps writing MORE, which is awesome. Dyanne’s also a marvellous, hilarious, fellow-plotter-of-genius-plans, wonderfully supportive SuperWoman.

The Blog: Writer B is Me

The Goodness: Always hilarious, sometimes tending towards the ever-so-slightly smutty, but full of beautiful thoughts and musings on life. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one – it will always surprise you, sometimes shock you, and occasionally, make perfect sense.
The Thankful: Beth’s writing is incredibly honest, full of humour and somehow a very different, refreshing ‘voice’ is made known. What’s awesome though, is that once she knows she made you laugh (you need to comment and let her know), she’ll be right there creating comment box magic with you, joining in your happiness about her writing. Be warned, though, if you Tweet with her, you’ll be entering her world of crazy-happy-awesome, and you might never want to leave.


The Goodness: Presented here, a fully-functional tool to navigate life, as you learn to discern your clarks, scotts and rogers, and identify the three distinct personality types and how to manage them, in yourself and in others
The Thankful: Clark often goes off on wonderfully diverting tangentials (bear with him – they’re always related to the Doctrine somehow, and the threads of your thoughts will be (eventually) drawn back together) but will ALWAYS reply to your comments with courteousness and clarity, to help you understand better. He also hosts wonderful Video Brunches, and has a cracking good sense of humour.

The Blog: Kiss My List

The Goodness: Surprisingly un-listy at times, but full of down-to-earth wonder, plenty of funnies, a lot of just-damn-GOOD-ness, and the occasional (wonderful) Deep, Thinky Post.
The Thankful: Dana writes it Real, tweets it up good, and isn’t afraid to share with candour and loveliness. She’s also a dear and one of my Hope-Holders, which goes to show her generosity of spirit and incredible ability to make friends across looong distances, for which I truly am thankful.


The Goodness: Everything you could wish for from the life and times of a young professional, this blog provides a peek into the world of Boston and being young and Living Life.
The Thankful: Kate is a wonder, is going to be my cook on my bloggy tour of America, and is incredibly brave – she’s happy to go to bars or restaurants on her own, and has all sorts of wonderful adventures for which I would definitely need back-up!

The Blog: The Mom Cafe

The Goodness: A wonderful, faith-filled blog of Real and True and Wonderful, most beautifully written.
The Thankful: Chris’s exuberance and enthusiasm are constantly set to ‘FULL ON’ and she has the capacity to speak deeply and meaningfully to everyone who comes to comment. She is truly a beautiful soul, and an enricher of life. Not to mention completely hilarious, giddy and mad as a box of frogs once you get to know her. I also have a sneaking suspicion she might be a Tigger…


The Blog: I Am The Milk

The Goodness: Reflections on life and living from the unique viewpoint of an Israeli immigrant to Canada, and very thankful mother to two young children. This blog will leave you wanting more, every time.
The Thankful: Katia somehow manages to write in a way which speaks to me on an almost visceral level. I’m there with her – I hear what she hears; I see what she sees; I think her thoughts. The experience runs the whole spectrum of life and emotions, and the trip is totally incredible.


The Goodness: Full of delicious snarkasm, loud-mouthed-lairiness (in the best way) and two very controlling cats, you’ll be left rolling in the aisles with laughter and then side-swiped by a very genuine, serious post about Something Incredibly Important. A true eye-opener.
The Thankful: Rich might just be the Big Daddy of blogging. He honed his talent onstage and brought it to the written world, and he brings it in BUCKETFULS. Shocking, hilarious, poignant, awesomerockin’. Friend.


The Goodness: The following says it all – Is life getting you down? Are you tired out and overwrought? Does everything just SUCK? You need an influx of JENERGY! Jenergy is the revolutionary method of zinging your braincells back into a glittering explosion of life and laughter – just consume some of the Hysterical Casserole to get the giggles bubbling up as your cares melt away. Share Jenergy with your friends to become instantly popular. Unsubstantiated claims suggest that having Jenergy in your life on a regular basis will make you sexier and better at sports. (Jenergy may cause some minor side-effects such as accidental inhalation of food, laughing out loud at inappropriate moments and spitting your drink. Please consume Jenergy responsibly.)
The Thankful: She’s SO DAMN HILARIOUS (and totally makes my day on a regular basis)


The Goodness: Frequent insanity, mixed in with beautiful words about family life, musings from the Man, and a whole lotta blog-hoppin’ goodness.
The Thankful: Melissa’s writing is beautiful, thoughtful and wonderful to read as she navigates the path from professional journalist to mother of two. She’s also great at Scrabble and a dear, wonderful friend.

