Ten Things of Thankful 25th Weekaversary Party

It’s time for the 25th TToT
Please join our hosts so

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Wow – LOOK! The twenty-freakin’-fifth WEEK of this wonderful, thankful hop, and YOU, you wonderful, thankful community of lovely people, coming together to celebrate the Good Things in life, even when there are challenges.

Today, in deference to my wonderful co-hostini (who, lets face it, have MADE THIS HAPPEN, and without their support and care and effort, this would all still be a lovely idea in my head) I have our very own Well Tempered Bard, Zoe to thank for a GORGEOUS tribute to them.

For YOU, though, there’s a present at the end – don’t forget to grab it!

T is Christine
In her chicken coop proper.
She gives lots of thanks
Even when those pig sloppers
Get out of their pens and
Leave her forsaken
(She gets the last laugh
When she has morning bacon)

H is for Clark
The man from the Doctrine
He can predict
Personality toxins
His blog is offbeat
And shows shades of the scotts
But not to worry –
He notes afterthoughts.

A is for Joy
@ I Can Say Mama
Her little Sunny
Brings her Nirvana
So much love and laughs
That brave little guy
Leaves her all the more reason
To feel gratified

N is Michelle
Who muses from Singapore
A great freelance writer
And deep, furthermore
With Misty and Cloudy
Her sweet doggy friends
She’ll write all the wonders
That thankfulness sends

K is for Kristi
Which one? I don’t know.
I mix up K1 and K2
So I will Find Ninees
With Tucker right here
She’s thankful ‘cause he
Makes her smile ear to ear.

F is for Lizzi
Our fearless leader
Her ‘Thankful’ idea
Has made us all readers
Of wonderful lists
And gratitude posts
She’s supportive of every
Writer and host.

U is for Zoe
And our dear mascot, Skip
She blogs at rewritten
Without censorship.
Sometimes she finds
Being grateful is tough
But she looks to the others;
Their inspiration’s enough.

L is K2
The OTHER Kristi
She sweetly trains puppies
So others can see
Guided by faith
With a thankful, good heart
The role of ‘grandma’
Is her new counterpart.

L is Melissa
From Home on Deranged
Agreed to relieve Louise
And so she exchanged
From poster to hoster
We’re glad she consented
With a “daily dose of crazy.”
She’s far from demented

Last but not least
Dyanne is the Y
A hopeful optimist
With humor that’s wry.
A cancer survivor
She sports some new girls
And converts all the wisdom
She gathers to pearls.

So there you have it
The ‘TToT’
This twenty-fifth week
We reach thankfully
We’re glad for each other
And especially YOU
Who continue to join us
To share gratitude.

And just for you, a freebie, too:

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful

Wait, what’s that? You were told there’d be images of your co-hosts NAKED WITH CAKE??! Well, come back HERE tomorrow to see what we did with that idea, because we took it and ran with it…

 Your hosts