TToT 25:2 The NAKED WITH CAKE version

Jak (et al) – it’s FINALLY THE DAY.

The one you’ve been waiting for with bated breath and great anticipation.

The day we (a few brave souls, at least) engage with the cake, and reveal our VERY SELVES for your viewing pleasure!

It’s the NAKED WITH CAKE version, with the meme Jak made, which everyone’s been talking about (in horrified tones, mostly)

We took this as our inspiration:

OBOY! I tellya, it wasn’t easy getting the co-hostini on board with this. There were many cries of dissent and “But this is a family-friendly hop” Not to mention “I’m not getting nekkid in public for ANYONE” and “Do you think I’m completely stupid? I’m not putting my nude photos on the INTERNET!”

We also didn’t get any chance of a blooper video from a time when yet another animal escaped its confines and a wardrobe malfunction meant more than a cussword slipped out.

And then there was the unconventional wearing of the (damn) hat, which (though it would have been a neat party trick, if not rather disturbing to see) was vetoed on account of being TOO MUCH for your innocent eyes.

Nor were we allowed to see any snapshots from the ‘Naturist Dog Lovers’ annual meet-up.

There was a short moment when I thought that we’d be allowed to share images from the ‘Texans in Stetsons (and not a whole lot else)’ calendar, but we hit a copyright issue and that idea got scrapped.

And you should’ve SEEN the glare (I felt it from here) I got when I suggested that there was definitely room to feature a little snippet from the ‘Pumpkin Pie And Mud Wrestling Games’…

So in spite of my usual repertoire of asking nicely, flattery, cajoling, attempted bullying, begging, pleading and the offering of various convoluted favours (I’ll leave it there) the only brave souls who were willing to join me (and please put your hands together in applause, not over your eyes, because I promise you, you’ll LOVE this) were the ever-so wonderful…


Kristi and Dyanne! Way to go, my lovelies – I’ll make stars of you yet!


*Okay, well they might not have had any shame…

Aaaaaaaaaaaand there you have it. You’re SO welcome.

Don’t say I never keep my promises.

I think an honourable mention at this point has to go to Beth, for her fabulously enthusiastic participation in the ‘naked with cake’ meme. Come and see….

Aaaaand finally, a sweet indeed bit of naked from our dear mascot Skip:

It’s time for the 25th TToT
Please join our hosts so

Everyone's favourite Pig Wrangler Who do you want to be today? Clark? Scott? Roger? She's loving the Sunny side of life Cloudy with a chance of poetry Purveyor of brain-candy, beautiful words and dorky pictures Nutty as a bloody fruitcake! Our Bardic WIZARD, and mascot The Skipenator She'll bake you a mountain of thankfulness What the L? She's deranged! Our very adorkable warrior Image Map

And just for you, a freebie, too:

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


58 thoughts on “TToT 25:2 The NAKED WITH CAKE version

  1. She did, she did indeed. I shall have to have words, because she just dropped us all in it! And then made it worse!

    My dear friend, information like that is a highly precious commodity…you should be more circumspect…you never know when someone might use that kind of knowledge for evil *cackles and rubs hands together gleefully*


  2. Dangggg! I missed my chance there!! You should TOTALLY have been a part of this!

    (No idea where it's going – we should probably leave it there, though)

    Thank you very much. The nice pink ass is Kristi's – I'll let her know you paid her a compliment 😉


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