TToT 21:2 Pumpkin Patch Glam

What. A. Day!

Yesterday didn’t end until ridonkulous’o’clock this morning (I won’t say the hour, because I know I’ll get a text from WonderAunty within moments of posting this, to tell me that I should be looking after myself better, and how sleep is important, yo!) because I was up getting my ‘fix’ (as is my wont of a weekend) of American Bloggy Friends.

For anyone who doesn’t quite follow, let me explain.

You’ve heard of ‘Friendzoned‘, right?

Well this is totally different, but also kind of the same.

When a person you’d really like to befriend and real-time chat with, is in a vastly different time-zone, thus automatically precluding you from participating in said friendship within normal waking hours.

Calvin: So did you manage to chat with Jon last night?
Linus: No, man, I got freakin’ timezoned!

So now you know. And you might begin to have some idea how great it is not to worry about work the next morning and to be able to stay up late and indulge in some Class-A* conversations (1), as well as possibly one of the most bizarre Twitter conversations I’ve ever participated in (and yes, that includes the ones about visiting Neptune on Orca)

*Let it be known that my ‘Considerings World Favourite Award’ has state divisions…and there’s nothing quite like hours nattering with some of the winners.

This morning I was awoken by the dulcet manic tones of Niece and Neff arriving, along with all their bags and chattels, ready for a Day Of Fun With Aunty Lizzi. Unfortunately as I was still in my pyjamas, they had to wait a while, but at least Niece saw an opportunity for second breakfast (a vital part of learning to be a Hobbit) and Neff was distractable with conversation, after every other sentence became “But I’m still bored and don’t know what to do!”

Meanwhile, on the internet…I was still panicking about where to get this damn party outfit sourced, and remembered that a friend had recommended a vintage clothes shop in the next city over. “Aha! NOW I know what to do with the kids today!” 

I gave them a quick phonecall to enquire about the availability and price of a fur stole. The very nice lady confirmed that yes, she had one, and yes, it was affordable. (2)

Me: “Hey kids – we’re going to go on an amazing adventure to find a magical piece of clothing.”
Kids: “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!”

Off we went and happenstance should have it that we discovered A PUMPKIN PATCH on the way! (3)

“Oho”, thought I, “A chance to finally participate in this epic celebration of autumn and all things pumpkin I see spread liberally throughout the Blogosphere.”

Admittedly, it was signposted off the wrong side of a 60mph zone, so I bookmarked it in my mind as a place to come back to, but it looked amazing, with a massive field full of giantish, bright-orange globes spread liberally around, and people wandering between the rows of Cucurbitaceae.

We arrived in the little town I was aiming for, found a free parking space (4) and went to find the shop of awesome vintage clothes.

Which we found with little ado, on the high street, opposite the church, just as instructed by the owner on the phone. Win!

It. Was. GORGEOUS! (5) And with a name like ‘What Alice Found‘, how could you not love it completely?

It was full of absolutely exquisite vintage clothes, hats, accessories, scarves, jewellery, shoes…and the all-important stole.

Honey-brown fur, slender, long, with cute little pockets. I excitedly flung down my bag and put it on.


Not just a little bit horrible, but really, a lot horrible. Like a big, furryish scarf/jacket/thing gone wrong. And the colour made me look ill.

Such disappointment, especially after an hour’s drive.

Me: Um, you don’t have any others, do you?
Nice shop lady: No, sorry. We don’t have any other stoles. We do have a couple of capes though.
Me: *eyes light up* Capes…?

She walked past me to another rail, and pulled off a garment of UTTER perfection (6). I swirled it around my shoulders, looked in the mirror and saw that it was exactly right. Then, with my heart in my throat, knowing that I would pay LOTS for this, I asked the price.

Only £5 more than the ugly stole. SOLD!!

The most glamorous article of clothing I own…

We went for lunch at that point, and Neff found us a cafe with a wonderful woman who let the kids choose their own sandwich fillings and didn’t complain that they picked combinations which weren’t even close to those offered on the menu. She even brought them to the table ahead of mine, so that they could get on with eating and wouldn’t have to wait. She was such a sweet, considerate cafe owner, and I’ve rarely bought my lunch from someone so thoughtful. In fact, I think I never have, and I made sure I told her at the end how much I’d appreciated it. She was just lovely (7).

