Ten Things of Thankful #22

I heard via a little birdie (actually, via Josie – you remember her, right?) that November has another theme to it:

Not NaNoWriMo (the novel one) or NaNoBloMo (the blogging every day but-only-if-you’re-in-the-USA one)

NaNoGraMo – the daily gratitude one.

So, in this first weekend of November, I feel it quite fitting that we kick off the month with a gorgeous, sumptuous, like-stepping-into-a-warm-bath Ten Things hop.

And my challenge to each of you is to see if you can blog or Facebook or Tweet each day about one thing you’re thankful for.

Onwards with my list.

1. In spite of the awkward TimeZoning issues, I am HUGELY grateful that I have SuperSmashingAwesomeGorgeous friends on the other ends of the internet, who are happy to patiently and painstakingly advise me on How To Be A Girl. Using the full depth of their experience, no holds barred. And that they’re also happy to tell me that I might *possibly* be putting a little too much into the outfit for this party, and perhaps it’s not really so important as all that. These’re true friends indeed. Come back tomorrow for pics of the outfit and see whether you think all the faff and girlification was worthwhile…

2. It was SUPER fun to get to vicariously enjoy Halloween through the status updates of those who ‘do’ it. It’s never been a ‘thing’ over here (though in recent years it’s becoming more so) and seeing all the pumpkins and people’s kids (and they themselves, in fact) dressed up for trick-or-treating was really awesome, and gave me a much clearer idea of why y’all who’re American at home, like it so much.

3. My FIRST DAY UNSUPERVISED. It went really well. There were a couple of snaggles (like the power cutting out repeatedly until I discovered I was plugged into a dodgy socket) and a couple of people whose eyes would NOT dilate within the 5 minute timeframe I’m allocated per patient. But I saw everyone who came, got lots of smiles from lovely people, and was back to base and out of work and on my way by 4pm. A hugely successful first ‘fledged’ day.

4. My wonderful sister is taking me shopping (read ‘preparing for dragging a whingey nightmare around town, trying to convince it that the NEXT shop will probably have the desired items, and yes, it’s going to look great, and just please KEEP GOING’) today, and by the time we’re done, I hope to have spent some serious ‘sister’ time catching up, as well as taking her excellent fashion advice and learning what on earth to do with false eyelashes.

5. I mean, how hard can they be, right? It’s all gonna turn out FINE…right??

6. I’m happy that I managed my fitness goal this week – third time was the charm and I definitely managed a solid 10k. Possibly more, because I had no way of measuring the distance except with my Paint picture of Google Maps, with little dots all over it, measuring every 500m according to the scale, using a piece of paper ripped from an old envelope. Ohhh yeah, I’m high-tech!

7. I’m HUGELY thankful for all the beautiful little presents left for me by the chickens I was looking after for the week. Snowdrop and Lily may have strange taste in presents, (they allegedly didn’t have enough corn to share with me (it’s their favourite)) but the little gift each day I went was such a sweet touch from my awesome friends, and I loved sprucing up my packed lunches with some of the items.

Saturday – Strawberry flavoured raisins
Sunday – Jar of red chillies
Monday – Alphabet candy
Tuesday – Packet of pork scratchings
Wednesday – Bag of pick’n’mixed blue sweets
Thursday – Individual bottle of red wine

Those chickens have impeccable taste.

There ya go, Marcia! Thanks for asking ๐Ÿ˜€

8. Selfies, including the aftermath of the blue chicken-sweets. Though contrary to (apparently) popular opinion, no Smurfs were licked in the making of this photo. Nor anything else except the sweets.

9. I’m thankful that my co-hosts have all bonded so well as a group. Truly. They’re all getting along really well, and it’s great to see that such a disparate bunch of people can join in together over something like this hop and make it a HUGE amount of fun. I’m also so thankful for all the hard work they put in each week – one of the major elements of feedback we’ve had from new people joining TToT is how incredibly welcoming it is. And that’s largely down to my co-hostini (though I know that there are a number of participants who also ‘do the rounds’ and join in conversations here there and everywhere, and I LOVE that)

10. I’m thankful that in some areas of life, things are looking ever-so-slightly rosier. YAY! for that. Nothing big, just small improvements in situation and circumstance which make things look a little bit brighter.

Aaaaaand just ‘because’ – a GREAT video full of awesome and fun.

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58 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #22

  1. That's awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ I'd be keen for everyone to join this. It's good for the soul, yaknow ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad you've been enjoying the practice of thankfulness. Keep up the good efforts ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I love that you encourage everyone to tweet/blog/FB one thing they're thankful for. Since participating last week and trying to read some TToT posts more regularly I have been practicing more gratefulness. It certainly helped me become more aware of the thankfulness-worthy.


  3. I keep feeling as though I'd like to, and then I think it's just too much pressure. But the gratitude thing doesn't have to be an arduous challenge, but I think it is an important one.


  4. I would definitely be interested in taking part in one of the several writing challenges for November… But I know it won't be this November. Maybe someday! You're right, though. It's so important to take the time to specifically be grateful for many things in our lives.


  5. Not much ๐Ÿ™‚ And I think my friends (their owners) had rather a lot to do with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    COMPLETELY awesome friends, I have. Hugely blessed by them.

    And maybe. But maybe not, because it's still not really 'done' over here. Might try taking them to some kind of kiddie party next year if I'm around at the right time of day.


  6. DId I miss something during my absence this week? How did you get chickens to gift you with anything besides chicken poop? And huge congrats on the Girlification project and I agree – you do have awesome friends. Ah Halloween. You should take niece and neff trick-or-treating. They'd LOVE it. It's a blast! Seriously fun! Lovely list, as always.


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