Dancing in the rain

I don’t know about you, but I hate rain with a passion. It’s damp, cold, gets in the way of my vision (curse having glasses and not suiting contacts!) and makes me feel icky and itchy when I come back into the dry and the warm.

It’s totally inherited. My mum hates rain, too.

And yet, here I am, dancing in it!


I did run in it yesterday evening, and it was cooling and soothing, so I was able to appreciate it for perhaps the first time ever.

But specifically, today, I’m over at Jen’s blog ‘I’m Dancing in the Rain’, taking part in her series ‘The View From Here’

I took her literally…come and see


17 thoughts on “Dancing in the rain

  1. I can totally see the appeal of that idea…for someone else. I would always rather be indoors watching as someone else did the dancing and getting wet. I would need head-to-toe waterproofs and even then I wouldn't be keen 😉


  2. oh lizzi, you need a good pair of rain boots, warm waterproof apparel, and a huge umbrella, then a boombox that's playing 'singing in the rain.' i also hate the rain if i'm cold, but as long as i'm cozy and warm, then i could walk in the rain forever.


  3. That sounds gorgeous. Okay, I really love a good STORM. But it's the depressing, never-ending grey skies and just peeing down that bugs me. The incessant, wet, miserable kind of rain with no redeeming features whatsoever.

    Storms are AWESOME though.


  4. I like the rain.I like the rain for a day, two at the most. After that, it does get a little depressing. I love a good thunder storm and we do get some good ones here in Florida. I love when the wind starts to blow and the rain comes in sideways, the rolling thunder always amazes me. I actually go outside on our back deck when we have a good one. It's terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.


  5. Thank you Stephanie 🙂

    Rain sucks. Truly. I am WAY not a fan. Even rain from the inside depresses me, bar on the very occasional occasion I feel that a cup of tea, a snuggle in a blanket and to be able to stare out of the window and know “at least I'm not out there”, is a good thing to do.

    I'm ALL about the sunshine, me.


  6. Me three for glasses (or was I first?) It bugs me to HECK not being able to see properly – makes me really grouchy and miserable. And then when you come in from the rain, and they steam up? Oh my GOODNESS that winds me up.

    Uhhhh AquaNet? Sounds like something to catch fish in…


  7. Damn you for making it a challenge! You know exactly how to get around me *grumps*

    To be fair, I did try dancing in the rain (though it was coldish) earlier this year, after Shanique dared me. Niece and Neff were with me, and we were bundled in our waterproofs, splashing through puddles and having a blast. I got wet down to my everythings.

    But warm rain? Windless day? Not likely in England…

    However, remind me nearer the time and I'll see what I can do 🙂


  8. Yes, I am not one for rain either…and it is the glasses to blame.

    Glasses, and maybe some flashbacks from when I was younger and rain mean all that AquaNet in my poofy hair was going to get all sticky…but it's just a theory. You're too young to understand that, I am sure, but trust me it was traumatic.


  9. I shall visit the link in a second, but oh, rain can be wonderful to play in! On a warm day, in a windless downpour…the best sorts of fun can be had! Next summer, I challenge you to play in the rain. Jump in some puddles. Perhaps even slide through some mud. Take Niece and Neff with you. Everyone should have a chance to play in the rain.


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