7 Quick Takes #54 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

Right now, I am thankful for…my wonderful, gorgeous to-a-hostini Ten Things of Thankful co-hosts. I set them a task recently, in preparation for our WONDERFUL 25th Weekaversary this weekend, and they all rose BEAUTIFULLY to the challenge.

And WHAT a task it was! It took asking nicely, sending reminders, pestering, cajoling, begging, and finally a dose of public shaming. And this after every. single. one. ganged up on me a few weeks ago in a debate about portrait vs landscape photographs.


So what I’m also thankful for, in spite of the fact that I nearly had to jump THROUGH the internet and grovel, on my knees, in person, for the final contributions, they DID IT.

And I’ve put it together, and it’s just the most exciting, amazing thing I think I’ve seen in…since…adunno – it’s a thing of wonder all in its own way.

I spent this evening coding it (and now have 8 minutes before I’m meant to be going to bed) and just WOW, you are gonna LOVE it!

Come back tomorrow to join in and get an extra special something…

— 2 —
I LOVED running the other night, and while I discovered how much I like The Bib of Belonging, I’m also loving the recommendation given to me by my friend to use the website Map My Run, which means I no longer have to muck around with pieces of paper cut to scale and a copy of the Google maps map of my home town on the screen. HUZZAH!
— 3 —

Coding is hard. That is all.

— 4 —

I got a HUGELY exciting parcel in the post today from one of my absolutely favourite ‘mericans*, and not only did it contain a card with beautiful handwriting (the words were awesome too, but the writing! Wow! my writing’s a MESS, and I am in awe of anyone who can write in neat cursive (we don’t learn that in school here, and the more’s the pity)) but it contained a most excellently fun blank notebook with the legend ‘Ideas for tweets’ on the cover.

AND it had some tweet ideas filled in already (in that same, awesome handwriting), which is SO cool. And definitely makes me think that the writer should get her ass on Twitter sometime in the near future, seeing as she clearly has the thought process in place already.

— 5 —

Only in a world where I tie a sparkly silver ribbon on my hat to make me look less ‘blokey’ could this exchange have occurred. To clue you in, the exchange was with another blogger seeking ideas for her next vlog, and suggesting that she might do something on hair extensions. I had other ideas:

If only the sparkly silver ribbon MADE me less blokey and not so utterly clueless about ‘girl skills’ *sigh*

If you want to see HER ‘girl skills’, head on over to Calibamamom

— 6 —

I’m hugely, massively excited to announce that on Sunday afternoon, I will be MEETING one of the XPond friends I so love chatting to. For REAL!

Karyn, of PicklesINK, is going to be here for a veryveryshort time, and has requested an audience with me (SO EXCITED), so if you miss me over the weekend – that’s where I’ll be!

— 7 —
May I respectfully refer you to #1, and suggest that you come on back tomorrow to join in the AWESOME fun there’s going to be this weekend (who said something about naked cake? There isn’t going to be naked cake…is there?)

Also, that 8 minutes totally turned into an hour, and now I’m late for bed! Oops!

Ten Things of Thankful

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!
*I reserve the right to have as many ‘absolute favourite ‘mericans’ as I choose. If you’re ‘merican at home and you want to know if you’re on the list, just ask. If you’re on it, I’ll tell you. If you’re not, I’ll lie through my teeth and tell you you are so your feelings aren’t hurt.Β 

43 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #54 x FTSF

  1. Yep. You, Clark, Kristi (and, I later discovered at the last moment, Melissa, who managed to escape the public naming-and-shaming email somehow…which sucks! She deserved it too) – all VERY BAD! Still, you know better now, right? Not gonna do it again, are ya? :p

    I can write…no, I can't write Japanese. But I can talk a (very) little. And sing a lullaby in it. But I try to help others with codes – they're not TOO bad (til I mess them up and make it worse…)


  2. Still throwing me under the bus for forgetting to take a picture, aren't you? πŸ™‚

    Writing code? You might as well be writing Japanese, as none of it makes any sense to me. Glad you know what you're doing and can explain what I need to do in baby steps!


  3. There were a couple of words I had to try twice, but on the whole, it was easy to understand as well as being very pretty to read.

    I'm so happy Christopher gets to learn it. Bad handwriting is an absolute bane, and I'm quite convinced that there's a cut-off point after which it will never get better, so get him learning WELL from now. His script will be most gorgeous once he's done πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks interesting about the cursive. Hope it's not a dumb question but do you have trouble reading it? Christopher is starting to learn it now in third grade. I was tickled to hear that because is some states they have cut it out of the curriculum. As pro digital as I am, I really wanted him to learn how to write in cursive.


  5. I'm in awe of your ability to keep what seems like an equally busy online and real life life and the ability to strike meaningful relationships with so many of your fellow bloggers. That's amazing. Look forward to reading the TToT!


  6. Well this is it, and yet no – apparently the whole 'mermaid hair' thing exists and proliferates in SPITE of the obvious drawbacks!!

