7 Quick Takes #52 (oh the irony) x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

When I was a little kid, I thought…

  • That if I imagined or dreamed it hard enough, it might come true
  • That my parents were perfect. Because they were my parents
  • That I’d be an artist when I grew up
  • That I wanted a pet dog
  • That Disney had mapped out the ‘how it should be’ of adulthood
  • That my face would (or did) get stuck when the wind changed
  • That if I dug deep enough, I’d get to Australia
  • That the fragments of pottery I dug up and washed and treasured were ‘from history’
  • That waves were for walking in, streams were for damming and sand was for castles
  • That everyone had a family like mine
  • That grown-ups Know What’s Going On
  • That 25 was, like, ANCIENT
  • That a monster lived under the bed to grab my ankles if I ever got up in the night to go to the toilet
  • That the world was a fair place
  • That Christmas was absolutely the BEST time of year
— 2 —

IRONY – incongruity between what is expected to be and what actually is…

For instance, celebrating my one yearsworth of 7 Quick Takes in such a profoundly painful anniversary week…

— 3 —

About that: You can buy the fuller story here (in the US) or here (in the UK). It’s my story, and a group of other, wonderful, warrior loss mums, sharing their pain, their now, and their hope. And hoping that you (and no-one you know) is going through (or has been through) this, feeling alone.

— 4 —

I went running with a club for the first time this week. Not only was it AWESOME fun, but I even managed to keep up really well, and surprised myself

I learned that all you need is a good bra and a decent pair of shoes

— 5 —

It’s still that ol’ month of THANKFUL, so today I’m thankful that I can find little, superficial things to be thankful about, and that they count and help to get me through the day.

I’m also thankful for this beautiful, inspiring piece on Huffpost, about a woman whose attitude to some major breast cancer surgery is STUNNING to behold – check it out here

— 6 —
Update: TWO entries. You guys!Β  Really? I offer you the chance to get your blog and your face onto the awesomeness that is scarymommy.com and I get TWO entries?
Come on! It’s still open. I need your best ‘Pity’ face. Post it on the Considerings FB page and mark it as your entry. I KNOW you have the talent…
Pity face stolen from Google…
— 7 —
I absolutely promise I’ll fall on my sword and post a Ten Things for Saturday. I’ll even try to make it cheerfulish, if possible, but I make no guarantees. (see #2).

Fortunately for you, I have nine wonderful co-hosts, who are all quite hilarious, and will doubtless post the good cheer and wonderfulness that I might be lacking this weekend.

See you on SATURDAY for the start of the weekend of Ten Things of Thankful πŸ™‚

Ten Things of Thankful

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46 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #52 (oh the irony) x FTSF

  1. Children's minds can truly be fascinating places, if only we're invited in to see what's going on. Looking back now, and making this list, I felt pretty jaded and tired. Because so many of those things I wrote were nuanced with matters of 'fantasy vs reality'…


  2. Reading yours and Dana's lists just threw me back to my own childhood and made me think about the convictions and beliefs I had. I love how children's minds work.


  3. Ha! Last year, I was trying to wrap a package one night and was getting mad that the wrapping paper cutter I was using wasn't working. Then I noticed that I had actually grabbed the package opener by mistake. That one is meant to open those plastic packages that you pretty much need a blow torch to get into lol. No wonder it wasn't helping with my wrapping paper!


  4. Awww thank you πŸ™‚ I'm much happier painting word-pictures. I definitely think I have more talent there than as a traditional artist (though I do dabble).

    I think when I was little (before the scales fell from my eyes) I somehow thought life was FULL of easy wonderfuls. Now I know that the wonderful things are harder won, but more precious for all that.


  5. I loved your “when I was a kid” list – beautiful. And for what it's worth – I think you are kind of an artist – writers are artists – different tools; different delivery and such – but the point is giving something beautiful to the world. You can do that through writing – and I think you do. My two cents. Best – Louise


  6. I promise not to give you an 'F' – have a well-earned break πŸ™‚

    LOL. I only said I thought they were perfect. Didn't say it was an accurate rendering of the truth. Far from it, as it happens.

