7 Quick Takes #51 – Photo edition

— 1 —

With total disregard for those Englanders amongst us, who don’t celebrate things like Halloween, the Finish The Sentence Friday crowd have all gone out Trick-or-Treating, and left me here twiddling my thumbs. Fortunately my pal Jen came to the rescue, and offered me a suh-WEET guest-post spot over at her blog ‘I’m Dancing In The Rain’ – come and dance with us, and see what went on when she asked me to write about ‘The View From Here

I don’t normally like rain – unless I’m asked to dance…
— 2 —

Last weekend was a GLORIOUS celebration of my Mum’s birthday, with a family meal out at one of our favourite places. And in spite of managing to get totally lost and NOT find the massive, awesomerockin’ tree-house that Niece and Neff wanted to play on, we did find some gorgeous sights, and played amongst the autumn leaves, trees and sopping grass to our hearts content.

— 3 —

And occasionally, my phone had moments of sheer brilliance in capturing such beautiful moments as this one:

— 4 —

In other news, my outfit plans for the weekend’s party are going well – the dress has arrived, and the fur cape is still fabulous and my friends have variously condoned, cautioned against, advised, gleefully endorsed and faintly ridiculed the remainder of my outfit choices (thanks friends) and I think I now know how it will all end up. More of that on Sunday, but for now, have a gratuitous cloakshot, because it’s SO amazing…

— 5 —

I had a lot of fun with my smartphone this week, actually, including selfie-ing my trial run of the dilation drops I use on patients at work (I’m a retinal screener IRL) and YES they sting (oh, that’ll be because they include hydrochloric acid to digest the outer layer of the eye, so I can take good photos of the retina on my fancy-schmancy camera, yo!) but not so bad that I think they deserve the extreme reaction they get from some people…

— 6 —

And then just for fun today, because it’s Halloween, I thought it’d be cool to take a pic of the aftermath of the crazy blue sweets I got given. A. May. Zing.

‘Mind your head’ is right!

— 7 —
Aaaaaaaaand last but not least, in the whole ‘Naked Cake’ debacle over how we’re going to celebrate the 25th week of Ten Things of Thankful, my co-hostini have been doing the most EXCELLENT job of collaborating together to drive me to distraction over email about which way up a photograph should go.

So just for them, no matter their orientation, THIS, my lovelies, is how it is:

Join us on Saturday for more shenanigans…

Ten Things of Thankful

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24 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #51 – Photo edition

  1. I hope not! I try to keep things mixed up πŸ˜‰

    Halloween's not really a big deal over here in the same way as it is in the States. I think it's increasing in popularity, but it's definitely more an imported festival than a culturally traditional one.

    I don't mind you skipping the eye doc….as long as you're not diabetic. If you are, and you're skipping the appointments, I'm'a come over there and haul you to screening myself! It's so important for diabetics. For everyone else though – whatever. Up to them.

    I hope so! I'm keen to see the end result myself, now!

    Uhhhhhmmm I think I prefer just the frosting, and then just a little of it. In addition to not being a big fan of chocolate, I'm also not a huge fan of cake.


  2. Things are never boring over here in your corner of the blogosphere, are they? I had no idea you didn't celebrate Halloween! It seems you still got yourself some sweets. I truly dislike having my eyes dilated and that's probably why I (hold on to your hat) won't go the eye doc.
    You will be stunning for your party on Sunday and we will be waiting (twiddling our thumbs because Halloween is over) for the photo evidence.
    And for the record, aren't naked cupcakes the best kind? Without frosting I mean…;)


  3. Naked cupcakes, if certain TToT groupies get their own way… (naming no names, Jak)

    Thanks πŸ™‚ It was the perfect leaf in the perfect place. And I was SO pleased with the result πŸ™‚

    Thanks πŸ˜‰ Come back Sunday if you want to see the rest of the outfit – it's quite something (good? bad? who knows – but it's Something) – and hey, you could even whack out a Ten Cocktails of Thankful while yer at it – whaddya think?


  4. LOL oh bless your boots. I'm just pleased I got to pick my time! Dilated pupils at night is fine. In the day I should imagine that they'd hurt!

    Also, having blown-up eyes is a GREAT excuse not to go back to work that day…


  5. Yes, yes, YES! This is The Cape πŸ˜€ Whaddya think?? Do you like it?

    The whole ensemble should be AWESOME. And I know I'm totally investing too much in this, but just for ONCE I want to look like I can make the 'Girl' thing work.


  6. What's a snapchat? OH I know! My friend Mike told me about it the other day. He said it was for sexting!


    I'm not big on apps. I have three. And of those I can only work one. So thanks for the invite, but I probably won't, just because I have little idea (and a battery which crashes quickly, and not much memory) about how to make it work πŸ™‚

    I LOVE my cape – keep walking past it and stroking the collar. It's soooo soft and fluffy.


  7. Thanks – I was stunned by how well it came out πŸ˜€

    LOL thanks! Not a compliment I think I've ever received before, but I'll take it πŸ˜‰

    The party's gonna be SO fun, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else turns up in. I hope I keep up with them all!


  8. Wow – gorgeous leaf photo! I too love when a camera phone impresses me from time-to-time. And I LOVE the drawings – woot woot! Nice cupcake boobies, Lizzi. πŸ™‚
    I can't wait to hear about the party Sunday, wearing your marvelous, glamorous outfit. You will be all the rage, I'm sure! Very pretty fur.


  9. Why thank you.

    Now. I'll make you a deal, lady – you join Twitter, and I'll join Instagram. Then we will have both done something perfectly social-media-timesink-AWFUL-to-us.

    Let me know…

    (and hey, I'm egging NOTHING and NO-ONE!)


  10. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Awesome response with #7. Just plain awesome drawings. You've outdone yourself.
    And you know, when you respond with such perfect drawings, you're only egging us on. πŸ™‚

    Glad to see you are finally getting some use out of that new smartphone camera. Now I can get on your case to join Instagram.


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