Wordless, Speechless Wednesday

Just LOOK AT THAT TOTAL! And that just from the local run *grins*

Okay, I can’t quite keep to ‘wordless’ on this, but I am nearly speechless.

It’s incredible, and to have been part of it – not only that, but to have set myself such a high fundraising target (Β£500) and to have had it so hugely, MASSIVELY smashed to pieces by the generosity of my dear friends and family – wow!

You guys…YOU did this! WE did this! And thank you SO, SO much.

Anyone who supported, cajoled, encouraged, joined in the fun, donated…THANK YOU.

And if you missed it (or just want to enjoy it all again) – here’s the Post-Race Interview, which explains why I participated, and how come it was so important to me to do so, at glorious length. The short version is that I was inspired and appalled by Dyanne’s stories of her own fight against breast cancer, and the harrowing stories she saw of people who weren’t as lucky as her. And I wanted and needed to just TRY to help.

And Dyanne, my dear friend…you better be inviting me to your 104th birthday party πŸ˜‰

The Jenny Evolution

34 thoughts on “Wordless, Speechless Wednesday

  1. Oh? Cos you're gonna do what there? Correct my grammar? Or just eat all my cookies? :p

    You don't have to hide in a cupboard – just come on over and bring wine (not that we probably need it – we're giddy enough naturally) and it'll be HILARIOUS πŸ˜€

    (and thanks πŸ™‚ )


  2. I feel something…not sure it's honoured. Uhhhn!

    Or perhaps I shouldn't have eaten that candy so fast…maybe it was the candy…

    Enjoy your mooch. There was some good stuff around here recently – enjoy πŸ˜‰


  3. I am back right now to mooch around! So happy for you guys! Swooning with glee! That was a really weird statement actually. I'm 100% sure I've never said “swooning with glee” before in my life. Feel honored. Maybe.


  4. *hi-fives*

    Ahhh but you had a gorgeous holiday away, and all this will still be here if you ever want to come back and mooch around πŸ˜‰

    I'M so happy for us both, too! My goodness it's a weight off our minds! He's still really happy – day three and going strong! *cartwheels*

    And thank you – it was a collaborative effort, and I'm just hugely grateful for all the support I received, and that we were all able to get this amazing amount raised together, for this cause.


  5. Wait, what? Dang I hate missing stuff! Your hubby got the job?!? CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy for you both! I need to go back and see what post(s) I missed over the weekend….gah! And congrats on that wonderful total amount raised there, girly! So proud of you! *high five*


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