TToT 24:2 Brighton Beautiful

Brighton today was truly everything I hoped it would be.

The sun shone gorgeously, and it was a crisp, wonderful, even WARM autumn day. And though this photo is from Friday, taken on my lunch break at the place I was working, the feel of the weather and colour in the trees was much the same. See? I’m really trying hard to find things I like about the dying of the year…

When we arrived at my CinemaFriend’s house, we were fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with his lovely sister, and GORGEOUSADORABLE niece, who is a tiny, toddling, bundle of cuteness. She spent the time showing me how she can do crazy eyebrows, counting to ten (over and over and over and over) and smiling at me and blowing kisses. She was absolutely and definitely the cutest part of my day, and I really wanted to pick her up and smooch her cheeks and blow raspberries on her lovely little tummy and make her giggle, but seeing as I only met her today, I thought I’d better not.

I am rapidly discovering though, that I am one of those women who smiles at babies in public, and makes silly faces to make them laugh…

So then, eventually, we went to Brighton, where we had lunch in an American-style diner we’ve been waiting for a suitable occasion to try out. Given this was an early birthday celebration for my CinemaFriend, we figured we’d go for it. We weren’t disappointed (except by the slow service). It was SO much fun.

After an absolutely MASSIVE lunch, eaten sumptuously over a decent time (and with a pause, to aid digestion), my CinemaFriend and I had a sundae each. Now, for those who’re keeping track, just because I liked ice-cream today does not mean that I like ice-cream. It’s allllll about play value, pretty sprinkles, and…alright, maybe I like ice-cream. A bit. This was maple and walnut, then vanilla, then lime jelly (an odd ending, but one which really worked well). It was delicious.

And because Kate was around on Twitter, I showed her the pic of my sundae to make her jealous (it worked) and then suddenly invented the hashtag #JustGotSundaeOnMyPhone

This was the moment…

Yes – I’m wearing the umbrella. And the flag. And I wore them both all the way home again. Because that’s how I roll.

By the time we left the restaurant at 4pm, it was sunset, and the colours in the sky over the pier were STUNNING.

Then once it had gotten PROPERLY dark, we popped into a few stores, where we bought candy (I found a Butterfinger at a reasonable price – I forget which ‘merican recommended it, but it was one of y’all, and I’ll let ya know what I think once I try it) and looked in awe at the Lego wall.

 There’s also a video, in which you get to see a LOT of me, and my CinemaFriend makes me look like a foooool (well, only because I made myself look like one, and he caught it on camera…)

Then we went straight home again to help out at the youth group and spend a fun evening going ‘Around the world in two hours’. Boy was it handy that I kept the little American flag!

After that, I came home, jumped on Facebook and got accosted (in the loveliest possible way) by Chris Carter, of The Mom Cafe.

A couple of weeks ago, she asked me whether I’d consider writing a piece for her Sunday Devotional Diary, which I thought seemed like a good idea (I was also totally flattered, and possibly a little bit flattered into it – ah vanity, thou art still functioning). So I did. And it was meant to go live tomorrow, but she said she couldn’t wait, and published it right then and there, which was awesome.

I’m not a good sharer of my faith. I know that. And one of the reasons is that I don’t like being preached at, and don’t want to do that to anyone else. I find it alienating. Which is kind of the opposite of what so many preachers seem to be trying to achieve. But a comment from…possibly Jak…a while ago, let me know that not only was I not sharing; such faith as I had was barely discernible. Which gave me pause.

So I sat down and wrote myself a lovely loophole about it. Which I’m not entirely happy with because it seems too slick, and faith is never slick – it’s knotty and hard work and capital-E effort. But Chris was SO happy about it, and called it beautiful, and published it as soon as she could get together a new  series, which she wanted to begin with it (wow!)

So, not that I’ve been trying to put you off, but if you’re interested, it’s here, and fully explains why, when it comes to faith, I’m such a beautiful let-down.

Oh, and last but not least, I HAVE to share with you this wonderful, gorgeous website, which helped me SO MUCH. I heard half of a song on someone else’s radio on Thursday, and it spoke deeply to me, and felt like an echo of a memory. But I didn’t catch the words, only the tune, and it’s been flitting in and out of my mind, and the lyrics have been just beyond the tip of my brain since I heard it.

It’s been driving me NUTS.

So I turned to Google, which put me on to WikiHow (do I find a song I don’t know the lyrics to), which in turn sent me to the absolutely WONDERFUL invention of Tunebot, which, after umpteen tries to get it to work, CHURNED OUT THE SONG!

I’m so happy. I’m listening to it now, and it makes total sense that it was an echo of a past connection, because it was – I heard it, recommended it, and it ended up in Katia’s beautiful piece ‘Atonement‘.

So here, for your enjoyment, Nirvana…

Otherwise, my lovelies, keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep hopping!

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Ten Things of Thankful
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