At the end of the meal, the following conversation happened: (8)

Neff: Can we go to the garlic shop before we go home?
Me: The garlic shop? What garlic shop?
Neff: No, not the garlic shop – the GARLIC shop! With a garlic.
Me: *confused* Which shop with a garlic in?
Neff: The one with the GARLIC and Dr Who…*looking incredulous*
Me: *in fits of laughter* OHHHHH! The DARLEK shop! You mean the geek store! With Dr Who and a Darlek in the window?
Neff: Yes, that’s what I said *giggling* the GARLIC shop…

We went to the garlic shop and bought some assorted nerdy crap, including a silly little Green Lantern ring for Husby (just so he knew he was remembered, and could Be Like Sheldon a little bit more)

Then we got back in the car and motored to the pumpkin patch.

Alas, the weather saw us coming, and the dark clouds which had been threatening all day, burst with aplomb, rendering the idea of any patch-wandering utterly unattractive. So we popped into the kiosk instead, and each chose a tiny ‘pumpkin’ (9)

Not that you can tell, but it’s palm-sized

Then we all came home, I fell (utterly spent) into bed for a nap, while Husby watched the children, and they watched Bewitched, and all were at peace.

When I got up, I took Niece and Neff with me to help feed the two chickens I’m looking after for friends, while they’re away.

I discovered two big notes on the table, and an assortment of small, intriguing, newspaper-wrapped parcels, with days of the week taped to them.

The note said(ish)

“Snowdrop and Lily wanted to thank you for looking after them by sharing some of their corn with you (it’s their favourite) but they like it too much to share, so they’ve left you these instead. Some of the gifts are quite odd (after all, they are chickens) and there’s one for each day, but of course, you can only open them one at a time, when you’re here.”

Such sweet, awesome friends (and friends’ chickens) I have (10). My first present was a packet of strawberry flavoured raisins, which I am fascinated to try (and may or may not soak in brandy beforehand**)

So there you have it. An awesome (if tired) day, and a moment of sheer, previously-unheard-of glamour!

What’s been your favourite item of clothing over the weekend? Are you thankful for it? Share it here…

**Longstanding poacher joke. Cos I know poaching tricks (don’t ask) and Christine refuses to test them on her recalcitrant chickens so I can find out if they work.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
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47 thoughts on “TToT 21:2 Pumpkin Patch Glam

  1. They are raisins soaked in strawberry juice prior to packaging, so they're all strawberry-y and luscious. They're a popular lunchbox item (for kids, mainly – and now me) over here.

    If I bought a ghost with that cape, it is absolutely THE most glamourous ghost ever, and it's totally welcome to hang out.

    Thanks for the input on pumpkin picking. We'll go once, for having never been, and then see if we bother again 😀


  2. What is these strawberry raisins that you speak of?
    I love looking in vintage stores but never buy anything. There is just something about bringing home someone's great great great grandma's hat…you could be buying a ghost. You never know.
    Pumpkin picking is overrated. Just sayin. But you do have to give it a whirl just to tick off your bucket list.


  3. You look just lovely in the cape, and the little pumpkin is precious. I got a few little pumpkins a few weeks ago and they already got moldy and we had to chunk them. Shameful little pumpkins!


  4. You are stunning in that photo!

    I can't wait to buy your book. Whatever book that is.. I know it's going to be good.

    and I WILL get to England for you to sign it personally. (and we'll go shopping, or dance in the rain, or whatever…)


  5. The lady at the cafe was AMAZING. She was my star of the weekend.

    Niece and Neff, and time spent with them, is just SUCH a blessing. I love every moment, even when they're being pickles.

    We'll get to the pumpkin patch next year, no bother 😀

    Right – the presents

    Saturday – Strawberry flavoured raisins
    Sunday – Jar of red chillies
    Monday – Packet of alphabet candy
    Tuesday – Packet of pork scratchings
    Wednesday – BLUE SWEETS (legendary for making me go hyper)


  6. Sounds like a great weekend overall. Love when you are able to spend time with your niece and neff. It's a shame you weren't able to venture into the pumpkin patch, but at least you were able to pick something up. Like Christine said above, a lot of times those little ones are painted since they can't really be carved.

    The “Garlic” shop was adorable, and that was so sweet for the service the lady provided you at the cafe. Really, you don't get service like that often, if ever.

