Waves of that old familiar feeling

I can’t remember which way around it was now – it was so long ago, it escapes me, but the wonderful Kathy from Kissing The Frog is sharing a post I’ve written as part of her series on grief.

Click here to read my post at Kissing the Frog.

The point of writing (as much as just to share, to write it out of me, and to find some peace in the ebb and flow of words as they appear on the page as I type) is to offer up the vulnerable and the hurt places and allow them some sunshine, because so many people have these hurts and try to hide them – leave them to fester and become cankerous.

At which point the impact tends to jump out of the heart and soul and into the behaviour and attitude, and that’s where it can begin to prove destructive.

If you are grieving, or have ever grieved, or know someone who is grieving, or has ever grieved, this series is a really good place for you to start, to learn a little bit more about the occasions, processes and ways to heal from, grief.

In other news, the BOOK (the actual, real-life BOOK) Sunshine After The Storm, is available in the USA.

AND NOW also in the UK – click here to find it on Amazon.co.uk and buy your copy today.

Yes, there’s grief here, too, but there is healing and togetherness and solidarity. And that’s what we all need a little of, at times.

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