    Ohhhh my 'Ten' this week is a glorious, collaborative thing. But the Sunday post – that's ALL mine. And yes – the 'naked' should be pretty awesome πŸ˜€


  7. Lizzi, I imagine that mermaid hair would just be dreadlocks. Can you really condition and brush hair in the tangles of the ocean? Just my 2 cents. I can't wait to see your list as I know first-hand you have requested a few strange things recently. And “naked” is always fun…:D


  8. LOL I LOVE your version of mermaid hair. That's amazing. And kinda gross!

    Ten Things of Thankful is live NOWWWW come and join in – it's SO awesome and such a lovely way to spend the weekend πŸ˜€


  9. Oh this post was a wonder. I learned so so so many things. a) in the blogging world I know as much as the width of a fingernail, one that's just been clipped shorter than short.b) what TToT is – looks like a heck of a lot of fun, I must say and c) someone else thinks mermaid hair should be wet. Here on the west coast of Canada when we “do” mermaid hair we pick up a huge bulk of wet slimy seaweed and plunk it on our heads. Please note we are at the beach. Not at home in our living room …


  10. It's gonna be awesome πŸ˜€

    Coding sucks. Bigtime. Especially when you mess it up the first time and try to fix it and it goes even wronger and you have to just scrap it and start again *breathes*


  11. *grinning* Sarah, I reckon I need to save for about a year before I'll have enough – we got time to get you onto that list and a stop on the tour πŸ˜€

    Excited about your post for tomorrow πŸ˜€ Ohhhh this weekend's gonna be AMAZING πŸ˜€


  12. LOL Don, that's most excellent, and you have NO idea how envious I am that you can comment here and I (apparently) have been WPBooted out of yours! *sigh*

    SO – what I wanted to say in response to your nipply fox post the other day was “But what did the fox SAY?!?!?!?” πŸ˜‰


  13. I'm so glad you don't know either! I feel validated now a Real Girl doesn't know what 'mermaid hair' is πŸ˜€ Thank goodness for that!

    I love that you're totally cool that I'd lie to you if you weren't top πŸ˜‰

    Ahhhh Sunday is gonna be SO exciting! Such a fantastic opportunity, though fleeting! Totes worth it (do I hate that I just said 'totes'?)

    The picture ROCKS πŸ™‚ It completely kicks ass. We all did SO GOOD.


  14. Thank goodness! I think I discovered a while ago (was that one of my 'oh crap, I need to wear a dress – HELP!' posts that you feel as inept at 'girl stuff' as I do? I'm so glad to not be the only one.

    And WHOA the hassle is UNREAL! Even for that dress! It took three of us to get me into stockings…HOW DO GIRLS DO IT?!?!


  15. Oh, I saw The Little Mermaid (and used to get into trouble for doing that 'splashing up the rock' scene in the bath as a kid, and flooding the bathroom repeatedly) but I never saw Splash. So…ALL mermaids have long hair? That's a 'thing'? And shaddup – I was being facetious :p *grins*

    LOL I had no idea you were cackhanded! That's very cool! Nary a smudge! Kudos!

    *rolls eyes* ONE day you might.

    And I am SO excited about meeting my first blogger IRL πŸ˜€ WAY cool πŸ˜€


  16. *giggles…on both counts*

    You do know that our only Y-chrome is Clarky-boy, right? (I'd advise you to be careful what you wish for, because with his scottian side, you truly never know…)

    Okay so you're more of a girl than I am. I had NO IDEA! I mean, I knew it probably didn't mean WET hair, but no idea otherwise…


  17. Well, I just love that you have no shame and are willing to share. Hey, we just recently met so I know I am not on the list, but maybe, someday in the future, on another trip, I could be? If I prove myself worthy? Maybe? πŸ™‚ Can't wait for tomorrow! I've got a good one.


  18. Oh, and to answer your question, I would have thought mermaid hair meant long, flowy hair. I'm pretty sure. I wouldn't have known extensions necessarily, but I would have pictured long, Darrel Hannah in Splash, hair. You know, just like my natural hair. (snort)


  19. I know I'm on the top of the list and that you'd lie and tell me that I am anyways, if I'm not. What the F%$$ is mermaid hair?
    Have fun meeting your xpond buddy in person! Sounds wonderful!
    And I can't wait to see the picture!


  20. So, I'm guessing you never saw “The Little Mermaid” or “Splash” then? It is stinkin' hilarious that you believed mermaid hair to mean wet. Hilarious!
    I love how much you like my handwriting. Being left-handed, it is extra-special. Lefties are not known for pretty penmanship. And no, I'm not going to tweet!
    Have fun with your blog friend this weekend!


  21. Any and every time, Janine. I LOVE your blog hop so much πŸ˜€

    And YAY! I'm so excited at the idea of your special weekend post being a special Lily-birthday-lovely one πŸ˜€ There better be lots of photos – all I'm sayin'. Can't wait πŸ˜€

    Aaaaaaaand how're you gonna find out? Do you know something I don't? πŸ˜‰


  22. Tell me I'm not the only one who hadn't a clue that 'mermaid hair' meant anything other than 'soggy'? Pwease? Would YOU have known what she meant?

    I just felt sooooooo stupid πŸ˜€ (yeah, yeah, what's new?)

    Heheheh I've clearly missed a participant opportunity here! *clears throat* NEW TToT ANNOUNCEMENT – if anyone IN ADDITION to a cohostini wants to post naked-with-cake pictures, they are MOST WELCOME!

    *checks list* *makes lip-zipping motion* *winks at you*


  23. I hope I am on the list, but I know I will find out one way or the other soon. And seriously so excited for the 25th linkup this weekend. My post is extra special for Lily's 3rd birthday coincides and seriously so far my all time favorite thankful post yet. Can't wait to share it too now. Thanks as always though for linking up with us and wishing you a wonderful night now!! πŸ™‚


  24. I'm totally gearing up for this weekend's TToT and am SO EXCITED!!! Wouldn't miss it. I'll show up for anything – edible or not – with the word naked attached to it.

    I'd better f#cking be on that list. *grins*

    mermaid hair…..snort!


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