The Blog: Getting Literal

The Goodness: Whether it’s beautiful poems, stories or well-considered and researched articles on the important things of life, this is the place to find them all in good measure.
The Thankful: Michelle writes such beautiful poetry and is a complete inspiration to me. She’s also a wonderful friend to chat to and enjoy spending online time with.

The Blog: Rewritten

The Goodness: Writing which will make you wonder, journey in your mind and thoroughly enjoy yourself. There are competitions and, of course, the ever-gorgeous Skip
The Thankful: My fellow Bard, of huge talent and amazing heart, she’s publicly an awesomely incredible writer, and privately a beautiful soul and lovely friend.


The Goodness: You will stand on the edge of this blog, amazed and awed at the thoughts it will make you think. It’s like brain-yoga over there, and yet you KNOW it makes sense.
The Thankful: Denise is a warm, wonderful, glamorous, witty, lovely friend. A great person to VidChat with, and a quiet stalwart supporter.

The Blog: Pictimilitude

The Goodness: STUNNINGLY beautiful pictures, either photographs or True Art, long thoughtfuls which will make your brain happy, and the occasional digression into poetry or fiction just to spice things up and keep them awesome.
The Thankful: Cyndi writes *so* well, and I can follow her train of thought from wherever it starts to wherever it ends up, which I love. She’s truly incredible, and if I say that I think she’s one of these people who, if you looked into her mind, you would see the whole universe, I hope you understand.


The Goodness: A marvellous variety of topics, but always brought back to common-sense, mindfulness and being aware. If ever you wanted to know all the ins and outs of a topic, HUGELY well researched and considered beautifully, this is absolutely the place for you.
The Thankful: The very small and not-oft-used Left Brain part of me, is SO thankful for this blog, and Sarah’s beautiful writing, because it’s like a drink of water to thirsty, un-nurtured soil. I admit to being a bit of a HUGE Fangirl…


The Goodness: Fun and games from when the kids have grown up and moved away – how life changes and what to expect. Beautifully written, and with the occasional digression into the utterly, brutifully Real. A blog with the pulling power to nab some REALLY awesome guest writers every week.
The Thankful: That Marcia writes in a way which appeals even to me, who is clearly outside her target demographic, that she’s a darling lady, with huge enthusiasm and support offered freely. She also taught me about Lime Jello Salad, and laughed (rather than taking offense) when I posted a ‘YUK!’ picture at the idea.

The Blog: Laugh Lines

The Goodness: You. Will. Laugh. I absolutely guarantee it. You may even snort. Not even the ‘in your head’ kind – the genuine ‘everyone just LOOKED AT ME’ laughing out loud kind. Writing on topics ranging from the poignant to the inane, coming to this blog is ALWAYS a treat, and your day will be the better for it.
The Thankful: Not only is Vikki quite possibly the funniest writer I’ve ever come across, she’s also a HUGELY supportive and fierce Twitter pimp, who shares the posts she loves with more chutzpah than anyone else I know. She’s a true gem.


The Goodness: Sweet wonderfuls from Indiana, with two homeschooled boys, a good husband, a strong faith and OHMIGOSH the recipes (trust me – her Caramel Salted Pretzel Bark is like edible crack…you will NOT regret making it). There are also music lessons, etymology (LOVE it) and a healthy dose of blog-commenter poetry competitions. What’s not to love?
The Thankful: Kris is a kind lady, a fun-to-read (and now also published IRL) writer, and a most incredible cook, who shares Good Things. Her posts and her responses are always welcome and enjoyed.


The Goodness: A look at every-day life in the world of Miss Bloggypants, usually with a LARGE dollop of funny, and quite possibly some of the most precious drawings (courtesy of her daughter)
The Thankful: We blog, we comment, we enjoy, but really the magic happens on Twitter, where we take turns to try to make one another laugh out loud. Hard. And there are extra points if the room is empty. Even more if the room is dark. There’s also the matter of that photo I don’t want released…


The Goodness: Straight-up, to-the-bone posts with no shortage of humour, compassion, snarkiness and great ladlefuls of AWESOMESAUCE. No punches pulled, this is the place where the mind is spoken with wonderful Truth and Honesty.
The Thankful: Ahhhh Bad Juju (my sidekick, if you remember) is definitely one of the wonders of the blogging world. Her honesty and commitment to integrity are absolutely mind-blowing, and on top of that, she’s hilarious and a phenomenal friend.