    Believe me, I'll join you at that malfunctioned junction as speedily as ya like!

    And yeah – no bra, no running. Sorry – you'll have to give it a miss!


  7. You have finally told me why I cannot run … I don't have a decent bra!!! And, since I don't plan on purchasing one, I guess running is pretty much out of the picture! lol I'm amazed at how many people thought their parents were almost perfect in this hop, Lizzi. I must be the only malfunctioned junction around. πŸ™‚ Oh, I may not make TToT this week. I'm wiped out and haven't started it yet. Don't give me an “F” for the class if I skip a week (puuleeaassee!) Great job!


  8. Thank you.

    I hope it's one which helps other women who are going through this. It's one of many on the subject, but I think (from having skimmed through the entire manuscript) that mine's a little different in the way I've broached it.

    I'm really happy that you still believe so many childhood memories. That's a very special thing to be able to do.


  9. Congratulations on your book, Lizzi. I can only imagine how moving your essay will be and I mean that as a huge compliment. This must have been a difficult week, but you are doing SO much to be proud of and that must help things a bit. I love your childhood memories and I still believe many of them as an adult (Christmas is the best!)


  10. As one of four entries (one of which has been disallowed (really, thanks for that, Dana)) it will be MOST WELCOME.

    And don't forget, I've seen you on video. Heck, the whole world's seen you on video. A little thing like a Pity Face won't make you any less gorgeous :p

    And yeah – maybe that's another of those 'culturally universal' things…


  11. I'm not sure if my pity face is worthy. Will have to go check some of the entries out. I'm pretty sure I'll look more wrinkled than normal if I try to do pity…sigh…there! I probably just made one (where's the camera when I need it?). Ha.
    Also, it's weird that when we're kids we think all families are the same.


  12. Not even to get your blog pimped out to THOUSANDS? Spoilsport :p

    Geography lessons were a waste of time – we learned about sea defenses in Hull (to this day, I can remember more about longshore drift and groynes than is healthy for someone NOT involved in the monitoring of them) and very little about Where In The World Places Were.

    Yeah, okay, that one sucks. But I wouldn't have minded having three helpful fairies on my side…


  13. I genuinely thought I could dig to Oz. In spite of the lava and the hot-hot middle of the Earth.

    To the point where I'd dig for ages and feel the bottom of the hole to see if it had gotten warm yet, because SURELY after all that digging, I must be near the hot bit…


  14. No way in Hell will I give you a scary mommy picture. I thought I could dig to China as it was directly below us. I was wrong on two counts! And I am super glad that Disney did not map out the way life should be. I'd be dead and the girls would have a horrid stepmother!


  15. Nope…not a clue.

    Sounds as though your monster was one of the Monsters Inc. crowd – they like closets.

    And thank you – once I got into it (the mindset) it was really good fun. I almost kinda liked being part of the herd πŸ˜€


  16. It's much better, because it motivates me to keep up, as well as knowing that I'm 'in it together' with other people. It's great πŸ™‚ I'm definitely making this a new habit.

    For me, Summer is the best time of year. 100%.


  17. I hate to break it to you, but I have it on authority from several Real Grown-Ups that no, they don't have their shit together, and they don't know what's going on, and they're winging it like the rest of us.

    Perhaps as we get older, we get better at PRETENDING we have everything under control, and so the facade perpetuates…

    I'm still waiting to feel like a Grown-Up.


  18. So they ARE universal. I thought they might be, but I wasn't sure.

    Maybe it's a sign we should all sleep on the floor, then there's nothing for the monsters to be 'under'.

    Fascinating though, the parallels we all carry in our psyches….


  19. OH! Goody, because these memories are locked away sometimes. I read Rachel's (Tao of Poop) post and about her memories of watching her mother, as her daughter watches her, and I remembered very clearly the wooden handled, slender knife my mum used to cut wrapping paper.

