Let me sing you a story

For once, not written by me! (ha!)

In all seriousness though, when I’m out of words, I turn to music.

And thanks to Maestros Jen and Kristi, I get to not-write some of the most incredible stories.

Because they were composed, by other people.

This was shared with me by a friend at a most poignant moment in life, as I grieved for my lost children.

It. Is. Perfect.

And heartbreaking. And all things.

WARNING: Song NOT suitable for listening to when you are in a situation incompatible with falling apart and having a bit of a cry. If that’s not you – skip it.

I’ll give you a moment to recover.

I needed one.

Then there are stories of other kinds of heartbreak, and this one, so beautifully written, is one I’ve loved for a long time.

There are the ones which reflect our society (and y’all know I totally, utterly, completely ADORE this song, so any excuse to share it again, really…)

Now to take you off and whisk you into a confusing and surreal world of pain and goodbyes and … not sure what. This one can sometimes be a pretty big trigger for me, so I’m careful about when I listen to it (or rather, careful when NOT to listen to it) but it’s really very good.

And to round off, a wonderful, happy, delightful story of an awesomely worthwhile journey. Enjoy. And take a right turning today 😉


27 thoughts on “Let me sing you a story

  1. Lol! It wasn't my intent, and it really is a stunningly beautiful song. And hey – I woulda thought I could've caught you out with this, Ms 'I listen to every single one' :p

    Glad you like the others though, and YAY for little boxes


  2. Just plain old skipped #1 I cry at the drop of a hat and I hate to cry, so sorry. So LOVE Robbie Robertson and haven't thought of him in forever! AND YEAH FOR TINY BOXES! I am so happy you included that song again because I just love it!
    And I read some comments and am even more happy I skipped the first song. So good job making everyone cry.


  3. “..so I'm careful about when I listen to it (or rather, careful when NOT to listen to it)”

    that is so perfect a way of describing that incredible power of music to 'move us'…emotionally and rationally and …like time travel-wise…to get transported back to another time, a good time or a bad time, but a few little notes, the lyrics serving as like those sandbag things you see on the gondolas of hot air balloons…

    love dat Van


  4. Kristi had the Kenny Rogers cornered, so you're off the hook. My first encounter with him (I think) and I was pleasantly surprised.

    That first one was recommended to me by someone else. Instantly loved it and also broke my heart over it. It's so amazing, and I just don't know how she ever got through singing it!


  5. Ack, sorry *hugs* Perhaps I should make a 'WARNING! SONG' sign for it…it seems to have caught a few people off-guard!

    DAMNIT! Right, I'm going to go and change it for a different version, because that sucks!


  6. I only got through about 1/3 of the first video. There are times when sad music comforts me and other times when it's just too much…
    On The Proclaimers video, it says that the uploader has not yet made itself available in my country. WtF?


  7. I had never heard of any of these songs before you introduced them to me. That first one is so completely gut-wrenchingly beautiful.
    I was hoping to do a post for today, but time ran away. It's probably good, as I could only think of Kenny Rogers songs. That man knows how to tell a story with music!


  8. Not 'tougher' than Cyndi, Rich, just not grieving the loss of a child at the moment…

    The first time I watched that video it broke me into a million pieces, and for a long time, I wasn't 'tough' enough to watch it. Now that I'm in a better place, I forgot that there are others who are still vulnerable to it…

    I hope the others weren't too much of a letdown. The last, at least, should've helped.


  9. Okay, so I'm tougher than Cyndi. I watched the whole video #1. Funny how emotions tend to run wild and my thoughts left the video and went to a very special person. Someone very, very brave and much stronger inside than she ever envisioned herself to be. I actually found it hard to watch the others after that one. Lizzi, you're amazing!


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