    Can't help but be curious as to what all the other gifts were (are) >.< Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  7. It's tempting, though I reckon I'd be keelhauled by my friends for doing it without permission, and possibly killing the chickens or something horrendous! I want to earn the rest of my presents, yo! (today's was a packet of alphabet candy 😀 )

    I could do, I guess. Is it weird that I like my pumpkin au naturel? That said, I have a GIANT pumpkin (the one that “I” grew, with the ongoing efforts and help of Mum, Niece and Neff – perhaps I'll give that one a go at carving. Can you still make pumpkin pie after it's been carved and had a candle in it?)

    Ain't it awesome 🙂 And yeah, good point! Although the masochistic part of me would really like to rub their noses in the fact that I look gawjus in a 60 year-old animal pelt 😉

    Thanks. It was pretty frustrating (for both of us) til I figured it out 😀 Glad yours are getting better at giving you clues. And if not, you get to listen to more of their cute voices.


  8. I almost hurt myself laughing at the poacher's comment at the end! I'm thinking you should try your own poacher's trick on those chickens you are chicken-sitting.

    The gifts make a lot more sense now that I've read this. 🙂

    You can still do some American type deal with those “pumpkins” you bought. You can use markers to draw faces on them instead of carving them. My kids always liked to do it when they were little, as they couldn't stand the thought of reaching in to clean the seeds of a real pumpkin.

    I just love that cape! If you run into any anti-fur people, just tell them it's a really good fake. I'm guessing most anti-fur people have no idea how to tell the difference.

    Way to go, deciphering Neff talk. It can seriously take awhile to figure little kids' out sometimes. Fortunately, the kids are pretty patient with us and are getting better at giving us clues as to what the hell they are talking about.


  9. Heheh thanks! It might just be 😀

    The day was GORGEOUS and I loved it 😀

    If you wouldn't mind asking him (if it fits at some point) – what/how did he think he should've prepared? Cos I think I'm gonna get my ass handed to me by the course…


  10. p.s. My nephew did a Tough Mudder a couple years ago. Unfortunately, he & his buddy sloughed it off and didn't prepare in advance too much for it (I think they underestimated how “tough” it would really be) 😉 They finished, but were totally sucking air by the end!


  11. …and itch, no doubt :p

    I pretty much ALWAYS post twice – being the ol' founder-and-progenitor of the TToT, I like to set a good example (and can't bear the idea of being shown up by my co-hostini…)

    I had a gorgeous day with the kids 🙂


  12. Come on over! I got a spare room and it's SUCH AN AMAZING SHOP 🙂 They do also have an online store (though I don't know how far they'd ship) but there's nothing like seeing all the gloriousness IRL.

    The 'pumpkin' there is, in fact, a SQUASH! The actual pumpkins – the ones in the field we didn't pick because of the rain – were a deep, vibrant orange. But yes, it's DEFINITELY on my list for one sunny weekend next year.

    Thanks 😀 I love LOVE the cape (even though, at some point, 60-odd years ago, something *did* die for it…it's recycled…not gonna dwell)


  13. Okay, here I am, struggling to get through all the posts in this hop, and you add a double entry. Shame, Shame!!!! lol I've said it before, my fav piece of clothing are the sweats I wear at home. No, they don't look like much, but they're fantastically comfortable and allow me to relax in any position I please. Glad you had a great day with the kids!


  14. Ah but do they remember to get all the meals?

    Breakfast, second breakfast, morning coffee, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, high tea, dinner, supper and midnight snack.

    Yes you can, and thanks for not paintballing me! I dread to think how much it would cost to dry-clean an antique! At least it's not fresh. I wouldn't buy fresh, but this is recycling.

    I have had a GORGEOUS weekend, and can sleep when I'm dead 😉


  15. Why thank you dear 😀

    I know! They are the sweetest, and it's so much fun! I got a little jar of red chillies today.

    That sounds SO snuggly. Perfect for this kind of weather. We're battening everything down in readiness for the storm warnings here – Windageddon's coming!


  16. What a great day you had. You know, after you mention it, I think my kids are actually hobbits. The only hobbit meal they don't ask for is the 9pm snack, and only because they are asleep at that point. But second breakfasts, every weekend!!

    Love the stole.. Can I say that even though I don't agree with fur? I know it's second-hand, so I'll refrain from paint-balling you 😉

    Hope you had a great week and get some sleep!