    She'd fold it carefully and firm the crease, then slide the knife in behind it and slice, rapidly, with big sweeping movements, and the wrapping paper would fall neatly apart.

    I tried a few times and made a mess of it.

    That and the backwards skating she could do, which Dana's post reminded me of, reminded me that there truly was a time when I thought my parents were the very pinnacles of humankind, and could do no wrong.


  20. LOL Bless your boots!

    I don't know why I fixated on Australia. Husby (in Ireland, next country over) knew the geography, and used to try to dig to China, but for me it was always Oz.

    I used to fly out of the bed, as Kristi did, because there was a magical thing – the monster was scared of the sound of the toilet flushing, so I used to flush, wash my hands in a mad worry and ZOOM back into bed as quick as possible before the flushing ran out and he could try to grab me.

    I might be the only person in the world to have been both protected and traumatised by toilets.

    And I can't quite believe I just wrote that sentence…


  21. you mean they don't know what's going? damn! that explains a lot!

    had a monster under the bed, but then it moved to the closet for some reason*

    good deal with the running thing! admirable work, given the worldview of most of the other runners.. I am totally impressed (not by doing it, but by your working yourself into a state to participate…way better than simply 'enduring' the experience)

    *probably for increased dramatic effect… slowing creaking and opening door to nowhere is pretty good for the 3-5 year old set


  22. I am still stuck on the “grown-ups know what's going on” one, except now that I am one, I keep waiting to *feel* like one. Surely the *real* grownups know what's going on, right? I still feel like a kid much of the time. And I still do love Christmas…


  23. The …”fragments of pottery I dug up and washed and treasured…” brought back a memory of excavating at a stream by a friend's house when we were little. We would find all kinds of pottery there. Really makes me wonder thinking back on it. Thanks for the flashback. I had forgotten all about it. πŸ™‚


  24. I used to be scared of spiders. I forgot that. I sometimes still am.

    But the monster – he was nasty! The weird thing is, I had a divan bed with drawers in the sides, so I'm not even sure where he FIT under my bed, but he was there, waiting for my ankles…


  25. To me, 20 was just about imaginable. 30 was definitely Old. And as I grew up, I guess the boundaries flexed with me…I became less rigid in my thinking, and began to make friends of all ages.

    Now I work with a lot of very elderly people, and they make EVERYONE I KNOW seem so young πŸ˜€

    (It's okay that I think it's TOTALLY awesome that you reckon 30's still “So young.”, right? Because I'm 30, and just gonna revel in that for a second, if that's alright with you πŸ˜€ )


  26. I know! The world would be much more awesome, and would probably look a little more like Our Land…*wistful*

    Thanks *HUGS*

    And YES you can, as long as you're happy for the image to be shared publicly πŸ˜€ Awesome idea πŸ˜€


  27. I think our minds get cluttered up with all the rubbish and responsibility which goes with Being A Grown-Up. Perhaps this is why we like being around kids – they make us 'fly' again, and return to those thought patterns.


  28. That 25 was ancient! Yes, me too! That one stuck with me for a while actually. When I was 20 and in second year at uni we had a woman (see I still refer to her as that) in our acting class who was … get ready … 30! Whoa! She was yearning to become a director and auditioned for the acting class and made it. Looking back now it's like “30. Wow. So young.”


  29. Or naive…

    …but yes, so many things we think as children turn out to be absolutely ass-backwards when we look back with older, wiser (more jaded) heads.

    LOVE linking up again – missed you all last week.

    Hope the rest of your week goes well. Sorry to hear Lily's been poorly again 😦

    See you for TToT πŸ˜€ (yay!)


  30. As a kid, I too thought so many of the things you too thought and think it just proves kids for the most part are truly innocent and pure. And you are right Christmas was truly the best time of the year as a kid!! Thanks Lizzi as always for linking up with us again this week and can't believe we are at the end of another week just about. Been a crazy one with the kids home for Election Day and having Lily home from being sick, too for more of it and still trying to catch up, but will definitely be here for TToT on Saturday πŸ™‚


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