The Goodness: Sometimes nerdy, often snarky, wonderfully and completely devil-may-care COOL, visit this blog if you want a dose of often-offbeat but rather marvellous input, along with utterly compelling writing.
The Thankful: Starr writes with such attitude – she is utterly confident and unapologetic about whatever she puts out there, and is a huge inspiration for me to try to be less hung-up on what I write, and just damn well write it. Another friend who pulls no punches and speaks as she thinks.


 And last but not least, my absolute favourite (well, I had to have ONE, right?)…it’s [ERROR: Link broken]

So, to wrap up. If you’re on the list, I love you huge. If you’re not on the list and feel you should have been, SO sorry – the list isn’t exhaustive (but I am exhausted) and I’ll try to make it better in future…there are just too many bloggers I adore for one post to contain them all sensibly!

Other than that, ENJOY the list – visit someone new and see if I’m right (you know how I LOVE to be right, RIGHT?)

And Happy Thanksgiving – wherever you’re from.

*Added to which, if these writers hear that they’re in this gorgeous list of lovely, thankful, wonderfulness, and don’t come over to be pleased that they’re *that* important, then I’ll find out and knock them off the list – which will make it oh-so-much easier to write next time…


67 thoughts on “ThanksGiving it Bloggy Style

  1. Thanks for reminding me it is Saturday … I am soooooo behind this week…. but luckily(?) am a compulsive link clicker and did just that over at Kate's only to come here and realize you gave me a shout out! How sweet you are my friend! Thank you so much! xo Z and of course S


  2. It almost sounds like a corn-bread-pudding thing! Are you sure it's a casserole? Is this a Xpond lost-in-translation thing here? Because a casserole for us is a stew done in the oven…


  3. Ah! Corn casserole. Yes, … yum.

    Going from memory here as I sent my recipe home with my mother-in-law so she could re-write it because the one she gave me years ago has faded to the point of not being able to read it at all. ..but, I think my memory is pretty good — (I also have no idea how to convert measurements for you)

    1 can whole corn (drained)
    1 can creamed corn
    1 box of Jiffy corn muffin mix (not sure if you have such a thing there)
    3 eggs (beaten)
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/2 cup pepper (chopped)
    1/2 cup white onion (chopped)
    1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
    8 ounces sour cream
    2 cups grated cheddar cheese

    Mix corns, corn muffin mix, eggs & salt all up in a bowl. Set aside.

    Meanwhile, saute pepper & onion in butter until veggies are tender.
    Add to corn mixture.

    Pour the whole mixture into a 9×13 greased pan. Add sour cream to the top in dollops, evenly distributed.

    Cook at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Take it out about 15 minutes before done, sprinkle the cheddar cheese on top. Continue baking until done (no mushiness in center and top cheese is bubbly-yummy)

    You will have to let me know if you try it. If you make it for just you & Hubsy, you might want to half it. I make this nearly every Thanksgiving and usually end up with about 1/4 – 1/2 a pan of leftovers.


  4. Noooooo! No listening! NOT TIL SUNDAY! 😉

    I hope you find some gems here – there are some real BEAUTIES, and I'm just so pleased to share them around (also, I caught that compliment, thank you – you're very kind)

    And you and your sister? WAYYYYY cute 😀 Can you still do an English accent?


  5. Confession: When I was little, my sister and I used to pretend that we were from England. We would talk with an accent when we were out shopping with my mom. She would get so pissed off when strangers asked where we were from because “you're cute” …
    Oh the good old days.
    This is a solid list my friend. I love it when fantastic writers point out other blogs that I've never heard of. So these ones are pretty legit. I trust in you my lime jello pre-Christmas listening friend. xoxo


  6. *picks self up and dusts down*

    My dear, funny, awesome friend – that was less like being Tigger'd as it was like an 'After School Special Attack' from Hobbes! I'm quite sure I can forever provide the bratty 6 y/o side of the friendship if that's the way you want to go, but beware, I might try to not let you into my treehouse!



  7. A wonderful thing is a Tigger;
    A Tigger's a wonderful thing.
    Their tops are made out of rubber,
    their bottoms are made out of spring
    They're bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,
    fun, fun, fun, fun, fun,
    The most wonderful thing
    about Tiggers is:
    I'm the only one!


    *Runs as fast as she can toward you with arms wide open squealing with her tongue hanging out as she jumps on you and rolls around the ground kissing you everywhere as you try to fight your way out of her frantic attack of tiger-licious love*


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