The Writer’s Mind

The writer’s mind is a wonderful, magical place I wish I could describe. But for once (as you see below), I am rendered wordless…

Take heart, though, because eventually THIS happens

And from there, it becomes totally, utterly beautiful, and like this…

And then, once the writing has come to a triumphant end, this.

So now you know.

You’re welcome 🙂

Oh, and very occasionally, this might occur…but not often…


28 thoughts on “The Writer’s Mind

  1. Why thank you 🙂 Kristi uses fancier programs than I do – her special effects are much cooler. I use the very basic 'Paint' program, and it's such good fun 🙂

    Cool that you used to be an art teacher! Art was my favourite lesson (after English).


  2. Great pictures – very expressive. And I used to be an art teacher. I even taught kids how to draw on computers, but it was so long ago and programs have long since been surpassed and I no longer now how to do it, so I am very impressed by your pics and Kristi's.


  3. Nope – bald as a coot (and can't be bothered to draw hair).

    I used to be a 'quiet' writer, but now I write with music on – a huge change for me. I do turn it off if I'm reading something important though.


  4. There are clearly nuanced layers to my drawings which I've neglected to make clear.

    I'm only KINDA a kittylover – it's Dyanne's pet, and I'm safe from here 😉

    Glad you liked the 'writer's mind' journey. I had fun with that, so I did 😀


  5. Me too. That's why this is my netkitten friend 🙂 She belongs to Dyanne. (Cos Dyanne's either replacing CollegeBoy or is turning into a crazy cat lady (three? yes that's too many!) and shared gorgeous pics of this little ball of fluff.

    Innit, blud! Writingz hard!


  6. WHOOT! A word ninja with a broken laptop (in my mind (and maybe just a broken mind…))

    I'm very pleased that this kitten lives far far far away from me 🙂 It's a netkitten – someone else gets to look after it and pick up its poop and have shredded furniture, and I get to see cute pictures of it.


  7. LOVE THIS! And love your drawings…you never, ever cease to amaze me, Lizzi. You captured the angst and then glory (hopefully) of the writer's world…perfectly!! oh, and happy you're in with the kitty lovers now. 🙂


  8. Make sure you keep that sensible head on, or there's no knowing where that could end up! Competition for the coyotes if nothing else – you'd have to Fort Knoxify FAR more before your next set of chicks arrived!

    I discovered that Husby is a 'cat person'. Fortunately for me (who sneezes at cats) we're prevented from owning one by the rules and regs of our building.

    *off the hook*

    My mojo's getting there 🙂


  9. No joke! Those kitten pictures Dyanne has been posting have almost made me want a kitten. Fortunately, I've been down that road before and know that even that most adorable bundle of fluff will turn into a sneaky, unemotional cat.
    Glad you got your mojo back.


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