  17. You look mah-velous in the cape, darling. And how sweet of your friends to leave little gifts for you from the chickens. My favorite piece of clothing this weekend is my blue fleece pullover that I am wearing on this lazy Sunday afternoon – so cuddly and a good color for me too 🙂


  18. That will depend on whether or not I trip over my own heels…otherwise I am considerably good at the haughty 'I am the ONLY person who matters here' look. You guessed that, though. Just make everyone else in the room 'unmatter' for a bit 😉

    *looks around for an old person* Um…we seem to be fresh out…


  19. They loved it a lot. And can't wait to go back next year 🙂 I don't think we're going to carve anything though, but glad you're going to have such fun doing it.

    Thank you 😀 I can't either! I just hope the dress arrives in time. And FITS! Eeek!

    Yes – it's definitely worth it to stay up late and chat with the important people. Hope you have a GORGEOUS Sunday 😀


  20. Now you look absolutely fabulous in that, though it will be warm for us here! My most glam piece is a cheongsam(chinese gown worn by ladies, usually for Chinese new year). Fun to wear on special occasions.


  21. question is, how are your 'sweeping' skills? (no not the floor cleaning exercise!), the
    “…and the Duchess of Bed, Bath and Coleslaw, recently arrived from Ham-and-Cheese Prefecture, swept into the room”!

    you are totally attired to be in a position to sweep into the room. (ask an old person about Loretta Young)


  22. What fun!! Sorry you didn't get to have the full effect of the pumpkin patch, but I am guessing the kids loved it all the same. We will be carving our pumpkin sometime today, I believe. My hubs loves the pumpkin carving and gets all into it. LOL. That cape is FANTASTIC!! It looks great on you! Can't wait to see the whole ensemble!

    I was reading the beginning remembering our timezone twitter discussion from the other day! LOL. I end up staying up too late sometimes tweeting with my friend in Washington (the state, not where the President of the US lives–total different coasts and time zones.) She is three hours earlier than where I live. You do have to learn to time things as best you can. Happy Sunday! 🙂


  23. Seriously – vintage clothes shops! There must be some near you? Or is that more of a Brit obsession? So much fun to see all the beautiful clothes (even if I don't really understand them) 🙂 Thanks


  24. Why thank you SO much 😀 *doffs cap* (did I detect a hint of Craig Revell-Hallwood there? 😉 )

    I feel it is an accessory which may well cover for any other horrendous thing I might do on the night! It's just THAT fabulous!

    It was a gorgeous day. Utter win 😀


  25. Oh cool! Husby has a pair of 'lounge pants' with Marvel Superheroes on them. I don't have any, but I have a pair of very ancient trackie bottoms which have a super-snuggly brushed cotton lining. They're my go-to for comfort and slobbing around the house.

    The little pumpkins are SO CUTE!

    And your T-shirts sound awesome – stick a pic up on FB? Or in your list? They sound really cool. 🙂 Glad you like this li'l linkie so much 😀


  26. I'm so glad you found the perfect accessory, Lizzi – you look maaahvellous daaaahling 🙂 Lol

    Sounded like a really fab day with neice & neff, too – a win-win situation if ever I heard of one! 🙂


  27. Well, I finally made it and am making my rounds now! Thanks for the Tweet reminder! This sounds like a fantastic day except for the rain, of course but at least there were still pumpkins to be had. I have a pair of black cotton pants with a drawstring waist that are my absolute favorite…yes, they are pajama pants disguised as “lounging” pants. I also have a thing for vintage tee shirts emblazoned with 80's hair bands and the like. Right now I am wearing vintage Camaro Z-28 🙂 This link up is the cherry on top of my day and now it can be done!


  28. The very nice shop lady told me that it was made in the 1950's (and because of that, I truly hope I can wear it and not upset the anti-fur crowd – I'm recycling). Your grandmother's stole sounds awesome. You got any pics?

    I'm going to try to remember where the place is, and we'll go back next year on a sunny day if possible 🙂 She said she opens every year. The tiny pumpkin is WAY cute though 😀 And yes, awesome weekend. Sounds like yours has been, too 🙂


  29. Awesome stole and my grandmother had one similar, which I think my mom still has. Someday, I will have a reason hopefully to wear it. And so sorry about the pumpkins, but the little one is adorable. Sounded like a great day though and total yay for a great weekend so far!! 🙂


  30. ironically my favorite item of clothing is a very large cable knit wool sweater made by the same woman who made the sweaters for my chickens. Well before she made the chicken sweaters the sweater I am referring to had been coined the chicken sweater because it was always the available piece of clothing I could just grab to run out to the chicken coop in the morning.


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